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Archive-name: Slaves/decept10.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements - 10

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                  CHAPTER 10

        When they arrived inside Jennifer's bedroom, Jennifer turned to

    close the door while Cheryl sat in the bed and picked up the hairbrush

    she had discarded without being told to.

        Jennifer turned and stood in front of her again. She put her hands

    on Cheryl's hair and swished it from her eyes. "Go ahead, baby" She

    said gently.

        Still reluctant, Cheryl reached out and took Jennifer's shorts and

    panties down. Once her bottom was bared again, Jennifer moved to her

    side and draped herself over the younger woman's lap. She rested her

    palms on the floor and looked behind her to Cheryl.

    "Ok, Cheryl. Punish me." She said, turning her head again and looked

    between her hands.

        Cheryl looked down at Jennifer's bottom as the older woman waiting

    for the spanking. Cheryl raised the brush and brought it down weakly on

    one of the exposed cheeks.

    "Do it hard, Cheryl." Jennifer said between clenched teeth.

    She had no choice, now she began in ernest. Raining sharp strokes from

    the hairbrush down upon Jennifer's upraised bottom.

        Jennifer, although she didn't cry out, was very quickly jerking her

    ass around while Cheryl methodically slapped her ass with the brush.

    She made a grunting sound with the impact of each stroke, emitting a

    moan when the brush caught a tender area.

        By the time Cheryl had given her 12 strokes, Jennifer was silently

    crying and tossing her bottom in the brunette's lap. Cheryl had to lay

    her arm over Jennifer's waist to hold her still so she could continue

    with the punishment.

        Both of Jennifer's fleshy asscheeks glowed dark pink by the time

    Cheryl had administered 25 strokes. She stopped and saw Jennifer's

    shoulders shaking.

    "Is that enough, Jen?" She asked her. Jennifer nodded her head,

    honestly glad that she stopped.

        Cheryl lifted her arm up while Jennifer stood up and sat next to

    her. Jennifer was softly crying from the effects of the spanking, but

    Cheryl was crying just as much.

    "Oh Jen!" Cheryl said, wiping her eyes. "Please don't make me do that

    again." Jennifer tried to smile but found she was unable to.

    "Just hold me, baby. I wanna be held."

        They laid back on Jennifer's bed and wrapped their arms around one

    another. Cheryl jumped up and turned off the light. She made her way

    back to the bed and found Jennifer in the dark. She found her hands and

    pulled her up. Cheryl gently took Jennifer's t-shirt off, then slid her

    shorts and panties off her legs. She then stood and shucked her robe,

    naked beneath. She crawled back into the bed and pulled back the

    covers. Her and Jennifer got under the covers and held each other for a

    long time with out saying a word. They exchanged small, affectionate

    kisses before the relaxation of the moment caught up with them and they

    fell asleep in each other's arms.

        Bruce sat in the middle of Harold's apartment and waited patiently

    for Harold to make the drinks he had set out to do. They had an

    argument a little earlier and Bruce decided he would teach Harold a

    lesson he would never forget.

        I'm not going to say that Bruce is the stereotyped gay man. He was

    somewhat feminine in manner and speech, but he wasn't the swishy

    individual you might imagine. And as Harold was about to find out,

    Bruce could turn to steel when the mood strikes him.

        Harold handed him his drink and took a seat across from him. He

    took a swallow then fidgeted uncomfortably as he felt Bruce watching

    him. He peered up and found that his feeling was correct. Bruce was

    studying him intently.

        "Finish your drink and get your clothes off" He said shortly. On

    cue, Harold tipped his glass and downed the drink. Then he reached over

    and slipped his shoes off. Once his feet were bared, he stood up and

    peeled his shirt and pants off. His bikini briefs followed soon


        Now he stood naked while Bruce leisurely sipped his drink. A most

    interesting thing about Harold is that Bruce had made him shave all the

    hair from his body. The only hair he had was on his head, and the thin

    mustache over his lip.

        Harold stood passive with his hands at his sides. Bruce gestured

    with his fingers for him to walk to him, Harold quickly obeyed and now

    stood in front of his new lover. Bruce reached out and let his

    fingertips graze over Harold's flaccid cock.

        Harold closed his eyes and willed his cock not to harden. He was

    unsuccessful as Bruce kept up the gentle stroking. When his cock

    started to rise, Bruce reached into his glass and extracted an ice

    cube. He held it in the palm of his hand then used it to cup Harold's


        Harold groaned when he felt the agonizing cold of Bruce's ice

    filled hand. He held it there until Harold thought he couldn't stand it

    any longer. "Oh please, sir!.. It's too cold!" he said.

    "Shut up, asshole!.. Who told you to speak?" Harold fell silent and

    suffered in silence. Bruce gave his nuts a hard squeeze. "Answer me!..

    Who told you to speak?"

    "N No one, sir." Harold stammered.

    "Turn around and grab your ankles." He said. Harold spun and bent over,

    bending his knees and latching on to his ankles with his hands.

        Bruce reached into his glass and brought out another ice cube. he

    looked over at Harold's hairless asshole and leaned over to put the

    cube against it.

    Harold whined in agony when he felt the extreme cold entering his


    "Ohhhhhhhhh!" He moaned loudly. Bruce relentlessly pressed the frozen

    crescent shaped cube into his anus. He used his index finger to push


    cube into him farther. Harold had tears in his eyes while the intense

    cold spread though his bowels.

        Bruce pulled his finger out then sat back to enjoy his drink while

    Harold moaned and groaned. His ass shook as he tried to withstand the

    punishing coldness. Eventually, the warmth inside his ass melted the

    ice. He felt the cold water trickling down his legs.

        Once the ice had melted, Bruce stood up and removed his thin belt

    from his pants. Harold braced himself when he heard the jingling of the


        Bruce pushed the chair out of the way and stood about 3 feet behind

    the prone Harold. He let the belt dangle in his hand. He had wrapped

    the buckle around his palm. the remaining 30 inches hung down.

        "Let's see if you know how to count." He said before he raised the

    belt and slashed it onto Harold's parted asscheeks.

    "MMmpoh!  One sir." he said. Bruce smiled and cracked it on his bottom

    again. *Swiiish!*

    "Arrrgh!... Two, Sir" his voice sounding strained.

    "Do you like that, asshole?" he asked him.

    "Y Yes, sir." Harold said. "You do, huh?.. Should I continue?"

    "Yes, sir.. Please whip me more." The belt hissed though the air and

    slammed onto his flanks.

    "Ahhhhhhh! Three, sir." The distress could clearly be heard in his

    voice. Bruce's muscles flexed when he raised the leather again and

    slapped it across Harold's asscheeks.

    "Owwwwww! Shit.... Four, sir."

        Strokes Five through Eleven followed presently and was duly

    announced by Harold.


    "Ahhh haaaaa!...Tw Tw Twelve, ss Sir" Harold couldn't contain his

    distress. He cried openly while Bruce slapped his ass for strokes

    thirteen and fourteen.

        Bright red lines crisscrossed Harold's ass. Bruce quickly added

    another to the ones already there. Now he tossed the belt onto the

    floor and told Harold to stand and turn around. Harold's eyes were

    rather moist as he faced Bruce.

        Bruce gripped Harold's dick in his hand and started stroking it. he

    leaned over and placed his lips on Harold's. Harold parted his lips and

    allowed Bruce to thrust his tongue into his mouth. Bruce pulled back

    and stroked the hard cock in his hand with greater pressure.

    "Now you know I don't like whipping you. Why do you make me do it?" He


    "I guess i'm just bad, sir. But I thank you for taking the time to

    correct me." Harold said.

    "Get on your knees. I have a treat for you."

        Harold obediently sank to his knees. Bruce removed his shoes and

    pants. He wore no underwear. He stepped up to Harold and hefted his

    heavy dick in his hands.

    "There you go, sweetheart. Enjoy it." Harold opened his mouth and

    slowly engulfed the head of Bruce's long prick. He happily slurped and

    sucked on his cock while Bruce looked down at him. Harold looked up at

    his for approval and was gratified to see a smile of his face. He took

    as much of his cock as he could into his mouth, gagging a bit when it

    bumped against his throat.

        Bruce let him savor his prick for several minutes before telling

    him to stop. Harold pulled his mouth from the cock he was enjoying and

    waited for the next command.

        "Now stand up and bend over again, grab your ankles." Harold stood

    and assumed the same position he had been in minutes before when Bruce

    laid the belt on his ass. Now he felt Bruce behind him, guiding his

    prick to the entrance of his asshole.

        His long prick entered easily and slowly sank into Harold's

    asstube. Harold moaned in pleasure as Bruce grabbed his hips and fucked

    him with long, slow strokes. Harold pushed his ass back onto the prick

    that impaled him as he felt the thick shaft manipulating his prostrate

    gland, making his own prick throb and ooze pre come.

    "Oh yes!.. Fuck me, sir!" Bruce started fucking him harder as the tight

    asshole gripped his prick like a velvet glove.

        Harold moaned louder when Bruce picked up speed and was rocking him

    back and forth with his powerful strokes. He fucked Harold's hot

    asshole for a good 6 minutes before grunting and beginning to pile into

    him with short jabbing strokes.

        Harold opened his mouth wide as he felt the warm flooding of his

    master's sperm in his compliant ass.

    "Oh that feels wonderful, sir!" Harold sighed as Bruce eased his big

    dick out of him. "Alright, sweetie. Now turn around and clean your

    filthy ass from my cock."

        He whirled around and buried his face in Bruce's groin, hungrily

    lapping the taste of his own ass from his slimy organ.  Once Bruce was

    satisfied, he stepped back and retrieved his pants.

    "Alright, lover. You may jack off now."

        Dutifully, Harold sat back and stroked his cock until his come

    squirted out and fell all over his thighs. Bruce had put had put his

    pants back on and was in the process of doing the same with his shoes

    when Harold shot his load.

        Bruce stood up and walked to the door once Harold had finished.

    "I'll call you tomorrow." he said as he opened the door and walked out,

    closing it behind him.

        Electricity ran rampant though the air as the club members in

    attendance buzzed after hearing the announcement. In two weeks, Baron

    Von Kerr was hosting the club's annual party/orgy.

        The group at one of the large tables included Jennifer, Cheryl,

    Laurie, Cindy, Brad, Harold, Marvin, Ron, Donna, Bruce, and a black

    woman named Andrea. When they heard the announcement, Ron clapped his

    hands together and started telling a story about the party he hosted

    the year before. He told the newer members and guests that they could

    expect to see an orgy unlike any ever witnessed should they attend.

        Jennifer said that it sounded like a good idea, she and Cheryl

    would be there, for sure. Harold looked over at Bruce who nodded his

    head. Cindy looked up and caught the unmistakable look of excitement in

    Brad's face.

        Laurie sat in the back of Jennifer's car huddled in the corner

    while Jennifer and Cheryl chatted. Her mind was on John, who after

    coming back into her life the day before had left a profound mark on

    her. It was nearly 4:00 in the morning by the time they pulled up in

    front of Jennifer's house.

        Laurie snapped out of her daze as she realised Jennifer was

    speaking to her. "What? I wasn't listening." She said. Jennifer sighed

    and repeated.

    "I said... we're home if you'd care you get out of the car."

    "Oh, yes of course." Laurie said absent mindedly while fumbling with

    the door latch. She stepped out of the car and looked across at her

    house, Jennifer had walked up behind her and grabbed her arm.

        Laurie winced as she felt Jennifer's tight grip on her. "I think

    it's time for you and I to have a little talk, young lady." She said

    bitingly into her ear. Laurie gazed to her side and saw Cheryl walking

    toward the door of Jennifer's house.

    "Oh? And what might we talk about, Jen?" Laurie asked somewhat


    "Just go home and put on some coffee. I'm going to say goodnight to

    Cheryl, then i'll come over."

    "Alright, Jen." Jennifer brought her hand up and laid the back of it

    against Laurie's cheek. "I'll see you in a few minutes" she whispered

    and turned to walk into her house.

        "Well, you sure seemed to enjoy yourself tonight." Cindy mused as

    she sat close to Brad while he drove them toward her apartment.

    "I did. A pretty wild crowd you hang around with." He said.

    "You know you can join if you want." Brad was shaking his head.

    "I can't afford it, Cindy. You know that." She kissed his cheek


    "No, but I can" she whispered. "Besides, you have to be a member to

    attend the party. And I KNOW you want to go with me." She giggled as

    she remembered his excitement as he heard what went on at these


    "You wouldn't stay home with me if I couldn't go?" He asked her


    "Hell no! I wouldn't miss this party for the world!"

    "I see." He said slowly. "I imagine i'm just gonna have to join the

    club then, won't I?" Cindy had shrugged her shoulders.

    "You already did." was all she said. Brad glanced at her for a moment.

    "Oh yeah? You we're that sure I would want to join?" She giggled in his


    "Of course! Anyone could have taken one look at you and would have

    known." He smiled too.

    "I was that obvious, huh?" Her hand fell to his lap. "In more ways than

    one, babe."

        Laurie hadn't had time to change clothes before Jennifer walked

    into her house. She was sitting in the dining room when Jennifer walked

    in and sat down across from her.

    "What do you want to talk to me about, Jen?" Laurie asked somewhat


    "Several things, Laurie. We'll start with your attitude and work our

    way up." She replied matter of factly.

        "My attitude? And exactly what would be wrong with my attitude?"

    "It sucks" she put it bluntly. Laurie looked shocked for a moment  but

    recovered quickly.

    "Oh, well you'll have to excuse me for a moment, miss bad attitude must

    make coffee" She replied frostily and stood up.

    "Laurie, Sit down!!" Jennifer snapped at her. Laurie quickly sank into

    the chair and stared at her friend.

    "I want to know what in the hell is the matter with you. You're not at

    all yourself."

    "Oh, you remember how I am? It has been so long since we've talked I

    am quite surprised..."

    "Laurie, Shut up." Jennifer cut her off abruptly.

    "I miss you, Jen!" she said suddenly. Jennifer shook her head.

    "You know we can still have the same friendship we've always had."

    "No we can't, Jen... You have Cheryl now." Jennifer raised her


    "You're jealous!. I do believe you're jealous." Laurie's cheeks burned


    "I suppose I am... But it's not just that. The business is doing so

    well that I hardly have time for anything or anyone."

    Jennifer nodded.

    "You know, i've been thinking about that. Why couldn't you just go to

    the job and make the decisions. Hire people to do the actual work?"

    Laurie looked thoughtful for a few moments.

    "Yeah. I could do that, couldn't I? Donna could be a working

    supervisor, and Cheryl is learning quickly." Laurie was nodding her

    head and tapping her feet.

    "Maybe you should put an ad in the paper for help." Laurie nodded. I'm

    already writing it in my head!" She giggled.

    "That's my baby. Now, what about John?" Laurie's face took on a somber

    look once again.

    "I don't know. I still want him." Jennifer regarded her severely.

    "Laurie, you may not like this, but i'm going to say it anyway. 6

    months ago, you told HIM to leave and he did just that. I don't believe

    that you really want him around. "

    "No, Jen. I really do." Laurie said unconvincingly.

    "Laurie, you're lying... I know you better than that. I've never seen

    you as happy as you were when you divorced him."

    Laurie was beginning to softly cry, she looked down at her hands for a

    second or two, then looked back up at her friend.

    "I know" she said.

    "Laurie, I think John is up to no good. I must talk to Donna about it



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