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Archive-name: Slaves/decept06.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements -  6

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                CHAPTER 6

        Cindy and Brad returned to the living room to find Jennifer and

    Cheryl curled up on the sofa together. Both stark naked, and their

    clothes scattered all about the room. Jennifer looked up when she heard

    the footsteps.

    "Well now, I do hope you two changed the sheets!" Cindy wrinkled her

    nose at her.

    "We didn't use the bed!" She giggled at Jennifer who smiled at both of

    them. Jennifer sat up and looked around for her clothes. Spotting her

    panties a few feet away, she got up and retrieved them.

        "Come on Cindy" Jennifer said "Let's go upstairs, I want to talk to

    you about something"  Cindy smiled knowingly. Now she figured she would

    find out what Jennifer had in mind when she called to invite her to

    dinner. She accompanied Jennifer upstairs, leaving Brad alone with a

    naked Cheryl, who was still sprawled out on the sofa.

        Brad looked around the room at all the clothes scattered about. He

    could just about imagine what they had been up to.

    "Your ummm.. Aunt is very interesting" Cheryl glanced at him a bit

    embarrassed at what he had witnessed earlier in the evening.

    "She's not my aunt. Just a friend". His eyebrow shot up.

    "A VERY good friend if you ask me!" he countered.

    "Look, i'm sorry I forgot our date. But it's none of your business what

    I do.. You got that?" She shot out at him, her eyes blazed in her

    anger... Or rather her embarrassment at being caught with her "pants

    down" so to speak.

    "Hey, don't get upset! I was just making a comment." He picked up her

    clothes and tossed them onto the sofa.

    "Why don't you go ahead and get dressed."

    She shot him another warning glance, not at all pleased to have him


    "No, I don't want to get dressed" She omitted the fact that she wasn't

    allowed to.

    "Suit yourself" he shrugged. But he couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

    The return of Jennifer and Cindy broke the tension as they came down

    the stairs. Jennifer had adorned a long robe.

        Cindy found her coat and put it on. "Well, people. I have to get up

    early in the morning. Guess i'll call it a night." She wrinkled her

    nose at Brad. "Besides, I just can't keep up with you young studs."

    Jennifer couldn't resist adding to that comment.

    "Oh don't let her fool you, Brad. She could probably go all night if

    you wanted."

        The scene in the bedroom had only served to captivate him deeper to

    the older woman. He wondered if she would see him again.

    "Yeah?" He asked.  "That would be kinda nice to see"

    "Yes, wouldn't it though?" Cindy said "You call me and we'll see about

    getting together real soon, ok?"

    "Is tomorrow too soon?" He wanted to know.

    Cindy walked up to him and kissed him lightly on the mouth.

    "An hour from now wouldn't be too soon" She murmured in his ear as she

    seductively let her tongue dart out and graze his earlobe.

        It had worked out just as Laurie wanted. They had gotten finished

    by 4:00 on Friday and were about to take the whole weekend off. She and

    Donna drove back to her house and had gone inside to relax and have a

    drink or two before Donna left for home. They were in the house for no

    more than 5 minutes before the doorbell rang.

        Donna answered the door for Jennifer and Cheryl as Laurie was busy

    changing clothes. "Hi ma'am!" Donna said as she let them in.

    "Well hello, Donna. I'd like you to meet the girl who'll be working

    with you. This is Cheryl". Cheryl and Donna exchanged greetings as they

    all settled in the living room. Laurie made her appearance a couple of

    moments later.

        "Hi!. We're taking the weekend off!" Laurie said excitedly. "I was

    hoping to go to the club tonight. You wanna go Jen?"

    Jennifer laughed at her friend.

    "Funny that you mention that. I was thinking of bringing Cheryl to

    introduce her to a few people. In fact, that's why I came over. To see

    about having her try on all those dresses that are too big for you."

    Laurie thought a moment. "Yeah, I was getting ready to get rid of them.

    Most of em are packed in boxes though. I think we can go get em." She

    gestured toward Cheryl. "Come on.. let's go see what we can find."

        Laurie must of had at least 20 dresses that she was going to get

    rid of. She picked up a lavender ruffled dress and held it up to

    Cheryl "Here, try this one on. It should fit you." Cheryl was becoming

    accustomed to removing her clothes at any given moment. She showed but

    a faint blush as she shrugged off her jeans and t-shirt. As predicted,

    the dress fit her well.

    "Well, I guess I just got rid of these! I'm glad to find someone who

    can use them." Cheryl couldn't believe some of the garments in the

    boxes. Many of them still bore the tags.

    "I. I umm can't afford these" She started to take off the dress and put

    her own clothes back on.

    "Well i'm not about to pay YOU to take them..They're yours.. No charge"

    Cheryl hesitated "Are you sure?" Laurie smiled at the sweet girl

    "Of course i'm sure."

    "Oh thank you!.. I'll find some way to pay you back."

    "Wait till you start working with me" Laurie laughed. "You'll be

    begging to give me those dresses back!"

        Donna was more than a little uncomfortable at the way Jennifer was

    studying her. It was if the woman was looking right through her.

    "Is something wrong, ma'am?" Jennifer shook her head slowly.

    "No, nothing's wrong. Just admiring you" Donna gave her the obligatory

    blush and took another sip of her drink.

    "Ron tells me that he's glad you won't be working late anymore"

    "Yes ma'am. We don't get to see each other as much as we used to."

    "No, I can see to where a late job can do that." She peered over her

    glass at the young girl.. "Or a late boyfriend perhaps?"

    "Excuse me?" Donna asked.. completely stunned.

    "Ron tells me that you usually get home around midnight. Laurie is

    usually home by 8:30."

    "How do you... I don't always go right home." Donna explained

    "Yes, I know" Jennifer smiled at her

        Donna didn't know what to say to her. She only hoped that Jennifer

    would not tell Ron about it.

    "Tell me, how are you going to explain it to Ron now that you won't be

    working late?" Donna looked frightened at the thought of telling him

    that she was seeing someone else.

    "I don't know ma'am" Jennifer raised an eyebrow at her.

    "Well, if I were you. I'd think of something real quick."

        Cheryl came downstairs wearing the lavender dress she had tried on.

    Jennifer did a double take when she saw it.

    "Hey, that looks good on you .Fits well too." Cheryl blushingly made a

    show out of modelling the dress for the older woman.

    "You can wear it tonight if you want. Do you have shoes to go with it?"

    "Yeah! Shoes I have" Cheryl told her.

        Cindy listened to her messages. Sure enough, Brad had called. Not

    once but twice did he leave messages on her machine. She had fun with

    him the night before. But she wondered if he could be somehow persuaded

    to go a bit farther than they went on the previous meeting. Only one

    way to find out, she thought. She picked up her phone and dialed his


    He answered on the first ring.

    "Hello" He said. He seemed to be waiting for a call

    "Well hello yourself, got your messages"

    "Oh, Hi Cindy. How was your day?" he asked nonchalantly.

    "Pretty good. Look, I need to talk to you about last night"

    "Ok, what about it?" He asked. A little unsure of himself at this point

    "I think I should tell you that what we did... well that's the kind of

    thing I like"

    "You mean all the time?" he asked.. A little disbelieving

    "Yes, i'm completely submissive. Do you know what that means?"

    "Umm You like to be told what to do?" She giggled in his ear. He could

    almost feel her hot breath on him.

    "Among other things, yes. What about you?.. Didn't you like it?"

    "Yeah. but it was a little different."

    "Yes, it IS different. Do you still want to get together knowing that?"

    "Yes" he said eagerly.

    She gave him her address. "I'll be waiting for you" she said as she

    hung up the phone. She would see just how far he would go.

        His cock got hard in his pants just thinking about what had

    happened the night before. He had scarcely walked through the door when

    he had his dick out of his pants and stroking it. Nothing he had ever

    done could compare. And now Cindy wanted to do it again. He could

    hardly wait.

        Jennifer talked Laurie into going to the club with her and Cheryl.

    Well, she really didn't have to twist her arm or anything like that.

    Laurie hadn't been there since returning from Rio. She was more than

    ready.  Jennifer spent the better part of 2 hours explaining to Cheryl

    exactly where they were going, and what the young woman could expect.

    Cheryl thought it was all a little hard to take at first. But as you

    can see, she was becoming quickly caught up in the whole scene.

        Cindy considered making elaborate preparations for the impending

    arrival of Brad, but decided against it. Opting instead for a more

    spontaneous type of flow. The only thing she did do was to take a quick

    shower and adorned herself in comfortable slacks and shirt. After

    making a fast check of her make-up, she made a drink and turned on the

    TV, waiting for her evening's date to arrive.

        Cheryl sat in the backseat of Jennifer's car and listened intently

    to the conversation her and Laurie were engaged in. Laurie was telling

    her how she hoped to meet up with Von Kerr. Jennifer had another idea

    for later that night. But she was going to the club to more or less

    introduce Cheryl to a few people. She was sure that the night would

    turn out the way she wished.

        Brad stood at the address Cindy had given him and listened to the

    television playing inside. He knocked on the door and looked around the

    yard as he waited for Cindy to open it. He heard the television being

    turned off before the door opened for him.

    "Hi Babe, no trouble finding the place did you?" Brad shook his head as

    he studied her face.

    "Nah.. I know this neighborhood" Cindy gestured for him to enter as she

    walked into the house. He followed her and stood just inside the door,

    taking the house in. He kinda stood with his hands in his pockets not

    quite sure of what to do now that he was there. He would rely on Cindy

    to let him know what she wanted to do.

        Cindy, on the other hand, had no intentions of leading the way

    tonight. She would talk to him for a bit then leave the rest up to him.

    She offered him a chair which he gratefully accepted. He felt more than

    just a little uncomfortable standing there. He sat down and tried to


        Cindy sat on another chair and crossed her legs. "Well, what have

    you got planned for me tonight, lover boy?" she taunted him.  Brad

    thought for a moment before replying "I haven't really thought about

    it" He bluffed. Cindy sat unmoved and recrossed her legs.

    "Well, i'll tell you what. Whatever you want, all you have to do is

    tell me.. or just do it. But you get no suggestions except to see a box

    of things I have in my room." He nodded as if he understood. He really

    didn't have the slightest idea of what she was talking about.

    "Uhhh, would you like me to get that box for you?" She asked.. knowing

    fully well that he didn't have the foggiest notion of what to do.

    "Yeah, that might be a good idea." She stood up from her chair and

    pointed toward the bar.

    "Well, feel free to make yourself a drink if you want. I'll be right

    back" Cindy left the room and left Brad to himself.

        The three ladies found themselves an empty table and ordered a

    round of drinks. Cheryl sat in complete awe of the surroundings. This

    club had to be the most elaborate lounge she had ever seen. She sipped

    at her drink and studied some of the people in attendance that evening.

    Jennifer was looking around as if she were expecting to find someone

    special there.

        She really wasn't looking for anyone in particular. Just looking

    for the first available submissive to assist her in her idea. She

    spotted 3 women sitting in an opposite corner of the club and

    recognized a girl she only knew as Myra among them. Thinking back, Myra

    was the one who was into the scene heavier than anyone she had known.

    Yeah, she would do nicely. Jennifer excused herself and went to that

    table. Leaving Cheryl and Laurie alone for a moment. Laurie was a bit

    disappointed that she would not be able to have any fun while she was

    there. Jennifer had instructed her not to go into the back with

    anyone.. That they would not be there very long. So her and Cheryl

    chatted mostly about the decorating business while they waited for


        Jennifer returned with Myra in tow. Laurie had met her once before

    and remembered that she really didn't care for the woman. Something

    about the way she talked just gave her the creeps. But she knew better

    than be anything but civil to the new arrival. It was then than the

    dominatrix announced her plans for the night.

    "Ok ladies. We're all gonna leave and go to Laurie's house. I have

    something special for you three."

        Cindy set the box down in front of the chair Brad was sitting in

    and returned to her own chair. Brad looked down into the box and

    noticed several things he had never seen before then. Cindy gave him a

    come hither smile while he looked through the contents. The cuffs and

    whips he knew. But there were a few things he couldn't begin to try to

    imagine what they were for. She noticed him looking pretty hard at a

    ball gag. Then watched as he put it aside and then pick up a torturous

    set of clamps Marvin had made a few years before. Cindy closed her eyes

    as she remembered having them biting into her tender nipples and

    cuntlips. Oh how she had cried out in pain when they were applied at

    the tightest setting.

        Brad continued his search through an array of butt plugs,

    vibrators, and a half burned candle. Thinking about it, he remembered

    seeing a movie where a girl had candle wax dripped on her tits. Cindy

    was becoming a bit restless as she watched him rummaging through her

    toys. "Well, see anything that interests you?"

    He looked up startled, almost forgetting that she was there.

    "Yeah" he said slowly. "And you like all of this?" He asked

    "I sure do." she said simply.. restlessly crossing her legs again. He

    had found some pictures that Cindy had forgotten about. Before she

    could ask him not to look at them, he was already leafing through the

    stack. The pictures depicted Cindy in various stages of undress.. and

    in various types of restraints. She got up and made herself another

    drink while he busied himself on the photos.

        He set the photos back in the box and looked up at Cindy as she

    made her drink. "I can do anything I want?"

    She didn't bat an eyelash.. "Anything you want. What would you like to

    do?" he thought for a moment, his cock strained against his pants as he

    had gotten turned on from seeing the pictures.

    "Can I watch while you p play with yourself?" She considered him for a


    "Is that what you want me to do?"  He nodded...

        "How do you want me to do it?" He shook his head.

    "It doesn't matter".. Cindy let out an audible sigh.

    "Sweetie, you have to tell me exactly what you want.. and how you want


        Brad was having a bit of trouble adjusting to the situation. he

    understood what it was Cindy was telling him. But somehow, he couldn't

    see himself being forceful.

    "I really don't know what to do" he confessed to here.. feeling a bit

    silly after being told he could do anything he wanted to her.

    "I promised myself that I wouldn't help you tonight. If you can't

    think of anything, maybe you should just go home."

        They stood in a triangle.. Myra slightly on the side of Laurie.

    Laurie on the side of Cheryl... etc.. Jennifer had all three remove

    their clothes and stand in this formation. Each girl was given a paddle ... Jennifer detailed the rules of the "game" she had in mind.

    "When I say go, you paddle the ass in front of you. When I say turn..

    You turn and paddle the ass in front of you like you did before. The

    loser is the one with the reddest ass when I say stop.. That person

    gets caned across the ass and thighs while the other two play round


    The thought of getting caned after being paddled sent nervous flutters

    through each stomach as they looked at the girl in front of them. The

    way the little contest was set up, the person one girl would be

    paddling would in turn be paddling them when the order to turn came.

    "Ok ladies.. GO!"


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