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Archive-name: Slaves/contract.mas

Archive-author: Larry Townsend

Archive-title: Master's Contract


This comes from The Leatherman's Handbook II, Updated Second

Edition, by Larry Townsend, (c) 1983, 1989 Larry Townsend, Pub-

lished by Carlyle Communications, LTD, 462 Broadway, New York, NY

10013.  It can be purchased in lesgay-oriented bookstores.  Write

me if you want a mail-order address.


This is a tentative credo for the Master:


1. I am a Master, and I accept this slave into my loving care and


2. I will provide the physical and emotional necessities of

   life for my slave, and he will know my love as I choose

   for him to know it.

3. I will use my slave's body as I wish, such usage to be

   limited only by my responsibility not to damage either

   his physical or mental being.

4. I shall establish a clearly understood set of rules for

   my slave and I shall enforce them in a firm but responsible

   manner.  These rules will be for his protection as well as

   his discipline, and will - to the best of my ability -

   foresee every eventuality and control the most minute

   aspect of his behavior.

5. Within the self-imposed limitations above, I undertake

   to train and discipline my slave in a manner calculated

   to guide him toward a perfection of obedient submission

   that I know he can never achieve.  In doing so, it will be

   my goal to reward his efforts by dispensing the punishment

   he requires and deserves.

6. I shall endeavor to provide for my slave's necessities

   of life, even in the event that I should die or otherwise

   be rendered incapable of caring for him.



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