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Archive-name: Slaves/decept01.txt

Archive-author: Robert 42

Archive-title: Deceptive Movements -  1

                    The continuing story of Rigid Training

                                   CHAPTER 1

    Under normal circumstances, one would not be able to glance at a person

    and be able to tell if that person is submissive or dominant. People

    don't exude a certain aura about them to give this dark secret away.

    No, we cannot tell these things about people by just a glance.

        But this is not a normal story and the circumstances you will read

    about are not normal. This is the continuing saga of Laurie and

    Jennifer, or Rigid Training.

        Now I know I promised you a trip to Rio De Janeiro, but unforseen

    complications has changed all that. (Well, I did have the first 4

    chapters of that story wiped off disk.. NO, I didn't have a back-up!)

        Jennifer has cultivated the special talent for spotting submissives

    with but a look. In the 4 months since becoming mistress to her best

    friend, Laurie, Jennifer has indeed become an accomplished dominant. I

    know Laurie would be the first to agree, as she has been on the

    receiving end of dozens of burning, but delightful punishment sessions

    doled out by Jennifer.

        We return for our second look at Laurie and Jennifer by focusing on

    a new friendship for Jennifer.

    After returning from their vacation in Rio, Laurie returned home to

    find Donna had not only maintained her interior decorating business

    admirably, but had even attracted some very lucrative offers for jobs.

    all this delighted Laurie, but she will be one busy redhead for at

    least the next 3 weeks. it's a good bet that she'll have to hire a new

    assistant to help out.

        Jennifer spent the first week home from Rio to just relax and tune

    herself back to the Kansas City weather. The midwest in March isn't

    exactly tropical. She woke up on this particular morning determined to

    get the shopping done that she had been avoiding since her return.

    Going to the supermarket isn't what I would call the most pleasant of

    tasks. And it sure isn't one of Jennifer's favorite. But it has to get

    done, so Jennifer made her way to the car and drove to the market.

        On the drive, her mind wandered. Laurie had been so busy in the

    past week that Jennifer had actually begun to get lonely without her

    sexy slave's company. Something about the way Laurie stood before her

    with that little girl look about her never ceased to drive her wild.

    Jennifer knew that she would come up with something special when she

    was able to find the time to see her.

        She did her shopping in an automatic mode, merely going through the

    motions like a programmed robot. She took her place in line and

    mechanically placed all the items she selected on the belt. The cashier

    was busily ringing up all her groceries when Jennifer looked up and

    caught her eye. She gazed up at the loveliest girl she had seen in

    ages. The young cashier looked to be about 17 or 18 years old, 5'4"

    with soft brown, wavy hair. She caught Jennifer's eye and quickly

    looked away, embarrassed.

        After seeing the total, Jennifer quickly wrote a check and handed

    it to the cashier. While she did all the steps required to process a

    check payment, Jennifer took a piece of paper from her purse and wrote

    something on it. As the cashier handed her the receipt, Jennifer handed

    her the piece of paper.

        What she wrote on this paper, was her address. The cashier looked

    at it, then gazed quizzically at the older blonde on the other side of

    the register. Jennifer returned her gaze coolly and said "I'll be

    expecting you at 8 for dinner."

        The cashier said nothing as Jennifer took her receipt and rolled

    her shopping cart out through the electronic doors of the store.

    Jennifer was already planning the evening. Her hands were becoming

    itchy to feel a soft bottom wriggling under her while she administered

    stinging slaps to it. For Jennifer, there was no question that the

    young girl would show up. the only question in her mind was how she was

    going to manage what she had in mind for her. She knew that once she

    put her mind to it, she could control a conversation and the mood in

    the air. Now she would return home to prepare for the night.

    It was about 10 minutes after 8 when the doorbell rang. Jennifer smiled

    to herself as she got up from the sofa and walked to open the door. The

    apprehensive young lady at the other side jumped slightly as the door

    swung open to reveal a smiling Jennifer.

     "You're late" she said matter of factly "Did you have trouble finding

    the street?" "No" she answered "I just wasn't sure if I wanted to come

    or not." "Well, seeing that you've made it, why don't you come in and

    let me take your coat?" Jennifer could sense the tension in the young

    cashier's manner. She would have to put this girl at ease before she

    could accomplish anything with her.

        They had a drink before dinner, Jennifer sat across from the girl

    as she sat on the sofa. "Tell me, what is your name?" Jennifer asked

    her, they hadn't even exchanged first names at the market. "Cheryl,

    Cheryl Barnett" She answered "Oh, such a lovely name. My name is

    Jennifer, Well Cheryl, how old are you? "I'm 21. you have a nice house"

    "Thank you, and you're such a beautiful girl, i'll bet you have all

    kinds of men at your beckon call" Cheryl stifled a laugh "Well, I

    wouldn't say at my 'beckon call'"

        Cheryl had worked at that store for 6 months. Her parents could not

    afford to send her to college, so she had to find work just out of high

    school. One or two relationships later, she found the money to move out

    on her own at 19, moved in with her current boyfriend in his apartment.

    And proceeded to watch the relationship go to hell once she moved in.

        Now living alone in a 1 bedroom apartment, she was determined to

    make something out of her life. "I don't mean to be nosey, but how much

    do you make at the store?" "Oh that's ok" Cheryl started "I make 4.50

    an hour." "That's not a whole lot." "No, it isn't. But I may become

    manager one day" Cheryl was beginning to relax a little with the older

    woman's eyes boring into her.

        Jennifer served dinner after the drinks had been drained. They

    continued chatting during the meal. The topic of the conversation could

    give no clues, but Jennifer knew the young cashier was ripe for


        After dinner found them back in the living room drinking coffee.

    "How would you like a job making 7.00 an hour to start?" Cheryl's ears

    perked up. "Yes I would! What would I be doing?" "Decorating houses and

    apartments. I have a good friend who needs someone to help out in her

    business." "Yes, that sounds like a lot of fun. But what would I have

    to do to get the job?" Jennifer blinked at the question. This girl may

    look and act innocent..... "What would you be willing to do, Cheryl?"

    Cheryl realised that what she had asked came out sounding wrong. "I'm

    sorry, that's not what I meant.."

       "Tell me something Cheryl, why did you come here tonight?" Cheryl

    blushed and looked away from the penetrating look of Jennifer's. "Well,

    because you asked me to." "I see, do you frequently accept invitations

    to dinner from complete strangers?" Jennifer was turning the mood in

    the direction she wanted for the occasion. "N No.. it's just that..."

    Cheryl was having trouble finding words.. Her stomach filled with

    butterflies as she looked around Jennifer's living room. Careful to

    avoid eye contact with her. "I'll wager that you were a handful to

    your parents when you were growing up" Cheryl shrugged at the

    suggestion "Well, were you a naughty girl?" The young brown haired girl

    blushed deeper at the question she somehow knew was coming. "Please,

    you're embarrassing me" Jennifer was not about to let up. "Why don't

    you answer my question, Cheryl?" "Oh I don't know.. I guess so"

    Jennifer tried not to smile as she pressed further. "When was the last

    time you got a spanking?"

         Cheryl's eyes closed for a moment.. she didn't know

    exactly what to make of this woman.. but she knew she had to leave

    before things got out of her control. "I really should be going now."

    "Answer me!" Jennifer's voice took on a more authoritive tone. Cheryl

    knew better than to resist. "When.. When I was 18" Her face felt hot.

    She could feel her eyes begin to fill. "18?! Isn't that a little old

    for someone to be getting a spanking?" "I I guess I deserved it then."

    Cheryl nervously squirmed on the sofa. Her fear coming to a fever

    pitch. "Is 21 too old to be getting a spanking Cheryl?" Cheryl couldn't

    find the words to answer the question. Jennifer continued boring into

    her. "I'll bet you're still a naughty girl. Aren't you?" Cheryl was

    careful not to let herself appear too nervous. She would have to

    convince the older woman she wasn't worried. "I try to be good" "That

    isn't what I asked you, dear" Jennifer had turned the mood right where

    she wanted it. Now she would complete it. "I dunno, I guess sometimes

    I'm not so good" It was exactly what Jennifer wanted to hear. "Well,

    what if I told you that you deserved a spanking now. What would you

    say?" Cheryl sat frozen. She didn't know how to answer that question.

    But she knew she should get up and leave. "You're not going to be

    difficult are you Cheryl?" Jennifer asked her.. Cheryl shook her head

    in negation. "That's good. I want you to stand up and walk here to me."

    "No.. I really have to go home now" Jennifer lowered her voice "Cheryl,

    you said you wouldn't be difficult. I want you to get up and walk over

    here to me, now" Cheryl couldn't quite comprehend the tone of her

    voice. But she dazedly stood and slowly walked to the sofa, where

    Jennifer sat sipping her coffee.

    Jennifer reached out and stroked one of Cheryl's trembling hands.

    "Shall I take your slacks down, or would you prefer to do that

    yourself?" Why had she not just got up and walked out of the door?..

    The older woman would not have been able to stop her if she had. Her

    voice came out soft and whimpery.."No, I'll do it" Cheryl's hands

    slowly rose to them and began to pull the nylon slacks away from her

    hips. In her mind, she pictured the last time her father had made her

    do this... it was the same way now.. almost of their own violation, she

    could feel her thighs tingle. Her slacks were brought to her thighs..

    when she released them, they fell and bunched around her ankles.

        "take your panties down too, honey." Cheryl felt her heart lurch

    into her throat. "No please!.. not on my bare bottom!" she begged..

    sounding truly like a naughty young girl pleading to save herself from

    punishment. "Yes, Cheryl. On your bare bottom. Now take them down for

    me." It was a few seconds before Cheryl's nervous hands rose to remove

    her bottom's last defense. She took her panties to her thighs and stood

    with her head bent.. tears beginning to come from her eyes.

        Jennifer reached out to place her hand on the girl's bottom, but

    Cheryl quickly jumped out of her reach. "Don't you start giving me

    trouble now, young lady." "I I'm So sorry." Jennifer pursed her lips

    together "Now lay down over my lap, Cheryl." She still thought that she

    should be on her way out the door. there was nothing at all keeping her

    from pulling her panties and slacks back up and leaving. Jennifer's

    hand guided her down.

        Jennifer felt the excitement inside herself as well, her hand idly

    stroked the trembling girl's naked ass. "I know you're scared.. but

    you won't be after I start" Cheryl nodded but said nothing... tensing

    the muscles in her ass while she laid there vulnerable to the older

    woman's stroking hand. "Are you ready for me to spank you now, Cheryl?"

    NO!!.. she would never be ready. She must get up and leave this woman's

    house. "Y y yes". Jennifer's hand quickly rose and fell om the pretty

    cashier's bottom. *WHAP!!* "Oooooooohhh!" The quick stroke had caught

    her by surprise. Her hands flew behind her to shield her ass. "Cheryl,

    take your hands away this instant!" Tentatively, she removed her hands

    and quickly felt Jennifer's stinging hand slapping her now unshielded

    ass. *WHAP!* *CRACK!* *WHACK!*

        "Owwwww!.. Ohhhh please stop.. It hurts!" Jennifer was in heaven

    she continued to slap the young girl's naked bottom.

        *SLAPP!* "I'll bet you're not afraid anymore are you?" *SMACK!*

        It was true, Cheryl's protests and cries became more distressed.

    But she did have to admit that she was no longer afraid.

        Jennifer was delighted to see Cheryl's hips squirm as he tried in

    vain to avoid the stinging palm of her hand. With each new stroke, her

    throat emitted another sob and her legs kicked out at the air.

    Now Jennifer slowed the tempo of the spanking. The strokes fell with

    just as much force as they did in the beginning, but Cheryl ceased the

    screaming and kicking. Now, when Jennifer's hand made another painful

    contact with her reddening ass, she merely groaned and gripped

    Jennifer's legs tighter with her hands.

        After 25 well placed strokes, Jennifer stopped spanking her and

    gently laid her hand on the warm flesh of Cheryl's bottom. "Do you

    still want to leave?" Cheryl realized that she didn't want to leave in

    the first place. That was why she did not walk out when she had the

    chance. "N N no" she said between choked back sobs. Jennifer was now

    lovingly stroking the girl's ass and thighs. Cheryl moaned and absent

    mindedly let her thighs part a little.  "What did you do after you got

    your last spanking, Cheryl?" Cheryl blushed deply, she didn't want to

    tell Jennifer what she had done.  "I.. I was hot afterwards.. I went

    and.. played with myself." Jennifer let her fingersa slide between the

    burnished cheeks of her ass and found her moist pussy. "You mean like

    this?"  "Mmmmmmmmmm.. Yes!.. Oh that feels so good!" Cheryl's hips rose

    and began to rotate as Jennifer expertly glided her fingers over the

    throbbing nub of her clit. But Jennifer was in bad need herself of

    release.. she made Cheryl stand and remover her slacks and panties all

    together. As Cheryl moved to comply, Jennifer quickly rose and stripped

    her own pants and panties from her body.

        Jennifer took the younger woman back down on the sofa and searched

    out her pussy again. Cheryl took the cue and began to fondle Jennifer's

    wet cunt in kind. Two of Jennifer's fingers found their way into

    Cheryl's hole making her tighten and quickly come over her hand.

        Cheryl moved her head up and sought out Jennifer's mouth and

    engaged her in a loving kiss as they brought each other off in

    quickorder. Jennifer draped an arm around her new friend and hleld her

    tight as they groped each other's bubbling cunts.

        A little later, Cheryl rested her head on Jennifer's shoulder while

    the older woman ran her fingers through her hair. "You know, I was

    serious about that job. If you'd like, i'll give her a call and set up

    an interview." Cheryl beamed at her. "Oh yes! That would be great!"

        Jennifer turned over and found the telephone sitting nan end table

    near the sofa. After pushing a few buttons, she turned back around and

    smiled at the pretty cashier.  "Hi Laurie, not sleeping were you?"..

    "Good, listen hon, I have a young lady who is interested in going to

    work for you."... "Uh huh. Well, she's here now if you have a few

    minutes:... "Great, we'll see you then"  "Ok.. Bye bye."

        Jennifer turned and replaced the receiver.

        "She'll be over in 10 minutes to interview you." Cheryl jumped from

    the sofa. "10 Minutes???.. My god.. I have to get dressed.. and cleaned

    up!!" Jennfer laughed and pulled the young woman back down on the sofa,

    lightly kissingher cheek. "Not to worry, Laurie will be quite

    understanding!" Cheryl appeared worried. "Are you sure?" "Of course!

    You can trust me."

        10 Minutes later, the knock came at the door. Jennifer called out

    as she returned from the kitchen with a pot of coffee "It's open, hon."

        Laurie walked in and quickly surveyed the living room. The first

    thing she caught sight of was the clothes on the floor, then the pretty

    brown haired woman sitting embarrassedly on the sofa. "Hi Laurie, I

    want you to meet Cheryl Barnett. Cheryl, this is Laurie" The two

    exchanged rather uncomfortable greetings. Understandable considering

    the nakedness of the young woman.

        "Well, Jennifer tells me that you are interested in a job?  "Yes

    ma'am. But i've never done decorating." Laurie waved her hand in the

    air. "No problem, what I need is an assistant. You wouldn't be doing

    any actual decorating. "I see, then having no experience wouldn't be a

    problem?" Laurie smiled at her. "Not at all, the hours will be long and

    tedious." She stole a quick look at Jennifer. "And Jen tells me that I

    am a real bitch when i'm working. All 3 ladies laughed at that.  "When

    would you be able to start? Cheryl quickly answered. "Right away! When

    CAN I start? Laurie smiled at her eagerness.  "Is Monday ok?" Cheryl

    nodded. "Sure!.. Thank You!"

        The tip of Laurie's tongue came out and brushed her top lip.

    "Welllll, what have you two been doing this evening?" She looked

    directly doan at Cheryl's naked legs as she asked. Jennifer supplied

    the answer. "Oh, Just giving Cheryl what you've been needing for a long

    time." Cheryl took exception at the way she was being discussed. But

    Laurie laughed out loud.  "Oh i'm jealous. I have to stop working all

    these late hours!" Jennifer feigned sympathy for her sext slave/friend.

    "Oh you porr darling, need your sexy bottom smacked, dear?"

    "Ooooo if you only knew how bad!" Jennfer laughed but Laurie sobered up

    a bit. "No, I've been so busy.." She sighed heavily and gazed longingly

    at Cheryl, who remained glued to the sofa, blushing. "Oh bullshit!"

    Jennifer shot back "I ought to paddle your ass right now!" Laurie

    wiggled her hips teasingly. "Oooo You sweet talker!" Jennifer looked

    over at Cheryl who looked to be a bit lost.

        "Don't be shocked, dear. Laurie's had her bottom paddled dozens of

    times" Looking at her slave "Haven't you, Laurie?"  "Yes ma'am."


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