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Archive-name: Slaves/dcamp.txt


Archive-title: Training Grounds

    Standing on the street, you're waiting comes to an end as the white

limosine pulls up directly in front of you.  The door opens and you enter the

large back seat area, seeing three other women all dressed as you are.  Each

wears a thin white cotton blouse, a short white skirt, white hose, and white

shoes.  A bit confused, you sit down and close the door, and the other girls

are looking at you keenly.

    One woman looks to be in her mid thirties, with short dark hair and very

piercing blue eyes.  She has nice legs and her short skirt shows them off

well.  The girl next to her seems only about 18 or 19, with firm, breasts,

and long blonde hair.  She has brown eyes, and a sensual mouth.  The third

girl is in her early twenties, with light brown hair and hazel eyes.  She has

the largest breasts of the four of you, and her legs are shapely as well. You

wonder what is going on with the three other women.  You remain silent as you

were instructed, but your mind creates questions faster than you can think of


    The driver lowers the window that separates him from his passengers and

hands back a large envelope, which the youngest girl takes.  She shows each

of you wordlessly the message on the envelope.  It reads simply, "Play tape

inside."  A video cassette is revealed by the young girl, and the older woman

takes the tape and slides it in the limo's vcr, turning on the small tv.

    Soft music plays for a moment, followed by a woman's voice speaking in a

firm, concise manner. "You have been invited to our retreat because each of

you has shown herself to be a well trained slave.  While at our retreat, you

will be allowed to train new slaves for others if you show us that you can

handle the task.  Before your training can begin however, you must submit

yourself to our scrutiny and judgement. Failure to comply or poor performance

will be rewarded with a re-training program, and additional expenses for your

master.  I do not recommend that you fail."

    Images formed again on the screen, of a large mansion with manicured

grounds. "This is our facility. It will take you about two hours to arrive."

The tape continued with a guided tour of the mansion and grounds, showing

several rooms with elaborate bondage equipment.  The woman came back onto the

screen, dressed entirely in leather now, with her large breasts compressed

into a leather bra at least two sizes too small. "Each slave and master is

accorded a rank.  Slave ranks are symbolized by the color of their collars.

Green being the lowest, blue being the next highest, followed by yellow, red,

black, then gold.  A slave wearing the gold collar my command any other slave,

but is still subject to the lowest ranking master.  Masters are denoted by

the color of footwear, or ankle bracelets.  Their color-ranks correspond to

the slave colors, with green at the bottom and Gold at the top.  There is one

exception.  There may be a master wearing black, but with diamonds on the

bracelet or shoes. These are grand-masters, subject to no one. The number of

diamonds signify their ranks, but they are all essentially equal."

    You are fascinated by the elaborate rankings, and wonder just how many

people are going to be at the retreat.  The tape continues. "The driver of

your limosine has been instructed to deliver you on time, safely.  The window

between you and the driver should be up now, and this means your next stop is

our retreat.  You may play this tape as often as needed to familiarize each

of you with its contents.  No sexual touching is permitted in the limosine,

and none of you are permitted to orgasm until after your arrival.  The driver

will inform us of any unacceptable behavior.  You will find in the compartment

next to the telephone several bags.  Remove all of your clothing and any

items of jewelry and place them in these bags.  You must do it now.  Strip!

No talking except about the ranking system will be permitted in the limosine.

Now get your clothes off and sit there until you arrive!"

    Feeling excited, you take a plastic bag from the young blonde and begin

undressing.  The others are doing likewise.  The older woman removes her

panties, showing her shaved pussy, and spreading her legs to remove the gold

ring on her labia.  The blonde is undressing slowly, showing some minor em-

barassment.  The large breasted woman leaves her bra for last, and when she

unhooks it, her breasts fall out, sagging from their great weight. They are

capped with large, dark nipples that are standing erect like pencil nubs.

You're removing your stockings and you notice the small slip of paper in the

bag.  It reads "The only clothing you must wear are your white heels."  You

take the shoes out of the bag and slip them over your bare feet.  You look

around, and each woman is naked, save for her white high-heeled shoes.  The

blonde, without asking rewinds the tape and plays it over again.  After the

second time, the fragrance of womanly musk fills the car.  You realize that

your pussy is damp with anticipation.

    You look out the darkened windows of the limo, seeing people passing by,

glancing over at the white limo curiously.  They can't see through the dark

windows, but they try anyway.  The limo crosses a bridge, and the driver is

slowing, dropping his window to pay the toll.  You realize that the window

is lightly smoked, and the toll-taker  might be able to see you.  The limo

smoothly passes the toll-booth, and the window ascends.  The toll-taker

hadn't even glanced inside.  The rid continues for quite a while, driving

further out into the countryside, away from the noisy city.  You pass fewer

and fewer towns, then fewer and fewer homes as the limo heads for the foot-

hills nearby.  The limo's clock reads nine-thirty as you turn into the drive,

stopping before a massive looking solid gate. The gate opens and you enter

the retreat.  You see no mansion, just a long, narrow paved road and perfectly

kept grass and plants. The driver heads down a small hill, and you see the

mansion, large and sprawling in the middle of a small grassy valley.  As you

approach, you see a woman, the same woman from the tape, standing at the front

entrance of the mansion.  The limo stops and the driver gets out, opening the

right door wide. Cool morning air enters and raises goosebumps on all of you.

You step from the car, naked except for your shoes and stand several steps

from the car, the others lining up next to you.

    The woman watching you is wearing a black leather g-string and the too

small leather bra.  She is also wearing thigh length black leather boots,

and holding a riding crop .  Her hair is long and dark.  She comes down the

steps and looks each of you over closely.  Satisfied, she turns, telling you

to follow her into the mansion.  You fall into line behind the older woman,

and enter the mansion, seeing the expensive and tasteful decorations.  You

stop in the hallway, behind the leather clad woman.

    "Some basic rules first." She says. "I don't need to tell you about such

simple things as eye contact, posture, and bathroom ettiqute.  Your masters

should have made you aware of those things."  Her words sound like a speech

she's made too many times, but her voice carries authority.  "Here, you must

call any "master" by the title "My Lord" or "My Lady".  Any slave that is

above you in rank must be called "master" or "mistress", but never mix your

titles between slaves and masters.  Do you understand?"

    A chorus of "Yes Mistress" rings out, only to be flawed by a "Yes M'Lady"

uttered by the older woman.  "SLUT!" The leather clad woman yells at her,

standing right in front of her. "I wear a black collar!  I'm a high ranking

slave, not a master! Didn't you study the tape?!"  The older woman stammers

a bit and replies "Yes mistress" in a quiet voice. "NEVER REPEAT THAT MISTAKE

AGAIN!  Do you understand?" The older woman answers "Yes Mistress" in a very

quiet voice.  "Very well. You will be spared punishment so we may begin with

all of you early today." The leather woman says.

    You are led into a small room and told to be seated on hard wooden chairs

near the door.  A young man, dressed in a white smock sits at a table. You

can see his red collar while he and the leather woman have a discussion. He

stands and calls your first name.  You rise and go to him, standing with your

eyes downcast as you've been taught.

    "You have been ranked as a yellow." He says simply and fits a blue collar

around your neck.  After he fits it, he squeezes your left breast and flicks

his finger over your nipple.  You flinch not at all.  "You might make red

by this evening.  Very good.  Return to your seat."  You sit down and watch

the big breasted woman receive a blue collar. The young man cups her tits and

fonldes them for long minutes, finally letting them fall from his hands. Then

the older woman waits for her collar.  The young man has been quietly speaking

to each of you, and now you can hear him clearly.  "You were to be a yellow,

but Mistress Lisa has mentioned you stupidity in the entry hall.  You will

be given only a blue."  He fastens her blue collar and without touching her

otherwise, lets her sit down.  The young blonde is last.

    "Just a moment." He says and he confers with Mistress Lisa, then uses

the phone quietly.  Mistress Lisa eyes the girl, tapping her foot impatiently

until the phone is hung up.  "You have been awarded a red collar." He says,

as if he didn't believe it.  "You must be very good."  He fastens the collar

around her neck and steps back. "You are my equal, and may address me as Doug."

Mistress Lisa congratulates her, but with her crop pressing against her small

ass, tells her that she is still a lower rank.  The blonde replies "Yes

Mistress" to her and is allowed to sit down.

    Mistress Lisa allows each of you to use the bathroom, then the leads you

to another room, where an attractive woman of about fifty waits, wearing yet

another white smock and a black collar.  She orders all of you to bend over

and places a butt plug in each of you, followed by a sized phallus in your

cunts.  Straps are placed around your waists and through your thighs to keep

both items in place.  Wristlets are used to tie your hands behind your backs

and to the straps at your waist.  You struggle almost not at all as you are

told to rise.  The feeling of fullness arouses you and you feel your pussy

juices begin to flow.  The woman looks over some papers and then calls the

big breasted woman over.  She fastens a leather harness around the big tits

of the woman, forcing them to jut forward before they sag over the leather.

Then she explains to each of you that for the next 24 hours, you will be sub-

ject to observation and restraint before further training commences.  You

are now led by Mistress Lisa out into the hallway and down to a large door.

"Be on your toes sluts." She says calmly. "The masters of us all are beyond

this door."  She knocks on the door, and a voice says to enter.  She enters

and indicates all of you to follow.

    Upon entering the room, you see about twenty people sitting around a

large table, dressed as if they were board members of a big corporation. The

several women present are dressed nicely for business.  They look at you as

you walk in, naked and feeling very exposed with them dressed.  Mistress Lisa

tells the woman at the head of the table "New cunts for inspection." and she

stands with her eyes downcast.

    "Fine." The woman says.  "All of you stand by that wall."  She points to

the wall behind you and you each stand next to it, waiting. "We're a bit busy

at the moment Lisa.  I'll call you when we're done."  Lisa bows and backs up,

then walks from the room and closes the door.  The masters are discussing some

very boring stocks and bonds issues and not even paying attention to you. You

can feel your slippery juices on your thighs and glancing at the blonde who

is next to you, you can see that her thighs are damp too.  Finally the group

stands and approaches the four of you and they look you over.

    "This one has such great tits!" One of the men says, eyeing the big boobed

brunette.  One of the women eyes your nipples and comments that they are so

large when erect that they'd make excellent clit stimulators.  Another woman

sees the red collar on the young blonde, and stands in front of her.

    "Is this a mistake?" She points out to the rest of the group. "A girl

this young with a red collar?"  One of the men picks up a paper and confirms

the color.  The woman eyes the girl carefully, looking at her long, slim form,

her flat stomach, and her pert breasts.  "She's delicious looking I admit,

but a RED!?"

    One of the men asked the blonde her name. "I am Marlene M'lord." She says

quietly. You realize this is the first time she has spoken, and how child-like

her voice sounds.  The woman who questioned her rank asks her what she does

that deserves a red collar rank.  There is some confusion while papers are

checked.  A man finds the paper, saying "Her mistress says that she has

personally had her train studs and sluts very well, and that she is a very

talented and enthusiastic slave, and", the man chuckled, "she gives great

head."   The woman eyed Marlene carefully.

    "Is this true?" She said. "How can someone as young as you give such good

head?"  That the woman was challenging someone's decision was obvious. Silence

fell in the room, and everyone looked at Marlene.  Gasps came from several

mouths, as the young girl stuck out her tounge, extending it at least four,

maybe five inches from her lips.

    "God! That's incredible!" One of the women said.  "She's a freak" someone

else said, and the woman who had challenged the color rank, admitted that she

deserved her rank for her tounge if nothing else.

    "What about you?" you are asked by a thirtyish, attractive woman. Your

reply is "I'm willing to please My Lady."  Satisfied with your answer, she

stepped over the the big breasted woman and felt her tits.  "Hmm. Nice and

juicy. Tell me, have you fucked other women with your tits?"  The big boobed

woman said she had, and then was led to the table, where the woman lifted her

skirt and told her to do just that.

    A man asked the older woman in your group if she had a special talent.

"Pleasing others M'lord." she replied, being very careful to get the title

correct.  The man pulled on the phallus in her cunt, moving it slowly up and

down, making her legs tremble.  Then he came over to you, and did the same.

The feeling of his warm hand between your legs, moving the phallus inside you

brought you to the edge.  His questioning kept you from going over, kept your

mind distracted.

    "Do you like anal sex?" He asked.

    "Yes M'lord."  You replied.

    "Do you like to suck pussy?"

    "Yes M'lord."

    "I bet you like to suck your master's cum from a slut's cunt too."

    "Yes M'lord."

    He pushed the phallus deep inside your sopping cunt and then stepped

over to the blonde.  The woman getting fucked with big-tits was moaning and

panting noisily on the table.  You felt your juices running down your thighs

like water now.  The man questioned the blonde.

    "Do you like to please your mistress?" He said.

    "Yes M'lord." The blonde's high voice replied.

    "Do you like licking women's cunts?"

    "Very much M'lord."

    "How about sucking cocks?"

    "Oh yes M'lord!"

    "Kneel, slut."

    The blonde knelt and the man removed his thick cock from his pants, and

told her to suck it.  You watched, spellbound as the little blonde sucked his

cock all the way down her throat.  She was moving on his cock quickly, sucking

him deep into her mouth.  She paused, with just the head in her mouth and her

long tounge snaked out, flicking the underside as she slid down again.  You

watched with amazement as she took half his cock in her mouth, her snake-like

tounge reaching out to graze his balls.  Your cunt was leaking thick white

cream while you watched, and the others watched with amazement too.  You were

thinking of how her tounge would feel on your pussy, and what other talents

she had.  The man groaned and pulled out of the blonde's mouth, jerking his

cock into her face.  Thick white cum ran down her cheeks, over her nose, and

down her chin and neck.  Her long tounge reached out and licked the tip of

his cock, receiving a large glob of his sperm.  She licked his cock, then

her tounge wiped his cum from her face, even getting the cum on her nose. It

seemed her tounge was impossibly long.  She even licked the cum from the

bottom of her chin!

    Your pussy was aching to feel her tounge, that impossibly long tounge,

probing deep inside you.  The buttplug and the phallus filled you, but they

didn't move, didn't give you what you wanted.  When the man zipped up, you

realized you were breathing heavily from the exhibition.  They had finished

with you and called Mistress Lisa back in, and she led the four of you out

of the room.  The big-breasted girl's tits were wet from the 'Lady's cunt,

and her face showed that she'd sucked pussy too.  Mistress Lisa led your

quartet upstairs.

    Upstairs you met Mistress Olivia.  She wore a gold collar, and in her

chamber were several men and women already being disciplined.  You could

tell that she knew her work well.  She was finishing instructing two of her

slaves, telling them not to move.  The girl knelt on a cushion, her hands

tied behind her back, with an enormous cock in her mouth.  The man was tied

spread-eagle to a door-frame like structure, his hands and feet bound tightly.

She turned and came over, ignoring the pair.  The sight of the man's huge

cock in her small mouth was very exciting and they were both straining not

to move.  Mistress Olivia spoke to Mistress Lisa before dismissing her.  Then

her attention focused on the four of you.  Mistress Olivia was a lovely woman

of at least some hispanic background.  Her dark hair and eyes, full breasts,

and very curvaceous figure made her look very alluring.

    She stood in front of the big-breasted girl and asked her name.

    "Patrica, Mistress." She said quietly.

    "You've been fucking cunts with your tits haven't you?" She said as she

wiped up some of the juice from Patrica's big tits.

    "Yes Mistress."

    Mistress Olivia stepped in front of the older woman, asking her name.

    "Monica, Mistress." came her reply.

    "Suck my fingers clean." She commanded Monica.  The woman sucked the

fingers offered, quickly cleaning them.  Then Mistress Olivia asked you your

name, and you told her. She eyed you carefully, then she pulled on the phallus

in your cunt, making you shake.  "You're awfully wet. Would you like to come?"

    "Oh yes, please! Mistress!" you say, and she lets go of the phallus, and

says it's not time yet.  She spots the sperm on the blonde, running down her

neck and her small tits.

    "Your name slut." She commands.

    "Marlene, mistress." The tiny voice replied.

    "Now just who came in your face already?" She asks the girl.

    "One of the Lords mistress."

    Mistress Olivia's eyebrows shot up. "Now what is so special about you

that one of the Lords favored you?"

    Marlene hesitated briefly. "My tounge mistress."

    "Well, stick it out. Let me see it." Mistress Olivia watched and then

she gasped when she saw how long the girl's tounge was.  It took her several

seconds to collect herself.  "Well. That's quite a tounge.  We'd best find a

good exercise plan for that."

    Mistress Olivia caught you staring at Marlene's tounge. "Does her tounge

fascinate you slut?" She said, standing so close her large breasts touched

yours.  You said that it did and Mistress Olivia took you and Marlene to the

other side of the room.  There, your hands were tied in front of you and your

ankles tied together.  She strapped your ankles to a ring and chain on the

floor.  Next she attached a chain to your wristlets, and pulled your arms

over your head.  Next, she had Marlene lay on her back on a short table, tying

the girls arms over her head to the table's rings. Her legs were spread and

tied down.  Mistress Olivia removed your waist straps and removed the phallus

and butt-plug from you, making you shudder.

    "Lean back against your chains." She told you.  You did, and she pulled

on one chain, lifting your feet clear of the ground.  She kept pulling until

your feet were level with your waist, your arms still above your head.  You

were suspended above the floor with your legs straight out, hanging by your

arms.  Next, she moved the table under you, placing Marlene's face below your

soaked cunt.  "Tounge her cunt." She told Marlene, and you felt just the tip

of the girl's tounge against your labia.  You moan, and wonder why she hasn't

shoved that tounge deep inside your cunt.  "Stretch that tounge.  Reach for

her juicy cunt with your tounge." Mistress Olivia says and now you understand.

You are just barely in reach, and that beautifully long tounge can barely

touch your aching pussy.

    Mistress Olivia returns to the other two, leaving you dangling helplessly

over Marlene's flicking tounge.  She can just barely graze your shaved cunt-

lips, and you ache for her to go deeper.  You see Monica being fastened to

a table, and several slaves rubbing their cocks over her body.  "They have

been told to wash you with their cum, but only after you have begged for it

sufficiently."  Next, she took Patricia, the big breasted girl over to one of

the several door-frames and made her kneel, tying her hands to the sides, and

her knees to the bottom corners.  Patricia's hands were tied on the opposite

side, so that she leaned forward slightly, letting her tits hang forward.

A young stud, all of about 20, was seated on a stool in front of her, wrapping

his legs around her and told to fuck her tits, but not to cum until told to.

    Mistress Olivia returned to you, and saw that your juice was dripping

into Marlene's mouth.  She whispered instructions to one of the girls and she

began working the chains and ropes.  Suddenly you felt yourself being lowered

onto Marlene's tounge, which she made stiff to penetrate you.  Then just as

suddenly, you were yanked upwards.  "Make her beg for that tounge.  Don't let

her cum until I tell you to, or you'll be next."  Up and down you went, each

time, Marlene's long tounge seemed to slide into your dripping cunt, and then

as you rose, she tried to lick your clit before you got away.  Over and over,

you were so close, but there was never quite enough contact.

    Mistress Olivia returned to the young girl with a mouthfull of cock and

watched. They had not moved in almost ten minutes and they were clearly very

eager.  "Alright stud, you may cum in her mouth."  The man moved just slightly

and his sperm gushed from her mouth like water.  The girl swallowed what she

could, but he had cum quickly and copiously.  Now Mistress Olivia turned her

around and raised her ass, sliding her back onto the man's still erect cock.

"Now fuck him until he fills your cunt."  The girl, face down on a cushion,

her hands behind her squirmed and began fucking him.

    You could hear Monica, begging the studs to come on her. "Give me your

hot cum. Cover me, wash me with your sperm!  Rub your cum on my cunt, rub it

all over my tits."  She was straining against her bonds, trying to keep her

body in contact with the five cocks around her.  The girl lowering you onto

Marlene's tounge let you down and suddenly Marlene's long tounge squirmed its

way deep into your cunt.  You could feel your orgasm about to explode.  Then

she lifted you quickly holding you just above Marlene's tounge.  Patricia was

moaning her tits bouncing and rippling while the young man fucked them.

    Monica's voice was louder now, pleading for the studs to cover her with

their hot sperm, and Marlene was moaning in frustration of not being able to

suck you or get her tounge into you.  You were panting with the need to cum.

"Alright Debra, let her down and let that slut suck her off." You heard

Mistress Olivia say.  Marlene's tounge slid inside you, squirming around and

fucking your cunt.  You felt the first twinges of orgasm rising.  "May I cum

please, Mistress?" You asked, just to be sure that you could. "Yes, you may

cum as much as you want."  Marlene's tounge withdrew, then she snaked it up

between your thighs, and you could see her incredible tounge tip cover your

clit, then slide down your slit until she shoved it up inside you again. She

repeated this again and again, until suddenly, you felt a huge orgasm crash

through your body.  "Ohhhrrrrrrrruuuuuuggghhhh!" you moaned and felt that

wonderful tounge pumping in and out of your cunt, feeling your contractions

squeezing your thick cream out to be lapped up my Marlene.  Marlene was making

small animal noises while she sucked and licked your cum from you, her long

tounge still snaking all over your slit.  You were floating both mentally as

well as physically, and you didn't even notice when you were raised off of


    Marlene was released and told to stand in front of you.  You could see

her face, soaked and glistening with your cream. You felt your cunt spasm as

she stood there, licking her face off with that long sensuous tounge of hers.

You were released at last, and stood weakly by the low table that Marlene had

been on.  While a girl unfastened your ankles, you saw the large wet area that

Marlene's dripping cunt had left on the table, and you wanted to return the

favor to her.  Mistress Olivia called you over to where Patricia was being

tit-fucked by the young stud.  Weakly you obey, and you kneel as instructed

next to the stud.  "You may cum now stud." Mistress Olivia tells her pupil,

and a few strokes later, his sperm is cascading down Patricia's big tits.

"Suck her clean slut." You are ordered, and you feel your face shoved between

those huge mounds of flesh.  Patricia is moaning loudly, and you tounge her

tits and chest, feeling the stud's cum warming your tounge.  "Lick it and

swallow every drop." You are told.  Each stream of his sperm tastes better

than the last, and you are licking her big tits all over, and even underneath

where they are sensitive.

    Monica is still begging for the studs to come on her, trying everything

she knows of.  "Drown me in cum!  Fuck my face! Cum in my asshole!  Cum all

over me, please!  Please!"  Yet they are holding back, each of them still

stroking a rock hard cock.  Mistress Olivia tells you that you are finshed,

and to stand.  Patricia looks at you with lust-filled eyes as you leave her.

Mistress Olivia takes you to Monica, who is still pleading, almost crying

with her need for release. Then she signals the men that they may cum.  Each

man leans forward and cums on Monica.  Two of them shoot thick white cum on

her tits, one on her face, one on her belly, and the last on her shaved cunt.

    "Now wash this slut off with your tounge." You are told.  You climb up

on the table and lick the sperm from Monica's cunt, chasing some down her

slit.  She comes when your tounge slides over her clit.  Then you lick her

stomach and tits clean, laying your body against hers while you lick her


    Mistress Olivia grabs your hair and pulls you off, telling you that you

have finshed your task.  The four of you are assembled and told to kneel.

Four studs are brought in and each has a cock with a head that is swollen

and anxious.  "Lean back sluts." you are commanded, and you lean back on

your heels.  "Now studs, shoot your jism all over these sluts." Mistress

Olivia commands the men.  Without touching themselves, the men spurt their

hot creams all over your face and tits.  The man spurting on you seems to

be firing from a hose.  Cream saturates your tits, some even landing in your

hair. The men are allowed to finish themselves off on your outstretched

tounges.  Marlene only extends hers part way, and still gets big drops of

thick cum.  "Rise sluts." M. Olivia commands, and you stand a bit weakly.

The men are instructed to remove the straps and phalluses from the other

girls and then you are led out of the room by a pretty redhaired slut wearing

a black collar.

    Soaking wet with sperm, and your pussy cream making your thighs slippery

you are led outdoors into the garden.  There is a fancy party going on, with

many people dressed nicely.  You see some of the Lords and Ladies in the

crowd.  You feel like a true slut, being paraded about naked in front of these

people, with sperm all over your face and tits.  People turn and look at the

four of you, some smiling, others scrutinizing closely.  You start when you

see that some of the people are wearing gold collars under their fancy clothes

and one woman has a black collar studded with several diamonds.  The redhead

is completely naked, save for her black collar.  She leads you through the

middle of the crowd, and stops near the edge of the canopy.  She instructs

each of you to spread your legs wide, and then to put your hands behind your

head.  Standing as though your were being arrested.  The redhead kneels and

offers "four new sluts are ready to begin their training M'Lords and Ladies."

She stands and departs after a woman thanks her, calling her "Sherri".  The

party continues, with people talking and occasionally eyeing all of you.

    You can hear pieces of conversations only.  Phrases come to you, and you

can tell they are discussing you four.  "...big tits incredibly

long tounge...great tits...very pretty face...says she likes ass fucks..."

After a while, a man approaches and tells the Patricia to lean forward. She

does and he slaps one of her tits and watches it bounce.  Then he pulls his

cock out and with just a few strokes, cums on her tits.  "Stand up straight."

he says and returns to a conversation.  Slowly, several other men walk over,

and one cums on your ass from behind, you feel his sperm slithering down

your crack past your asshole.  A woman tells Marlene to kneel and fuck her

with that long tounge.  She lifts her dress, showing her garterbelt and naked

cunt.  She moans and bucks Marlene's face, then makes the blonde stand up.

    The redhead reappears and collects you, and on your way back inside,

you see four studs walking out, their cocks at attention.  Each has a leather

strap running around their cock and balls and their hands are tied.  You are

led upstairs to a large bedroom with one big bed.  The redhead, named Sherri,

tells you that you may now rest and clean up, and that dinner will be served

at seven.  She indicates the closet where she says clothing is labeled for

each of you.  Just before she leaves, she stops and asks Marlene if what she

heard is true.  Marlene says yes, and Sherri says "Show me."  Marlene's long

tounge stretches out.  "Ohhh God!" Sherri says, and displaying a terrible

lack of control, grabs her and kisses her fiercely.  Sherri rubs her body

hard against Marlene's slippery wet body, and she kisses her for a long time.

Marlene's arms encircle Sherri's waist and the two of them lock in a very

erotic embrace for several long minutes.  Everyone in the room is getting

turned on by them, when they finally part.  They look at each other, and

Marlene's tounge snakes out and licks Sherri's lips.  Sherri repeats that,

leaning forward only slightly.  Sherri's tounge is at least two-thirds as

long as Marlene's!!  "God! What a fuckin' kiss!!" I may take you as my slut

to train!" Sherri says.

    Reluctantly, she leaves and the four of you begin to clean up. The tub

is large enough for all of you and you all soak together, washing each other

off.  Then, clean and fresh, with another hour and a half, you relax and

talk.  The topic seems to be Marlene's freakish tounge.  Each of you finds a

thin cotton dress for dinner, and the dresses are short and revealing.  Yours

fits fine, letting your nipples peek through the light material.  The dresses

are cut so that no matter how you sit, your bare ass is on the chair.  Sherri

shows up to lead you to dinner, wearing a black halter with studs, and a tight

black skirt with slits up the sides to the waist.  There is no need to ask,

she is naked underneath, her orange bush showing when she moves right.

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