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Archive-name: Slaves/chamtga.txt


Archive-title: Chamtga

I had to go to the department store.  My supply of shirts had 

become just about exhausted, and a sale was in progress.  Might 

as well stock up, I thought.

At the counter was a rather attractive saleswoman.  About 34, she 

was on the tall side (5'11" or so) with a medium build, and dark 

hair.  It wasn't her physical appearance that attracted me, though; 

it was a necklace she was wearing - a necklace worn only by members 

of Select, an organization of sexually liberated people.

On the end of the pendant was a tiny paddle - the Select sign for 

people who have a special interest in bondage and discipline.  

An involuntary shudder went through me when I saw it.  I hadn't 

seen one in years.

"That's a rather attractive necklace you're wearing," I said to her 

in as normally conversational a tone as I could muster.  She looked 

up in surprise.  "Thank you," she replied.  "It's got a very special 

significance to me". My mind raced.  Should I venture another step?

"Yes, I know".  I had decided.  But should I continue?

The decision was made for me.  "How do you know what significance 

a necklace might have to me," she asked in an even, level tone.  

"We've never met."

Here goes.  "It looks like a Select necklace," I replied.  "Indeed it 

is," she said.  "And do you know what special significance THIS Select 

necklace has?"

"It's the sign of dominance", I answered.  I lowered my eyes, as I was 

expected to do when a contact of this type was made.  "And do you know 

what it means when you tell me of your knowledge of this necklace?" 

she questioned.

"Yes, mistress.  It means that I now belong to you.  You have the 

right to order me to do your bidding, and to punish me at your whim.

I am obliged to obey you, and I accept this obligation willingly."

"That is correct," she answered.  My new mistress made a quick note 

on a small piece of paper and handed it to me.  "Be at this address 

tomorrow night at 9PM.

I want you to be wearing only shoes, a shirt, and pants - nothing 

else.  As soon as you enter my house, and I close the door, you 

will remove all of your clothing.  Do you understand?"

"Yes, mistress," I murmured, and quickly left.

I don't remember anything that happened between then and 9PM the 

next night. I was consumed by thoughts of what would happen when 

I arrived at her home.

At exactly 9PM, I knocked at her door.  It opened, and I saw her 

already walking into another room.  "Follow me - quickly" were 

her only words.  I disrobed as she had ordered, and turned the 

corner into the next room.

Four other people sat there in the room - staring at me as I entered. 

Three of them were women between 25 and 40, and one was a man of 

about 40. "Tell us your name and why you are here," said my mistress.  

I glanced at the four others, embarrassment welling up inside me.

"I am here to be obedient to my mistress, and to accept whatever 

discipline she desires to use upon me," I answered.  "The correct 

answer," she replied. "Kneel.  Crawl to each of the women and 

kiss her feet."

I did so hurriedly.  Kissing the feet of each of the women made me feel

submissive to each of them; exactly what my mistress wanted, I thought.

When I arrived at my mistress I began to kiss her feet.  I did 

not - could not - stop until I heard her voice.  "Stop," she said.  

"I want you to remove my panties without using your hands."  Thinking 

quickly, I begin to use my teeth and my tongue to loosen and lower 

the thin, brief panties.  "Kiss," she ordered.

As I crawled around her, I kissed her everywhere as the panties lowered

themselves slowly.....slowly...........

Suddenly she stopped me. "That's MUCH to slow.  You must be trained 

to work more quickly on my orders," she hissed.  I knew what was next.

"Go to the cabinet and open the drawer.  Bring me the contents."  

As I crawled past the last of the three women, she sharply struck 

me with her open hand on my buttocks.  "That's only the beginning, 

you know...", she smiled.

The cabinet drawer contained two paddles.  They were the largest 

paddles I had every seen, but I knew exactly what they had been 

designed for.  Taking them in my teeth, I returned to my mistress 

and waited for her to take them.  She did.

"Get over to the coffee table, and bend over it," she ordered.  

"And I don't want to hear a sound out of you, do you hear me?"  

"Yes, mistress" I answered.

I took the position she had ordered.  One of the three women in 

front of whom I was positioned began to coat my buttocks with 

a lotion of some sort.  After several seconds, my bottom began 

to get warm.  "Just to make the skin a little more sensitive," 

she laughed.  I gritted my teeth, waiting for the discipline to


And begin it did.  My mistress had handed each of the two other 

women one of the paddles and given them instructions to alternately 

strike my buttocks with slow, even strokes.  When the first few 

were lightly applied, I began to feel relieved; perhaps this would 

not be as painful as I had imagined.

But I was mistakened.  Slowly the pace and force quickened.  I could 

feel the blows being applied harder.....harder.....almost to the point 

beyond which I could not stand it.  They continued.....I stifled a 

cry, knowing that if I were to make a sound, the discipline would 

just be doubled.  I tried to take my mind off of the fiery redness, 

but it was no use.

Finally it was over. "Rise, and thank your trainers," my mistress 

said.  I stood, awkwardly in front of the women.  "Thank you," I 

said to each.  "Thank you for giving me the discipline I deserved."

"You're welcome," they replied, almost in unison.  "It was our 



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