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Archive-name: Slaves/decept11.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements - 11

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                  CHAPTER 11

        Ron picked up the phone and listen for a few seconds. Donna

    couldn't hear what he was saying, but from the way he looked up at her

    once or twice during the call, she was positive it was about her. It

    didn't take her more than a few seconds to know that Ron was now

    finding out about John.

        Ron hung the phone up and promptly called for her. "Donna! Come in

    here please." She walked into his study and stood in front of his desk

    waiting for what was about to happen.

    "Sit down, Donna" he said.  Donna seated herself meekly in the large,

    oak chair. she put her hands in her lap and bowed her head.

    "That was Jennifer on the telephone. It seems that we have a problem on

    our hands, young lady." He said sternly.

    "Yes sir, I should not have hidden it from you. I apologize for that."

    "Well, it would have been nice to know that you wouldn't keep secrets

    from me. And we'll speak about that little indiscretion as well."

    Donna looked up in confusion. "As well? I don't understand."

    "There is sufficient reason to believe that John is up to something no

    good where Laurie is concerned. She's going to need your help to find

    out what it is."

    "Oh, i'd do anything for Laurie! What do you want me to do?"

    "First of all, how often does John ask you about Laurie?" Donna thought

    for a moment.

    "Now that I think about it, all the time. He seems to want to know

    everything about her." Ron nodded thoughtfully.

    "Alright, this is what I want you to do.. Go on your usual date with

    him. But THIS time you're going to tell him that Laurie's business fell

    apart on her. Make up all sorts of stories about how you're out of

    work, and so on."

    Donna nodded. "OK, but what does Laurie think he's trying to do?" She

    wanted to know.

    "They're not positive, but they think he's trying to work his way into

    her life and take her business from her."

        Donna had become disillusioned about her new boyfriend. She found

    it hard to believe that John would do something so nasty as that.

    "Now, let's discuss this other little problem." He said, gazing over

    her with his piercing eyes. Instinctively, Donna let her eyes drop.

    "Yes, sir." She said under her breath.

    "Donna, how can you feel that you have to hide anything from me?"

    "I don't know. I didn't want to you to get mad about it." He clicked

    his tongue.

    "That's the silliest thing i've ever heard, young lady. You know good

    and well that I have never stopped you from doing whatever you wanted

    to do." His tone and demeanor were stern. But disappointment with her

    could also be heard in his voice, possibly a bit of hurt as well.

    "I know, i'm very sorry that I deceived you." She said.

    "I think you know that sorry isn't going to be enough, don't you?"

    Donna pouted and studied her hands in her lap.

    "No sir, I should be punished." She said softly.

    "Look at me, Donna." He said shortly, Donna looked up at him.

    "What did you just say?" he asked.

    "I said I should be punished, sir.".. "Yes you should be." Donna bowed

    her head again.

    "Should I wait in my room for you, sir?"

        "No, i'm not going to punish you, Donna. I just want you to know

    that you never have to be afraid to tell me anything."  Ron felt that

    Donna was hurt enough by hearing exactly what her new boyfriend was up

    to. "But after you see John again, you're going to have to decide for

    yourself what to do about him. No one can tell you what to do with your


        Donna shook her head sadly.

    "I don't want to believe it's true. But if it is, I know I wouldn't

    want to be with him again." Ron chuckled at her.

    "I do think my baby girl is growing up." Donna smiled.

    "I'm just disappointed." She confessed to him.

    "Yes, people don't always do things for the nicest of reasons." He said


        "Oh yes, I think you can do with a bit of good news, today" Donna

    looked up at him.

    "What's that?" Ron looked at her slyly..

    "Laurie should tell you herself, but I want to see your face."

    "Well what is it??" Donna asked breathlessly.

    "Well...." He said then paused. " Laurie's business is doing so well,

    that she's decided to change things around. And, since you were the one

    most responsible for her success... She's decided to make you a

    supervisor." Donna's face lit up in happiness. "You and her will

    probably hire at least 4 people as helpers."

    "Oh that's great!" Donna cried out. "I have to call her right now!"

    She jumped up and ran out of the room, Ron watched her and laughed to


        Two nights later, Donna went to John's apartment and carried out

    their plan. It had hurt her terribly, but John made some lame excuse

    about not feeling well and asked her if he could get a raincheck.

        When Donna had left, he got on the phone and called Laurie right

    away. Jennifer answered the phone and told him that Laurie had taken a

    sedative and was sleeping.

    "Well is she alright?" He asked. Jennifer sighed from the other end of

    the line.

    "No she isn't. Her decorating business fell apart on her. She's quite

    upset. Listen, can I tell her you called?"

    "Yeah." He said grimly as he hung up the phone. It should come as no

    surprise that no one heard from John again.

        Jennifer had Laurie and Cheryl dress in the maid's outfits that

    Laurie had. They spent the better part of 6 hours that morning and

    afternoon preparing for the evening. The party at Von Kerr's house had

    been a topic of excited conversation for several people during the last

    two weeks.

        Now, as I don't intend to write a 3rd book in this series, I don't

    want anyone hanging as to what may have happened to some of the

    characters you've seen here. Then again, I just might write a 3rd book.

    Anyhow, Getting out of the pits as it were, was just the thing to

    bounce Laurie back into her usual vitality. Donna and Cheryl did a very

    good job in the field, and Laurie was quite happy with the people they

    had hired.

        Von Kerr's house was not a house at all. It was a 16 room mansion

    guarded by an imposing brick wall and an iron gate. Jennifer drove to

    the gate and was admitted after showing the guard her invitation for

    the party.

        She drove up to the house and pulled up next to a parking

    attendant. Jennifer turned to look at Laurie in the back seat. "Makes

    you want to get to know the Baron better, doesn't it?" Laurie giggled

    at her as she looked around in awe. They all got out of the car and

    were ushered to the door.

        They walked through the french doors that led inside and found

    themselves standing in the largest and most elaborately furnished rooms

    any of them had ever seen in their lives. Two women dressed in harem

    attire took their coats and led them into the midst of the party, which

    was already becoming crowded with revelers.

        Von Kerr greeted them as the women turned and left.

    "La'Ree!" He said, taking the pretty redhead's hands and kissing her

    fondly on both cheeks. "It is so good to see you. You are looking very

    lovely tonight." He raised his hand to signal someone. A large man

    wearing only a g-string came to him. The man was carrying to opened


    "And Jen'fer. You look stunning as always, my dear." He said kissing

    her as well. He looked at Cheryl who blushed.

    "And who is this beautiful creature?" He asked Jennifer.

    "Oh yes, This is Cheryl. Cheryl This is the Baron Von Kerr." She

    introduced them. Cheryl held her hand out.

    "I'm pleased to meet you, Mr Von Kerr" She said nicely. He bowed and

    kissed her hand as it was proffered.

    "Ju would make many men jealous having the two prettiest women,

    Jen'fer" He teased. Jennifer laughed easily.

    "Oh, they wouldn't be all that jealous if they knew how much trouble

    these two witches can get into." They all laughed.

        "Ok, La'ree, Cher'ral, You each take an envelope from this box." He

    said, gesturing to the box in the man's left hand. "And Jen'fer, Ju

    take one from the other box." They did so and Von Kerr smiled.

    "Now, I want all of you to enjoy yourselves, I must see to other

    guests." He floated off with the man tagging behind him.

        Cheryl looked at the envelope in her hand. "Door prizes?" She asked

    Jennifer who shrugged.

    "I don't know. But let's mingle, shall we ladies?"

        It was about 8:30pm Saturday night. All together, there were about

    40 people in attendance. All were people that Laurie recognized from

    the club. She looked over and saw Harold and Bruce talking with a group

    of men. She walked up behind him and threw her arms around his neck.

    "I've been looking all over for you, my love." She whispered in his


    "Laurie!.." He turned around and looked at her, she looked very sexy in

    her maid's outfit. "I swear, looking at you almost makes me want to

    turn straight." He told her, smiling. Laurie pouted at him.

    "Almost?!?!.. Harumph! I'll just have to try harder" She teased him,

    clinging to his arm while he introduced her to his friends.

        "Oh, I've seen all of you at the club. I'm sorry we've never got to

    meet before now." She told them.

    "Most of us would run from you when we saw you coming." One of them

    said to the delight of the rest of the group.

    "Oh!.. Do you mean I would have to sneak up on you just to say hello?"

    She asked, feigning outrage. Laurie was having a great time.

    "Oh yes, Harold. I don't mind you borrowing my panties.. But you simply

    MUST wash them before you bring them back!" She said to him. It was

    their own little joke, Harold smiled while the rest of his friends

    broke up in laughter.

    "Maybe you should loan him that outfit sometimes." Bruce said.

    "Yeah.. I may just do that!.. Oh well, you guys have fun!" She kissed

    him briefly on the lips and gave Bruce a kiss on the cheek before she

    sauntered off.

        Brad and Cindy were talking with Marvin and Andrea., who was

    Marvin's date for the evening. Brad had remarked that it was amazing

    that they could be divorced and still stay such good friends.

    "Well." Marvin said.. "If we weren't both submissive, we'd still be

    married. You know i'm still crazy about this girl."

    "Yeah, I can see why." Brad said, Cindy tried to make light of all the


    "Oh stop it, you guys!" she said.

    "Yeah" Andrea said, goosing Marvin "I would hate to think I have

    competition for you"

        Cindy had dressed in an blue leather pantsuit. brad loved the way

    her bottom was outlined so well in the tight leather. Looking around

    the room, Brad noticed that all the men wore tuxedos while all the

    women dressed in a wild variation of different clothes. Cheryl and

    Laurie in maid's outfits, Andrea and Jennifer in long, elegant gowns,

    Donna and two other women he'd never met in daringly short skirts. He

    saw one or two ladies in spandex.

        Cindy had slipped her arm around his waist and asked him if he were

    enjoying himself. He was in the middle of explaining just how much he

    was enjoying himself, when he was stopped by Andrea who was asking

    about the nature of the envelopes.

        No one knew. it was a mystery to all except Baron Von Kerr who

    stood off to the side and watched as all his guests mulled about the

    room chatting and drinking.

        Cheryl and Jennifer sat and talked with Ron and Donna. They were

    joined by Myra, and two other men. One Jennifer knew as George, the man

    Cheryl had told her had the hots for Jennifer. Myra had told Jennifer

    that she would very much like to get together with them again. She said

    that she had a great time at Laurie's house.

    "Yes, so did I. I think we can arrange that, Myra." She said to her

    while she smiled.

        Von Kerr announced then that dinner was being served in the main

    dining hall. Everyone began to file into the dining room and found a

    place somewhere around the giant sized table.

        It was near 10:00 by the time coffee was served after the dinner,

    which was in reality a feast for a king. Von Kerr stood and jingled his

    wine glass to get everyone's attention.

    "Thank you. I want to begin by welcoming all of you to my home. With

    the hopes that all of you have a wonderful time." He paused while

    everyone clapped their appreciation for all the work he put into the


    "Thank you, please." He said, waiting for quiet before continuing.

    "I'm sure you are wondering about the envelope you were given when you

    arrived.  each dominant person here has a number on a card inside their

    envelope. That number will be your partner for the first round of the

    sexual games. Every submissive person also has a number. When you find

    your juxtaposing number, the paired people will then retire to one of

    the bedrooms with a key in the lock. There are plenty of rooms so no

    one need to worry." He looked around and saw several smiles coming from

    the guests.

    "The rules are, you have 1 hour to be with your first partner. Of

    course, what you do in that hour is entirely up to you and your

    partner. Each room is furnished with several different things. Some may

    contain different things than others." He paused once again.

    "And now, if you all will follow me into the main room... We can open

    our envelopes and let the festivities begin."

    "Oh yes, one other thing..... If you do not see a key in the door. Do

    not enter. And make sure you remove the key when you enter your room."

    He moved from the table and walked from the room, followed by the 40 or

    so guests.

        Laurie and Cheryl stood with Jennifer while they opened their

    envelopes. Laurie had a 3, and Cheryl had a 9 while Jennifer had a 7 on

    her card. Within 30 seconds, several men and a one or two women flocked

    around the two ladies in maid's outfits, comparing cards. Jennifer

    smiled as they all walked away disappointed.

    "Well, ladies.. I must go find my partner." She winked at Laurie and

    Cheryl. "I'll see you in an hour." She said as she walked away.

        Laurie looked and saw people already walking up the stairs in twos.

    She saw that Myra was with Bruce and wondered to herself what THAT

    would be like. It began to occur to her that she could be paired with a

    gay person.  Donna and Cindy walked to where Laurie and Cheryl were


    "Might as well make them come to us." Cindy said. Cheryl giggled and

    looked up to see Andrea approaching.

    "Do any of you have a 4?" she asked. Cindy had a 12 while Donna had a


    "You know" Cheryl said. "I think that woman over there had a 12"

    pointing at a woman Cindy knew as Janice. Cindy nodded and walked up to

    the woman.

    "Do you have 12?" She asked her. "Yes I do." Cindy held her arms out.

    "It looks like we're matched." She said showing her the card.

    "Ahhh, Ok.. She we go upstairs then?" Cindy nodded and walked along

    side of Janice toward the stairs.

        Brad walked up with a 3 and smiled when he saw Laurie's card. "It's

    my dream come true." He said as Laurie took his arm and walked off with


        "It's just you and I now." Donna said to Cheryl.

    "Yes.. Who are you hoping for?" Cheryl asked her. Donna giggled.

    "I was hoping for Brad.. but maybe i'll get hold of him later."

        Harold matched with Andrea and walked a step behind the pretty

    black woman as they went to find a room.

        Von Kerr made his way across the room and matched his card with

    Donna. He slipped his hand to her lower back and patted her cute rump.

    "Come along, my dear. You and I get my private bedroom" Donna turned

    and waved to Cheryl, who watched in envy while Donna and Von Kerr

    disappeared up the stairs.

        A woman in black spandex walked up to Cheryl. "Hi, I'm Christine. I

    couldn't help but notice that you weren't paired yet."

    Cheryl introduced herself and showed the woman her card. Christine also

    had a 9.

    "Oh dear." Christine said. "My husband will be so jealous when I tell

    him about you." She smiled at the young brunette.

    "Do you mind being with a woman?" She asked as she gently took her arm

    and started walking.

    "No ma'am. I don't mind." Cheryl decided right away that she liked


        Jennifer had matched with one of the men who were in Harold's

    group. The guy's name was Jack.

        Okay, there's all the important pairings for round 1


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