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Archive-name: Slaves/boardrm.txt


Archive-title: Boardroom Discipline



     It was an eight o'clock, morning meeting and everyone was

punctual.  The Sisters would tolerate nothing less.  Though

casual wear was permissible at almost any other time, official

business called for official dress.  Everyone of the ladies was

wearing tailor-made suits.  This was the first time I was allowed

to be present during one of the meetings, though my training was

not yet complete.  My participation was marginal.  I was really

only there to observe, and at times, to be studied.


     One wall of the room was mirrored floor to ceiling.  It made

it seem as though many more women there, seated at the extremely

large, dark wood conference table.  The opposite wall was mostly

windows; tall, wide ones with long heavy curtains.  The curtains

were drawn open to let the summer morning light plunge in, soft-

ened by ivory sheers.  The enclosing walls were paneled.


     I was learning a lot watching them in action.  Their minds

were keen.  They worked together solving group problems, plan-

ning, scheming, creating.  Discussion covered widespread topics,

from personal business accounts to how much salary raise to pay

the cook here at 'the estate'.  When the last item on the agenda

had been addressed, Christine, president and leader of the clan,

opened the floor to any additional items.  Veronica stood up,

"Yes, I have a bit of business to be considered by the Sisters.

As you all should be aware, our newest trainee has contributed a

man to the cause.  Or should I say a boy?  For he certainly has

been behaving as one.  As a very naughty one.  It's only fair

that he be present to hear of his offenses and to face his accus-

ers.  Agreed?"


     The table agreed with nods and low voices.  Some of the more

lax women eagerly sat up in their chairs, with slight smiles on

their faces and bright glances to their sisters.  They were

looking forward to this surprise agenda.


     The door opened and one of the many female estate servants

led David, by a leash attached to his wrists, into the room.  It

had been almost a full day since I had last seen him in the

office with Constance and Veronica when he had agreed to their

proposal.  I almost gasped when I saw him.  His lovely dark hair

had been cropped very short, as a little boy's often is at the

onset of summer.  He was naked to the waist, except for the wide,

black leather bands cuffed around his wrists.  Each had two rings

securely attached to them to be used in such instances as now,

when his wrists were bound together in front of him.  He was

wearing loose, drawstring, black trousers and his feet were bare.

Though clearly on the losing side of this battle, he walked in

pridefully, and stood brazenly looking at the women in the room.

If he wanted a fight, the Sisters would give it to him, and

THEY'D win.  I knew.


     "Ladies, this young man fully consented to the training

here.  He also agreed to obey the rules.  In only one day I have

found him idle a number of times.  Not only that, he has willful-

ly disobeyed the first rule, that of not touching himself to the

point of orgasm.  We all know that idleness leads to such behav-

ior and he has made it apparent that he can't be trusted with his

own private parts.  Besides the mandatory physical labor, should

he be further punished?  What says the council?"


     Unanimously yeses circled the table.  When it came to my

vote, I tried to get David's attention, but he kept his stare

ahead and ignored me.  I knew I could show no mercy because of

how I felt for him, so I agreed.  Veronica then grabbed him by

the chin and talked close to his ear, "Yes it is then.  All these

women feel you should be punished for idly playing with your own

body.  You know the rule, your body is for their use only.  Now,

what should the punishment be?  Hmmmm?  Maybe your little friend

should decide since she brought you here and you're being such a

disappointment to her."  Veronica turned her cruel glance to me,

"And how do you feel this naughty boy should be punished?"


     "Why," I stammered, suddenly aware of the spot I was in, "I

believe naughty boys should be spanked."


     "Just spanked?" she threateningly questioned.  "A good

paddling then?  Councilwomen, what say you?"


     Again, Veronica controlled the crowd.  They all agreed to a

thorough paddling.  Then she did something I never expected.

Gripping the leash tightly, she jerked David to face away from

the conference table, pushed him forward so that he almost fell

and had to lean his hands on the edge of a bookcase against the

wall for balance, and then abruptly pulled his pants down.  His

naked buttocks was totally exposed to the room full of women.

Veronica looked at me again, "I trust you'll do the honors?"


     "NOW, Veronica?  Do you think this type of a behavior prob-

lem can go unattended to?  Spare the rod and spoil the brat.  The

council is waiting."  I looked about at the beautiful faces

waiting to see David punished.  I was embarrassed for him.  They

all seemed so delighted to see him in this position.  I stood and

approached them.  Naturally, Veronica had a paddle ready.  I took

it from her and was surprised at its lightness though it was very



     I knew I had to scold him as he received the blows, and so I

began, "David, you know you deserve this.  I'm disappointed that

you couldn't control yourself for even one day.  I hope this

teaches you a lesson."  Then I lifted the paddle and swung,

hitting his cheeks with a loud crack.  The second hit was even

stronger.  He withheld any kind of emotion and didn't cry out,

but his ass began to turn red.  My strokes were slow and deliber-

ate.  Every once in a while I would add a comment about how

naughty he had been.  Finally Veronica's impatience got the

better of her.  She snatched the paddle from my hands.


     "Don't you realize he's a man?  He behaves like a little

boy, but his body needs much, much more than those love taps

you've been giving him.  You can't discipline him that way.

He'll walk all over you.  Sit down, I'll deal with you later.  I

thought I had taught you better than that by now."


     Veronica stood with her hip at David's waist, gripped him

secure with her left arm about him, and began paddling unmerci-

fully hard and fast.  In the position she was in, we all had full

vision of his posterior's increasingly angry proof of his disobe-

dience, and Veronica's more than confident capabilities.


     Over and over she hit his bare bum.  Her disapproval was

apparent, "Who do you think you are?  Did you think you'd get

away with breaking the rules?  Boys that misbehave get punished

and you deserve everyone of these spanks.  You're a very bad boy

David and I'm going to teach you how to behave properly."  The

women at the table giggled and chatted to one another, remarking

about the lovely shade of red his ass was acquiring.  When Veron-

ica had paddled David to the point that he squirmed in her grip

and swayed his behind back and forth in front of the group, some

of them cheered her on, telling her that he needed more.  He

finally reached the point of verbalizing his discomfort which

seemed to incense Veronica's fury even further, for she renewed

the energy in her strike.  He begged and sobbed for her to stop.


     "Stop?  Stop David?  Did you stop when you felt your come

rising in you though you knew it was wrong?  No, you kept on

playing with that nasty cock of yours.  So why should I stop

now?"  She smacked him.  "Why?  Oh, please, please stop."


     I could tell that Veronica reached down to his genitals to

grip him in this last disciplining effort.  He groaned and bent

his head.  "What a terribly naughty boy you are.  Turn around and

show these women just how bad you are."  He straightened up, his

ass marked with welts from the paddle and turned, head bowed.


     I was shocked.  He had a wonderfully engorged erection, but

no pubic hair.  The transformation to well disciplined little boy

was complete.  I remembered the embarrassment I faced as a new

trainee, denied my adulthood amongst these powerful, erotic

women.  Naked as a child.  I had never thought they'd do the same

to a man.  Then I recalled the other embarrassments I had to

endure that first day: the shaving, the complete bathing and

scrubbing as my body was inspected by a stranger, and finally and

most embarrassingly, the most thorough enema of my life by an

unmerciful older woman who insisted on the holding of the liquid

for intermittently long periods of time.  I flushed to think that

David had endured it all too.


     Veronica then asked Christine, the lovely auburn-haired

petite president to assist her.  Christine fondled and masturbat-

ed David as he stood in front of everyone, in front of me, while

Veronica inspected and tested the sensitivity of his backside.

Many comments were made about his body, about his lustfulness and

how "easy" it would be to have him.  More than a few mentioned

that they were sure to take advantage of his trainee position for

their service in the next few days.  In no time at all, he was

ejaculating all the come that was in him onto the conference

table.  The council laughed out loud as his body convulsed and

shot white gobs onto the smooth wood surface.


     "Well David, I think you've sufficiently embarrassed your-

self for now.  You can go back to your room."  She pulled his

pants up from around his ankles and lead him to the hall for a

servant to see him to his quarters.  When she came back to the

conference, she thanked the women for their assistance.  Seeing

as there was no more business on the floor, the meeting was

adjourned.  Veronica turned to me as everyone stood, "Clean up

his mess.  That's the least you can do with your pathetic weak-



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