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Archive-name: Slaves/contract.slv

Archive-author: Larry Townsend

Archive-title: Slave's Contract


This comes from The Leatherman's Handbook II, Updated Second

Edition, by Larry Townsend, (c) 1983, 1989 Larry Townsend, Pub-

lished by Carlyle Communications, LTD, 462 Broadway, New York, NY

10013.  It can be purchased in lesgay-oriented bookstores.  Write

me if you want a mail-order address.


This is a tentative credo for the slave.  Each Master has the

prerogative to modify it:


1. I am a slave, and as such I surrender myself completely to

   my Master, and to His love for me.

2. Because my body is now my Master's property, it is no

   longer my right to protest any use He chooses to make of it.

   Rather, it is an honor if He deigns to touch me at all.

3. It is my duty to obey any and all commands given me by

   my Master, and to do this without question.

4. I shall speak only when my Master gives me permission to

   speak, and any question I have regarding His commands or

   the specifications of my assigned duties are to be in

   private, never in front of other people.

5. I acknowledge my inferiority to my Master.

6. In all personal activities, I surrender all decisions to

   my Master:

   a) I shall wear only the clothing my Master permits me

      to wear, or go naked if He so requires.

   b) My bodily functions are controlled completely by my

      Master;  even the times when I may go to the bathroom

      are as specified by Him.

   c) If I am permitted to work, I shall work only for my

      Master, and surrender to Him all proceeds from my labors.

   d) I shall address my Master as "Sir" or "Master" or by

      whatever title He chooses to specify.

   e) I shall keep my body in the specified state of

      cleanliness, outside or otherwise, according to my

      Master's experssed desires.

   f) I shall accept whatever punishments my Master may

      decree without complaint or protest.

   g) At all times, I will stand in a respectful posture in

      my Master's presence, and will sit or lie down only

      with His consent.  At no time will I presume to sit on a

      piece of furniture without my Master's express


   h) My very thoughts will be only to love and serve my

      Master and make Him proud of me.  I will never carry

      feelings of resentment toward Him, and if such a

      thought should involuntarily cross my consciousness I

      shall immediately confess these feelings to Him and

      submit to whatever punishment He deems appropriate.

7. I recognize my duty to keep my body in a proper,

   healthy condition for my Master's use and pleasure.

8. I will reside in whatever domicile is commanded and

   provided by my Master.

9. I will eat only those foods provided by my Master, when

   and where He specifies that I may eat them.

10. I will never drink alcohol or take drugs without my

    Master's specific permission.

11. I will at all times be available for my Master's use, or

    the use of whomever He shall command me to serve.  At

    the same time, I shall do my best never to be an

    encumbrance upon Him, or to make Him uncomfortable by my


12. I will submit willingly to whatever additional rules my

    Master may wish to impose, either now, or at a later




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