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Archive-name: Slaves/decept08.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements -  8

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                   CHAPTER 8

     "Ohh please!... Not the cane!.. It hurts tooooo OOOOOOOOOWWW!... Ooooh

    shit!" Cindy let her displeasure at being whipped with the thin cane be


        After slashing a 3rd cut onto Cindy's defenseless ass, Brad tossed

    the cane aside.. Not really caring for the effects. Cindy was shaking

    from where she leaned over the sofa.

    "You didn't like that?" he asked her..

    "N N no sir. It hurts TOO much." Cindy answered tearfully.

    "I can understand that, but why do you have it?"

    "I in case you think I need to be severely punished, sir"

        Brad was beginning to get confused again. "Cindy, can we stop and

    talk.. I really need to ask a lot of questions."

    Cindy struggled to rise up on her knees, and turn to look at him. There

    were still tears in her eyes making them shine a bright blue as she

    gazed at Brad.

    "Sure, but you have to promise to let me come. You've made me HOT,

    sweetie!" He couldn't help but smile at her.

    "You got a deal." he replied. "Can I sit on the sofa?" She asked

    hopefully.. He nodded and watched as she got up on the sofa, Clamps and

    cuffs still attached.

        "Ok," he started. "I understand that you like getting spanked and

    all that. But why WOULD you have something around that you really don't

    like having used on you?"

    "Let me see if I can explain this to you" She said... "If you or anyone

    I know were upset with me and felt I needed to be whipped severely, I

    would take it willingly."

    "What do you mean, `anyone you know'"

    "I mean, dominant people I know. Like Jennifer for instance"

    "Alright, but I thought this was all in fun?" Cindy frowned at him.

    "Well it is all in fun. Plus it all makes me soooo hot"

    "But you would allow someone to hurt you with a cane if they wanted


    "Yes, that's right."

    "Even though you don't like it?"

    "Well, It's not that I don't like it. I don't like the way the cane

    feels when it's used on me. But I would let someone use it on me

    because I like the fact that I am not in control of it."

    "You mean submissive?"

    "Exactly. It turns me on to be submissive. And even if it means getting

    whipped with a cane, it turns me on."

    "Ok, That's very interesting. Are you married or anything like that?"

    Cindy laughed out loud.

    "Now this is sure one helluva time to ask THAT!"

    "Well," He blushed "I didn't think to ask until now.. I really like you

    a lot"

    "Awwwww, That's sweet. No, babe. I'm divorced, not seeing anyone

    special either."

    "How would you feel about being with someone younger?"

    "Hmmm.. Doesn't you being here tonight answer that question for you?"

    "Kinda.. No I mean like on a steady basis?"

    "Oh. Well I don't know.. Is that a proposal?"

    "It might be, are you interested?"

    "I might be" She teased him. "But really, I don't want to see just one

    person exclusively."

    "Oh, neither do I, really. I got the impression that dominant and

    submissive people did a lot of seeing others as a rule"

    "Ummmmmm, More or less."

    "I can deal with that. Do you know if Cheryl is the same way as you?"

    "Cheryl?.. Oh yeah... I would think so.. Being at Jennifer's house"

    "Hmmmmmm, I'd like to spank her ass." Cindy shot him a mock look of


    "I'm jealous!.. " She taunted him. He gave it right back..

    "Well.. if you can see others.. so can I!"

    "hahahhaa.. Touche'!"

        Brad got up and walked to the sofa. Cindy turned her face up and

    peered into his eyes. He reached down and brought her to her feet. Then

    slowly kissed her passionately as his hands moved over her back and


    Cindy kissed back and rubbed her cunt over his growing crotch. As they

    broke the kiss, Cindy's mouth was at his ear..

    "Take me, baby... i'm all your's" He took her.

        He cupped an asscheek in each hand and squeezed as she continued to

    rotate her hips against him. His fingers felt the heat radiating from

    her soft bottom. She groaned in his ear as he played with her sore ass.

    What she wanted right then, was to get fucked.. and fucked hard.

     "Oh, babe.. Take your cock out and shove it in me!.. I'm so hot!" He

    rubber his pelvis against her..

    "That what you want?" He was teasing her now. The clamps made their

    presence known with all the rubbing going on between them.

    "Ummmmmm.. Oh yes.. give it to me!" She nipped at his neck while he

    busied himself with her asscheeks. He felt her wetness as her juices

    soaked into his jeans.

    "Time to experiment some more, first" He told her matter of factly.

    "Ohhh" she said softly.. He was probing her asscrack with his eager

    fingers, he saw what he wanted in the box as he looked over her


        Brad left her standing as he left her to retrieve the butt plug

    from the box of goodies. Cindy shuddered with excitement when she saw

    him pick up the bulb shaped plug.

    He walked behind her and pressed the plug to her asscheeks. It parted

    them and nosed her rosehole. Cindy squirmed out of it's way.

    "Nooo.. Not dry!" She screamed a little too loud "Put some vaseline on

    it first" Cindy knew the agony of having plugs shoved into her ass

    without the help of lubrication. She knew it would go in, but not

    without a lot of screaming on her part.

    "Excuse me, are you hollering at me?" He asked sarcastically

    "I'm sorry sir" she murmured in remorse.

    "Sorry huh? That doesn't do it. I want you to explain why you felt the

    need to raise your voice to me." He told her.. catching on to the


    "I didn't want you to put the plug in me dry, sir"

    "Oh" He said. "I wasn't aware that you had any say in the matter."

    "Damn him!" she thought.. "The bastard is teasing me!"..

    "No sir, I don't have any choice. If you want to put it in dry, you

    can" He raised an eyebrow.

    "Oh.... thank you for your... permission" He said in an icy tone.

    He walked around to her front, still holding the plug between his


    "Are you usually allowed to raise your voice, Cindy?" She lowered her

    eyes in a submissive gesture.

    "No, sir. I am never to raise my voice." He nodded

    "Yeah, that's what I figured." A slight pause for effect. "Then I guess

    you'll have to be punished, won't you?"

    "Yes, sir" she whispered.

    "Bend over" he said commandingly... Cindy was thrilled at the new

    confidence in his voice.. She bent at the waist. Legs slightly spread.

        Brad again pressed the plug to her asshole and used the other hand

    to hold one of the nether cheeks apart. Cindy groaned loudly as she

    felt the agonizing pain of the plug beginning it's descent into her

    bowels. Her blue eyes brimmed with tears as the pointed tip penetrated

    her sphincter and began to burrow inside. Cindy knew that her asshole

    was elastic enough to accommodate the invasion, but not without a few

    anxious moments as it widened.

        She cried out unashamedly when it got to the widest part. Brad

    licked his lips as he watched the plug stretching the wrinkled little

    hole. Cindy had straightened up and was trying to evade the onslaught

    as the widest past neared the entry point. Brad wrapped his arm around

    her waist to hold her still and relentlessly pressed the plastic plug


    "Ohhhhh.. Owwwwwww!..It hurts!" Cindy sobbed. It was as if he hadn't

    heard her crying. He pressed until the bulb shaped plug was finally

    nestled in her ass to it's capacity.

        Cindy thought he seemed determined to see just how far he could go

    with her. When he stood up behind her she instinctively tensed. His

    hands were on her shoulders, pressing down. He pressed until she got

    the idea and sank to her knees.

        Brad walked around and stood facing the older woman. He unzipped

    his fly and brought out his hard cock. Watching how her asshole opened

    and swallowed the plug had the lump of meat in his pants throbbing for

    release. Cindy looked straight ahead as Brad rubbed his prick on her

    cheeks and nose. Precum oozed out of the little slit and became sticky

    on her face.

        Now he held his prick out to her lips... Cindy got the idea quickly

    and parted her lips to let it slide into her mouth. She was a little

    afraid of him trying to force too much into her, he had seemed to

    change in a matter of minutes. There was no doubt in her mind that he

    knew exactly what he was doing at that point. The idea thrilled her to

    no end. though.

        Wriggling a little as she became accustomed to the plug in her ass,

    she let her tongue swirl over the mushroom head of his cock. His hands

    reached out and held her behind the neck as he pushed his hips forward,

    causing his prick to bump into the roof of Cindy's mouth. She could

    feel her pussy contract when she got a whiff of the heady odor of his

    blue veined dagger. She let her lips close around it and applied


        Brad looked down at the sight before him. Seeing the attractive

    older woman on her knees, hands bound behind her back, clamps on her

    nipples and cuntlips as she sucked on his prick like it was a popsicle

    made him want to spill his load into her throat right then and there.

        The only thing that kept him from exploding on the spot was that he

    wanted to spill his load deep inside of Cindy's dripping cunt. He had

    stopped her from coming just as she was at the brink, and along with

    the whipping and the plugging.. The woman was going crazy on the floor.

    The slurping sounds as she sucked his cock got louder as she worked it

    with her mouth and tongue with growing urgency.

        Cindy whimpered and looked imploringly up at him when he pulled his

    prick away from her lips. She watched with growing anticipation while

    he removed his clothes. Now he stood naked with his cock jutting out

    like a sword. He made cindy assume the position she had when he paddled

    her. Kneeling against the sofa, leaning forward over it. Her asscheeks

    opened slightly to reveal her plug filled asshole.

        Brad got into position behind her and guided his prick to the

    waiting cavern between her thighs. It was a primitive cry of release

    that emitted from the blonde slave's throat when she felt the much

    needed penetration.

        The fantastic feeling of her cunt enveloping his cock like a velvet

    glove caused Brad to groan loudly behind her. Cindy pushed her ass back

    toward him as she felt his pubic hairs against her asscheeks. He leaned

    over and grasped her shoulders, using them for leverage to pound her

    opened cunt with savage fury.

        Each bone jarring thrust from the young man nearly took Cindy's

    breath away. She did her best to match each stroke with a backwards

    push of her own. All the earlier playing and teasing had it's very

    profound effect on the older woman. She whimpered and gurgled out her

    pleasure as Brad kept slamming against the backs of her spread thighs

    with his own.

        Her face contorted into a mask of unrecognizable expressions. Of

    course the mixture of the pain she felt from the clamps, and plug in

    her ass... coupled with the mounting force of the thrusting prick

    buried in her pussy turned her into a complete mass of jelly inside.

        "Ooooh gawd.. oo yes, baby.. baby.. soo good!" She mumbled

    incoherently into the cushioned seat of the sofa. Brad felt the crisis

    coming upon him rapidly.. His grip on her shoulders tightened as his

    thrusts became shorter and more powerful. Cindy knew he was about to

    splatter his load into her cunt. The realization caused sparks to shoot

    off in her convulsing pussy. She thrust her ass as high as she could

    manage to receive the full force of each stroke.

        The pleasure filled woman became aware of only that hot cock

    pistoning into her warm, wet cunt. Everything else around her was

    non-existent as her orgasm transported her into never-never land. She

    tightened her muscles almost inhumanly at first, then screamed into

    the sofa as she forced herself to relax. Brad battered her cunt from

    behind while her climax took her to parts unknown. His own come

    demanded to be reckoned with at this particular time.. He let his

    weight fall upon her back when his cock spurted out it's fiery prize.

        Cindy murmured contentedly as her passion had been temporarily

    saturated. But she had no doubt that she would be well able to continue

    should her young lion choose to. Brad had produced the key to the

    handcuffs and was now releasing her arms from the bondage they had been


        Once the cuffs had been removed, Cindy extracted the clamps

    herself. She groaned in pleasure-pain as the returning circulation made

    her nipples throb. She rose up on her knees when Brad's cock softened

    and slipped from her box. She turned and leaned against him.. Cindy

    wanted to be held for awhile. Together, they managed to climb up on the

    sofa and lay in each other's arms.

    "Mmmmmmmm" Cindy moaned in his ear. "I think i'm gonna sleep very well


        Cindy awoke still lying on the sofa, Brad was idly fingering the

    plug still inserted in her asshole. She had no idea of how long she had

    been asleep. She whimpered a little while he twisted the bulb shaped

    plug back n forth. "Ooooo you're gonna get me started again if you keep

    that up" she giggled in his ear.

        Actually, that's exactly what he had in mind. His fingers slipped

    down and began to tease the puffy mound of her cunt. Cindy shifted a

    little to allow his exploring fingers better access. As Brad found the

    crack of her pussy, she opened her eyes and looked up to see she had

    only been asleep about an hour or so.

        His fingers were beginning to do exactly what Cindy had earlier

    predicted. She locked her lips against his and wiggled her ass in slow

    circles while he fingered her clit and cunt. When she felt her pussy

    was wet enough to fuck again, she climbed up and straddled his hips.

    Using her hand to guide his prick to her hole, she let her weight sink

    down on him...groaning as it disappeared inside of her again....

        Cindy thought that it would be exciting to make a habit out of

    seeing Brad. The mere fact that she was 15 years his senior was

    thrilling enough. But his eager inexperience in the B&D game sent

    shivers up and down her spine. Not that he could do anything that was

    new to her. But being new to HIM made it all seem that much more fun.

    It would be a lot of fun for Cindy to have him around while he learned

    both from exploring, and from teachings by Cindy herself.

        Donna was on her knees sucking his cock with her hands tied behind

    her back. her bottom showed the telltale signs of a whipping she had

    received minutes earlier. His hands entwined themselves in her hair

    while she slurped and nibbled on the prong he held on her face.

        This was where Donna had been going after Laurie and her had

    knocked off work for the day. Now that Cheryl had joined them, she was

    getting off earlier and hurrying to her new boyfriend's apartment.  She

    knew that Jennifer had found out what was going on, but she wasn't sure

    if Ron knew. Not that it mattered, Ron had always told her that was

    free to see whoever she wanted.

        He pushed off with his hands knocking her abruptly on her back.

    Donna looked up at him and saw the sneer on his face that both

    thrilled, and frightened her at the same time.

    "How much money do you think she's making?" He asked her.

    "I'm not sure, sir. Probably 4000.00 a month." He let out a small


    "Not bad. And you say Jennifer is her mistress?" Donna caught a strange

    look in his eye.

    "Yes sir." She said. "Yeah, that Jennifer was always a hot little

    bitch. never would have figured her for a lez though."

    "Oh, Jennifer isn't a lesbian, sir. Neither is Laurie"  Donna said in

    their defense.

    He knelt between her slightly parted legs, taking them in his hands and

    pushing them back. Donna had to lay back as he placed his cock at the

    small opening of her cunt and pressed it in.

        Donna was in the bathroom getting dressed when he walked in behind

    her and encircled her waist with his arms.

    "John!" She squealed. "I have to get dressed and go home.. It's late."

    "Oh, I know that baby. I just wanted to squeeze you again before you


    "Mmmmmmm.. Maybe in a few weeks I'll talk to Ron and move in with you,,

    Would you like that?" She asked, twisting in his arms until she faced


    "Yeah. Well, remember what I told you about Laurie.. I want you to

    introduce me to her." Donna had just shrugged when he asked for an


    "Sure, I remember. Maybe next weekend, ok?"  She had been a bit taken

    back at all the interest he had shown in her boss. But he had told her

    that Laurie was someone he knew a long time ago.


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