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Archive-name: Slaves/decept05.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements -  5

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                CHAPTER 5

        Cheryl sat frozen to the chair she was in. She felt the keen sense

    of danger in the air.

    "Well, if I were you" Jennifer said to Brad. "I would put her over MY

    lap" Oh god!.. Jennifer wasn't going to let it drop. Brad sat stunned

    on the sofa.

    "Don't you want to punish her Brad?" He looked uncomprehendingly at


    "Well, if you don't want to.. I'll just have to do it for you."

    Cheryl felt as if she would go through the floor. she couldn't believe

    Jennifer was doing this to her.

    "Cheryl, I want you to go into my room and bring me a paddle ." Cheryl

    searched her face imploringly. Jennifer snapped at her.

    "Now you listen to your Aunt Jennifer, Cheryl!" Slowly, unsure of

    herself. Cheryl stood and made her way to the stairs. Jennifer turned

    to Cindy.

    "I'm thinking of bringing Cheryl to the club tomorrow night. I think

    she'll fit in nicely there." Brad didn't know what in the world they

    were talking about. He still didn't quite understand what was happening


        Cheryl returned with a paddle that resembled a small oar. Jennifer

    saw her and held her hand out. "Bring it to me, Cheryl." The young

    woman held her head down as she shuffled up to Jennifer and handed her

    the paddle . She took it and once again looked at Brad.

    "Are you sure you don't want to do this?" He shook his head.

    "Suit yourself." She stood up and took Cheryl by the arm. Cheryl

    allowed herself to be led to the chair she had just vacated. Cindy

    crossed her legs and sat back on the sofa as she watched.

        Tears of humiliation began to well up in Cheryl's eyes as Jennifer

    sat on the chair. Jennifer smiled up at her and winked as their eyes


    "Take your pantyhose and panties down, hon." Cheryl couldn't bear the

    thought of someone watching it all happen.

    "Please, i'm sorry!" Jennifer wasn't happy with that answer.

    "Cheryl, are you going to give a hard time, young lady?" Cheryl

    considered refusing the older woman's command. No way was she going to

    give her a hard time.

    "No ma'am" she said in a tiny voice as her hands went under her skirt

    and brought her hose and panties over her hips.

        Brad stared unbelievingly at the scene unfolding before him. His

    pants began to become a little small for him as he watched Jennifer put

    her arm around Cheryl's waist and pull her down over her lap. Cindy

    didn't go unaffected herself. But she secretly wished it was her being

    prepared to receive discipline instead of Cheryl.

        Jennifer slowly adjusted Cheryl over her lap. Once she had

    positioned the girl's ass in the best angle to field the paddle , she

    flipped her short skirt over her hips. Brad felt his cock lurch in his

    pants as the sight of Cheryl's naked ass came into full view before his


        Cheryl pleaded with Jennifer not to spank her as she felt the cool

    air of the room rush over her naked bottom. Cindy's eyes glazed as she

    watched Jennifer raise the paddle and hold it poised over Cheryl's

    waiting asscheeks.

        Brad stole a quick glance at Cindy as he watched Jennifer and

    Cheryl across form them. The first stroke from the paddle made a

    resounding *Crack* and caused a startled "OH!" to escape Cheryl's lips.

        Jennifer brought the paddle down in a steady rhythm. Causing the

    young woman to dance on her lap as she felt the stinging of the paddle .

    Jennifer was not spanking her severely at all. It didn't sting the girl

    as much as her bare hand had done the night before.

        Cindy ground her ass into the sofa seat as she saw Cheryl receive

    the spanking. She reached out and let her hand fall on Brad's leg as

    they watched. The hand startled him at first. But he moved his hand

    over hers as he continued to be turned on by what he saw. Cindy nuzzled

    up to him and brought her lips close to his ear.

        "God that looks so good!" She whispered to him as her hand wandered

    into his lap. Cheryl was feeling all warm and wet as Jennifer spanked

    her with a regular series of loud but mild strokes.

        As Cindy ran her hand over his hardening cock through his pants.

    Brad brazenly put his arm around the older woman's neck and brought his

    lips to her's. Her tongue shot into his mouth while she gripped his

    cock and started to stroke it. Her tits pressed against his side while

    they rubbed against one another. Cindy broke the kiss and looked over

    at Jennifer..

        "Jen.. Can we use your room for a while, hon?" Jennifer looked over

    and saw that Cheryl's spanking had effected them all. Jennifer nodded

    at her. "Just change the sheets after you finish". Cheryl turned just

    in time to see Cindy standing and taking Brad by the hand, leading him


        Once inside Jennifer's room. Cindy turned on the small lamp on the

    side of her bed as Brad closed and locked the door. Cindy walked up to

    him and put her arms around his neck. "Tell me, how old are you,

    lover?" He let his hands grip her back. "22" She pressed herself

    against him as she giggled. She was only an inch or two shorter than

    he, so her mouth was close to his ear as she nibbled on his neck.. "God

    I feel so naughty!" She breathed in his ear as he moaned and held her

    tighter to him. His hard cock jabbed into her stomach.

        "Ummmmmm" She purred at him.. "Is that for me?" she let her hips

    sway back and forth while she nuzzled his neck.

    "Did you see how Jennifer treats naughty girls?" she asked him. He had

    gotten a bit braver, his hands found the buttons that held her blouse

    together and began to undo em.

        Cindy allowed her blouse to be unbuttoned then pressed her chest

    closer to him. She wanted this guy to spank her bottom and was ready to

    do almost anything to get him to do it. Her hand fell to his hard cock

    and pumped it through his pants.. He moaned and pulled her tighter to


        She kept whispering in his ear while he went wild in her arms.

    "You should see how hot I get when I get my ass spanked for being

    naughty" She gave his cock a hard squeeze as she said that to him.

    "It even makes me get more naughty!" She giggled in his ear. Giving it

    a wet kiss as she worked his neck again.

        "Did you like the way Cheryl's ass squirmed when she got it

    paddled?' Yes, he liked watching it.. He almost wished he would have

    done it like Jennifer offered. Cindy kept at him.. Not letting the

    suggestion get away.

    "My ass squirms like that too" She told him. He thought that this woman

    was gonna make him come without even getting his prick out of his


        "Do you like it when naughty girls get their bottoms spanked?..

    Don't you think that's what should happen when girls are naughty?"

    She was driving him absolutely crazy.. He told her yes.

    She squeezed his cock harder still.. causing him to catch his breath.

    "I'm being naughty, too" she whispered. "Do you think i'm naughty,

    baby?" She was working herself into a frenzy.

    "You should spank me if i'm naughty" she said as she bit softly into

    his neck. It was too much for him to take. His cock suddenly jerked in

    her hand as he exploded. She wasn't disappointed at the quick orgasm he

    had. He was young enough to be able to keep it up.

        She hugged him tighter. "Mmmmmmm that was nice, baby" She said to

    him. "Are you let me get away with being so bad?"... "Are you gonna

    make me get on my knees and lean over the bed?" She dropped to her

    knees alongside of the bed and brought him down with her. She kissed

    him long and full on the mouth, letting her tongue grapple with his.

        She broke the kiss and whispered breathlessly in his ear. "Ooooo I

    deserve a spanking, baby. I'm not wearing panties, lover." her tongue

    flicked over his ear. "This naughty girl isn't wearing panties... You

    should punish me for that".

        She'd done everything short of coming right out and asking him to

    spank her. Now she just held him close to her and waited for him to

    decide to do it. She moaned a little as she felt his hands sliding down

    her back and to the back of her skirt. As his hands moved over the

    smooth material of her skirt, he could feel beneath that she was indeed

    not wearing panties."What should I use?" He asked her.

    "Use your hand, baby. Feel my ass get hot when you spank me." she told

    him excitedly. As she had predicted, he had indeed maintained his

    hardness. He let go of her and moved back a little.

        Cindy's face was flushed as she looked up at him. "You want me to

    bend over the bed?" he nodded at her. She quickly got a pillow and fell

    down over the bed. She laid over it with her bottom facing upward. She

    hugged the pillow to her and told him "I'm ready to be punished, sir"

        He reached out and began to move the hem of her skirt upwards while

    her bottom rotated sensuously underneath him. He watched as the tops of

    her stockings and her bare thighs came into view. Now the round,

    slightly fattish cheeks of her naked bottom came into view under his


        Now Cindy was ready for it. Brad ran his hand over the smooth

    asscheeks while she twisted her head desperately. "Give it to me,

    baby! Spank my naughty ass!" He let a stroke fall on her naked bottom.

    "Mmmmmmmmm ... Harder baby.. I've been REAL naughty!"

        He raised his hand and let it fall heavier. Cindy ground her hips

    into the bed. "Harder, baby.. Make it hurt. Make me beg for you to

    stop!!" He raised his hands higher in the air. Now he stopped and

    watched the woman going wild under him. Her ass rotated, wantonly

    searching for the kiss of punishment to cascade over it. Now he let it

    fall harder.

        *Whap!* the sound rang out through the room. "Ooooooooo Yesssss,

    Like that Baby... Just like that!!" Brad liked the way the fleshy

    mounds jiggled and shook when his hand came into contact with her

    bottom. He let fall another stroke on the other cheek.

    "oooooo gawd. Give it to meee! I can take it.. HARDER!!"

        He obliged her again, letting a swift rain of strong blows fall on

    her upturned ass. It was what she had been asking for, now the stinging

    sensations mounted on her increasingly warming ass. her bottom was

    beating up and down on the bed as he continued to send cracking slaps

    of his palm to the reddening nether cheeks.

        "Oh God.... I'm gonna juice!.. Just like that Baby!.. don't

    stopppppppp!" He kept up the same pace, letting stroke after stinging

    stroke fall on her ass. Cindy stiffened on the bed, Her face buried in

    the pillow she hugged... She was moaning loudly into the pillow as her

    orgasm overpowered her. As he sensed her climax, he stopped slapping

    her asscheeks when he saw her stiffen under him.

        It was several minutes before she turned over and looked up at him.

    "Mmmmm, that was good baby." She sat up and took his hand in her's.

    "We're gonna have to become good friends. Would you like that, baby?"

    Yeah... I think he might enjoy that. Cindy slid off the bed and let her

    hands fall into his lap. "Now let me get this nice hard cock out"

        She undid his jeans and with his help, tugged them from his hips.

    "Wait a minute" He said.. "Let's get naked" Cindy purred up at him.

    "Whatever you want, lover" She helped him get out of his shoes, then

    sat back and watched as he stripped in front of her. His cock stuck

    straight out at her. She reached out to him. "Here, you take my clothes


        He had already undone the buttons of her blouse. Now he took it off

    and fumbled with the clasp on her bra. She had the biggest tits he'd

    ever seen. Not that he had seen a whole lot of em. He kept staring at

    those big titties as he found the buttons on her skirt and slid it from

    her legs. "Hey" he asked as she kneeled before him in only stockings

    and garter belt. "How old are you?" She giggled and shook a finger at

    him. "Don't you know it's impolite to ask a lady her age?" Shit.. He

    hated that answer.

        "Oh, the way you were acting wasn't exactly ladylike now was it?"

    She had to admit he had a point.

    "No, I guess not" she giggled at him again.

    "So, how old are you?" She briefly pondered holding that information

    out on him.

        No, she would tell him. It would be fun to see his reaction.

    "I'm 38 years young" she announced to him. He looked at her naked body.

    She looked like an older woman, but not 38.

    "Do you.. I mean are you married?" She pouted at him playfully.

    "You know.. you pick the weirdest times to ask questions?" She moved up

    to him and got down on her hands and knees., bringing her mouth close

    to his prick. "You like your cock sucked, baby?"

    "Yeah, I like it" He didn't want to tell her that he had never had his

    cock sucked.  her tongue darted out of her mouth and flicked against

    the head. She quickly lapped up the pre cum oozing from the little

    slit. "mmmmmmm, I hope you got another creamy load in there for me" She

    said as she cupped his balls in one of her hands. He groaned as her

    lips parted and his prickhead was buried in her warm mouth.

        Her tongue fluttered on the underside as she bobbed her head down

    on him. His prick was no more than average size, but it filled her

    mouth nicely. His hands flew to her head and entwined themselves in her

    thick blonde hair as she gave him a very nice blow-job. She slowly

    pushed him backward, until he lay flat on his back. Now she started

    turning, turning until her knees were on either side of his head.

        Brad found himself looking right into her juicy cunt. He saw it

    coming closer as Cindy continued her expert sucking on his throbbing

    prick. He felt her thick bush tickling his chin and his nose was only

    inches from her puckered asshole. "Come on baby.. Stick your tongue up

    my cunt" She said from the other side of the slit staring him in the


        He expected an overpowering smell. He didn't get it. He tested it

    by sticking his tongue out and jabbing it on her cunt lips. Cindy

    ground her bottom lower as she felt the warm touch. He reached up and

    placed his hands on her warm to the touch asscheeks and began to

    experimently lick the crack of her moist snatch. "Mmmmmmm, that feels

    soooo good, lover" She said to him. Spurring him on to further action.,

    he licked down the crack until he felt the object of his searching. His

    tongue became submerged with a tangy, somewhat metallic taste. Not

    unpleasant.. but different. By the way her hips circled when he stuck

    his tongue in her like that, he could tell he had done the right

    thing. She gurgled over his cock as he began to work his oral digit in

    and out of her oozing cunt.

        She was bringing him closer to coming again. She sensed it and

    quickly jumped up. Cindy wanted the next load deep in her cunt. She

    turned and straddled his hips, reaching under her and taking his slick

    prick in her hand. She began to lower herself, using her hand to guide

    the cock to her dripping hole. It skewered her as she sat down full on

    him. It was the most unbelievable feeling he had ever experienced. He

    had fucked before.. But never had he fucked a hotter or wetter cunt.

        Cindy laid over him and crushed her big tits to his chest. She put

    her mouth over his and started grinding her hips against his, bringing

    them both closer to the impending explosion.

        Seconds later, his balls tightened as he held the older woman

    closer to his chest. She sensed what was about to happen and began

    moving with heightened speed. He was groaning into her mouth while his

    second load of sperm began to be propelled into her greedy cunt.

        When Cindy finally collapsed over his lanky body, Brad

    absentmindedly brushed her hair away from her closed eyes. The earlier

    captivation he felt toward this woman only intensified after this

    experience. "Mmmmmm, that was nice" She cooed at him. He had to agree

    that it sure beat the hell out of watching music videos.

        "I've never done that before" he confessed to her what he thought

    to be privileged information. Cindy gave him a vote of confidence

    "Well, you were good. I'd like to see you when you've had some

    practice." Brad shrugged underneath her.

    "Maybe, but I don't know anyone who likes this."

    Cindy feigned outrage.. "WHAT??... You know me don't you?"

    "Yeah" he said defensively "I meant that I don't...." Cindy didn't let

    him finish.

    "You mean that you don't know anyone young enough for you?"

    "That isn't what I meant!" he protested.

    "Yeah yeah" She chided him as she lifted herself away from him, making

    sure her tits were in his face a moment before she rose

    "What's wrong. afraid this old broad is too much for you?" He shook his

    head slowly as he got up and looked around for his clothes. She was

    teasing him and they both knew it. He decided to call her bluff.

    "Well, then maybe you oughta give me your number."  He wondered what

    kind of excuse he would get from her.

    "Are you gonna add my name to your little black book?.. Put a couple of

    stars next to my name maybe?"

    "I don't have..... Well maybe 2 stars" He caught on to the flow,

    finally. She considered him as she put her clothes back on.

    "Alright! Why only 2 stars?" He had to laugh now.

    "Well, I came twice. So two stars" Cindy playfully took a swipe at him.

    Missing by a full foot.

        Cindy hadn't thought of anything more than her present needs. Now

    this guy wanted her phone number. She debated on whether she wanted to

    see him again. She was used to being told what to do. Taking the lead

    like she had just done wasn't something she was used to. But she had to

    admit the end result was just as satisfying to her. The familiar

    tingling on her asscheeks caused her to want to see what might develope


        "Sure, i'll give you my number. Just leave a message if i'm not

    home." Brad nodded at her.

    "But for right now, I think we better get back downstairs before they

    send a search party." They both laughed as they turned off the lamp and

    walked from the room.


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