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Archive-name: Slaves/cindysub.txt

Archive-author: Brian Hutton

Archive-title: Cindy Discovers Submission



It was Friday afternoon and I was glad I didn't have a date. I'd

been asked but nothing seemed right about any of them. I just

wanted to be alone.


Seattle was rainy when I boarded the United flight to Los

Angeles. Where did they get the LAX from and the other names for

the airports anyway? Who's job was it at the CAB to name them?


First class always appeals to me. Not just in flights but

everything else too. I guess I just feel more important when I

spend more money on me. Clothes, car, my hair, having my nails

done, a facial, presents for friends, restaurants and flying in

first class. Why was I thinking of all these things? My mind was



My presentation this morning went well. I was proud of myself.

Somehow, being the only woman in the meeting made me proud."It

was a man's world" was boring but it still held true in my

career. Marketeers were almost all men up to five years ago with

Bennett Financial. I even feel that it should be men out making

the living in their little Brooks Bros. suits and wing tip shoes

and white button down shirts. I don't want to be out here in

Seattle, flying, working, driving with little time for me. That's

why I'm glad I don't have a date this evening when I get home. I

just want to be alone.


"Excuse me, ma'am" the attendant was saying. I guess I had

dropped off. I was aware that my right foot was asleep and my

shoes had gone under my seat. I was turned on my right side

sleeping. I had a vague feeling of being wakened in the middle of

an anxious dream and at first I was a little afraid. Where was I?

"Excuse me, Miss Albright, I don't mean to wake you but we need

to move a passenger up next to you; we seem to be having some

problem getting her lights and fan to work, do you mind?"


I still was a little foggy. I must have been sleeping for some

time. I usually only have trouble waking after I fall asleep for

one or two hours in the afternoon. I didn't even answer and I

noticed another woman standing next to the flight attendant. She

was going to sit next to me.


"I'm Jackie Montague. I hope you don't mind awfully letting me

sit next to you. The controls over my seat weren't working and I

couldn't read and there was no fan. I guess there was some kind

of electrical problem, nothing major."


I answered not fully awake. Mostly nodded. "That's fine. I'm

Cindy Albright, please sit down." My valise was not on the seat

next to me but I guessed the flight attendant had put it



Jackie rang the call button. The attendant arrived. "I'd like a

glass of orange juice, may I order something for you Cindy"?

Orange juice sounded great right now and something in her voice

was strangely appealing. I answered right away. "Yes, I'd like

orange juice too, please".


Jackie stared at me for just a moment longer than necessary. A

smile came over her mouth. Strangely appealing. "I'm going to LA,

you?" she said. The way she spoke. Very direct. That's what

everyone at work says is my claim to success. Being direct. I

didn't feel direct though. She was direct. And her stare was sort

of piercing. She smiled when she spoke but it didn't really seem

like a complete smile. Just partly. The rest of her smile was as

though she was holding something back.


"Me too. I live in LA and have been in Seattle for a couple of

days. My work."


Jackie sipped her drink. "What kind of work are you involved in?"

Now we were going to do some chit chat I could see but she seemed

a little more interesting than most. For the last two days I had

been involved in so many sets of small talk that I hoped we could

really talk. I wanted to really talk. No more chit chat, please.

"I work for a financial corporation that sells certain products

to banks. I've been in Seattle presenting our product line to a

couple of banks."


"I live in LA and work for CNN, the news tv channel," Jackie

said. "I'm in sales too, a little like you, I imagine, Cindy." No

one ever calls me by my name. Somehow, it always sounds serious.

Like when I was a little girl and my mom would call me into the

house, especially if I had done something to displease her.

Jackie appeared to be about five years older than me. It was hard

to tell in this light, though. Five or six years older I would



I had just had my twenty-eighth birthday about a month earlier. I

could forget about most of it except the cake with the candle

that Frank ordered at the restaurant he had taken me to. Not the

cake, the song the waiters had struggled through. It was

horrible. But it was funny. Frank was funny that night too. Frank

was usually not too funny. I was glad we were taking some time

away from each other to think out our relationship.


Jackie was impeccably dressed in a dark tailored suit, white

blouse, tie and dark heels. I hadn't noticed but she looked

somewhat masculine. Her hair was dark and fairly short. She had a

very serious business look about her. And she seemed sure of

herself. The way I always wanted to feel, but didn't. She had the

look of success in the marketing field that many women now had.

But she looked successful. I tried but she had the look and

probably would have it no matter what she was wearing.


"I'm going to have a glass of wine and I'd like you to join me",

Jackie said. She rang the call button as I was nodding my

approval. Her nails were done very nicely and recently too. I

always notice nails. Yesterday, I had run into a woman from a

competing financial company, coming out from giving a

presentation to one of the banks I had called on. She had been

just in front of me and I guess I had arrived a little early.

Usually, I don't get to see the people who are before me. It is

considered in poor taste to allow people in competition to

actually see one another. Probably just an example of one of the

unwritten rules made by men before I got on the scene. Her nails

looked terrible. I laughed; maybe that was why I had been

received so nicely at First Interstate Bank.


"To a new friendship" I heard Jackie say as she held up her glass

for a toast. I clicked my glass against hers. The wine was good.

Cold and not too sweet. "I toured the wine country in northern

California last year on vacation." Jackie was speaking again to

me. I liked the crispness in her voice. There was a faint accent

I couldn't place.


"I've never been" I heard myself saying. The wine was giving me a

warm all over feeling and I was looking at Jackie to see what she

was going to say next. I guess she must have seen me almost

staring at her. She smiled again.


"Do you like wine?" she asked me.


"Yes, but I don't know much about it" I responded. I had finished

my glass and felt good. Jackie had pushed the call button again

and had ordered us both another glass. She seemed to know that I

wanted another because she didn't bother to ask me first.


I found myself talking about my work and about Frank, dating and

how I looked forward to a weekend without a date. I talked and

talked. Jackie would stop me occasionally to ask me questions but

she really didn't say much about herself. She was a vice

president of a certain division of CNN and had been with them for

about five years. She covered the West Coast and travelled often.

We both went to many of the same cities.


We were now approaching LAX and the seat belt sign had just come

on. I was still holding my wine glass and Jackie noticed the sign

coming on and reached over me and fastened my belt for me. She

smiled again. She was very pretty as she got close to me. Her

smile and her manner told me everything was alright. I felt safe

with her. With Frank, I never felt safe. I was always the one to

decide things, figure out where we were going. Frank would never

have thought to buckle my seat belt if we were traveling

together. It was nice. I liked her.


"Why don't we get together this weekend and go shopping or to

dinner? I don't have any plans and I'd like your company," Jackie

said. I was just thinking the same thing but I couldn't get the

nerve to say anything. I was glad she spoke up.


"I'd like that" I responded. We exchanged phone numbers and she

said she would call me the next morning around 11:00.


It was around dusk when the plane touched down and we parked at

the terminal. Jackie shook my hand and kissed me lightly on the

left cheek. She smelled very good. I was already looking forward

to her call tomorrow.


"Hello" I spoke nervously into the phone when it rang. It was

11:20 a.m. and she was late. Or, I hoped it was her. I had

considered calling her but I felt foolish. I was eager to speak

with her again. How could this be? I was actually drawn to this

attractive woman somewhat older than me.


"Hello Cindy, this is Jackie. I hope I didn't keep you waiting

too long. I did want you to wait a little and wonder. Did you

wonder if I was going to call, Cindy?" How did she know? What

made it somehow exciting being made to wait. It usually made me

very mad to have to wait for anything. Lines at the supermarket.

Lines at the bank. If Frank made me wait I would be furious and

probably tell him that I did not want to see him. This was



"Yes, I did wonder why you didn't call at eleven and I wondered

if you were going to call at all." Oh god, why did I tell her

that? It was bad enough that I was looking forward to seeing

another woman again but now I have told her.


"Good, I'll pick you up at seven o'clock sharp, be ready. We'll

be going to a club on the westside for dinner. I suggest you wear

a dress, something light, and heels," she stated in no uncertain

terms and very business like, again. I had a light summer dress I

had just gotten the week before and hadn't worn it. It was a

black and white print that was tight in the stomach. I could wear

clothes that were tight in the stomach. I had a good figure, I

even thought so. And I didn't have to work at it either. My

mother and I have the same shape. She never has to work at it.

Although I like to work out at the gym, aerobics three times a

week, I don't have to. I'm just lucky. Paula, at the office,

works out with me sometimes in the morning. She was always

griping because she had to diet constantly and work out regularly

and still couldn't fit into the clothes I did and I never had to

worry. She said it made her mad. She was jealous and I was



During the rest of the day I found myself daydreaming of Jackie.

What she would wear, where we would go, what was this "club" we

were going to, what was the food they served, why was I thinking

of her, how could I be excited about seeing her and what was

really a date?


I heard the doorbell first. It was about six forty-five. It

couldn't be Jackie. She would probably be late. I looked through

the peep hole in the door. There she was and I wasn't completely

dressed yet. It was unsettling to have her early. She was either

late or early. What was she trying to do?


"Hello Cindy," Jackie said. She moved close and kissed me again

on the cheek. If I hadn't moved my face over, instinctively, she

would have kissed me on the mouth. I found myself opening the

door without thinking and she moved past me into the living room.

"You have a nice place. Go ahead and finish getting ready. I'll

just make myself at home."  She moved into the living room and I

was struck by the difference in the way she was dressed. She had

on black leather pants and matching top and black high heels. Her

hair was more tightly done. She was beautiful. She was different

than in the plane. Immediately, I felt a little afraid of what I

was getting myself into and very excited. I hadn't felt like this

for a long time and it was fun to upset my drab life like this.


I nervously moved about in my bedroom trying to finish as quickly

as possible. I finished my hair and makeup. I was actually having

trouble putting on my lipstick. I was scared. How could this be?

I never remember being scared of anyone. But I was scared of

Jackie and I don't know why. And she was dressed so differently

than when we met. And I wasn't dressed anything like she was.

What would she think? What did she think? I nervously finished. I

didn't want to keep her waiting.


"You look very pretty" Jackie said when I finally got back into

the living room where she was standing. She looked too good. I

shouldn't feel this way. Not with a woman. I was supposed to feel

this way about a man coming to pick me up for an uncertain

evening. But when Frank picked me up nothing was uncertain and

everything was mundane. Everything was safe. Sometimes I needed

to be safe. I felt strangely safe with Jackie but afraid at the

same time.


"Thank you" I mumbled. "Am I dressed alright?" I asked, now aware

of my nervousness and afraid she would be able to tell.


"Just right" she answered and smiled. I felt better. We walked to

her car and she opened the door for me. She touched my shoulder,

very lightly, as I got into the car.  She drove some kind of

foreign car, with four doors, maybe a Mercedes. I'm not good at

cars. I usually think of them as dark, light, foreign or sports

cars. Hers was dark and foreign. It was the kind I would expect

her to drive. Unusual, just like her.


"I want you to relax and have a good time. We're going to a club

where I go, often. They have good food and music. I don't want

you to be alarmed but there are mostly women here. Not that men

are not allowed but it gives us time with mostly women. I like

that sometimes. It's no big deal. You'll have a good time. People

know me here. It's quiet until about eight thirty and then the

music comes on. It gets kind of noisy then. Do you like to



I love to dance. My girlfriend and I used to dance together when

we were about twelve or thirteen. We would laugh and watch

Soultrain on tv. Mostly we danced fast, trying to get the moves

down so we looked good when we went to school dances.


"Yes, I love to dance." I couldn't think of what to say. All of a

sudden I was out of things to say. That was unlike me.


The club was in the West Hollywood area and was called All Of Me.

It seemed like a fitting name for a club in West Hollywood. It

was dark on the outside and you really couldn't tell what it was.

It looked like it needed some work on the outside of the

building. We pulled around back because the side parking lot was

full. There seemed to be a lot of cars.  As we walked to the

front door Jackie took a hold of my arm and guided me inside.

There were a lot of people. No, there were a lot of women. Women.

I didn't see any men. There was a long bar on the left as we

entered and tables all around the place with a dance floor toward

the back. There was a hint of some music not loud enough to

really hear.


"Hi, Jackie" I heard an attractive lady say as we walked to the

bar. Quite a few women nodded to Jackie and I could tell she know

a lot of them.  We stood at the bar and Jackie spotted a couple

of bar stools near the far end. She took my hand and we walked to

them and sat down.


"What would you like to drink, Cindy?" She did it again. Saying

my name made me feel important. I liked the way Jackie treated



"I'll have white wine" I told her and sat quietly on the bar

stool. I heard her order our drinks.


"I'm going to put our names down for a table. I'll be back in a

second" she said and then walked off. I noticed several women

stopped to talk with her and she seemed to have a number of

friends. A couple of them looked at me and I could tell they were

talking about me. Jackie made her way through the mass of women

to the front near the door and I could see her talking to someone

that apparently worked here. I guessed she was giving her name.

Then she was coming back. I found myself staring at her as she

walked back. She moved very gracefully but at the same time she

seemed masculine in her movements. She was a striking combination

of contrasts. I wanted her to touch me again.


"Well, what do you think of the club?" she asked me.


"I'm intrigued. I've never been to a club where there were only

women."  There must have been one hundred altogether. It was hard

for me to tell. It was fairly dark but there seemed to be about

fifteen or twenty tables around the bar area and up against the

dance floor. At some of them there were three and at some there

were two women. Some had dinners and some looked like they were

just drinking. And smoking. I was aware that the rooms seemed

filled with smoke. That made it appear more difficult to see all

the people present. There seemed to be a number of women dressed

in leather, too. Some in dresses and some in pants like Jackie.

There were no men. Nowhere. I had never been to an all women club

or anything for that matter with not one single man. I was a

member of a women's business club but they even seemed to have a

couple of men present, either to talk or a friend of someone.


"I come here often. It's a lot of fun when the music starts"

Jackie said, looking at me intently. That was it. She was very

intense. The way she stared and her eyes. Actually, her whole

face. I could tell that when she was after something her whole

being was involved. Now she seemed to be involved in just looking

me over and it was unsettling.


"I like the way you're dressed tonight, Cindy. You are very

pretty and appealing to me." Jackie didn't mince words. I liked

hearing that and I didn't like it. It bothered me that I liked

it. I wasn't supposed to like hearing that. I could hear my older

sister telling me that now. I think she is the voice of my

conscience that I hear inside my head. I was aware she was

looking straight at me again. In fact, she had been looking right

at my eyes since she spoke. I hadn't looked up at her yet. I was

looking at my hands fidgeting in my lap. I felt like such a young

girl at that moment and so uncertain of myself. No one had made

me feel like that before. No, that wasn't true. My mother had

made me feel that way too. Usually when I was being scolded. I

would sit looking down with my hands fidgeting in my lap. Just

like now. I felt like a naughty young girl again. I liked that

feeling in some strange and perverse way.


"Look at me when I talk to you Cindy" I heard my mother saying,

but it was Jackie this time. I felt her hand go under my chin and

pull my head up to meet her gaze. "Did you hear me, Cindy?"


Before I even considered the implications of her command to me or

her question, I heard myself answering "Yes ma'am". This couldn't

be happening. I was reverting to being a young girl again. I was

nervous and scared and excited too. It was very confusing. I

couldn't believe I had actually answered "Yes ma'am" to her. How

was she getting me to feel this way. Why was I not in charge as

usual? Why was she in charge of me? What was she doing?


I wanted some more wine. "May I have another glass of wine?" I

asked her.


"What do we say, Cindy, when we ask for something?" Jackie

responded. I couldn't believe this. Who did she think she was?

How could she talk to me like this? I thought we were friends.


Instinctively, and maybe because of the wine, in fact mostly

because of the wine I told myself, my answer was "May I have

another glass of wine, please?" I looked at her and she was

staring at me. Then a smile crept over her face. She liked me

saying please.


"Very good, Cindy, yes you may" and with that she ordered another

glass of wine for me.  Our table was now ready and she took my

arm to guide me in the direction we were going. Our hostess moved

us toward the back of the large room we were in toward an empty

booth close to the dance floor. I moved in first and Jackie was

right behind me.



Once in the booth, Jackie had me move close to her. I moved

without hesitation. I was captivated by her and her directions to

me. I seemed to do what she said without thinking. I seemed

dizzy. I realized at that point that I had not eaten all day and

I still wasn't hungry. I was anxious about seeing her and now I

was dizzy and actually growing excited. Me excited with another

woman. In college my room mate and I had become best friends and

she and I had talked about lesbian relationships and had planned

to make love some time but we never did. We were both afraid of

the consequences.


Now Jackie was talking and I was listening. About the men in her

life. About the women. About her dominating personality. Why she

thought I was attracted to her. I couldn't believe she actually

was talking about me wanting her, how I was getting excited and I

would come to need her. What was happening to me? She was the

most exciting and interesting person I had ever met. Man or

woman. I had never felt like this. It seemed alright in some

strange way. Everything seemed alright. This place. Me. Jackie.

All the women. And the wine. I was feeling very dizzy.


"You need to have something to eat, Cindy," I heard her saying. I

couldn't look up to see her gaze upon me. She ordered us both

something. I ate. I didn't even notice what it was. I finished my

wine. I was very mechanical at this point. I was very excited.


"Are you listening to me, Cindy?" I felt dreamy. Things felt

surrealistic. Her voice penetrated my trance. "Young lady, I am

speaking to you!" She was now speaking louder and I noticed that

other people were now looking at me. The music had not started

and it seemed the only noise I heard was Jackie's strong,

demanding voice. I couldn't answer. I wouldn't answer. This was

all too humiliating.


At first I wasn't sure what happened. My head was thrown back and

I was startled. My left cheek was burning. "Answer me this

instance or I will slap your face again!" I was wide awake now. I

had just been slapped. I looked at Jackie's face and she was very

unhappy. The smile from earlier was gone completely. She was

looking so sternly at me, glaring, that I was aware mostly of

being afraid. I was aware of feeling shameful and aware that I

had made her mad. Very mad. I was a little girl again and she was

my mommy. I was a naughty little girl. I had just received the

first face slapping of my life. Even my mother never did that. I

was horrified. I was mad. The next table was mumbling and seemed

to enjoy the spectacle.


"I'm sorry, I wasn't listening" I was able to get out. I hoped it

would be enough.


"I do not enjoy talking and having you ignore me, Cindy. Do not

let that happen again. It is very rude and you don't want me to

think you are rude, do you?" Jackie asked, delighting in making

me uneasy.


"No, I don't" I replied.


"No, what, Cindy?" she asked.


"No Jackie" I answered, before thinking and now realizing this

was not the correct response.


"You will either address me as ma'am or Ms. Montague, do you

understand?" I heard her say.


"Yes, ma'am" I said.


"Cindy, we are just beginning our relationship, and I want to

establish a couple of rules. Listen carefully. First, you had

best listen when I am talking. When you are talking, I will show

you the courtesy of listening too. Second, I am a firm

disciplinarian and I will not hesitate to enforce proper rules of

conduct for you with discipline. You will learn to do as I say

when I say and we will get along just fine. Do I make myself

perfectly clear?" Jackie left little for me to misunderstand,

although what she had in mind as far as discipline was concerned

was a little confusing to me but I was sure I would find out



I didn't want too much time to elapse, so I kind of blurted out

my response, "I understand."


"What?" she retorted.


"I'm sorry, I understand Ms. Montague."


A dj had assembled on the corner of the dance floor while this

was all going on and had just put on the first music. I was happy

because it meant I could get out and dance and not have to sit

and be tormented any longer.


Jackie took my hand and led me onto the dance floor. By now, a

few other couples were dancing to the fast and loud music. The

dance floor was very dark lit only by indirect lighting over the

bar and tables area. I could see well enough though.


We danced a couple of fast ones then a slow song came on. I

started to leave the dance floor when I felt Jackie grab my arm

and pull me back toward her. "We are still dancing, where do you

think you're going?" She asked.


I replied, "I thought we were finished, ma'am."


"Well, we're not." Jackie said.  She walked me over to a very

dark area of the large dance floor. It looked to me like the

dancing was the central theme at this club because the dance

floor was as large as the rest of the club.  She led, of course,

and held me tightly. She was about two inches taller than I and I

think our shoes were the same height.


About half way into the song I felt her right hand rubbing my

back. My dress clung closely to my skin and I did not have a slip

on, which I now felt had been a mistake. Her hand was on my ass,

rubbing. I felt uneasy thinking others would see, but I felt

powerless to protest and afraid of what might happen if I said or

did something anyway. No sooner had I thought this and the song

ended. Another slow one started immediately and I wondered if

Jackie had somehow signalled the dj to keep the slow ones coming.


Now her lips were on my neck. I wasn't thinking of others looking

at this point because as I gazed about the floor I noticed many

women kissing and necking on the dance floor. I couldn't believe

I was actually here, let alone excited. Her kisses went from my

neck to my earlobe on my right side. God, this was a turn on. I

gasped and sort of lost my breath with my heart skipping a beat.

I was getting turned on. If Frank could just see me now. What a



Then she kissed me full on the lips and I found our tongues

touching and playing with each other. It was a long and

passionate kiss. I was almost purring. Her hand had gone down and

under the back of my dress. I felt it first on the back of my

legs. Then she was rubbing my ass again, this time on my panties.

I was getting hot and I was sure I was wet but I wasn't prepared

for her hand slipping inside my panties to rub my bare buttock.

I'm not sure what happened for sure, but I think I reached back

to grab her hand. That was a big mistake. I don't actually

remember much of what happened next.


I was being marched out of the club by Jackie who was pulling me

by the hand. She was yelling something at me I could not make out

but I certainly had somehow disobeyed her.  She grabbed our

purses from the booth and we were now at her car. I then realized

what she was telling me, in a very loud voice. It sank in.


"You have been a very bad girl. Do not EVER, EVER grab my hand

again when I am doing something with you. If I want to rub your

bare ass in public, I will. You need to find out I mean business

and that's exactly what's going to happen. You have been a bad,

naughty, insolent little girl and you're going to be treated like



With that, she had unlocked her car door and had climbed into the

back seat. I was standing to her right, still in the parking lot.

It was fairly well lit and we were alone among the cars.


She grabbed my hand and pulled me off balance and over her lap.

She instructed me "Get over my lap NOW, Cindy!".


I was upended and lying face down over her lap. It was happening

very fast and she kept scolding me. She must have pulled up my

dress because I was no sooner across her lap when I felt her yank

my panties down. I had trouble believing most of this evening but

me, a grown successful, career woman lying face down over the lap

of a dominant woman in black leather, in the back seat of her car

in a public parking lot, about to be spanked, well that defied

analysis. Then the spanking started. One cheek after the other.

It hurt and burned too much. I couldn't stand it. I yelped and

demanded she stop which soon turned to begging and sobbing.  She

would stop, lecture and scold me and spank some more. It was

burning and hurt terribly. I was wiggling and squirming and she

scolded me and told me to hold still. Then she took a break, I

guess, and rubbed my ass. I was crying and her hand was soothing

me. It was rubbing, tenderly, both cheeks which were very  warm

now. She was rubbing over my anus too and then my pussy. I was

drenched and very embarrassed. She now knew this evening was

sexually stimulating to me and there was no way to hide it. She

rubbed across my clitoris and I shivered. She kept rubbing my

pussy and put her finger inside. Then she would rub my clitoris

again. Back and forth. With her left hand free, she started

spanking me again, all the while rubbing my clitoris. I climaxed,

over her lap, and shuddered and screamed. I have never been so

turned on and have not experienced such a strong orgasm before.


Afterwards, she had me sit on her lap and she comforted me. We

kissed and she rubbed my breasts. We drove to my house and on the

way she told me I would lick her clitoris until she experienced a

great orgasm too.


I knew this evening was going to be the first of many with this

demanding lady.


                                           THE END


Copyright 1987.

Brian Hutton


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