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Archive-name: Slaves/decept07.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements -  7

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                               CHAPTER 7

        "Alright, why don't you pull you pants down then?" he asked with a

    definite sarcastic tone in his voice. He was a little miffed at what

    she had said to him.

    "Quit asking and start commanding if you want me to do something." she

    retorted a bit frostily. She was beginning to get his goat, which was

    exactly what she wanted to do.

    "Take your pants down, then!" He said in a more domineering voice.

    Cindy nodded and did as he told her, her slacks quickly fluttered down

    her legs as she undid them.

        Now she stood with her slacks bunched up around her ankles, still

    wearing her shirt and panties. She gazed toward him and waited for what

    he would do next. He told her to remove her panties and sit on the

    sofa. She did so and padded to the sofa, where she placed her now bare

    ass down as he commanded.

        Brad stood and moved to a vantage point where he was facing her.

    She looked at him in silence.. Just waiting.

    "Show me your cunt" He said.. Cindy's legs slowly parted. revealing the

    gash that was hidden between. She began to get turned on as she felt

    the air of the room splashing on her exposed pussy.

    "Use your fingers.. open the lips and play with it"

    She emitted a slight moan as her fingertips played over the inner lips

    of her cunt.

    "Go on.. let me see you rub your clit" She moved the pad of her index

    finger to it, and gasped as she began to manipulate the bud of her

    clit. "Oooh yes"

    "You like playing with yourself, Cindy?" he asked

    "mmmmmm Yes sir!"

    "Put a finger inside.. tell me if it's wet"

    "Ummmmmmmmm.. Ooo yes sir.. it's wet" her eyes were closed as her index

    finger was buried in her cunt.

        Myra cracked the paddle across Laurie's bare ass twice before

    either of the other women could raise their own. Laurie cried out and

    heard a sharp *Thwack* as Cheryl brought her's into sharp contact with

    Myra's ass.

        Laurie looked up at her target as a 3rd and 4th stroke from Myra

    stung her bottom. Laurie didn't feel like being caned so she began to

    swing her paddle at Cheryl.. Myra cried out as Cheryl began to send a

    steady rain of strokes toward her. Cheryl finally felt Laurie's paddle striking her ass. She flinched as she sent another stroke onto Myra's


        Jennifer stood back and watched the "game" being played in front of

    her. Several cries of pain and a few choked sobs came from the group as

    each ass was being paddled. Now she told them to turn.. Myra used her paddle on Cheryl, while Cheryl spanked Laurie's ass and Laurie paddled


        Now it was revenge time. each woman was now using their paddle on

    the reddened bottom of the one who had previously paddled them. The

    cries became sharper as the accumulated effect of the spankings began

    to mount up.

        It seemed as if the contest was going to be close. Jennifer called

    for them to stop after 2 minutes. Three teary eyed ladies now stood

    with stinging bottoms as Jennifer walked to judge the first round. She

    had them stand together and face away from her.

        Jennifer studied the delectable sight for a few lingering moments

    before she pronounced that Cheryl was the loser. Laurie squeezed the

    young woman's hand as she looked terror stricken. Being the loser meant

    that she would have her already reddened ass caned. Cheryl wasn't sure

    she would be able to take it.

        "Ok Cheryl, You go kneel in that corner facing the wall." Jennifer

    said to the girl. Cheryl nodded pitifully and did as her new mistress

    bid her.

        Jennifer picked up two dildos from a table and gave one to each of

    the remaining contestants. She told them to get em strapped on. As they

    strapped the rubber pricks to their waists, Jennifer gave them some

    vaseline and had them lubricate the dildos.

        "Round two will be this.... " She started as Laurie and Myra

    greased up the poles protruding from them. "Your objective is to fuck

    your opponent's ass with your dildo" Myra considered letting Laurie

    win.. that is until Jennifer explained that the loser would have to

    keep the dildo buried in her asshole for the remainder of the night.

    "There will be no punching whatsoever.. other than that. anything goes"

        She separated the combatants and then said.. "GO!".. The two women

    came together in a flurry and hair and arms.. wrestling each other to

    the ground.. Once on the ground, Myra began to assert her strength and

    quickly overpowered Laurie and bulldogged her to her stomach..

        Myra couldn't quite keep the redhead pinned down with her body, so

    she had to use a combination of her legs and one arm to keep the woman

    on her stomach.. With the other hand, She guided her fake prick to

    Laurie's asscheeks, Bouncing it up against the puckered hole

    underneath. Laurie wiggled her ass a little too much for Myra to get

    the dildo in..

        Finally getting frustrated, Myra let go of Laurie with the arm she

    was using to hold her down.. and brought it to the dildo in an effort

    to push it inside the tender anus of the sexy redheaded woman under

    her. As she took aim with the dildo, Laurie heaved backwards and caught

    Myra with an elbow on her forehead. Myra fell backward off balanced and

    smacked her head pretty hard against the carpeted floor.

        The fall left her in a rather dazed state.. Laurie got up to her

    knees and quickly noticed that her opponent was somewhat out of it...

    Not letting the opportunity pass, she bounded over and turned Myra over

    on her stomach, then guiding the dildo to her asshole, began pressing

    it in. Myra grunted out loud as the head popped passed her sphincter.

        Myra was still a bit dazed, but alert enough to know that she had

    been beat and was in the process of having a dildo forced into her

    asshole. She did her best to relax as she felt Laurie pressed her hips


        "You like playing with your pussy, like that?" Brad asked the older

    woman sitting on the sofa.

    "Oh yes sir, It feels good" She purred at him.

    "You feel like you might come?" He wanted to know.

    "Yes!.. I'm almost there".. He smiled

    "Ahhh, But just suppose that I don't want you to come?"

    "Oh please sir!.. Let me come" She begged..

    "Nope... stop playing with yourself" He commanded of her.

    Reluctantly, Cindy pulled her fingers away from her moist cunt. She

    whimpered at being stopped before she could come.

    "Take your shirt off" She pulled the pullover shirt over her head and

    set it alongside of her on the sofa. Cindy sat before him stark naked,

    with her thighs still opened.

    "Pinch your nipples"

    Cindy let her hands brush over the swell of her tits and let her

    fingers grasp the strawberry colored nubs, she lightly pinched down on


        Brad went to her and placed his hands over her's. He applied

    pressure to her fingers, causing them to pinch down with more force on

    her nipples. Cindy winced as the pain began to shoot through her tender

    breasts. As Brad applied more pressure and the pain became more

    intense, her breathing became heavier.

        He brushed her hands away and began to pinch them himself.. Cindy

    cried out as his rough fingers began twisting harder.

    "Ohhhhhh!.." He kneeled between her still spread legs so he could see

    her face as he tortured her nipples. Cindy let her hands rest on his

    shoulders.. Her eyes were closed as the intense pain continued to sear

    through her body.

    "Open your eyes!".. She obeyed him and instantly felt the shock of his

    fingers applying more pressure than before. He smiled as she flinched

    and gripped his shoulders a bit tighter.

        Now he looked toward the box of things Cindy had brought to him. He

    released her nipples and retrieved the box.... Cindy watched in

    nervous anticipation as he brought out the homemade clamps. He tested

    the tightness on his finger, turning the little screw making it clamp


        He smiled at Cindy who squirmed slightly on the sofa. He opened the

    clamps and help them only inches from her nipples.. Watching the

    reaction on her face as she looked into his eyes.

        Myra sobbed into the carpet as she felt the dildo invading her

    bowels... She had enjoyed getting fucked in the ass on several

    occasions, But Laurie was being pitiless in burying the rubber cock


    her. Jennifer encouraged her slave from where she stood...

    "Go on, Laurie.. Fuck her ass good."

        Jennifer looked over to where Cheryl was kneeling in the corner.

    Softly crying as she awaited her fate. She called to her...

    "Cheryl.. crawl over there and lick Laurie's ass while she fucks Myra"

    "He.. her ass ma'am?"

    "Isn't that what I said?"

    "Y Y yes Ma'am"

    "Well, get over there then!"

    "Yes ma'am" she whispered...

        Cheryl turned on all fours and slowly crawled to where Laurie was

    lying on top of Myra...She stared at Laurie's bouncing asscheeks for

    several seconds before placing her hands on the Redhead's hips and

    brought her face closer.

        Laurie cooed into Myra's ear as she felt Cheryl's tongue fluttering

    around her asshole. Myra groaned when Laurie began fucking her ass with

    more force. "Ungggg!".. The pain from Laurie's entry lessened , the

    telltale pangs of pleasure began to swirl inside of Myra.

        Now she not only accepted her defeat, but pushed her ass back as

    Laurie's strokes glided into her with a thrilling resistance. The whole

    thing had not gone without it's effect on Jennifer... she felt her cunt

    juicing.. She reached under her skirt and removed her panties.

        She went over to where Myra was now enjoying her ass fuck. Sitting

    down in front of her, Jennifer raised her skirt and spread her legs..

    Myra didn't need to be told what to do.. her hands flew out and grabbed

    Jennifer as her mouth mashed against her pussy.

        Cindy cried out when the clamps closed over her nipples.

    "Ohhhh Shit!!" Her eyes began to get misty as the sharp teeth bit into

    her tender flesh. Her knuckles whitened as she held on to Brad's

    shoulders. He got tired of the way she was grabbing him, so he made her

    put her hands behind her back. As she moved her hands as per his order,

    He got out the handcuffs and fastened them to her wrists..

        He turned the screws on the clamps, causing Cindy's eyes to widen

    in pain as they got tighter. "Oooooo Please, sir.. It hurts" She said

    pleadingly. Brad shrugged.. He thought that was the idea. looking at

    the light chain that was connected to the clamps, he figured that the

    clamps on the other end were supposed to go on her pussy lips... and

    not wanting to misuse the clamps... He took the bottom clamps in his


        Cindy held her breath while he moved them closer to her dampening

    pussy. They maintained eye contact while the steel of the clamps opened

    and quickly closed on her cunt lips.

    "Awwwwwwwooooo" escaped from her lips as the pain from both her tits

    and cunt mingled somewhere deep inside of her. She still gazed at him

    adoringly while he got into torturing the older woman.

        He was young and inexperienced. But Cindy knew that if she kept him

    around long enough, he would become a master of the game (Pardon the

    pun). His interest seemed to raise with each sound Cindy let escape

    from her lips. He was still kneeling between her legs, fingering the

    chain that connected all the clamps to each other.

        Laurie was the first to reach orgasm. The combination of Cheryl

    licking her ass, and the base of the dildo jabbing against her clit as

    she fucked into Myra's asshole sent electrifying sparks of delight

    through her body. Jennifer grabbed hold of Myra's hair and kept her

    face firmly against her cunt. Myra expertly rolled her tongue over the

    dominant woman's clit.. moving it down every now and then to lick at

    the juices that seeped from her hole.

        Cheryl was the only one not receiving some kind of clitoral

    stimulation. although the effects of the paddling and the thrill of

    what she was doing right then WERE playing havoc with her pussy.

        "Ohhh yess.. I'm gonna come!" Laurie shouted into Myra's ear.. the

    realization sent Myra into a come of her own. Laurie relaxed and let

    her weight rest on Myra's back. Jennifer came under Myra's tongue only

    seconds after Myra herself shot over the top.

        Finally they all fell apart. Laurie was instructed to unstrap the

    dildo from her waist and leave it embedded in Myra's asshole. As Laurie

    did so, Jennifer got up and picked up the thin cane she had selected

    for this game. She told a teary eyed Cheryl to kneel with her head on

    the floor and her bottom high in the air.

        The young woman sniffled as she moved to obey her mistress'

    command. When her ass was presented to Jennifer, she swatted it smartly

    with the cane. "*SWIIIISH!*

    "Ummmph!.. Ooooh!" Cheryl yelled into her arm that was cradling her

    head. 4 cuts on her fleshy asscheeks and 2 more on the top of her

    thighs had the pretty brunette sobbing uncontrollably.. She fell onto

    her side, not being able to withstand any more.

        Cheryl's ass and thighs now sported 6 weals from the cane Jennifer

    had smacked against her. Her tears flowed freely as Jennifer told her

    to get up off the floor. Cheryl struggled to stand as Jennifer then

    instructed the other two women to rise.

        Now that the "game" was completed, Jennifer took Myra to Laurie's

    bedroom, leaving Laurie and Cheryl alone for the night.

        Brad pressed his lips to Cindy's and let his tongue spear forward

    into her mouth. She returned his kiss lovingly as his hands grasped her

    behind the neck. He kissed her for a few seconds then stood and told

    her to kneel on the floor. She quickly fell to her knees and looked up

    to see him lean over the box and pick up a ping pong paddle .

    "I'll bet you've been naughty, haven't you?" He asked her

    Cindy smiled at the question.. She would not need to beg him for it


    "Yes, sir. I HAVE been a naughty girl" The pain of the clamps became

    bearable as her pussy lips and nipples began to numb from the pinching.

    "Well, it's a good thing I came over tonight." He said to her.

    "What are you gonna do, sir?" she asked in a small voice, anticipating

    the whipping to come.

    "I dunno.. I'd really like to see how all this stuff works. You don't

    mind do you?"

        Cindy moaned under her breath.. Lord, if he wanted to try ALL of

    the stuff in that box, she was definitely in for a long night.

    "I don't know if that's such a good idea." She said in all seriousness.

    Cindy was all ready to have a good time with this guy. But for some

    reason, she couldn't envision what he wanted to do.

    "Why not just choose two or three things that interest you the most?"

    She offered helpfully.

    Brad laughed softly, "That's just it. EVERYTHING in here interests me."

        Cindy shifted her weight. Kneeling was becoming a little

    uncomfortable for her. Brad seemed to consider her suggestion for a


    "Well, you did tell me that I could do whatever I wanted"

    She sighed heavily. Cindy had to admit to herself that she had told him


    "You haven't changed your mind, have you?" he wanted to know.

    "No, I haven't changed my mind..." She said "It's just that it would

    take too long to experiment with everything in there"

    "Too long?.. Do you have something to do early in the morning or

    anything like that?"

    Cindy was trapped by her own words. She slowly shook her head in

    negation to his last question.

    "Good. Then it's settled" She resigned herself to her predicament.

    "Yes, sir. I suppose it is." she said sullenly.

    "I think i'll start with this paddle " he said raising the paddle up for

    her to see. Cindy nodded, eyes downcast.

    "Hmmmm, turn around and lean over the sofa." he ordered. She did as she

    was told, her head laid on the seat of the sofa, turned to one side as

    she presented her ass for him to with what he pleased.

        Brad kneeled on the side of the prone woman. He brought the paddle up and took aim on the swell of her rounded asscheeks. Cindy knew from

    experience that if she clenched her muscles, the strokes would hurt

    twofold. So, she did her best to keep her bottom relaxed and compliant.

        He smacked first the left cheek, then the right in rapid order. Not

    too hard, but enough to fill the air with 2 sharp reports. Cindy

    twisted her flanks in a vain attempt to avoid the paddle . A third

    stroke fell on her left cheek and quickly another on her right.

    "Uhhhhhhh" came from within her lips as the heated caress of the paddle warmed her ass.

        He surprised her by smacking first the right, then the left cheek

    on the third trip. it may not sound like a big deviation, but the break

    of routine caused the older blonde to cry out in surprise more than


    "Ohhhhhhhh!"  Brad made her turn her head to the other side so he could

    watch her face as he applied the paddle to her fleshy derriere.

        The paddle itself wasn't causing Cindy a whole lot of discomfort,

    but the clamps on her tits and cuntlips were driving her crazy as the

    pressure on her ass caused her weight to fall deeper into the sofa..

    This in turn caused the clamps to move.. sending more hot pain to her


        He saw her flinch and wince at every new stroke of the paddle . He

    knew that he wasn't hitting her that hard... But each stroke was having

    an effect nonetheless. He set the paddle aside and picked up a light,

    swishy cane. Cindy couldn't see what he had picked up because of the

    way her head was turned.

        As usual, the things being done to her had set her on fire. Being

    made to stop fingering her cunt before she could come made everything

    else seem a bit more intense. She breathed heavily as she knelt over

    the sofa, hands bound behind her back. Waiting with mixed feelings, for

    what Brad would do next.

        Cindy heard the light swishing sound of something cutting through

    the air. Then felt a searing stinging sensation on the bottom part of

    her ass. Brad apparently liked the way her voice cracked as she begged

    him not to use the cane on her, because he quickly stopped her

    pleadings with another sharp cut to the widest part of her bottom,

    causing her to stop pleading and start yelling for a moment..


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