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Archive-name: Slaves/bd.txt


Archive-title: A very spicey story indeed.

    Recently I had an experience that was a variation from the 

norm for me that I would like your readers to share.

     I was at a rock'n'roll concert when I met them.  I am 6'2" 

tall, and have been lifting weights for a few years.  I think I'm 

in pretty good shape, and so did the two identical blonde 

beauties that had the seats in front of me.  They were both 5'7" 

tall, about 120 lbs, with 35-22-33 figures.  Both wore white 

jumpsuits, which really accentuated their wonderful figures.  I 

passed them a joint and struck up a conversation.  Before I knew 

it, we were on our way out together, and my buddies were very 


     I had ridden with one of my pals, so Suzy and Sally took me 

back to their townhouse in their van.  It was totally fixed up, 

with a raised roof, captain's chairs front and back, and one of 

the best sounding stereos I'd ever heard.  As we parked out in 

front of their place and finished another joint, Suzy said to me, 

"I bet this is a dream come true for you, coming home with both 

of us like this, isn't it?"

     "I have to admit that I'd have been smiling all day if I 

knew it was going to happen," I said.

     "Some more of your dreams may come true, but you have to 

agree to play by our rules, or not at all.  Do you agree?"

     "Sure.  I agree," I answered, sensing even more that I was 

in for a really good time.

     The inside of their townhome was done all in white; carpets, 

couches, bookcases, lamps.  It was really quite impressive, and I 

told them so.  "We think you're pretty impressive, too, and we'd 

like to see you pose some of your muscles," said Sally.

          I happily obliged; flexing my powerful muscles. "You're 

very strong," they both agreed, and I smiled.  First one, and 

then the other gave me a deep french kiss.  My seven inch muscle 

was so hard it throbbed, and as Suzy ran her hand lightly over my 

crotch, she said, "Remember your promise?  Put your hands behind 

your back, and hold still."  When I did as I was told, Sally 

handcuffed my hands together.  "Now pull down my zipper, with 

your teeth!"

     I gladly knelt down in front of her, taking her jumpsuit 

zipper in my mouth, and slowly worked it down over her body, 

loving the smell of her, feeling her heat.  She had no bra on, 

and I playfully ran my nose between her twin mounds as I passed 

them, only letting go when the zipper reached its end at her 

crotch.  I remember kneeling there, a huge smile on my face, her 

lovebox inches from my face, when my arms were pulled up sharply 

behind me, and a foot pressed against the center of my back 

forced me to crash face first on the floor, suddenly in pain.  My 

arms felt like they were being pulled out of their sockets as 

Sally pushed them higher, and I cried out in pain, trying to get 

away.  Sally quickly grabbed my balls with her other hand, and 

ordered me to be still.  I laid quietly, and very still on the 

floor, very much aware of the perils I faced if I disobeyed her.  

My arms and balls hurt like hell. 

     Suzy laughed as she ran from the room, and in a moment came 

back and put a thick leather collar around my neck.  Sally 

twisted my balls a little more as she let my arms down, only so 

that Suzy could attach the handcuff chain to a short chain 

dangling from the back of the collar.  My arms were once again 

pulled up tight behind my back, and now I felt the pressure on my 

neck, also.  Suzy quickly attached two ankle straps to me, and 

hooked their rings together with another short piece of chain.  

Only then did Sally release her death grip on my family jewels.

     I heard them both laugh above me as I struggled in my bonds, 

realizing how effectively these two relatively puny girls had 

confined me, and I was no longer sure I was in for a good time.

     "That's right," one of them said, "let's see you flex all 

those muscles."  They both laughed again.

     "We've both dreamed and planned for this night for a long 

time," Suzy told me.  "I hope you're as strong as you look, 

because you're going to need every ounce of it."

     "Let me go!" I shouted, only to hear both of them laugh 

again, and then I was blindfolded.

     They made me crawl into the garage, which they had fixed up 

for their 'special' night.  I felt a snap clip attached to the 

front of my collar, and I was pulled to my feet.  They attached 

more chains to my ankle straps, and pulled my legs far apart, 

then hooked ropes to my wrists, unhooked the handcuffs, and 

pulled my hands far over my head.  Then they took off the 

blindfold, and laughed again as I surveyed the room.  It was an 

S&M heaven, with all types of restraining devices, tables, and 

chains suspended from the ceiling.  I knew I was in trouble.

     "If you let me go now," I told them in as masculine and 

powerful a voice as I could, "I won't hurt you when I get loose."  

They both just laughed at me.  "Otherwise I'm going to beat your 

fucking asses when I do!"  They laughed even harder.

     They each produced a pair of scissors from a set of drawers, 

and Sally said, "Let's see what we've got here."  To my horror 

they proceeded to cut my clothes off of me.  I tried to struggle, 

but I was helpless and they just laughed even harder.  I watched 

as my shirt fell to the floor in shreds, then my designer jeans.  

I had worn sandals, and even these were cut off of me.  Soon I 

stood in only my briefs and my leather belt.  Unlike other 

stories I have read in your magazine, I didn't have a hard-on at 

all, I was much too frightened.  As the cold scissors slid into 

my last stitch of clothing, I whimpered like a baby, afraid of 

what those scissors could do, and closed my eyes as my ruined 

jockey shorts fell to the floor. 

     "Not bad," I heard them say as they walked around me.  I 

opened my eyes as Sally took my cock in her hand, stroking it 

softly.  "He doesn't seem to be having much fun yet.  Maybe we 

can change that."  I couldn't help but respond as she expertly 

fondled my pride and joy, and her sister slowly stepped out of 

her jumpsuit, revealing her exquisite body, clad only in sheer 

white bikini panties.  Then she came to me and rubbed her tits 

all over me as she kissed me deeply again, and took over where 

her sister left off, so that she too could strip.  

    My cock stood straight out from my body as they blindfolded 

me again.  They laughed as I winced, feeling my testicles pushed 

into a small leather sack, which was snugly tied at the top.  

"Ouch!" I cried as they attached a weight to it, pulling my 

helpless balls toward the floor. 

     "C'mon weightlifter, lift this weight," Suzy chided.  "Don't 

go away, we'll be right back," she said, and they laughed all the 

way from the room.

     I stood there for what seemed an eternity, wondering what 

they were going to do to me, even if I would live.  My balls 

didn't hurt, but the weight on them was a constant reminder of 

what had been done to me, as if my bonds weren't enough.  I tried 

with all my strength, but I couldn't free myself from their 

chains.  Finally I heard them come back into the room.

     When they took off my blindfold, I couldn't help but be 

impressed with them both.  They were identically dressed, except 

Suzy wore red, and Sally wore black.  They each had on a corset, 

laced tightly in the back, with half cups for their gorgeous 

tits, which stuck out firmly, their big nipples protruding from 

dark aureoles.  At the bottom of the corsets were garters that 

held up their net stockings, and they had matching five inch 

heels.  Both had snow white bushes on their pussies, and 

perfectly round asses.  My cock jumped a little just at the sight 

of them. 

     "From now on," Sally told me, "you will address both of us 

as Mistress.  You will not speak without our permission, nor do

anything else without our express permission.  But understand, 

you are here to serve us.  Do you understand, fully?" 

     I looked at my two beautiful twin captors, and realized I 

could be in for a really good time, after all.  "Yes," I 


     "Yes, what?" she shouted at me.

     "Yes, Mistress," I said.

    "That will cost you," Suzy said.  "Every time you displease 

us, it will cost you, do you understand?" 

     "Yes, Mistress."

     "Good.  You must have noticed that we left your belt on you.  

We did that for a two reasons.  First, we wondered why it was so 

thick, when it wasn't really even needed to hold up your pants.  

We wanted you to feel it against your skin.  Second, you 

threatened to 'beat our fucking asses,' if we didn't let you go 

earlier.  I think you would have used that thick belt on us, so 

we're going to use it on you, for just that same purpose.  You 

will also learn who are the bosses, and who is the slave!"

     I struggled in vain as Sally shoved a ball gag in my mouth, 

tying it around my head, and Suzy unbuckled my belt.  I watched 

in the full length mirror in front of me as Suzy stepped behind 

me, and began whipping me with my own belt!  My ass and the back 

of my thighs were on fire as she used the full swing of her arm 

to hit me, and even though tears were coming down my face, my 

cock was growing hard! 

     "I think he likes it," Sally commented to her sister as she 

squeezed my hard-on.  They then took out the gag, and made me 

promise to be their slave, and to do everything they said, 

without question.  I didn't want to, but Suzy kept running the 

belt over my flesh as they told me what to say. 

     They then attached another belt around my waist, and one at 

a time let my arms down, only to have them strapped securely to 

the belt.  Then they freed my legs, and ordered me to my knees.  

First one, and then the other stepped in front of me and allowed 

me to lick her pussy, instructing me exactly how they liked it 

done.  I have always loved to eat pussy, and both of these were 

juicy delights.  I realized that if my slavery consisted of lots 

of this, I would be a happy slave.  I had to bring each of them 

to an orgasm, using only my tongue.  It was a pleasure.

     When each had come, they ordered me to crawl over to a mat 

on the floor.  They chained me spread eagle on it, then put a 

large blanket over my entire body.  It had a hole in it, however, 

large enough for my cock and balls to stick through.  They took 

the leather sack off my balls, and after threatening severe 

punishment, took turns riding my cock for their enjoyment.  I'm 

not made of steel, and I try as I might, the feeling of their 

tight, hot pussies finally made me come.  I cried out beforehand, 

and whoever was riding me quickly got off.  They specifically 

didn't want me to come inside of them.  My cock shot a long, hot 

load of come into something they put under it.  Then they 

uncovered me, and told me they were angry I had come without 

permission, and that I would have to pay for it.

     They had me crawl over to an old fashioned stock, which they 

put my head and wrists into, so that I was bent over at the 

waist, parallel to the floor.  Then they put a four foot leg 

spreader on me, leaving me helpless.

     "When the settlers first arrived in Salem, this was how they 

punished their women.  As you can see, you can't see behind you.  

Then at night those hypocritical men would come and have their 

way with her, and she would be as helpless as you are to stop it.

     "Sally, didn't he say he would 'beat our fucking asses?'"

     "I do believe that's what he said," Sally agreed.

     Suzy stepped in front of me, and I started to protest 

loudly, seeing the nine inch dildo strapped around her waist, and 

knowing what she was going to do with it.  She silenced me by 

forcing it into my mouth, making me 'suck her cock.'  I felt 

Sally running her hands lightly across my buttocks, and in 

between the crack.  She then stepped around in front of me, also 

wearing a 'cock' that I had to suck.  As I did, Suzy stepped 

behind me, and greased my virgin ass.   I pleaded with them to 

stop, but a moment later I felt the stiff rubber cock at my anus, 

and slowly but surely, she pushed it inside!  

     It hurt like hell at first, but soon I relaxed my sphincter 

muscles as my Mistress fucked my ass.  Tears were running down my 

cheeks as they humiliated me, fucking me with one while I sucked 

the other.  They took turns fucking me, then, and I wondered what 

kind of man I was, because I began to like it!

      Finally, Sally said, "Now we can really 'beat his fucking 

ass,' can't we?"

     I felt the riding crop s slap down hard on my ass, and I 

shook my hips back and forth, trying in vain to escape it.  They 

had left a dildo sticking deep inside me as they did to me what I 

had threatened to do to them.  Although tears streamed down my 

face, my cock was as hard as it had ever been, and I was very 


     They freed one of my hands, and ordered me to jerk myself 

off.  They let the riding crop s run up and down my legs, and 

across my back as I stroked my meat.  I felt the dildo moving in 

and out again, and finally I cried out as the biggest orgasm of 

my life shook me, making me very dizzy and weak at the knees.

     When I was done coming, my Mistresses walked around in front 

of me holding my come from both orgasms in a bowl, and made me

lick up every drop.

     They released me from the stock, only to attach my hands to 

the belt again, and made me piss in a bottle.

     I was then tied back down on the mat, and the blanket was 

again put over me, with my cock and balls sticking through.  I 

was told I could sleep.

     For the rest of that weekend, my two beautiful twin 

mistresses used and abused me, making me wear girl's underwear as 

they took pictures, and teaching me that all my strength was 

nothing to them.

     They dropped me off in front of my apartment late Sunday 

night in a bra and panties, and luckily no one saw me run inside.

     They took my number, and I have gone back three times, each 

time getting better and better.  Last time they invited seven of 

their girlfriends, and I had to wait on all of them in bra and 

panties, servicing their every desire, accepting every stroke of 

their whips. 

     I love both my mistresses, and I am their slave.  Next 

weekend I have promised to bring an unsuspecting friend with me, 

and I know just the one.  He is a real chauvinist, and I'm sure 

my mistresses will teach him the error of his ways, no matter how 

much it hurts him.


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