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Archive-name: Slaves/catfite.txt


Archive-title: Susan's Big Loss

Just about everyone from the whole junior college was there to watch us

fight. Susan had told all her so-called friends to come and watch her

teach me a lesson. I wasn't worried about them interfering, though. They

only hung around with her because of her money. I mean, she was

beautiful, but what an arrogant, snotty bitch!

She had been on my case ever since I had transferred here three weeks

previous. I guess I was no slouch in the looks department, and the

attention I got from the boys pissed her off. She kept insulting me in

front of everyone, really pushing it... Well, now I was going to push


We squared off in a small clearing in the woods behind the campus. We

were both wearing our gym strip. We circled each other, the crowd

cheering Susan on. She came at me, spinning on her heel to give me a

drop kick.

What a laugh! I knew that she had been taking martial arts courses for a

few months. Big deal. No one here knew me, but I come from a family of

martial arts experts. Susan was in for a very unpleasant surprise!

I easily sidestepped her kick, grabbing her ankle as she went by and

dumping her heavily on the ground, stunning her. I laughed, standing

there. She scrambled up, angry. She lost her composure, charged. I

stepped inside her swinging fists and jabbed my fingers into her gut.

Her breath whooshed out of her as she doubled over. I jerked her head up

by the hair and slapped her face, once, twice, three times...she was

gasping, a stunned look in her eyes. I pushed her face with my palm,

dumping her on her ass. She rolled weakly onto her side, curling up...

I knelt down and shoved her further over, face down, and then grabbed

the bottom of her t-shirt. I pulled it up over her head and then right

off. She was gasping, now, obviously panicking. I undid her bra and

jerked it off, then used it to tie her hands together in front of her.

She pressed herself down against the grass, afraid of exposing her

breasts. She begged me to stop. "I give, I give!", she pleaded. "You

win!" I just laughed.

I said, "Susan, I happen to know that you planned no mercy for me if you

had won this fight!" I told one of my few supporters to go and get

Susans' purse and open it. She did and pulled out two items, a long

handled hairbrush and one of the biggest dildoes you can imagine! "I

overheard you boasting to some of your fancy friends, bitch! I know what

you planned to do to me! Well, I'm not going to let them down, but you

are going to be the star attraction!"

She began to squirm and struggle, but she really had no chance. I jerked

her runners off and then peeled away her socks. The crowd pressed

forward as I grabbed the waistband of her shorts and dragged them down

her legs and off...

Just panties left now...

She was really wailing now, begging for mercy, for help...but no one

even tried! Because, when you come right down to it, they didn't want me

to stop. They wanted to see this rich bitch brought down to size!

Then, to the delight of the crowd, I slowly peeled off her panties,

revealing her bare ass. Down, down, and off! And Susan was now

completely naked! She blushed redder than ever, her whole body shaking

with humiliation! Her breathing was nervous and gasping...

I grabbed her hair and jerked her up on her hands and knees. I told her,

"You see that stump over there? That's about one hundred yards. Well,

you've got 30 seconds to get over there, on your hands and knees. If you

don't, I'm going to give you what you really deserve - an over the knee,

bare assed paddling! Now, git!"

With that, I blasted her ass with the back of the hair brush. She yelped

in pain, then began hurrying toward the stump. You can't travel fast

that way, of course, and she was soon begging for mercy, blushing as the

crowd laughed at her slow, embarassing progress, hopping along on her

hands and knees. I walked alongside of her, smacking her ass with the

hair brush, hurrying her along, while I counted out the seconds. She was

shifting her butt all over the place, trying to avoid the spanks, but

succeeded only in putting on a good show for the crowd - her buns

bouncing, her tits swaying...

She went as fast as she could, but she just couldn't do it. The 30th

second counted off just a few feet short of the stump. I stood her up,

then sat down on the stump while dragging her forward, over my lap. I

laughed. "Little girl," I sneered at her, "you've been bad, and now I'm

gonna give your rump a real workout!"

"Now, listen up, Susan," I lectured her. "You're about to get the

spanking you deserve, but it can be a long one, or a short one. You are

going to get at least 40 whacks, understand? But I am not going to start

counting those 40 until one of two things happens. Either I reach 40

spanks once, and then start another 40...or else you spread your legs

nice and wide and let everyone here look at your cunt!"

"No! No! No!" she begged, squirming, "Please, please don't, please, I'll

do anything, anything-"

I just laughed. I took the hairbrush and began the spanking!

Splat! One! Whack! Two! Ca-rack! Three!

"Just think, Susan, you can still win a moral victory! Maybe you can

hold out through all 80 strokes and not show anyone your pussy! Maybe

you can show everyone how tough you are, that you can take this spanking

without humiliating yourself! Think you can do that?"

Whack, whack, splack, crack!

Her ass jiggled, her body shook. She began to cry out. I knew it

wouldn't take much more...

Wh-ack! Ca-rack! Smma-ackkk!!!!

Ten strokes, that's all it took. She screamed at me to stop, and quickly

spread her legs wide open, exposing her naked slit for everyone to see!

The crowd went wild, humiliating Susan further, impressing her with how

complete and public her come-uppance was. "Gee, Susan, only ten

strokes!" I cooed at her. And now, the final 40!"

Ignoring her pleadings not to continue, I renewed the spanking with

increased energy. I spanked hard and fast, punishing her poor ass

unmercifully! She kicked her legs wildly in a vain attempt to avoid the

blows, showing her cunt even more! After 20 more strokes she was bawling

like a four year old. To entertain the crowd some more, I began angling

my spanks, striking the inside of each ass cheek alternately, pulling

each one away from the other, revealing tiny glimpses of Susans' asshole

to the crowd, humiliating her even further.

I rolled her off my lap and stood up, watching Susan as she continued to

jerk and twist, naked on the grass. I watched, grinning down at her all

the while. As she came back to her senses, she regained some control of

herself and stared up at me. A fresh burst of tears poured down her

cheeks. "You bitch! You goddamn bitch! I hate you! I hate you!"

I stopped grinning. I raised the hairbrush again, patted it in my palm.

"I guess you haven't learned your lesson, yet, have you Susan?" Fear

jumped back into her eyes now and she shrank back from me. "W-wait!

Wait...I...I'm sorry, I-"

"Susan, I'm going to give you another choice. You know how sore your ass

is. You can either do what I say, or else I'm going to give you some

more spanks. Two Hundred. Can you imagine two hundred more spanks?

That's enough to make your ass look like a rainbow. Or you can do

something for me..."

"Wha-what?" she said, trembling...

I opened my purse and pulled out a pair of sciccors and a razor. "I

think everyone here would enjoy watching you shave your cunt hairs off

for us, don't you think?"

Susan gasped. She pleaded with me, begged me not to make her do it. I

just brandished the hairbrush and told her to turn over. With a fresh

burst of tears, she gave in and took the sciccors. With everyone

gathering around she sat gingerly on the grass, and spread her legs wide

open, blushing. She began to snip her cunt hairs off close to the skin,

softly crying and sniffling. The crowd gawked and made rude comments,

making her suffer in shame.

I collected all her cuttings in a baggie and told her, "This makes for a

nice trophy, don't you think? Kind of like taking a scalp! Hah! Kind of

symbolic, too, that you are doing this to yourself rather than face me

some more. You are going to be hairless like a little girl. Yeah, a

grown woman with a bald cunt! Just an overgrown baby, if you ask me!"

She finished the sciccor work and I handed her the razor. She had to be

careful with it, slowly scraping her stubble away with short, delicate

strokes. She had to pull her cunt lips open for everyone, to pull them

away and get at the hairs there. At the end I made her get on her hands

and knees and put her head down. I knelt behind her, parted her knees,

lifted her ass up and finished shaving her crotch from the bottom of

her cunt right up to her asshole. As the cool breeze tickled her anus, I

sensed her mounting shame and helpless anger. I chuckled as I continued

to taunt her. How she hated me! And how I enjoyed her humiliation!

As I finished, I gave her ass a good smack and then shoved her face

down, flat on the grass. I untied her wrists and then retied them behind

her back. I squatted down, my knees on either side of her, keeping her

firmly under control.

Did she know what was coming? Probably. But she was so emotionally

spent, so drained of energy. She could barely protest, barely continue

to whimper and plead.

I took the sciccors...

She had such a gorgeous head of hair. She really did...

Snip! Snip! Snip!!!

She screamed, began to blubber and beg, pleading pathetically!

Snip! Snip! Snip, snip snip!!!

All she could move were her legs, which were kicking up and down

furiously while she wailed her protest and the crowd leered and

snickered! It was fantastic, the ultimate humiliation...

Or was it?

And fifteen minutes later, as I finished sliding the razor over her

scalp, removing the remaining stubble, I asked her if she was ready to


She was in shock. I untied her hands and watched as she kept sliding

her palms over her naked scalp, tremling, astonished, incredulous at

what had been done to her! I smiled. Once my rival, now my little pet.

Such a sweet, sweet revenge...!

She lay in the grass, stroking her head, moaning, twisting,

crying...then, to my satisfaction she began whimpering to me like a

little baby! "I'm sorry, I'm sorry," she cried, over and over. "Please

don't hurt me any more... Please, please?"

I leaned forward and whispered in her ear. "That's good, Susan. Just

remember who's the boss, that's a good girl. We're going to have a

little more fun, now, but don't worry, don't think about anything. Just

concentrate on what I you...right now..." All the while I gently

rubbed her aching ass cheeks, petting them in a...proprietary sort of


I rolled her over onto her back. Grabbing both of her ankles, I pushed

her legs back and apart, exposing her cunt completely. I knelt between

her legs, making sure she couldn't possibly close them, all the while

staring into her eyes. She was quietly, fearfully pleading with me to

stop. But her tone was one of apology and pleading - she knew she had no


I began by rubbing my middle finger up and down her cunt lips, gently

parting them, stroking, pressing slightly forward. "Concentrate, baby,

come on...concentrate on how my finger feels on your pussy. Come on,

Susan, make love to my finger, come on, that's it..." She was still

sniffling. "Come on, be a good girl." I cooed at her.

Her hips began to move. I held my finger still, and was delighted to

observe her cunt lips push forward against it, almost starting to suck

on it. I renewed my fingering, and was rewarded with a burst of cunt


I began working her harder, sliding my finger up and down her lips,

smearing her oils along them, making her start to moan. I gently slid my

finger up her hole, then back out, then in. Out. In.

I figured she was wet enough now, so I slid another finger up her and

began rotating them, forcing her cunt wider. She responded by

humping back and forth against my hand. "Play with your tits, babe," I

ordered her. She reached up with one hand, began pinching her nipples. I

smiled to the crowd. Susan seemed unaware of them, so mesmerized and...

captivated...she seemed by my fingering!

She was really gushing now! I worked another finger in, then another!

Four fingers! I really worked her now, fucking her mercilessly with my

fingers. Susan was bouncing and humping, squealing and gasping...

And then I gently began rubbing her clit with my thumb. She went nuts!

Her legs were trying to jerk together, but were unable to close, of

course. She was going to come, any second now, real soon...

I stopped. She gasped in shock. "No! What?...what are you doing?! No,

fuck me, fuck me, fuck me...ohhh, please, please...let me come!"

"You can come, Susan," I told her. "Just work at it!" I then tucked my

thumb against my palm and began sliding my whole hand up her hole!

Yes! My whole hand! She began to scream...screams of panic, of pleasure,

of shock! But she was wet, and pliable, and well-worked...My hand firmly

continued its' way up her cunt till her lips were uncontrollably and

visibly sucking on my forearm!

I rotated my hand from side to side, amazed at the sight of cunt juices

spurting out from her hole. She was out of her mind now, fucking back

against my wrist, desperate to come.

I taunted her. "Come on, baby, come for me. Go for it. Fuck my arm,

squirt, squirm, suck my fist! Come on, come on...come for front

of all these people..." Her face suddenly showed a new horror and

embarrassment as she was reminded of the crowd. "Come for me, your

enemy, come on her hand, for her, in front of the whole crowd, the whole


That was it! She exploded in orgasm, her juices flowing all over my

forearm, down onto her ass. She bucked and humped and twisted, wailing

like a hundred wanton whores! Her bare feet pounded up and down on the

grass on either side of me. What a show! The crowd cheered and laughed

while Susan, rich, arrogant Susan, naked and hairless, squirmed on my

arm like a fish on a hook.

I slowly withdrew my arm and stood up, watching Susan as she continued

to jerk and twist, naked on the grass. I waited for her orgasms to

subside. I cupped her chin in my hand. "Do you like my hand, Susan?" I

asked her.

She was squeezing her thighs together, in a spasmodic twitching. She

pressed her face against my hand and began licking it.

"Please," she whispered, "Please, put it back in! Please, please...fuck

me some more!"

"You know something, child," I said to her, "I'm going to enjoy having

you as my precious little servant from now on. My naked, hairless little

slut! You are never going to have a man again for the rest of your life.

All your satisfaction will depend on pleasing me, on making sure that I

am willing to give you what you hand!"



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