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Archive-name: Slaves/decept13.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements - 13

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                  CHAPTER 13

        Brad undid the buttons on Laurie's blouse. she remained passive and

    let him do as he wished. He leaned over and engaged the sexy redhead in

    a battle of tongues while he reached in her blouse and cupped her nice

    sized tits in his hands. He fingered her nipples and began squeezing

    down on them, slowly increasing the pressure until Laurie backed off

    from the kiss and moaned as his tightening grip began causing pain to


        Her eyes were closed and her lips were parted while Brad steadily

    applied more pressure until Laurie groaned in agony. When he released

    her tits, she panted in relief while Brad picked up a pair of handcuffs

    from the table and quickly fastened them to her wrists behind her back.

    While still standing behind her, her reached under her short maid's

    skirt and slid the frilly panties down her legs.

        Laurie's heat steadily rose while Brad remained behind her,

    squeezing and pinching her sexy bottom. She fidgeted where she stood

    while he slipped a finger in her ass crack and moved it up the warm

    recess. When his finger traveled to the base of her spine, he moved in

    front of her and undid his pants.

        Brad pushed the beautiful woman to her knees while she looked

    straight ahead, staring into his crotch. He hefted his cock in his hand

    and started slapping it against her cheeks and nose. Laurie closed her

    eyes and tried to capture it in her mouth but he wouldn't allow it. He

    kept rubbing it all over her face while she looked up at him with her

    crystal blue eyes.

        Finally, he held his prick to her lips while she planted little

    kisses on the spongy head. Her thin tongue emerged from her lips and

    flicked out over the little slit. When she became aware that he wasn't

    going to move it away, Laurie opened her lips and leaned down, taking

    it slowly into her mouth. When it tapped against her throat, she closed

    her lips over it and pulled back.

        Brad could have let her suck him all night had he had a good mind

    to. The redheaded woman expertly manipulated his dick in her warm mouth

    like it was an artform. His hands were on either side of her head while

    she busied her mouth and tongue on his throbbing cock. Since he wasn't

    very large, Laurie had no trouble leaned forward and letting it enter

    her throat.

        His eyes widened when she deep throated him. After she took him

    into her throat 4 or 5 times.. He had to push off of her so he wouldn't

    come too quickly. Her hair had fell into her eyes giving her an almost

    innocent appearance.

        Brad knelt with her and pushed her hair back. She looked at him

    curiously as he took her shoulders and gently pushed her backwards.

    Once Laurie had been laid on her back, she gazed up at him while he


    to the table and picked up a small vibrator. It was only about 4 inches

    long and not much wider than a thick finger. He brought it back and

    knelt between her slightly opened legs. He looked down and saw her red

    pubic hair and made a comment about her being a natural redhead.

        He made her open her legs next, leaning over with the vibrator, he

    put it to her mouth and had her suck it like she had done his cock

    moments before. After Laurie sucked on the vibrator, Brad lifted her

    legs up and laid them over his shoulders. Then he took the vibrator and

    brought it to her asshole, letting the slender plastic tube enter her


        Laurie squirmed a little when he moved the vibrator inside her ass.

    She could feel his stiff prick against her leg and she wanted it buried

    in her itching cunt. He tired of moving the vibrator and left it

    sticking in her ass while he leaned over her and lined his cock up at

    the waiting portal of her red lined pussy.

        Laurie smiled when she felt the hardness slipping into her. he

    hadn't done any of the things that really set her on fire but she

    enjoyed his cock nonetheless. her fishnet encased legs were about his

    back while he pumped his ass up and down on top of her. Laurie thought

    that if could hold out for just a few minutes, he would give her a nice


        What he did, was give her 2. He reached under her ass and fingered

    the vibrator. Now he found the circular switch and turned it on.

    Laurie came with a long moan after about 30 seconds of the buzzing

    plastic. Her mouth was opened so Brad accepted the invitation and

    kissed her deeply while the combination of his thrusting cock and the

    gently humming vibrator in her ass brought her to the brink of her

    second come.

        He sent her over the top by wedging his hands between their bodies

    and pinching her nipples. Laurie breathed heavily in his ear as she

    recovered from her second climax. That was all he needed to put him

    past the point of no return. He finished with great vigor, pounded his

    ass on her while his come splattered the inside her willing cunt.

        Their hour was nearly up, so Brad undid the cuffs and sat back

    watching as she went to the bathroom and cleaned herself up a bit.

    She came out and was buttoning her blouse.

    "That was fun. I'm glad you didn't wear me out." She smiled at him.

    "I'd like to see Cindy in one of those outfits." He said, gazing over

    her sleek legs.

   "Oh, this turns you on, huh?" She asked while searching out her panties

    and sliding them on her legs.

        Andrea used the rope like the reins of a horse. Pulling the two

    ends behind him and holding them in her left hand. Her right hand held

    the short riding crop  and her dark legs wrapped around his mid section.

        She slapped the crop down on his exposed ass and nudged him with


    shoes. "Giddy up!" she said while tugging the rope. Harold winced when

    he felt the sharp sting of the crop as he started crawling on the


        Andrea kept slapping his ass with her crop while using the rope to

    signal him to turn by pulling it one way or another. It didn't seem

    that she had much leverage to swing the riding crop . But it kept

    falling on his hairless asscheeks with stinging frequency.

        She guided him around the room for about 15 minutes.. Harold was

    ready to drop from exhaustion by the time Andrea pulled back on the

    ropes saying.. "Whoa!". When he stopped, Andrea stood up from her mount

    and took the rope away.

    "I like playing horsie" she said to him.. Moving in front of him, she

    pulled her gown over her long legs and uncovered her very thick cunt


    "Lick me" she said. He had to stay on his knees, and he slowly moved

    his face closer to her cunt mound. the heady scent invaded his nostrils

    as he got closer.

    "Come on.. I want some tongue in me.. hurry up about it." She said with

    a curt tone. Harold brought his nose to her hairy cunt and let his

    inexperienced tongue stick out and touch the dark flesh.

    "That's right, baby.. Lick my sweet pussy." She urged him on.

        She let her gown fall about his shoulders and used her hands to

    hold his head against her crotch. His tongue glided through the crack

    of her pussy for several moments before he got the courage to stick it

    inside of her.

    "Oh yes, fuck me with that tongue." she said while holding his head and

    rotating her ass as he buried his tongue in her dark snatch. The tangy

    taste of her juices were not unpleasant to him, but he'd much rather

    suck cock.  Needless to say that he wasn't getting particularly turned

    on by it.

        That didn't matter to Andrea at this point. He was doing nicely and

    she moaned in pleasure under his tentative lickings. She languished in

    the feelings in her cunt and came with a loud grunting and a salacious

    rotating of her ass.

        She stepped away from him and noticed right away that his cock hung

    limp from his hairless crotch. "Don't like women, huh?" She asked him.

    it was obvious to her.

    "I'm sorry." he said shortly. She waved him off..

    "Oh, i'm not insulted. Just the luck of the draw I guess." He had

    nodded and just sat there on his knees.

    "Well, I'm sure we can find something that you like. Do you like

    getting fucked in the ass?" he said that he did.

    "There you go." She went to the table and picked up a very large dildo

    and used some KY jelly that was there to lube it.

    "Come here, Harold" She beckoned to him. He got up and walked to her,

    she made him bend over the table and use his hands to spread his


        When he was in place, she pressed the dildo against his winking

    asshole and watched it pop into his hole.

    "There.. Do you like that?" she asked him while slowly pressing it

    deeper inside of him. He liked it well enough to push his ass back

    toward her trying to capture more of the rubber prick. Andrea's fingers

    gently cupped his balls and caressed them while she moved the dildo

    inside of him.

        When she had ass fucked him for several minutes, Andrea let her

    hand slide in front of him and grasp his now hard prick.

    "Stand up, Harold" She ordered him. When he did, she took her gown

    completely off and jumped up on the table, opening her legs in front of


        "Now I want you to fuck me while I fuck you" she told him. He

    wasn't sure he could do it, but her hands were on his asscheeks pulling

    him toward her.

    "Now put it in me." Harold fumbled with his cock finally getting it in

    the right spot, He groaned when his cock submerged in her seething


    "That feels good, Harold." She grabbed the dildo and started moving it

    inside him again while he silently moved his ass back and forth.

        The full feeling of having his asshole filled soon had Harold

    fucking his cock into the pretty woman's cunt with greater speed and

    gusto. She smiled at him when he put his hands on the small of her back

    for greater leverage.

        He looked at her in confusion and told her that he was about to

    come. Her mouth was opened as his fucking her had already caused her to

    come again.

    "Yes, give me a big load, Harold." she chanted to him while moving the

    dildo in his ass faster. Her cunt milked his spunk from him while he

    grunted and groaned.

        When he recovered, Andrea put her arms around his neck. "Now give

    me a big kiss!" His cock was still in her cunt and he could still feel

    it spasming when he dipped his head to kiss her.

        Cindy watched in apprehension while Janice filled the enema bag

    with warm soapy water. She then hung it on the shower curtain rod and

    made Cindy bend over the toilet. she put her hands on the back of the

    toilet and felt Janice's cool fingers caressing her bottom.

        Janice reached around Cindy with the nozzle and told her to take


    "Put it in your mouth to wet it.. Then reach back and put it inside


    cute little asshole."

        Cindy knew her face must have been bright red. The keen humilation

    swept over her as she wet the nozzle then doing as she was told,

    reached under her legs and placed the nozzle to her asshole and pressed

    it in. She winced when she felt the cool plastic of the enema nozzle

    enter her bowels.

        Janice pressed it in all the way and told Cindy to grab the back of

    the toilet again. Cindy turned her head and held her breath when she

    saw Janice finger the clamp and open it. Cindy jumped when the warm

    water started to trickle into her ass.

        She enjoyed the feeling of the water bathing her insides in warmth.

    Janice stepped back and removed all her clothes while watching Cindy

    toss her bottom about in a mixture of pleasure and frustration.

        As the bag began to empty, Cindy started feeling the cramps that

    came with the filling of her intestines. The bag drained all of it's

    contents into Cindy's ass while the blonde woman grunted and wantonly

    rolled her ass in circles. She cried out in relief when Janice pulled

    the nozzle out of her.

    "There. Now you'll want to sit on the toilet I suppose."

        Oh, yes she did! Her face burned as she turned around and planted

    her ass on the toilet seat. she felt that forbidden pleasure as the

    contents of the enema exploded from her bowels. Her lips parted as

    great waves of relief swept over her.

        Janice watched her for a few moments then stepped up to the toilet

    and stood with her legs on either side of Cindy's. Cindy looked at

    Janice's glistening pussy and knew she wanted her to suck it.

    "Put your hands on my butt." Janice said to her. Cindy's hand moved to

    obey her.

    "Now, I want you to put your mouth over my clit and hold it there...

    That's right.. keep your mouth opened."

        Cindy was confused as to what Janice was doing. She felt Janice

    holding her head to her cunt. Then she felt the wetness.

    Cindy's mind leaped in horror when she felt and tasted the pungent

    flavor of her piss as it filled her mouth.

    "Now make sure you swallow it all, Cindy" This was one thing Cindy had

    never had done to her. She did her best not to taste it, but swallowed

    hungrily to avoid having it spill out of her mouth.

        The stream only lasted a few seconds, then tapered off as Cindy

    managed to swallow it all. Her eyes filled with tears and her throat

    emitted choked sobs.

    "Now lick all around my clit, sweetie" Janice told her. Cindy was

    beyond caring as she let her tongue sweep over Janice's clit in a

    circular motion.

    "Oh how lovely" Janice sighed. Cindy quickly brought the woman to

    orgasm under her talented tongue.

        Cindy reveled in that sharp sense of humilation as she sat on the

    toilet with Janice's cunt staring her in the face. Janice backed up

    from Cindy and cleaned the nozzle of the bag before putting it away.

    "Clean yourself up and come out to the room." She told Cindy before

    picking up her gown and walking from the room.

        Cindy finished her business on the toilet then got up and rinsed

    her mouth out, trying to lose the sharp taste of urine that clung to

    her tongue. She knew that Janice wasn't through with her yet. She

    couldn't help but wonder with an excited shudder what she would do

    next. She walked from the bathroom to find Janice examining the

    contents of the table.

        She picked up a cat-o-nine and slapped the leather lashed in her

    palm when she became aware that Cindy had joined her in the room.

    "Stand with your legs open and your hands behind your back" she ordered

    her. Cindy assumed the position Janice directed her to take and waited

    with mixed emotions as Janice walked toward her with the cat dangling

    threateningly from her hand.

        Janice walked up to Cindy and raised the cat in her hand. The

    lashes hung down poised, ready to strike out. Cindy wrenched her hands

    together when Janice's arm swung forward, bringing the lashes speeding

    toward their target.

        Cindy closed her eyes when the cat slapped over her breasts. She

    hissed in pain while Janice swung it against her again.

        Cindy's tits were set ablaze when Janice slapped the leather claws

    of the cat on her tender breasts while Cindy did her best to stand

    still. The hotline between her nipples and her clitoris became

    activated while Janice peppered her continually.

        Now Janice brought her arm down and began to swing the cat up in an

    underhand motion. It sliced into Cindy's pulsating pussy mound with

    only half the force as it did on her titties. Cindy screamed out her

    pleasure/pain as Janice whipped her cunt with the menacing whip.

    Several times the lashes of the cat swirled past her cunt and spread

    fire onto her asscheeks.

        Janice seemed to know exactly how much force to use and quickly had

    Cindy squealing and moaning. her cunt shone with moisture that was

    being splattered around by the lashes Janice sent into her pussy. Cindy

    panted as the urgent inferno inside of her threatened to explode.

        Janice stopped whipping her and told her to lay down on the carpet.

    When Cindy did as she was told, Janice straddled her and lowered

    herself down into a sixty-nine position. Cindy didn't need to be told

    what to do and instantly started lapping at her pussy while Janice used

    the handle of the cat as a dildo and shoved it into Cindy's cunt.

        Cindy licked her to 2 more orgasms while Janice used the handle of

    the cat to bring Cindy to 2 climaxes of her own by the time their hour

    had expired at it became time to join the others.


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