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Archive-name: Slaves/decept04.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements -  4

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                CHAPTER 4

        Donna was extremely happy to hear that Laurie had hired someone to

    help them out. She loved the work, but working the amount of hours they

    had been working were beginning to wear them both thin. Laurie did seem

    to be in better spirits today. They only had about 14 hours left to

    complete the house they were working on. Laurie thought that perhaps

    they would take the weekend off after they finished this one.

        She liked the idea of a new person starting just as they were

    starting a new job. Actually, she had a good mind to hire a 4th

    person. This way they could work on two jobs at once.

        In reality, Laurie only started this to keep herself busy during

    the day. The alimony she got from her ex-husband was enough to ensure

    she would live well. Now that she had more work than she knew what to

    do with, she envisioned not working at all. Just hiring qualified

    decorators and running the business from her home.

        Yes, the long hours were wearing thin on both of them. Laurie

    returned from Rio and was delighted to see that Donna had done so well

    in her absence. But leaving home at 8am and not getting home till

    after 10pm gets old rather quickly.

        Donna had long since become a full time worker. She still attended

    classes. but even on school days, she went to work with Laurie after

    classes. Well, Cheryl would be full time regardless. Laurie had already

    decided that they would not work past 5:30 no matter what. No amount of

    money was worth running yourself ragged.

        Cindy was just finishing up a conversation with a client who had

    recently returned from a Caribbean cruise. After hearing the details of

    the trip, Cindy hung up the phone satisfied that the client had a good

    time. In the travel business, it was extremely important to make sure

    all goes well for the clients.  It is important for one to enjoy their

    work. This was no problem for Cindy, being a travel agent was very

    rewarding for her.

        One of her agents informed her that she had a call from someone

    named Jennifer while she was on the phone. Jennifer!.. She hadn't

    spoken to her since they had returned from Rio. She'd meant to call her

    but somehow couldn't find the time. She picked up her telephone and

    quickly dialed her number. It was answered on the first ring.

    "Hello?" Wait, that isn't Jennifer.

    "Uhhh... Is Jennifer there?".. There was a only the slightest pause on

    the other end.

    "Yes, may I ask who's calling?" Cindy couldn't remember Jennifer having

    a maid.

    "Yes, this is Cindy".. The voice asked her to hold the line.. A few

    seconds later, the familiar voice of Jennifer came on the phone.

    "Hello, Cindy"

    "Hi, Jen. I got a message that you called".

        "Yes I did. But first tell me, how are you doing?"

    "Oh!, I'm doing great. How about you?"

    "Real good. the reason I was calling was to see if you had any plans

    for tonight."  No, Cindy planned to spend a quiet evening at home.

    "Nothing, why do you have anything planned for me?" Cindy giggled


    "As a matter of fact, I wanted to invite you and Marvin over this

    evening for dinner."

    "I`d like that. But i'm afraid that Marvin is out of town until next

    weekend. He and Harold."

    "I see. that's ok. You can still come if you'd like."

    "Sure! I'd like that. Any special time?"

    "Well, is 7ish alright with you?".. Cindy thought.. Yeah she could

    leave at 4:30 instead of 5:00 to be able to be ready for 7.

    "Yes. Seven is fine."

    "Great. We'll see you then."

        As Cindy hung up the phone, she realised that Jennifer had said

    "WE'LL" see you then. Hmmm she wondered who else would be at this

    dinner. She couldn't help but squirm in her seat as she knew that

    Jennifer didn't invite you over for dinner JUST to have dinner. She

    allowed herself a smile as she envisioned herself not being able to

    make it to work the next because of the sore bottom she would probably


        Except for the fact that Cheryl was stark naked, one would not

    think anything different about the two women spending an afternoon just

    lounging around the house. In fact, except for the obvious, there WAS

    nothing different. It had been several hours since Jennifer tortured

    the young woman's nipples. Since then, they'd done nothing except

    consume coffee and watch soap operas. A luxury Cheryl hadn't known

    since the summer after she graduated from High School.

        At around 5 o'clock. Jennifer turned off the television and told

    Cheryl she was going to start dinner. She asked if the girl had brought

    anything except jeans to dress in. No, she hadn't.. Cheryl thought that

    she might be due another spanking because of it.

    "Oh I should have told you earlier, I frequently entertain guests. It

    wouldn't do to have you in jeans." No, Jennifer had only told her to

    bring a few changes of clothes.

    "Do you have any dresses at home?"

    "Yes ma'am" Jennifer considered it.

    "Ok, we're having company at 7:00. Why don't you run home and pack some

    nice clothes? I go out quite a bit too."

    Cheryl had the feeling of somehow being elevated to a higher track.

    This was obviously a woman of wealth. She wondered if the older woman

    would find her skirts acceptable. She decided to take the chance.

        Cheryl went back to her apartment and packed two suitcases full of

    clothes. Most of her skirts were of the mini variety. The longest being

    an unmodest 5 inches above her knees. She somehow thought that a large

    chunk of her new salary would be spent buying new clothes. She didn't

    mind that at all really. her new job would pay her double of what she

    was making now.

        Cheryl returned about 45 minutes after she had left. Jennifer came

    out of the kitchen to answer the door. Upon seeing Cheryl with two

    suitcases, she smiled at her.

    "Well, it looks like you are ready to move in" Cheryl was embarrassed


    hearing that.

    "No ma'am! This isn't all of my things. Just a few sets of clothes."

    Jennifer laughed as she stepped aside for the young woman to enter.

    "Well, maybe we'll both go and get everything tomorrow."

        Cheryl nearly dropped one of the bags she was carrying. Was that an

    offer to move in? She looked quizzically at the blonde lady.

    "Do you want me to move in here?" Jennifer nodded

    "If you want to." Cheryl had to admit that it would sure be a lot more

    comfortable here than in her tiny apartment.

    "Ummm, how much would it cost me a month?"  Jennifer appeared to look


    "Oh I don't know, Can you cook?"

    Cheryl nodded.

    "Tell you what. this house is paid for. We'll share the chores and

    expenses.. that ok with you?"

    That was more than ok with Cheryl. She could afford it under those


    "Alright then, You go on upstairs and get dressed. I have to finish


    "Ok" she said and started to walk away. She'd better warn Jennifer

    about her skirts.

    "Oh, listen. All of my dresses are short." She stood and waited for

    what Jennifer would say about that.

    "How short?" Jennifer really wouldn't mind shorter skirts... Just as

    long as they weren't in bad taste.

    "About this short" Cheryl said. Using one of her suitcase filled hands

    to show her exactly how short they were.

    "I'd have to see. Put one on and we'll see how it looks."

    Cheryl guessed that was fair enough. She went upstairs and added the

    two suitcases to the one she already had in there.

        The dressiest skirt she had was a bright red mini. It only came

    down to 6 inches above her knees. She put that one on and hoped

    Jennifer would approve of it. After completing the outfit with a white

    blouse and pantyhose, she went downstairs to show her the outfit.

        Jennifer actually liked the way she looked in the red mini.

    "I'll tell you. It's a nice outfit. It'll be fine tonight. But some of

    the things I do are a bit more formal."

    "I'm sorry, I don't have anything formal to wear." Cheryl said


    Jennifer looked the young girl over with a keen eye.

    "You know, except for your tits being a little larger. You and Laurie

    are about the same size. Maybe we can work something out... Anyhow, I

    have to get dressed too. Would you be a dear and watch this to make

    sure it doesn't burn?"

    Cheryl said she would as Jennifer left to make herself ready for the


        Things seemed a little too good to be true. She wondered if she

    weren't somehow dreaming. Maybe she ought to pinch herself to see. No,

    Jennifer had done plenty of that earlier.

     Cheryl didn't know it, but Brad was driving up to her apartment

    building just as she was putting her suitcases into her car. He

    followed her at a safe distance and saw where she had gone.

    "So that's it" he thought. She was moving in with another guy. Judging

    by the neighborhood the house was in, Brad thought that she was only

    doing it for money. "That bitch" he muttered to himself. He would pay

    them a visit before too long.

        Cindy took great care in dressing herself the way she knew Jennifer

    liked. Not that she would have minded very much Jennifer not approving

    of something about her. She knew that if that would be the case, she

    would be reminded of Jennifer's displeasure in the most delightful way.

    But she had no desire to push it. For she also knew that Jennifer knew

    when she was being deliberately baited.

        She dressed in a light blue skirt and matching blouse. Jennifer

    didn't care for pantyhose and she knew it. She pulled silky stockings

    over her legs and fastened a garter belt to them. She wondered what

    Jennifer had planned for the evening. Thinking about it, she had never

    been alone with the dominant woman. Always with Marvin or Laurie

    present. She could almost imagine the things Jennifer could come up

    with when she was concentrating on only one person.

        Jennifer dressed in a dark blue skirt and white blouse. She

    returned to the kitchen under the admiring gaze of Cheryl.

    "That's a pretty skirt." Jennifer smiled at her

    "Thank you dear. Would you set the table while I finish up here?"

        Cheryl set the table for 3 people. She wondered if it were Laurie

    coming over for dinner. She was beginning to feel more and more

    comfortable around the older woman. It was clear to her that she was

    now in the best situation that she'd ever been in. She only briefly

    thought of Brad as she finished setting the table for dinner.

        It was about 10 minutes before 7 when the doorbell rang. Jennifer

    opened the door to find a young man standing there, holding a baseball

    bat. Brad was slightly taken back by the attractive woman who answered

    the door. But he quickly pushed past her and walked into the house.

    "Where is she?" Jennifer stood with her arms folded.

    "Where is who?" Brad shot her a look as he looked around the living


    "Cheryl, that's who!.. I saw her car out there.. Where is she?"

    Jennifer did her best to appear calm.

    "Is she a friend of yours?" She began to wonder if she'd made a grave

    mistake befriending the young woman.

    "Damn straight!. I'm her boyfriend!" Cheryl heard him say that as she

    walked out of the dining room.

    "Brad!!.. what are you doing here?" Cheryl was shocked to see him there

    to say the least.

    "I wanna see the guy you stood me up for. I saw you bring your

    suitcases here." Cheryl started walking across the room.

    "Brad, I don't know what you're talking about.. I want you to get out

    of here and leave me alone."

        Brad raised the bat menacingly. "Where is that son of a bitch?..

    I'll kill him!"

        Jennifer calmly held her hand out. "I'm the son of a bitch you're

    talking about.. Cheryl's aunt." Brad whirled around to face Jennifer

    "Aunt??.. You never said you had an aunt"

    Cheryl marvelled at how poised Jennifer seemed to be.

    "You didn't ask! Besides, I didn't think it was any of your business in

    the first place."

    Brad began to feel foolish. He dropped the bat he carried to his side

    and looked at Cheryl. It was Jennifer who broke the silence

    "Perhaps you'd like to invite your boyfriend to stay for dinner,


    "He's not my boyfriend. Just an EX friend." She shot him an icy glare.

    Jennifer couldn't help but laugh. "He looks to be a bit jealous to me."

    "I'm not jealous' he protested. "I just got mad when she broke a date

    with me. I saw her coming here and thought she was moving in with

    another guy."

    Jennifer shook her head as Cheryl did a slow burn.

    "I am certainly not some other guy. Cheryl why don't you set another

    place at the table?" Cheryl didn't want Brad hanging around, but she

    wasn't going to disobey Jennifer either.

    "Yes ma'am" Jennifer then turned to Brad.

    "And if you'll just hand me that bat, you and I can become acquainted

    with one another."

    He looked down at the Louisville Slugger in his hand. He gave it to the

    woman and allowed himself to be ushered to a chair in the living room.

    Jennifer took a seat on the sofa.

    "So, Cheryl broke a date with you did she?" He was beginning to calm

    down a little.

    "Yeah, she told me that she had something to do."

    Jennifer nodded.

    "Yes, she wasn't lying you know. It'll take a few days to get her moved

    in here." No, Brad had never heard Cheryl talk about an aunt.

    "But why didn't she just tell me that?"

    "I`m sure she had a good reason for not telling you."

        Jennifer had gotten him calmed down. "We're getting ready for

    dinner if you'd like to wash up"

    He got up and went to wash his hands... Jennifer went into the dining

    room where Cheryl was just completing her task.

    "What's the story with this guy?" Cheryl shook her head in wonder.

    "I really don't know. I've gone out with him 2 or 3 times before..

    nothing serious, I can guarantee you that much."

    Jennifer winked at her. "Well, you just leave him to your aunt


    Cheryl had to laugh at that. This woman continued to amaze her. Just

    then, the doorbell rang again.

    "Oh well, I hope that isn't another of your jilted boyfriends, hon"

    Cheryl smiled as they both walked from the dining room. Cheryl gave

    Brad another frosty look as Jennifer opened the door for Cindy.

        Jennifer greeted Cindy at the door and invited her in. Cindy gazed

    at Brad as she sat on the sofa, crossing her legs and giving him an

    unintentional view of her legs as she did so.

    "Well, Cindy.. I'd like you to meet my niece Cheryl" She gestured to

    the pretty woman "And her friend, Brad." Cindy said hello to the two of

    them. Brad was totally captivated by Cindy. He clumsily rose to greet

    her. "Nice to meet you"

    Cindy held her hand out. "Yes, same here" she said. She felt him gazing

    over her body as he stood over her. It made her feel good to know she

    could cause that reaction in men still.

        Jennifer noticed it too. Cheryl only wished he would leave. She

    only hoped that he would not ruin the evening for her.

        Dinner went off without a hitch. Cheryl kept mostly quiet as Cindy

    and Jennifer chatted about their trip to Rio. Brad questioned them

    about the city as the meal progressed. No doubt about it, He was paying

    special attention to Cindy.

    "I've always wanted to travel." Brad confessed. Cindy considered him


    "Yes, I enjoy it myself. Although I sometimes travel a bit too much."

    "Oh, you travel on business?" Cindy giggled coquettishly

    "Travel IS my business. At times it can be pretty hectic."

        Cindy was flirting with him, whether playfully or seriously she

    didn't know. Cheryl caught on too. although she didn't want Brad

    around, she couldn't help but feel a pang of jealousy herself at all

    the attention he was paying to Cindy.

        "Well Cindy" Jennifer started. "I'm sure you wouldn't be in the

    travel business if you didn't enjoy it."

    "You're right. But those damn fam trips can come up at the worst


    Brad looked confused. "Fam trips?" Cindy looked him over again. She

    began to feel deliciously naughty at the way she was flirting.

    "Yes, Some airlines offer fam trips to travel agents. They do this to

    promote a new destination or a new tour."

    "And you get to travel to these places when that happens?"

    "Well, more like I HAVE to travel to these places. Fam trips are

    working trips."

    "Hmmm, I wish I had a job like that!" Cindy grinned at him.

    "It's a fun job. But I'd like to spend more nights in my own bed."

    She winked at Cheryl as she said so.

        After dinner found them all in the living room. Now it was Cheryl

    who sat in the chair while Brad sat on the sofa between the two older

    women. Jennifer started to see what she could get happening between

    them all.

    "So Brad, I hope you're not still upset at having Cheryl break a date

    with you." Cheryl looked up as Brad answered her.

    "Kind of, but at least it wasn't for some other guy."

    "Wait a second!" Cheryl jumped in. "Even if it was for a guy. what

    business is it of yours?" She asked indignantly.

    He started to answer but Cheryl cut him off

    "We've only gone out 3 times. You don't own me!" It seemed to Jennifer

    that Cheryl was acting too much the part. She spoke up

    "If it were me she lied to, I would be real upset myself."

    "I didn't lie to him. I just told him that I had something else to do."

    Brad had to admit that she had told him that.

    "Now Cheryl, you know it's not nice to break a date" Jennifer eyed the

    younger woman. Cheryl said nothing at all.

    "Maybe she ought to be punished. What do you think, Brad? She deserves

    a good spanking"

    "Huh?" He stammered. Cheryl felt herself turning red.

    "Oh come now. You stormed in here like a jilted lover."

    "Yes, but..." His words fell off


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