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Archive-name: Slaves/cindyrel.txt

Archive-author: Paul Starr

Archive-title: Relaxing Evening at Home

     David had invited Cindy over to his home for dinner.  He 

served her spaghetti with his mother's secret meat sauce, tossed 

salad, garlic bread and for dessert a chocolate souffle. The meal 

went perfectly.

     After dinner David cleared the table while Cindy turned on 

some soft music.  David had hoped Cindy would help with the 

dishes; but she didn't.  Not wishing to neglect her, he left the 

dishes in the sink and returned to his guest.

     The two sat down on the couch, relaxed, took their shoes off 

and talked awhile.  They discussed several subjects such as 

material they had learned in their college classes, gossip, and 

politics.  Eventually David moved closer to Cindy and put his arm 

around her.  She then kissed him with her tongue on the mouth.  

     David then began massaging her nipples thru her blouse and 

very soon after had removed her blouse and bra.  In the mean time 

Cindy had also been undressing David.  She had taken off his 

shirt and begun unbuckling his pants.

     Then an unusual thought hit David.  "Cindy should have 

offered to help with the dishes.  She should be taught a lesson."

     David suddenly interrupted fore play and told Cindy to stand 

up which she did without really suspecting anything.  He said to 

her, "You really should have offered to help with the dishes.  I 

worked very hard to make a nice meal for you and you do not even 

have the courtesy to help with the clean-up."

     She replied, "I'm sorry David.  I am thoughtless sometimes.  

You know I loved your dinner and I really love you."  She was 

feeling a bit silly, standing there with her breasts exposed, 

being told off by the usually mild mannered man she had fallen in 

love with.

     "I happen to love you too.  I think you need to be taught a 

lesson.  Perhaps the best way to show you my love is teach you 

that lesson.  You behaved tonight like a thoughtless little girl.  

Do you know what happens to thoughtless little girls?"

     "They get a good spanking."  She had no idea what possessed 

her to say it.  Some how she thought David was merely playing a 


     "Exactly," said David, "now bend over my knee."

     Cindy put on a pouting face and said, "please don't spank 

me.  I'll be good."  Apparently she still thought he was only 


     "Bend over my knee now," said David sternly.

     Cindy laid herself across David's lap as she said to him, 

"not to hard please, Darling."

     David then reached under the twenty year old blonde's skirt 

and grabbed her panties; which he slowly and carefully pulled 

down along with her hosiery.  He then eased the removed 

protective clothing off of her feet.  He then began folding her 

skirt up as he lectured her on her thoughtlessness.

     He continued the lecture for a few minutes as he gazed at 

the exposed spankable bottom.  Finally, after what must have been 

an eternity for Cindy, he lifted his hand and brought it down 

hard upon her left cheek.  She screamed from the second of 

contact.  She then realized that he was not joking.

     Before she could catch her breath, another slap came down 

upon her right cheek.  David had to then tighten his grip as she 

struggled to be free.

     David said, "If you continue to struggle I'll be forced to 

use my belt," as he gave the teary eyed woman a third slap; this 

time upon the joint of her left thigh and buttock.

     The lesson continued for another three minutes in which time 

Cindy received around thirty spanks.  Her bottom was left a deep 

crimson color.  Also to her surprise, her pussy was very wet.

     She also noticed a bulge in David's half open pants.  She 

decided she could be angry over the spanking later.  For now she 

needed to have David inside her.

     She finished undressing her love while David untied her 

skirt and let it drop to the floor.  He then picked her up and 

carried her in his arms to the bedroom.  The two got into his 

queen size bed with Cindy in the superior position.  Any other 

position would have been too painful considering the lesson she 

had just been given.

     They both reached climax almost simultaneously.  It was the 

best orgasm either had ever experienced up till that time.

     They continued to lie together in bed for some time.  David 

was on his back and Cindy was lying on her side with David's arm 

around her in a tight embrace.

     Finally Cindy gave David a big kiss on the cheek and said, 

"thank you for showing me your love."

                            THE END!


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