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Archive-name: Slaves/decept12.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements - 12

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                  CHAPTER 12

        Bruce and Myra walked into one of the rooms and removed the key as

    directed. Once in the room, Bruce turned to her and said. "You know,

    I'm not into women at all. But I'll do my best to see you have fun."

        Myra looked at him curiously. She slipped her skirt from her legs

    and looked up at him. "Why don't you let me try to pleasure you sir?"

    He nodded and looked about the room. Impressed with the way it was laid

    out. Myra walked up to him now totally naked.

    "Your slave is ready to please you, sir" she whispered.

        Ron had matched up with a cute little brunette named Josie. He had

    been with her once or twice and pretty much knew what she liked and

    didn't like. She had dressed in bright red spandex pants for the

    evening. He wasted no time in getting started.

    "It's time for you and I to have a serious talk, Josie." He said in a

    stern voice.

    "Yes sir?" she said questioningly. Her green eyes sparkled when she

    looked at him.

    "Take that chair and put it in the center of the room." He directed,

    Josie moved to get the chair and place it as he had told her to. Then

    she stood on the side of it and waited with her head down as he walked

    past her and sat on the chair.

        Laurie stood in the middle of the room while Brad took the key out

    of the lock and closed the door. His eyes devoured her while she

    appraised him. She decided that he was probably too young.. But then

    she remembered that he and Cindy were an item.

    "Have you ever been to one of these before?" He asked her.

    "No.. This is my first one. pretty exciting, isn't it?"

    "Yeah.. But I feel kind of out of place here. You know what I mean?"

    Laurie nodded, yes she remembered.

    "I felt the same way at first. But these are really great people once

    you get to know them."

    "I suppose you're right." He looked down at her legs. "You know.. I

    love that outfit. You look so good in it." Laurie smiled and did a


    "And how may your maid serve you, sir?"

        Andrea made Harold strip the moment they had closed the door. She

    walked to a table and picked up a small riding crop , and a length of


    "You're gay aren't you?" He nodded slowly, eyeing her apprehensively.

    "Pity, you're such a good looking man too. I'll bet a lot of girls


    love to take you to bed."

    "Thank you" he said. She walked up to him. "Don't be frightened,

    Harold. I won't hurt you too much." She laughed at the look in his


    "On your knees.. on all fours." She said. Harold sank to his knees on

    the plush carpeting and leaned over to place his hands on the floor.

    Andrea took her gown off and straddled his back, planting her ass on

    him while making him open his mouth while she put the rope into it.

        Cindy and Janice exchanged a bit of small talk as they entered

    their room and looked about. All the rooms were equipped with bathrooms

    should anyone wish to clean up after their hour.

        "Take off your clothes, dear." Janice said to Cindy. Cindy unzipped

    the leather jacket and slipped it from her shoulders. She then kicked

    her shoes off before tugging the tight pants from her legs. She wore no

    panties and now stood there naked.

    "Very nice" Janice said. "Turn around slowly so I can get a better look

    at you." Cindy slowly turned in place and let Janice inspect her body.

        "Come into the bathroom with me, Cindy" Cindy blushed and nodded as

    she followed her into the small bathroom. Janice was looking in a

    cabinet for something.

    "I do hope our host has remembered to have them in here. Ahhhh yes."

    She pulled out a latex enema bag and showed it to Cindy.

    "Have you ever had an enema, Cindy?" She blushed brighter and nodded

    her head.

        Von Kerr told Donna on the way to his bedroom that he did not rig

    the cards. But he had hoped to draw her number.

    "Tell me, Donna. How old are you?" Donna knew a little about this man,

    meaning that she knew what he liked to hear.

    "I'm 19 sir. But I feel more like i'm 12 around you."

    "Oh? and why is that?" Donna blushed and averted her eyes.

    "It's because you remind me so much of my father, sir." She said in a

    small voice.

    Once they were inside his large bedroom. Von Kerr motioned to the bed

    and told her to sit down.

        Donna sat down while Von Kerr took off his jacket. He had a thing

    for young girls, but the law frowned upon grown men having sex with 12

    and 13 year old girls. Von Kerr had to indulge his passion with older

    girls who didn't mind playing young.

        Jennifer and Jack walked into their room and closed the door.

    Jennifer noticed that Jack had not looked at her since they had matched


    "What's wrong, Jack. Why haven't you looked at me." He shrugged

    "Well, i'm NOT going to have a conversation with someone who will not

    even look at me." Jennifer was quick to take over.

    "Now turn this way and look at me!" She commanded. Slowly, shyly he

    turned toward her and lifted his eyes. Jennifer was taking her gown off

    and letting it slide down her body.

    "What's the matter. Don't you think i'm pretty?" She said as she

    slipped her panties off her legs.

    "Oh no. I think you're very pretty." He said quickly.

    "Jack.. come here...." She said softly.. He walked up to her and stood

    still. She took his hands and brought them to her tits.

    "Don't they feel nice?" He was trembling when his fingers came into

    contact with her soft female flesh. She moaned a little and said "I

    like the way you do that, Jack.. Rub my nipples" Frightened, Jack moved

    his fingers over her darkened nipples.. Jennifer smiled at his


        Christine kept her hand around Cheryl's arm while they walked to

    their room. Most were occupied but they found one at the end of the

    hallway. They walked in and closed the door. Christine propelled Cheryl

    toward the center of the room..

    "I'm sick and tired of having a maid who cannot clean a room right!"

    Christine said to her. "Look at this place... it's FILTHY!"

        Cheryl stood in confusion for a moment before she understood that

    it was Christine's idea of a game.

    "I'm sorry ma'am.. I'll do better in the future." Cheryl said meekly.

    "I don't pay you to tell me that you'll do better.. I pay you to DO

    better." She berated the young brunette who stood with her eyes


    "I'm sorry ma'am" she whispered. Christine stepped up to her and took

    her arm again..

    "Not as sorry as you're going to be, missy.. Come along." She brought

    her to the table and made her face the wall.

    "I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll not soon forget.. You

    understand me?"  Cheryl was a bit scared at the woman's harsh manner.

    "Yes ma'am" she said softly.

        Bruce stood with his hands clasped behind his back as Myra kneeled

    in front of him and reached out to unzip his pants. He had told her

    that he would do his best to see to it she enjoyed herself so he said

    nothing when she took out his cock and started licking it.

    "Oh master, your cock tastes so good." She took it into her mouth and

    sucked it for a few moments before pulling back and looking up at him


    "Oh, master, I'm sorry I could not get your cock hard.. You should

    punish me for being such a bad slave." Myra got up and ambled to the

    table and picked up a thin cane. She brought it back to him and knelt

    in front of him again, holding the cane over her bowed head.

        "Please master, punish me for not getting your cock hard. Oh

    please, Punish me and make me a better slave"  Bruce looked down at her

    and took the cane she offered.

    "Oh thank you master!" She leaned over farther and started kissing his

    shoes. "You're too good to me, master. Oh i'll try so hard to be a good

    slave master!" She said before crawling back, then bowing her head till

    it touched the ground.

    "Your slave is ready for you to punish her, master." She announced when

    her ass was in the air. Bruce walked around behind her and swished the

    cane in the air a few times.

    "Alright bitch. Maybe this will remind you how to be a good slave" He

    snarled as he swung the cane down on her naked ass.

    "Ahhhhh! Yes, Master! Teach me.. Teach your slut how to be a good


        Bruce saw the weal rise from the cane and added one right below it.

    "Ohhhhh! Oh, master... I need it so bad!, Punish me harder,


    He laid the cane on her naked ass 12 times all told. After each stroke

    she cried out in pain then begged him to punish her more.  After he

    gave her the last stroke, he told her that it was enough.

        Myra rose up with tears in her eyes. She came to him and hugged her

    body against his legs.

    "Thank you so much, master! I feel so good when you punish me" She was

    definitely getting to him. He reached down and put his hand on her


    She looked up at him with her moist eyes. "Please master, let me try

    again!" He looked at her and nodded. Myra's hands flew up and began

    undoing his pants. She took his pants down then helped him to step out

    of them.. She then worked her way up his legs before coming to his cock

    and engulfing it with her mouth. She smiled to herself as she felt it

    beginning to grow in her mouth.

    She pulled back and looked up at his again. "Master, can your slave


    your asshole?" He turned around and felt her face pressed against his

    asscheeks. She used one of her hands to part the cheeks and stabbed her

    tongue over the little hole hidden underneath.

        While her mouth worked on his hairy asshole, her hand reached

    around and stroked his ever hardening cock. "Oh master.. I love licking

    your asshole!" She said before diving back into it again.

        When she had stroked him to full hardness..she stood up behind him

    and whispered in his ear that his slave would feel very proud if he

    were to shove his prick into her asshole. He turned around while she

    turned away and bent over, reaching her hands back to spread her

    striped asscheeks.

        Bruce brought his thick cock to the puckered portal and pressed it

    in. "Oh yes master! Fuck your slave's asshole!" His cock met with

    thrilling resistance on it's way in.. He gave her more than half of his

    dick before he started moving in and out.

        Once Bruce starting the strokes.. Myra released one of her

    asscheeks and used it to furiously rub her pussy. She chanted the same

    things to him while he grabbed her hips and picked up the pace.

        Man or woman, Myra's asshole sucked on his cock as well as any he

    had ever fucked. It wasn't long before Myra asked for permission to

    come. He granted it and held on tight while her ass ground against him


        After Myra had her orgasm, Bruce started pounding her ass with

    short powerful strokes that sent her into a second come while he poured

    his sperm into her bowels.

        When he started getting soft, Myra turned around and fell to her

    knees.. cleaning off his cock with her busy mouth.

        Myra started putting her clothes on but stopped and looked at him

    as he retrieved his pants. "Well, did you like it?" she asked him.

    Bruce smiled at her. "Yeah. I have to admit, you're very good." She

    laughed and went over to him and kissed his cheek.

    "Thanks.. And I really do love your cock!" she said before getting her

    clothes and disappearing in the bathroom.

        When Ron settled himself on the chair, he looked at Josie levelly

    who continued to watch her feet.

        "Josie, your mother and I are not at all pleased with your grades."

    he told her

    "But I only got 2 F's, daddy." She said with a little whine to her soft


    "Yes. And that's 2 too many. Your mother thinks you're not even


    "Oh Daddy, i'll try harder next semester. You'll see."

    "You told us that last semester.. You didn't try very hard to improve."

    He said with finality.

    "Well I did try!" she said to him, a hint of pleading in her voice.

    "Josie, your mother thinks we should punish you and I agree with her."

    Josie said nothing, she just kept her head bowed and nodded.

    "Alright, we discussed it this afternoon. I'm going to have to give you

    a spanking, Josie."  Her head shot up.

    "No Daddy! Don't do that! Take away my allowance or something."

    "The matter is not open for discussion, young lady. You're going to get

    a spanking and that's final." She sniffed and pouted.

    "Okay, Daddy" she said in a small voice.

    "Alright, now take your pants down, Josie." He said softly to her.

        Her hands came up and peeled the red spandex pants slowly over her

    hips. "Please don't hurt me, daddy." she pleaded with him once her

    bottom was uncovered. Ron put his arm around the green eyed woman and

    pulled her down over his lap. She whined as her bottom upturned.

    "Daddy!" she cried and started crying before he had slapped her bottom

    even once.

        Ron ran his tongue over his lips before raising his hand and

    swatted the slightly fattish moons of her asscheeks.

    "Oh that hurts, daddy!" she cried while he methodically slapped each of

    her cheeks while she kicked her legs in the air.

    "No daddy.. please don't spank my anymore" she said between her sobs.

    finally unable to hold her still with his left arm, Ron lifted his


    leg over hers to hold her still for the spanking.

        He started slapping her bottom with steady, stinging strokes while

    she cried out her dismay. "Stop daddy!.. I promise i'll try harder!..

    please stop!" He burnished her buns until they glowed a nice pink

    color. Josie stopped pleading and struggling. He felt her body go limp

    and her sobs turn into a constant blubber.

        He picked her up and deposited the raven haired woman on his lap.

    She leaned over and hugged herself to his chest while she sobbed.

    "You hurt me, daddy!" she cried.

    "I know, baby." He said, rubbing her back. "But something had to be

    done about your grades."

    "I know, daddy. I promise i'll try harder." she sobbed into his chest.

        He rocked her back and forth in his lap, kissing her cheeks and

    forehead. "Here, let daddy rub his baby's bottom." Josie turned a

    little to her side and let his fingers glide over the warm surface of

    her just spanked ass. Ron could feel her breasts against his chest

    while she cooed "ooooooo Daddy, that feels good."

        he let his fingers rub a little harder and was rewarded by her

    squirming on his lap. "Daddy?" She said.. "Yes, Josie?'... "Rub a

    little lower, Daddy" she asked him. He let his finger slide lower on

    her bottom, he was running his fingers over the overhanging area where

    her thighs met her asscheeks.

        Josie's legs scissored open a bit to let Ron's caressing fingers

    slip lower onto her puffy cunt mound. "Ohhhh daddy!!.. That makes me

    feel all tingly inside!" She exclaimed when a finger pried it's way

    under her ass to the moist crack of her pussy.

    "Oh god.. Put it inside me.." She said excitedly. Ron found the hole

    and wormed his finger inside the small recess.

        The spandex wouldn't allow her to open her thighs very far apart,

    so she had to be contented with the shallow penetration he could

    manage. Her arms went around his neck and brought his face to hers. She

    kissed him passionately while humping her hips on his hand as well as

    she could.

        Josie was just about to come when Ron pulled his finger out.

    "Take off all your clothes" he said quickly while sliding her off his

    lap. Ron stood and took his pants down while Josie peeled all her

    clothing from her body.

        He sat back on the chair and Josie hoisted her now naked body over

    his waiting prick.  She took it in her hand and rubbed it around her

    wet cunt before lining it up and lowering herself down on it.

        Ron dipped his head a bit to suck and nibble on her perky tits. She

    sighed heavily while her ass bounced on his prick. Her arms cradled his

    head while he slurped her titties and his cock burrowed pleasingly in

    her inflamed pussy. She came with a sharp gasp, Ron bit down on one of

    her nipples as she tightened up on him.

        As she got over her orgasm, She started bucking faster while Ron

    cupped her heavy asscheeks in his hands.

    "Oh yes!.. I'm gonna come again.. yes.. YESS!" she juiced a second time

    while Ron used his hands to move her ass up and down.

        Josie climbed easily to a third climax before Ron blew his stack

    and spewed his come inside of her. She relaxed and was showering his

    face with little kisses.

    "mmmm That was nice. You should be my daddy more often." She smiled at

    him before reluctantly climbing off of his lap.


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