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Archive-name: Slaves/decept02.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements -  2

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                              CHAPTER 2

        "You see, Cheryl" Jennifer started "Laurie and I have this

    relationship... " Cheryl listened truly interested in hearing about it

    "Laurie is submissive and I am dominant. Do you understand?"

    Cheryl nodded. "Yes I understand. But aren't you mad that I am here?"

    She asked of Laurie.

    "No no!.. I'm just jealous that it wasn't me. that's all!"

    Jennifer continued her explanation "We're both divorced.. and before

    you can wonder, we're both straight."

    Cheryl visibly relaxed "You DID have me wondering about that!"

        Laurie looked at her watch. "Oh well, it looks like I have to go to

    bed frustrated tonight. You two have fun." She shot a playful look at

    Jennifer "But not TOO much fun, damn you!"

    Jennifer laughed out loud. "Isn't she pitiful?"

    Laurie started toward the door. "Good night all"

        Jennifer yelled out after Laurie "Hold on!!.. I just can't let you

    go to sleep frustrated.. Can I Cheryl?"

    Cheryl perked up at the suggestion.. "No, that wouldn't be right"

    "No, I didn't think so.. Get back in here, Laurie."

    Laurie stopped and turned around. "Yes ma'am" she breathed.

    "Go in my room and get a paddle ".. Laurie instantly obeyed "Yes Ma'am!"

    She quickly left the living room and bolted up the stairs. Jennifer

    gazed at the flushed look on Cheryl's face.

    "Does this interest you, dear?" Cheryl nodded at her.

    "I think we'll all be good friends.. What do you think?"

    Cheryl smiled as Laurie started down the stairs "Yes ma'am!"

        Laurie brought a leathered ping-pong paddle from Jennifer's room

    and stood before her mistress with head bowed and paddle extended.

    "Here's the paddle you wanted, ma'am." Jennifer took the paddle from

    her and walked to the sofa. Laurie remained where she had encountered

    Jennifer moments before.

    "Take notes, Cheryl...Ok Laurie... Come here to me"

    Laurie shuffled over to where Jennifer waited with paddle in hand. They

    stood behind the sofa while Cheryl sat on the sofa, still naked from

    the waist down.

        "You've been a bad girl haven't you Laurie?"

    Laurie pouted at the question. "Y yes ma'am"

    "Uh huh. And you KNOW what happens to bad girls, don't you?"

    Laurie looked at the floor. "Yes ma'am... They get... punished"

    Cheryl felt her pussy heating up again. Her eyes transfixed on the two

    women behind the sofa.

    "You've needed this for a long time, young lady."

    "Yes ma'am" Jennifer motioned with the paddle "Over the sofa, Laurie" Laurie quickly moved to the sofa back and bent

    down over it.. Her long red hair brushing over Cheryl as she did.

        Jennifer moved in behind her slave and put hands on each hip,

    taking her jogging shorts and skimpy panties down in one motion. "Open

    your legs.. I want your ass high".. Laurie quickly did her mistress'

    bidding. "Yes ma'am.. Is that good ma'am?"

    "Yes dear, that's fine"

        Cheryl could see the want in Laurie's eyes. The ice blue orbs

    blazed in her direction as she waited for her much longed for

    punishment. Laurie smiled at her as she reached out and brushed the

    redhead's long hair back. Cheryl wanted to see her face during the


        Jennifer stood behind her sexy slave and measured the distance the paddle would be traveling. Laurie waited impatiently for the spanking

    to start. Her face a mask of frustration at the waiting. Laurie knew

    that Jennifer always made her wait.

        It's hard to tell whether Cheryl saw the reaction on Laurie's face

    first, or heard the cracking sound of the paddle first. Perhaps it was

    simultaneous. Laurie groaned out loud as the paddle cracked repeatedly

    on her waiting bottom.

    "Ohhhhhh Yesss!... Ohhh goddd it's been sooo long!.. Do it hon!"

    Jennifer surprised her by bringing the paddle against her quivering

    asscheeks harder than before.

    "Ohhhhhh!... " Jennifer was really giving it to her. Cheryl saw the

    tears fall to the sofa as Laurie cried out desperately for her mistress

    to stop.

    "Ohhh please stop Jen!.. Nottttt so hard!" Jennifer gleamed behind her.

    "Oh DO be quiet!.." Laurie did her best to chock back the sobs..

    "ye ye ye yes m mm ma'am" 7 more wicked cracks of the paddle reverberated through the room.. Laurie cried out in distress but did


    plead for the punishment to be stopped.

        Only after Laurie's well spanked bottom was bright red did Jennifer

    stop spanking her. As she set the paddle on the sofa Jennifer taunted

    her beautiful friend. "There. Now you won't be so frustrated will you?"

    Laurie let loose a giggle between her sobs.. "I'll say!.. Ooooooo you

    sure worked it good!"

        Jennifer patted the sexy redhead's sore bottom. "Ok hon, pull your

    shorts back up and go get in bed with a vibrator."

    Laurie moaned as she complied. She whimpered out her goodnight and

    left the house. Leaving Jennifer and Cheryl alone again. Jennifer shot

    her a smoking gaze.

    "So, did you enjoy seeing that?".. Cheryl couldn't have hidden her

    excitement if she wanted to. "yes!"

    "Is your bottom sore?".. Cheryl shook her head slightly..

    "A little, but it feels all warm"

    Jennifer considered the young cashier "Maybe I should give you a taste

    of the paddle too."

    Cheryl wasn't too sure that she would like that. But she said nothing.

        Jennifer sighed and looked at the clock. "Don't you have to get up

    for work tomorrow?"

    Cheryl looked at the clock too. "Yes, but I was thinking of taking

    tomorrow off."

        "Do you live alone. Cheryl?"

    Cheryl nodded at her but didn't say a word.

    "Good, then there'll be no one waiting up for you?"

    "Not that i'm aware of." Jennifer smiled wanly at the little joke.

        "Take all of your clothes off." Cheryl hesitated a moment before

    removing her blouse and bra.

    "How would you like to feel the paddle on your ass?"

    Cheryl was apprehensive about that.

    "I'm not sure". Jennifer shrugged at her answer

    "Well, you really don't have a lot of say so in the matter"

    Cheryl allowed herself a small smile "Yes, I gathered that much"

    "Are you interested in being in a relationship like Laurie and I?"

    Yes.. she was very much intrigued by what she had seen a little


    "Well, as long as I could have time to myself it sounds like a lot of


    Jennifer shrugged. "No one was asking you to give up your life or

    anything as drastic as that."

    Cheryl considered the idea. "What would I have to do?"

    Jennifer smiled broadly as she reached over the sofa and retrieved the paddle . "Whatever I tell you to do."

    Cheryl nodded but said nothing. "I don't know. It seems like a lot of

    fun, but I can't be sure if it's for me."

    "No, I can't say that this kind of relationship is for everyone" She

    twirled the paddle around in her hand "Why don't you and I just take

    things as they happen?"

    Cheryl seemed to like that idea. "Yes, that sounds like a good idea."

        Taking things as they happen. Let's take a little closer of a look

    at the scene in Jennifer's living room. We see Cheryl sitting on the

    sofa completely naked, while Jennifer stands behind it fully clothed,

    holding a leathered ping-pong paddle in her hand. Debating with herself

    on whether to use it on Cheryl while she bends over with her naked ass

    in the air.

         It's obvious that this conversation is deceptive in nature.

    There will be nothing for Cheryl to think about. The decision to become

    involved in a relationship such as the one of Laurie and Jennifer has

    already been made. Not voiced, but jointly agreed upon by both Jennifer

    and Cheryl.

        Jennifer saw something in Cheryl's eyes earlier that day in the

    supermarket. She knew that Cheryl would be at her house for dinner. She

    knew that before the evening was over, she would have soundly spanked

    the young woman for some imagined offense.

        What of Cheryl's feelings in the matter? You saw her fight with

    something inside of her telling her that she should not be in the older

    woman's house. Jennifer did absolutely nothing to stop her from

    leaving. The decision she could not voice has already been made.

        "Now, I want you to come here behind the sofa" Jennifer beckoned to

    her. Cheryl knew that the blonde dominatrix planned to use the paddle on her. But for reasons unexplained, she automatically stood and padded

    nakedly to the rear of the sofa. Jennifer took her by the arm and led

    her to where Laurie had bent over the back. Cheryl didn't need to be

    told what was expected of her. She leaned over as Laurie had done,

    presenting her 21 year old bottom for whatever Jennifer chose to do.

        Jennifer slowly raised the paddle and gave the young cashier a

    sharp smack with it. *CRACK!*

    "Owwwwwwww!"... Jennifer raised the paddle again, but did not bring it

    crashing down.

    "You can get up whenever you want, Cheryl" Cheryl wasn't quite sure

    what Jennifer had meant by that. The paddle whistled through the air

    and seared into Cheryl's exposed ass.

    "Mmmmmmmmmmm!.." Jennifer could see the glistening lips of her cunt as

    they pouted beneath the young woman's flanks. Cheryl ground her hips

    into the plush material of the sofa. As Jennifer raised the paddle for

    a third time, Cheryl's ass rose and undulated in the air, searching for

    the sharp stinging sensation which she knew was coming.

        Jennifer let her have it... The cries coming from Cheryl as the paddle bounced off of her bottom were in no way cries of pain or


    "ooooooooo... God I am soooooo hot!" She squeezed her thighs together

    in an effort to bring herself off in that fashion as the paddle kissed

    her libido once again, causing her to gasp and thrust her ass upwards


        Jennifer told the girl not to move, and went up the stairs..

    Cheryl's hand snaked it's way under her stomach and found her gushing

    slit. Jennifer came down the stairs with a dildo strapped to her

    waist. Upon seeing that Cheryl had literally taken matters into her own

    hand, she delivered a crashing slap to the rotating half-moons.

    *WHAPPPPPPPPPP!*  Cheryl was taken completely by surprise and nearly

    fell over the sofa as the force of the blow knocked her forward.

    "I don't recall telling you to do that!" Cheryl felt as if a favorite

    toy had been taken from her. She was so close to coming that she didn't

    hear Jennifer walking down the stairs. The last slap Jennifer had given

    her hurt terribly.

        Jennifer made her open her thighs and push her ass back the same

    way she had made Laurie do. Cheryl had tears in her eyes as she sensed

    that Jennifer was really going to give it to her with the paddle .

        Cheryl tensed as she felt Jennifer moving in behind her. Jennifer

    grabbed the dildo in one hand and guided it to the dripping hole

    nestled under Cheryl's ass. Cheryl moaned loudly as she felt the rubber

    head nosing against her pussy. Slowly, Jennifer pressed forward until

    the head slipped past the slimy lips and began to burro into the gooey

    confines within.

    "Oh Jesus!.. Ohhh that feels wonder-ful" Cheryl cried out in a


    voice while the rubber prick smoothly slid deep inside of her.

        Jennifer held on to each of Cheryl's hips and began fucking the

    young woman as if she were a man. Cheryl matched her forward movements

    with energetic back thrusts of her own. Jennifer felt the heat rising

    from Cheryl's ass as her hips slapped against her blushing nether


        Cheryl moaned in exquisite pleasure as she grabbed the sofa seat

    and pushed her ass back on the dildo as well as she could manage.

    Nothing else in the world existed except the wonderful feeling of that

    rubber cock bringing her to a brilliant orgasm. She only wished that

    the cock making her feel so wonderful was flesh and blood instead of


    "Ohhhhhh!.. Fuck me babe!... harder!".. Jennifer obliged her, the sound

    of flesh slapping against flesh became more pronounced as the blonde

    brought Cheryl to the top of her climb and over the top.

    "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmpphhh!" Cheryl tightened herself almost inhumanly as she

    held her bottom up at an unbelievable height. Jennifer pistoned it

    inside with lightning speed while Cheryl enjoyed another come at the

    hands of the older woman.

        Jennifer laid back on the sofa and cradled the brown haired cashier

    in her arms, stroking her wavy mane.

    "I hope you had a good time tonight" Cheryl stirred dreamily..

    "I sure did" she murmured as she cuddled up closer.

    "If you're too tired to drive home, you're welcome to sleep here."

    Cheryl would have told her that she only lived 6 or 7 blocks from

    there. That is she would have told her had she been awake. The young

    woman was now lightly snoring while Jennifer held her in her arms.

        Jennifer got up from the sofa and got a blanket to lay over the

    naked cashier sleeping on the sofa. The evening had gone pretty much as

    she wanted it to, plus a little more actually. Now that she could look

    forward to having Cheryl, as well as Laurie and occasionally Donna to

    reign over, she was cooking up interesting little schemes to make their

    brand of fun just a little more exciting.

        She checked on Cheryl before retiring to her room. Getting

    undressed and into bed after turning the lights out. She reached into

    the drawer of her nightstand and extracted a small vibrator. She

    brought it under the covers as the faint humming started. Jennifer's

    mind filled with pictures of what she had planned for the girls. Her

    face showing the pleasure as the vibrator buzzed against her clit

    sending shivers of excitement shooting through her body.

        Her climax came upon her quickly as she furiously crushed the

    vibrator over her pussy. She muffled the sounds of her orgasm as well

    as she could. Not wanting to wake the young woman sleeping downstairs,

    but not caring if she did by the same token. She relaxed and let the

    waves overtake her.


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