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Archive-name: Slaves/decept03.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements -  3

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                 CHAPTER 3

        Jennifer awoke in the morning to the sound of hard rock music coming

    from downstairs. She struggled out of bed and found a robe, putting it

    on as she walked from her bedroom and down the stairs. She found Cheryl

    in the kitchen, sitting at the table drinking coffee and tapping her

    feet to the music coming from the stereo.

        "I must confess, i'm not used to waking up to such a cheerful

    atmosphere" Jennifer yawned and poured herself a cup of coffee.

    "Well, good morning! I haven't slept so well in ages. I feel so

    refreshed today". Jennifer laughed at the young woman as she sat across

    from her.

    "Yeah, you sure fell asleep pretty quick." She laughed out loud "I

    really wasn't quite finished with you, but I guess you were finished!"

    Cheryl blushed a little. "You have to understand, being on my feet all

    day.." her voice trailed off.

    "Oh it's no problem" Jennifer said. They sat in silence listening to

    the music and drinking coffee for several minutes.

        "Are you sure you won't get in trouble by not going to work?"

    Jennifer questioned.

    Cheryl shook her head. "No, i've already called in sick.. It'll be no

    problem... Besides." She was excited about the new job "I'll be

    quitting anyway."

    "That's right. You'll like Laurie and Donna" Cheryl tilted her head as

    she looked at Jennifer questioningly.


    "Oh.. That's Laurie's assistant. She's taking Interior Decorating in


    "You mean she already has an assistant?" Cheryl began to feel that she

    had slept her way into this job opportunity

    "Yes, but as I told you last night... she really needs another. I mean

    another beside you and Donna." Cheryl nodded.

    "A lot of work huh?" Jennifer nodded coyly...

    "Why do you think Laurie has been so frustrated?"

    They both laughed then lapsed into silence again.

        Cheryl was naturally curious about the older woman sitting across

    from her. The night before had ignited feelings inside of her that she

    had felt before, but didn't understand them.

    "Have you been doing this long?" Jennifer cocked an eyebrow at the

    question.." Have I done what long?"

    Cheryl turned beet red .. "You know... what we did last night."

    "Oh, you mean spanking?" Cheryl averted her eyes.

    "Yes, that" Jennifer allowed herself a self confident smile

    "About 6 months. I get plenty of practice with Laurie and at the club

    we belong to."

    Cheryl wasn't sure she wanted to know about the club. But she could

    envision her getting additional practice on her. the idea caused her

    cunt to tingle.

    "I felt dirty when I got turned on the last time my daddy did that to

    me" It was refreshing for Jennifer to have someone as innocent as

    Cheryl around.

    "Do you still feel dirty when you get turned on by being spanked?"

    "At first I did... But when Laurie came over I didn't feel like that

    any more."

    "Well, you'd be surprised at just how many people get turned on by that

    very same thing."

        Cheryl looked surprised at that thought.

    "Really?.. I always thought is was weird." Jennifer could see where

    this conversation was leading.. best to set her mind at ease as quickly

    as she could.

    "There's nothing weird or anything wrong with deriving pleasure out of

    spanking or bondage. You really shouldn't worry about it if it's

    something you enjoy."

    "Can I ask you something?".. Jennifer smiled at her.. "Sure"

    Cheryl hesitated a little....

    "How did you know?.. I mean how could you tell that about me?"

    Jennifer weighed her answer carefully....

    "When I caught your eye at the store yesterday, you had a somewhat

    passive look about you. But I really didn't know for sure until last


    "You mean when you.. did it?" Jennifer laughed

    "No!.. I knew when you knocked on the door."

    Cheryl had a little understanding that.... she had plenty food for

    thought so she decided not to dig for more.

    "Just relax, hon. Nothing is going to happen that you don't want to

    happen." that made the young woman feel a little better.

    "Can I go home and change clothes.. them come back?'

    "Sure, if you want to"

    "Yes!.. There's so much I want to ask you.. but I need a shower and a

    change of clothes"

    "Ok... I'll fix us some lunch.. we can talk then"

    "That sounds great...." Cheryl stood and brought her empty cup to the

    sink... then shyly kissed Jennifer on the cheek before walking from the


        Jennifer had about 2 hours to herself before Cheryl returned. She

    thought to herself that the girl would need a lot of teaching. She knew

    she would have a lot of fun teaching her, something about the pretty

    young woman made her think that she had really found herself a "live

    one" as it were. She planned on keeping her around as much as

    possible.. she considered asking her to move in. But figured if

    everything went well, she would do so in a couple of weeks.

        Getting Cheryl a job with Laurie benefitted Jennifer as well.

    Perhaps Laurie wouldn't work as many hours with a 3rd person to help

    her. She really did miss her sexy slave. She knew from talking to Ron

    that he was a bit worried about Donna working the late hours... She'd

    promised to talk with Laurie about it, but had somehow forgotten to.

    Not to worry, Cheryl may just be the answer to a lot of problems.

        Thinking it over, Jennifer found a phone book and looked up

    Cheryl's number... She had an idea..She dialed the number and waited

    for her to answer.

    The phone rang 6 or 7 times before a breathless Cheryl picked it up..

    "Hello?"... She must have ran to the phone

    "Cheryl... This is Jennifer.. have you been running?"

    "Yes, I was just leaving when I heard the phone ring."

    "Oh.. glad I caught you. I want you to do something for me"

    "Sure, what would you like me to do?"

    "I want you to pack a few changes of clothes..then go quit your job

    today.. I have something I want to talk to you about"

        Cheryl was silent on the other end of the line. For some unknown

    reason, this woman completely enchanted her.

    "Okay" she said slowly "What is it you want to talk to me about?" she

    asked apprehensively..

    "I'll tell you when you get here, ok?" She heard the young woman let

    out a sigh.

    "Alright.. I'll be there in about an hour"

    "Ok dear, i'll see you then" Jennifer hung up with a big smile on her

    face. A knowing smile at that.

        Cheryl hung up the phone and stood in silence for a moment before

    getting a suitcase and packing 3 changes of clothes.. Then almost as an

    afterthought, she figured she'd better bring her bath and hair

    supplies.  Of course she knew that if she needed, she could always

    return to get more. Making a last check around her apartment before

    leaving. She finally turned out all the lights and made her way out of

    the building.

        When she pulled up outside of the store she worked in, she began to

    get a little nervous. She knew that Brad would be in there and she

    really wasn't prepared to face him like this. The only things that gave

    her the courage to march in there and see him was a 2.50 an hour raise.

        As she thought, Brad spotted her almost as soon as she walked

    through the sliding door. He lumbered up to her before she could take 3

    steps toward the personnel office.

    "Hey!.. I heard you called in sick, you alright?" Cheryl gave him a

    short smile.

    "Yeah, but I have a new job.. Just coming in to quit."

    "Oh, hey are we still on for tomorrow night?" Oh no!.. She'd forgotten

    that they had planned to go out Friday night.

    "I'm sorry, Brad. I have something else to do.. Can I get a raincheck?"

    The young man looked crushed that she was breaking their date.

    "Yeah sure" he said and quickly turned and walked away.

    Cheryl watched with a bit of remorse as he walked away from her. She

    hadn't meant to hurt his feelings but she had things more important to

    tend to. Namely Jennifer.

        Going to personnel was easy compared to facing Brad. In


    minutes, she was leaving the store with her final check in her purse.

    She drove the 3 mile drive back to Jennifer's house both looking

    forward to her new life, and feeling a burning apprehension in the pit

    of her stomach.

        She felt the fear gnawing at her because she had read several

    stories of what mistresses sometimes did to their slaves. Slave!.. The

    thought had only occurred to her, she was going to be a sex slave. The

    thought sent shivers up her spine as she squirmed on the vinyl seat of

    the car. She liked the older blonde woman, but hearing all the horror

    stories had naturally made her a bit scared. A fatal attraction of

    sorts mayhaps, but an attraction nonetheless.

        Jennifer had finished making lunch and was growing a little

    impatient waiting for Cheryl to return. Not that she was upset or

    anything like that. She just couldn't wait to see her plans for the

    young girl unfold.

        Cheryl took her suitcase from the backseat and walked up the

    manicured lawn to Jennifer's front door. She could hear faint movements

    inside as she rang the doorbell. Jennifer opened the door after a few

    moments, she looked down at the suitcase Cheryl carried before inviting

    her in. Cheryl stood just inside the doorway unsure of what to do next.

    Jennifer hadn't said anything except "come on in".

        "Well, did you get everything taken care of?"

    Cheryl nodded toward her. "Yeah, with my last check.. I should be able

    to make it until I get paid again."

    "No worries about that. We'll make sure you make it."

    Cheryl couldn't help smiling at her.

    "Alright, dear. Are you ready for lunch?"

    "Yes! I'm starved."

        For the young woman, lunch was a bit cool. No, I don't mean that

    Jennifer had put it back in the freezer. I mean that the atmosphere was

    a bit cool. Cheryl could tell that Jennifer had a lot on her mind.

    "Is something the matter?" Jennifer seemed to not hear her for a

    second, "Oh no.. Just thinking"

    Cheryl didn't press it.

        After lunch, Jennifer showed her where to put her suitcase. The

    guest bedroom was nearly as big as her whole apartment. She put her

    suitcase on the bed, figuring to unpack later. She wanted to hurry

    downstairs and talk with Jennifer. There were so many things she wanted

    to ask her.

        Jennifer sipped on a glass of iced tea while Cheryl busied herself

    upstairs. She thought to herself that if Cheryl made it through the

    weekend without getting up and walking out, that everything would work

    out just as she had them planned.

        Cheryl emerged from the bedroom and joined Jennifer in the living

    room. She sat down on the chair across from the older woman and waited

    with a mixture of fear and anticipation for whatever it was she had

    said she wanted to talk to her about. Jennifer only asked her one


    "Are you ready for things to start moving faster than they ever have

    before?" The question started the young girl.

    "I'm.. uhhh not sure what you mean"

    "Do you trust me, hon?" Cheryl nodded. Yes, she trusted her. She was a

    little afraid of her. But she DID trust her.

    "Good, then everything will be fine." She smiled warmly at the pretty

    young woman. Cheryl couldn't help be caught up by this woman's


        Jennifer took another swallow of the tea she was drinking then set

    the glass on a coaster on the coffee table.

    "Take off all your clothes, Cheryl" Jennifer told her matter of factly.

    Cheryl was more than a little startled by what Jennifer had just told


    "You mean.. right now?"

        "There's a few things you and I are going to have to come to an

    understanding on." Jennifer gazed at her, she felt that burning in her

    stomach again.

    "W what's that?" she wanted to know.

    "The first thing is.." She started slowly "Is that when I tell you to

    do something, you'll do it without question.. Understood?"

    This was not the same Jennifer she had been with the night before.

    Something about her had changed.

    "yes" Jennifer nodded

    "Another thing, as long as we are in this house. You will address me

    properly.. without exception. You got that?"

    "Yes ma'am."

    "The third thing, is that unless you are told differently.. You'll will

    remain nude at all times in this house."

    "Yes ma'am" Jennifer stared at the side of Cheryl's head.

    "Before we go any further.. If you're not willing to abide by these

    three rules. You can get your suitcase and leave right now.. Do you


    to leave?"

    Yes, she had a choice. If she chose to, she could get her suitcase and

    walk right out of the house. Jennifer would not try to stop her.

        But did she really have a choice?

        "No ma'am.. I don't want to leave"

    "Then get out of your clothes!" Jennifer snapped at her. Cheryl jumped

    from the chair and peeled her t-shirt and jeans off. She hesitated only

    for a moment before removing her bra and cotton panties. Now standing

    nude in Jennifer's living room. she picked up her clothes and draped

    them over the chair.

        Jennifer sat there and admired the young woman's body. Cheryl

    didn't move after she draped all her clothes over the chair. She stood

    awkwardly beside the chair and waited with mixed emotions for whatever

    Jennifer chose to do next.

        Jennifer knew she felt uncomfortable like this, all the more reason

    to get her used to being naked most of the time. Before she was

    through, the pretty ex-cashier would not feel the slightest bit of

    embarrassment at her nakedness no matter what the circumstances were.

    "Come here to be, dear. I want to get a closer look at you"

        Cheryl tried to appear nonchalant about walking across the room,

    but the awareness of being put on display was unshakable. Jennifer put

    her hands on the girl's hips and smiled.

    "It wasn't that long ago that I didn't have to constantly watch my

    weight."  Cheryl looked down at the blonde sitting on the sofa. She

    couldn't believe that Jennifer had problems with her weight.

        Jennifer patted one of her asscheeks. "Turn around for me.. I want

    to see all of you"

    Cheryl slowly turned in place, giving the older woman a close up view

    of her shapely bottom before completing her turn and stood facing her


    "Very nice, you're a very pretty girl, Cheryl."

    "Th thank you, ma'am"

     Jennifer tightened her grip on the young woman's hips.. she began to

    pull down. "Kneel down for me.." Cheryl did as she was instructed, Her

    stomach still fluttered, more than ever to be truthful. But her body

    tingled for the same reasons.

        Now the blonde ran her hands over the swell of Cheryl's tits.

    Lightly grazing the nipples with her fingertips. Cheryl's lips parted a

    little as a small whimper of pleasure escaped from within. Jennifer

    then took each nipple between her thumb and forefinger and began

    rolling them. Cheryl's breathing became a bit more labored as the

    older woman brought the cherry like nubs to attention.

        "Yes, I can tell you like that"... Of course she liked it, Jennifer

    knew how women liked to be touched... Now she began pinching the

    hardened nipples with increasing pressure. Cheryl's lips parted farther

    as she emitted a slight groan of pain.... Jennifer increased the

    pressure of her pinch, causing the young woman to close her eyes and

    grit her teeth.

        Jennifer pinched harder and harder with each passing second. Cheryl

    tried her best to withstand the mounting pain. Jennifer was going to do

    everything she could to make sure the young woman could not withstand

    it. Her fingers gnashed together, she crushed the sensitive buds

    underneath the ever increasing pressure.

        Cheryl's eyes remained closed. Her mouth opened while a tear

    finally escaped from her eyelids. Her hands flew up and grabbed onto

    Jennifer's wrists. Jennifer only pinched harder and said to the girl..

    "Move your hands!". Reluctantly, Cheryl let her hands fall to her sides

    as the older blonde continued to torture the tender breasts of her new


        More tears began to flow from her eyes as the pain became almost

    unbearable to her. Finally, the first sob bubbled up from her throat as

    she could not withstand it without crying out her displeasure.

    "Ahhhhhhh!.. Please stop.. It hurt's so bad!"

        Jennifer twisted and pinched the girl's nipples as Cheryl began to

    audibly cry out in pain. After several minutes of torturous pinching,

    The blonde dominatrix finally let go of her nipples. Cheryl's eyes flew

    open as tears of relief poured from her eyes.

        "You know" Jennifer said to the woman kneeling before her. "It's

    still not too late for you to get your suitcase and leave."

    Cheryl looked up at her through tear blinded eyes. "Are you trying to

    get rid of me?.. I'll leave if you don't want me here."

    Jennifer shook her head. "No, I want you here. But only if you want to


        Cheryl couldn't understand what it was the older woman was trying

    to do to here. She hurt her and then told her she could leave.

    "What do I have to do to convince you I want to stay?" She asked her.

    "I believe you, but this kind of treatment will be commonplace.. At

    times worse."

        Yes, Cheryl was painfully aware of the possibility of worse

    treatment. "How... How much worse?"

    "You see, you're having doubts aren't you?" She had to admit that this

    new attitude of Jennifer gave her doubts. Yes, her nipples burned from

    the savage treatment they had just undergone.. But something inside of

    her burned with more force.

    "No... I.. I want to stay".

    "No matter how much worse it can get?"

    Cheryl looked up at her.. "No, no matter what."

    "Fine, you'll find out exactly how mean I can be."

    Cheryl didn't care. In fact, she really wanted it... This is why she

    couldn't bring herself to leave.


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