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Archive-name: Slaves/decept09.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements -  9

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                   CHAPTER 9

        Laurie was beginning to grow farther and farther apart from

    Jennifer since they had returned from Rio. It wasn't anything that

    either of them had done. It's just that she had a lot of work to catch

    up on when she got back, and Jennifer's new friendship with Cheryl had

    them going in different directions.

        They still remained the best of friends like they always had been.

    Even when Jennifer became her mistress they were friends first and

    foremost. Laurie wasn't upset or bitter about the recent turn of

    events, but her sexy bottom and pussy were itching for a lot of

    attention than she hadn't been getting.

        The attention was being given almost exclusively to Cheryl. Many

    mornings, the young woman came to work with an extremely sore ass from

    the night before. Laurie had to admit that she was a bit jealous of

    Cheryl, not to mention envious. even Donna always seemed to have that

    glow about her that exuded sexual satisfaction.

        Oddly enough, Laurie got her greatest pleasure from Harold. They

    had never enjoyed a sexual moment together. but they seemed to be very

    comfortable in each other's company. As a matter of fact, Harold had

    told her a few days before that he thought he was falling in love.

    Laurie had giggled and told him that he'd better bring his new

    boyfriend around so she could give him a once over.

        His name was Bruce and Laurie thought he was kinda cute. She had

    them over for dinner one evening and watched with growing amusement

    how Harold seemed to be excited by his company. Bruce was a bit

    younger, almost feminine looking. She had decided that he was a nice

    guy and gave Harold her approval.

        Oh well, Laurie got home on Friday evening, slipping into her

    jogging shorts and t-shirt. She had gotten a book and was just settling

    down to read it when the phone rang.

        Donna called to tell her that she had someone that wanted to meet

    her. Laurie wasn't doing anything so she invited them over. She could

    use a bit of company.

        Jennifer had Cheryl pinned to the ground on her stomach. Cheryl was

    naked as Jennifer required her to be when in the house. Jennifer was

    nearly naked herself, wearing only the teddy that she had worn to bed

    the night before.

        Both women were laughing as Jennifer sat on the small of the

    younger woman's back. "Tell me what she said" Jennifer ordered her.

    Through her laughter, Cheryl shouted "NO!" Jennifer starting tickling

    her again, making Cheryl convulse into fits of more laughter.

        Cheryl bucked and squirmed until she succeeded in ejecting Jennifer

    from her back. she tried to get up but Jennifer was upon her again.

    "Why won't you tell me?"

        "She made me promise not to tell you!" They had been wrestling on

    the carpet for about 5 minutes now. Jennifer had discovered by accident

    that Cheryl was ticklish, so she used it to keep the younger woman in a

    constant state of hysterical laughter.

    "I'm gonna keep tickling you until you tell me!" Jennifer loved the way

    Cheryl was always so playful.

    "NEVAH!" She shouted, her sides ached from laughing so hard.

    "Ok.. You asked for it!!" Jennifer dug her fingers into the girl's ribs


        Once again, Cheryl twisted and bucked until Jennifer fell off. This

    time she rolled away and climbed to her knees. Her face was flushed

    from all the laughing. Jennifer moved to grab her again, but Cheryl

    surprised her by trying to tickle HER. As Cheryl's fingers came into

    contact with the silk teddy she was wearing, Jennifer's hand suddenly

    and sharply slapped Cheryl across the face.

        Cheryl sobered quickly when she felt the sting of Jennifer's

    fingers on her cheek. She was upset because they had been playing.

    Jennifer was eyeing her severely, kneeling arm's length from her.


    was stunned more than hurt. But not stunned enough to keep her from

    reacting by lashing out and slapping Jennifer's face in return.

        Jennifer recoiled from the blow and narrowed her eyes. "Why you

    little bitch!" she said and her hand flew out and slapped the young

    woman again. Cheryl had tears in her eyes but returned Jennifer's

    second slap with one of her own.

        Jennifer raised her hand again, but stopped when she saw the hurt

    look on Cheryl's face. Her eyes were glassy as she looked at Jennifer

    in confusion and hurt. Jennifer held her arms out.. "Oh come here,

    baby." he said.

        Cheryl sobbed when she fell into Jennifer's arms. "Don't be mad at

    me, Jen.. We were only playing"... Jennifer cradled her and rocked her

    back and forth.

    "I know, baby. I'm so sorry I got carried away." Cheryl was still


    "I just don't want you to be mad at me." Jennifer was shushing her

    while the young girl leaned against her.

    "I'm not mad at you sweetheart." She got up, "Come on. Let's go sit

    down and talk."

        Cheryl followed her to the sofa and sat next to her, leaning over

    so Jennifer could hold her while she cried.

    "Are you sure you're not mad?" Cheryl wanted to know.

    "No. But I feel pretty bad about this." Jennifer said, stroking her


    "I'll tell you what she said if you want."

    "No no. That isn't important, sweetie. Don't worry about it."

    "Ok" she whispered. Laying more heavily into her.

        "I think maybe you should spank me, Cheryl" Jennifer told her

    softly. Cheryl sat up and looked at her face.

    "No, I don't want to" She said, shaking her head vigorously

    "No Cheryl, I think you should."

    "But why?.. I don't want to do that." She said again.

        "Because I was wrong. I know it and now you should punish me."

    "But I forgive you, Jen. I don't want to punish you." Jennifer smiled

    at her and reached out to stroke her hair again.

    "It's ok, sweetheart. I deserve it. And I want you to to it."  Cheryl

    was shaking her head.

    "I won't like it." she said as if resigned to it.

    "Nor would I. But you'll do it?" Jennifer asked.

    Cheryl nodded her head slowly. "Only if you want me to."

    "I do, baby." Jennifer got up from the sofa. "Let's get cleaned up and

    have dinner. You'll punish me after we eat."

        Cheryl really didn't want to do it. she would rather be the one

    getting punished, instead of having to spank the older woman. She took

    a shower and put on a robe as she joined Jennifer who had adorned

    herself in shorts and a T-shirt.

        Laurie opened the door and nearly jumped back in shock when she saw

    who it was that Donna had brought over. Donna and John walked into the

    house with Donna clinging to his arm. Laurie stood back with her mouth

    opened, unable to say anything for a few moments.

    "John!" she said. She could think of nothing else to say.

    "You're looking good, Laurie." he said, appraising her body in the

    jogging shorts she wore.

        Donna was quite confused at this point, so Laurie explained to her

    that John was her ex-husband. "Oh! You didn't tell me that, John." She

    said. John just kind of glanced at her.

    "Why don't you go ahead on home, babydoll... I want to talk to Laurie

    alone." Donna looked stricken but she nodded and reached up to kiss his

    cheek. She walked out and closed the door behind her.

        Laurie wasn't sure how she should feel or react to this sudden

    bombshell that had been dropped on her. John obviously knew how to


    "It's been a long time, baby. How have you been?" Laurie shook her head

    clear and said "Oh, i've been great. How about you.. I thought you

    moved out of town?" He smiled at her.

    "Well, I got transferred back last month." Laurie nodded absent


    "Well, come on in." She said quickly. "It's rather a surprise to see

    you though."

    "I tried to call you when I got in, but you'd changed your phone


        They sat on the sofa, Laurie offered him a drink which he declined

    and told her that he just wanted to talk to her.

    "Oh, ok. What did you want to talk to me about?" She said, crossing her

    legs as she faced him.

    "About you and I. You know i've really missed you, baby" He said, his

    hand reached out and rested on her arm. Laurie ran her fingertip over

    his hand.

    "I've missed you too. I'd often thought about if I had done the right

    thing or not in divorcing you."

    "Well, do you think you did?"

    "I thought so. Up until the time you walked through the door. Now i'm

    not too sure."

        "Maybe we could try again?" He asked hopefully. Laurie looked down

    at his hand on her arm, then up into his eyes. She melted when she

    looked at him. She knew that she still loved him, but wasn't sure she

    could marry him again.

    "I don't know, John. So many things have changed since then."

    He nodded. "Ahhhh, You mean Jennifer?" Laurie looked surprised for a

    moment, but then realised that he knew Donna.

    "Not just that. I've been decorating again, and i've got more work than

    I can handle by myself."

    "Are you sorry that we got married?" Laurie shook her head.

    "No, i've never been sorry. I loved you, John. I really did."

    "You make it sound like you don't love me anymore." He said, striking a


        Laurie fought with her emotions for a long moment. A tear formed on

    the corner of her eye. John saw it and gently brushed it away with the

    back of his hand. Laurie caught his hand in both of hers and pressed it

    to her face.

    "Oh John... I'm so confused!" She said. John moved over and encircled

    her with his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and cried

    openly against his shoulder.

        Jennifer and Cheryl ate dinner in silence. A silence made thicker

    by the scene they had just had a few minutes earlier. Cheryl ate slower

    than usual, nervously looking about the room. While Jennifer remained


        "What do you think about going out to the club tomorrow night?" She

    asked her.

    "Yeah, I think that would be fun. You know that man, Mr. Harris has the

    hots for you?" Cheryl giggled.

    "Oh?.. Did he tell you that?"

    "No.. But a girl can tell" she said while she giggled at Jennifer.

        Jennifer sat back and thought about George Harris. It might be

    kinda nice to see him and find out what he's all about.

        After dinner, they had coffee at the dining room table before

    getting up to put the dishes away. Once that was done, Jennifer told

    her to follow her into Jennifer's bedroom.

        Cheryl lagged far behind but did as she was told and walked into

    Jennifer's bedroom behind her. Jennifer shut the door and told Cheryl

    to sit on the bed.

        When Cheryl sat down, Jennifer opened the drawer of her nightstand

    and took out a wooden hairbrush. She walked over and handed it to

    Cheryl who reluctantly took it from her. Cheryl looked down at the

    brush in her hand and once again repeated that she didn't want to do


    "Cheryl, we've been all through that. Now let's not discuss it anymore,

    alright?' Glumly, the younger woman nodded her head.

    "Ok" she whispered.

        Jennifer stood in front of her and told Cheryl to take her shorts

    and panties down.

        Cheryl hesitated for a moment, then set the brush on her lap and

    hooked her fingers in the waistband of her shorts. She took them down

    to her thighs then dropped her hands.

        "Pick up the hairbrush, baby" Jennifer whispered to her. Cheryl did

    so and looked up as Jennifer was moving to the side. Cheryl caught her

    eyes and tried once again to convey the message that she didn't want to

    do this. Jennifer leaned over and lifted Cheryl's hands from her lap

    and then draped herself over, with her naked bottom staring Cheryl in

    the face.

        "Now, Cheryl. I want you to give me a good spanking with that

    hairbrush." The young girl had tears in her eyes as she looked down at

    Jennifer's bared ass. She twisted the brush in her hands, and knowing

    that she had to do it, lifted it up and prepared to spank Jennifer's

    fleshy bottom.

        Just as she was about to bring the brush down, The doorbell rang

    followed by loud knocking. Jennifer jumped up and pulled her shorts

    over her hips. "I wonder who THAT could be?"

    They both came from the room and went to the front door. Jennifer

    opened it and saw Laurie standing there. Eyes in tears as she fell into

    Jennifer's arms.

    "What's wrong, Laurie.. What happened?" Jennifer and Cheryl helped her

    in and led her to the sofa.

    "Cheryl, make us some coffee, sweetheart." Jennifer said as she sat

    next to Laurie.

        Over the next hour and a half, Laurie told them how John had got

    Donna to bring him over. She told them how they talked and eventually

    ended up in bed.

    "Oh god, Jen" Laurie wailed. "I don't know what to do!!"

    "Well, do you still love him, Laurie?" Jennifer asked her.

    "Yes!.. But he wants to get married again. I don't want to right now."

    Cheryl had listened but remained silent until then.

    "Why not just date him for awhile?" She suggested.

    Laurie looked up and reached for a kleenex.

    "I could do that. But he's seeing Donna too." Jennifer's eyes shot up.

    "Donna?.. so THAT'S who she's been seeing." She turned to Laurie.

    "What does John have to say about all of this?" Laurie shook her head.

    "That's the confusing part." Laurie said. "John wants to get married,

    but still continue to see others."

    "Ahhhhhhh" Jennifer said "He wants to have his cake and eat it too!"

    Laurie nodded weakly. "I don't know what to do about it all!" She

    looked as if she was about to start crying again.

        "I think Cheryl is right. Just date him and see what happens."

    Jennifer said to her friend. Laurie nodded.

    "That's probably the best thing." She said, then leaned back on the

    sofa. "Listen, Laurie. We're gonna go to the club tomorrow. You wanna

    go with us?"

    "Yeah. I'd like that." Laurie said. "But I suppose I better get home

    and get to sleep." She stood up and embraced Jennifer, then Cheryl.

    "Thank you for listening to me. I feel much better now." She smiled as

    they escorted her to the door.

    "I'll give you a call tomorrow afternoon, Laurie."

    "Ok, Jen. Night Cheryl." She said as she walked from the door.

        Jennifer closed the door and regarded Cheryl thoughtfully. "Now

    that's awfully strange." Cheryl didn't understand. "What's strange?"

    "I mean John using Donna to get to Laurie. It just doesn't sound like

    him." Cheryl had never met John so couldn't say anything objective

    about it. She just shrugged her shoulders.

        "Oh well, no sense brooding about it tonight." She said, taking

    Cheryl by the hand. "Come along, sweetheart." Leading her toward her

    bedroom to pick up where they left off before Laurie's visit.


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