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Archive-name: Slaves/awashann.txt


Archive-title: Awakening of Shannon, The


She had come to me in response to an ad I had placed in one of

the national rag magazines.  These deal in the now not so hidden

lifestyle of masters and slaves.  She stated that although she

had never had any first hand exposure to real S&M, she was very

curious about the subject and wanted to learn more.  Since I

rarely take on people who have no experience I insisted that she

find someone who she knew and trusted to show her some of the

lighter stuff.  She insisted that she knew of no one who was into

this type of kink and deeply wanted me to give her what it was

she was looking for.  With a large amount of reluctance I agreed

to train her.  ( most have many good and exciting fantasies but

the real thing is much more demanding than they expect)  All of

this was by telephone and from six states away.  We had made

arrangements for her to fly out on her vacation time she had

coming from work, two weeks, not much time for her training but

enough for her to be able to decide if she wanted to continue or

not.  The weeks flew by and when the fateful day came she came

bounding off the boarding ramp at the airport with a childlike

zeal.  At lunch we talked for a while and she related to me her

desires these were not unlike many I had heard before.  Basically

the idea of being tied made her so hot that is all she could talk

about.  She related to me of the many times she had tied her

ankles together when sleeping at night and how unsatisfied she

was with "regular sex."  I told her of the basic rules of the

training program I had and she seemed even more ready to start.

We proceeded to my home located at the foot of the tallest moun-

tain in the continental united states, Mt.  Rainier.  She, once

inside the door was ask to remove all her clothes and hang them

in the hall closet.  This she did without any hesitation.  A

thick leather collar was locked about her neck and her wrists

were secured behind her with a pair of leather hospital re-

straints, these were key locking.  Thusly she was lead to the

lower level of the home to an area that had been converted for

the training of slaves.  Her eyes seemed to grow large at the

sight of the room and its many accommodations,and for a moment or

two it seemed she wanted to change her mind.  But when ever we

bring someone who has never had any training before into our

workshop they are ask a lot of questions while on video tape.

During this brief question and taping session she had still

expressed a deep desire to disown her body to the whims of anoth-

er.  So that is how she was lead into this opening scenario.

restraints were attached to each of her ankles similar to the

ones that were already on her wrists.  Each arm was attached to a

ring set in the heavy ceiling beams put there for that exact

purpose.  her ankles now attach also to a length of steel chain

were likewise attached to rings set into the floor.  She stood

there on her toes, her head up and alert waiting for what was

next to come.  Her eyes looked at me with a questioning glance as

I placed the leather hood over her head and secured it below her

head around the neck.  (inside the hood was a gag sewn inside

that had a corresponding strap on the outside to pull it inside

the mouth) She was then gagged and sightless, also the hood makes

sound a very limited sensation.  (by the way there are holes near

the nose of the hood for breathing for you who have never seen

one of these ) In the top of the hood is a ring this was secured

to the beam directly over her head.  making it impossible for her

to move, talk, see, or hear.  With her now quivering legs spread

so far apart she must have felt very venerable to anything what-

soever.  We strapped a special type of vibrator around her waist

and slipped a sensor inside her vaginal cavity.  ( The sensor

monitors vaginal contractions, the vibrator fits over the exter-

nal vaginal area near the clitoris.  The vibrator stimulates the

person to a point near orgasm, then as soon as the person gets

into the action and starts to go with it with action of their own

the sensor detects the muscle action and shuts off the vibrator,

after five minutes it starts all over again.) This was the way

she was left for the first four hours.  I watched but didn't

speak to her.  I left her to the world of simple sexual frustra-

tion.  After about two hours she was hanging in the restraints by

her wrists, sweat was profuse on her body.  the vibrator running

she just shuddered and moaned.  And then it would be off again

and she would relax, and then on again and you could see the leg

muscles quiver.  In this fashion she was denied a complete re-

lease.  When this was over she had little strength and was sticky

from her own sweat.  Removed from this she was placed in a spe-

cial chair, this was at one time a dental office chair with the

hydraulic lift and all With the back tilted all the way back and

her bent over it she was secured.  The chair was raised to where

her feet were no longer touching the floor and her rear was

nicely displayed.  Quickly without warning several strokes from a

light cane were applied.  her body then again came alive.  And a

drawing appeared upon her bottom.  As soon as this had finished,

the vibrator was once again turned on this time with the sensor

turned off and she was allowed to orgasm.  Her orgasm lasted

three minutes.  And during the caning she had not cried, but

during orgasm she sobbed continuously.  After a long shower, some

light food, some small talk, we settled into a good long conver-

sation of her first day.  She said she had never had an orgasm of

that magnitude before in her life.  And wanted to think about it

over night to see if she wanted to try some other things.  She

slept chained.


(end day one)


***                 THE TRUE STORY OF SHANNON                ***

***                                                          ***

***                         DAY TWO                          ***

***                                                          ***

***                                                          ***


When the morning came she found her self sore and chained.  She

had a rather demanding time the day before.  She still had some

signs of the cane on her rear, but they were now faded and were

just memories.  She sat up as I entered the room, she parted her

lips in an attempt to speak and held her thought, she remembered

that the one thing I had taught her that was most important was

that a slave never speaks unless she is given permission to do

so.  I seeing that she had something to say ask her what was on

her mind.  She started by asking what was for breakfast, I told

her she would be fed but not quite yet.  I told her to get onto

her knees, she complied.  I reached around and braceleted her

wrists behind her back.  She was kneeling there looking up at me

with a "what's next" kind of expression.  I pointed to the zipper

on my pants.  She said " I haven't even been to the bathroom

yet." I slapped her face and told her that she had two options

while in this place, one was to leave and the other was to do as

she was ask.  She said she was sorry and unzipped my pants re-

moved my penis and started sucking on it with a reluctant but

steady back and forth motion.  (she had a way of opening her

mouth on - the down stroke and then closing and sucking real hard

on the up stroke) I came in a matter of minutes.  I  saw a white

slickness around her lips and knew it was my seed.  She cleared

her throat a few times and stayed in the position I had request-

ed.  I reached behind her and grabbed her wrists by the brace-

lets.  I took her over to the ring in the center of the room and

with a short piece of chain secured them up in the air behind her

back.  She was teetering there in her tiptoes head down arms up

rear sticking out.  again I applied the cane this time I told her

not to make a sound.  I said to her that if she was quiet I would

only give her five, but if she made noise I would start counting

all over again.  She received twenty nine before she decided to

be quiet.  She also couldn't hold her water while she was being

disciplined (remember she had to use the bathroom) I know this

seem hard to some of you but you have to understand she was there

of her own will, also she could leave anytime she wanted to.

After the caning she was allowed to use the bath and to get ready

for the day after the shower she was allowed to eat.  Her food

was given to her on the floor, her hands were again behind her

back.  (you should have been there) She had oatmeal all over her

face and even some in her hair.  After another shower she chained

in the corner of the room with instructions not to speak.  She

spent most of the day there.  When evening came she was lead off

to spend some time with a female friend of mine.  ( I wasn't

involved in this so I can relate it to you but I am sure your

imagination will do...she slept the night with my friend.  The

next morning...well that's another story


****************         THE TRUE STORY         *****************

****************                                *****************

****************      OF SLAVE GIRL SHANNON     *****************

****************                                *****************

****************            DAY THREE           *****************


It was late the next morning when I saw Shannon, she was returned

naked in a sheet.  Her breasts and neck were covered with

hickies.  I never ask about that night, but always wished I had.

She was in a very pleasant mood, although I noticed when she sat

down that she did so very gingerly.  I had her turn around so I

could inspect her back side.  I was surprised to note that even

though whipped the day before with the intention of leaving some

welts, the welts were gone! She had some rather large round

bruises that seemed to me would stay for a few days.  Asking her

what was used on her to create these nice paintings she replied

"a large kitchen spoon."  I decided to give her ass a break for a

few days and try to concentrate on other more meaningful areas of

her training.  Her ankles were cuffed together with her in a

kneeling position.  Her wrists were braceleted behind her back.

Her hair (not very long about shoulder length) was tied into a

pony tail and attached to a cord which ran to a ring in the

ceiling.  nipple clamps attached.  a connecting strap was run

from her wrists to her ankles and drawn tight bringing her feet

up and behind her such a way that the only thing balancing her

was the cord on her hair.  A large mirror was placed in front of

her so that she could see all of her self.  A recorder was placed

near her, the mike attached to the mirror.  She was told this "

This is the way you will remain until you recite the following

one thousand times "I am a female, I belong to men, to real men

and only to them - it is my natural calling to be owned, and to

obey.  I will strive to please any and all real men.  For I am a

slave to my sexual desires."  (For her to do this completely

would take many hours and would not be practical for her to

remain in this position)  (The idea that even though what has

been asked may seem impossible for her to do, that she be willing

to expend all of her energy trying to do it )  She was left there

for about two hours she had about three hundred lines done.  Two

hours is a very long time in that position.  When I entered the

room she looked to me and continued to repeat the phrase.  I said

wait..."how are you doing?"  She replied her back hurt and her

hands were going to sleep.  I ask how many she had done she

didn't know how many.  I said for her to start over and count

this time.  Her whole body began to shake and she started to cry.

I inquired of her what was wrong.  She said "I just cant stay

this way any more" I said "You will until you finish."  (I wanted

her to beg for something else)  She said  "I will do anything

just ask - but I can't do this any more."  (I was waiting for

that famous-line"I will do anything"  Now she had made some real




****Three things to think about here :  1.  She was staying of

****of her own accord.  2.  She had submitted to another

****woman the night before.  3.  She had accepted discipline from

****two different dominant people in less than 48 hours.  And was

****willing to submit to anything to get out of an uncomfortable

****training session.  But most important was the fact that she

****didn't ask to leave just to submit to something different.



She was released from the restraints she was under.  She was

instructed to report to the bath area of the house.  She was

there waiting for me when I entered a half hour later, just

sitting there on the edge of the tub, naked.  I had her get into

the tub and place her hands on the side of the tub.  She was

sitting facing the faucet.  Her body was turned to the side

because of the position of her hands.  After removing all of my

own clothes I stepped inside the tub and had her place her hands

on my ankles.  Her head was a little higher than my knees, she

was bent forward just slightly.  Pointing to my penis and scrotum

I had made my desire known.  I straddled her body with her still

sitting.  Her head back, mouth open tongue licking the underside

of my scrotum.  I was sure this wasn't something new to her since

she had this devil look on her face.  Requiring her to lick

between my legs for a few minutes was just prep for the next

thing to come.  I took hold of my penis and directed it to her

mouth, she accepted it eagerly.  The direction that she next

received was to stimulate her self as best she could with one

hand while placating me.  (what was done next you may say is

impossible, it is if you have-not worked on it for a long time)

When I saw that she was getting excited her self and she was

working harder and harder on me I started urinating in her mouth.

It took a few seconds for her to realize what was going on, as

soon as I saw her eyes look at me with some resistance I grabbed

her hair and just held it tightly.  She closed her eyes and

sucked and swallowed as hard as she could and orgasmed her self

in a tightening of her body that bent her double beneath me.  My

urine continued to flow on her back and form little rivulets down

to her rear.  A long shower followed.  We both washed and ca-

ressed each other and then made love in the shower with the water

pelting us all the while.  It was good for me and she was well

spent also.  The remainder of the day and evening she spent at my

side on her hands and knees with collar and leash.  She slept in

a wire kennel made person size, with carpeting not too uncomfort-

able except it is only four feet long and two and one half feet

wide.  How did she sleep?  Tell you next time......


********************    THE TRUE STORY    ******************

*******************                        *****************

*****************            OF             ****************

****************                             ***************

*****************        SLAVE GIRL         ****************

******************                         *****************

*******************       SHANNON         ******************

***                                                      ***

***                     DAY   FOUR                       ***

***                                                      ***


Shannon was sleeping in the cage below in the training room.  I

had some business other than training her for the day.  She found

her self confined for the day with out food or use of a rest

room.  She did have a supply of water that was connected to the

side of the cage.  The cage being locked shut left her no other

option than to stay where I had left her.  I returned later in

the day, about six or so.  After some dinner I descended to the

cages area.  She was sleeping in a fetal position.  I kicked the

side of the cage and informed I wanted her to wake up.  She sat

up and said "Where have you been "  This was not a good move on

her part for a slave does not require from her master such infor-

mation.  I unlocked the cage and told her to go take a shower and

return as quickly as possible.  I was very interested in the

feelings she was having since she had been forced to relieve her

self in her cage and then stay in there.  She returned a short

time later with wet hair and a smell of fresh shampoo.  Her lips

had been done as well as her eyes.  I noticed that even her

nipples were redder than is normal.  She entered and she knelt

before me.  (I love it when they do that) She was getting the

idea.  I ask her if she always spoke without permission.  she

replied "sorry Master"  And she proceeded to place her head to

the floor.  (I also love that)  I told her "get the whip " she

crawled on her hands and knees to where the whip hung and raised

her self up and took it between her teeth and lowered her self to

the floor and came back to where I was.  I asked her "Are you

ready for the whip?" and she replied "Yes Master"  I said "ask

permission first from now on if you wish to speak." She replied

"yes Master."  I wanted to ask questions about her thoughts and

didn't want to change the way she felt at the moment.  The fol-

lowing are the questions as taped at the time.



Q.  How do you feel about your training so far Shannon?


A.  It has been a lot different than I had expected it to be.  I

had expected a lot more beating, but I wasn't sure.  I wasn't

sure if what I had expressed I was interested in would be ex-



Q.  This was your fourth day, I feel you have made good changes

in becoming a slave in your heart, how do you feel?


A.  When I came here I was very interested in getting rid of my

temper and my inhibitions, I have found that so far I have not

felt either of these.  I don't understand that since I have

always had them.  But so far I feel like furniture with but one

real purpose to please.  I don't know if that is what I truly

want for this is a very addictive manner of existence.


Q.  Do you want to continue your training ?


A.  If My master is pleased to do so.  I would wish that he

continue.  I do wish that he could be more demanding of this

slave of his.





I concluded the evening with giving her a sound strapping, This

was done with a wide leather strap and was applied to her back

and leg's.  She slept that night without being fed.


*********************                     *********************

********************  SHANNON SLAVE GIRL   ********************

*******************                         *******************

********************      DAY  FIVE        ********************

*********************                     *********************




It was late in the morning when she awoke.  Food was waiting for

her outside of her cage.  It was as usual oatmeal with a piece of

wheat toast and some coffee.  She was sore from the strapping the

night before but was in a good mood.  She greeted me with a

smile and a "Good Morning Master."  I had her crawl out of the

cage and she stayed on her knees waiting for instructions.  I

felt that she had taken to heart the whole idea of being a true

slave.  She was looking at me with a look of anticipation that

was to much for me to resist.  I ask her to stand up then bend

over and grab her ankles.  I proceeded to inspect her body.  Her

back had several wide red marks from the strapping the night

before.  I could also see some smaller welts on the backs of her

legs.  I think these were from the tip of the strap which is

traveling at a greater speed than the middle section and there-

fore has a deeper impact.  The sight of this sweet little was



~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~        DAY FIVE         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~         WHAT WAS HER REQUEST ?       ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


** At first she thought for a few moments, then she ask in a low

soft way "Do you think I could handle having my nipples pierced?"


I replied "It all depends on how much you want it done and if you

are willing to take care of them for a few weeks while they



She said "I mean do you think I could handle the pain, they are

so sensitive.  I have never thought about it much before but now

I do want it done."


I told her to remove her clothes and recline into the dental

chair where I proceeded to secure her hand body and foot.  I

didn't blindfold her because I wanted her to watch, also I omit-

ted the normal gag.  She was fastened on her back with her head

forward close to her chest.  Her arms were tied to the sides and

her feet secured to the foot rails of the chair.  Over the middle

of her body was a wide strap about three inches wide, this kept

her from sudden movements that might cause problems with the



**When I do piercings I like to be exact in the positioning of

the piercing tool.  This makes piercing quicker and less painful.

I went to the chest where I keep these types of instruments, I

withdrew a short but thick veterinary needle.  This type of

needle has considerable size and allows a nylon filament to slide

through the center of it.  The filament is made for weed-eaters

and is the size of a match stick.


The problem one has with doing piercings is keeping everything

clean during the operation, and proper care after the wound has

been inflicted.  She was watching as I gathered these various

things.  I had some alcohol swabs the kind that have their own

foil pack, also a pair of pliers that had flat blades with a hole

drilled near the end.  The handle of the pliers had a ratchet

latch to adjust the amount of pressure applied.  As I approached

her with these various devices I saw that possibly the reality of

the situation might be more than the fantasy she maintained.

This I could see in the look she had on her face.  I ask her one

more time if she wanted to go through with it.  Her reply was

just do it and I'll try not to make noise.  I placed the pliers

over her left nipple bringing the blades closed on the tip flat-

tening out its surface.  When flattened out it was about one half

of an inch wide.  I told her not to look at what I was doing, (I

didn't want her to flinch when she saw the needle coming) I

placed the tip of the needle at the opening in the plier blade ,

with one hard push it was passed completely through to the other

side.  She screamed and heaved her chest up and then settled back

into the chair.  I took a precut length of the nylon filament and

fed it through the needle about three inches.  While holding the

filament I with drew the needle leaving the nylon behind hanging

out of each side of the nipple.  Then I removed the pliers and

placed them on the other breast.  After removing the pliers from

her left nipple and the blood was allowed to return to it, it

started to bleed.  I placed a large self stick bandage over the

entire nipple because there is nothing as bad as having to watch

blood run down someone's body knowing full well you are the one

who caused it to do so.  In a matter of a few minutes both of her

nipples were pierced in this manner.  Both breasts had nylon

filament hanging from their respective nipples.  This filament

was thick and stiff.  It was about six inches in length.  The

ends were brought together and fed through a small metal crimp

that fastened them as one piece.  These appeared as rather large

plastic hoops on the front of her body.  The length of these

hoops allowed her to move them through the piercing while being

able to coat the hoop with medication.


***She hadn't screamed when I passed the second needle, I felt

she had handled the whole thing rather well.  She would soon find

that they would get very sore for a couple of weeks and then

there after they would always display a tendency to be more

sensitive.  She was released from the chair and allowed the run

of the house for the first time.  I found that she followed me

and when I sat she sat on the floor next to my legs.  I used her

lips briefly that evening before I sent her to her cage.  She was

becoming exquisite..........................  a true slave,

heated by her desire to please.


********************                    **********************

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    SHANNON DAY SIX        <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

**************                                  **************

>>>>>>>>>>>          SIMPLE THOUGHTS                <<<<<<<<<<




be but non the less she awoke with much groaning and oohing and

ahhhing, it seemed that she had a pair of very tender breasts.  I

expected them to be this way but she didn't take to heart what I

had said to her about them being sore for about two weeks.  I

told her to take a shower that morning and then gave her a tube

of Folies ointment to apply to the nylon cord and rotate through

them.  I didn't see her for about three or four hours I was busy

with some other stuff I had to do.  One can't spend 24 hours a

day keeping these little truffets well when I again thought of

her it was about noon.  I saw her kneeling in the kitchen area

watching someone cook the noonday meal.  Before the meal was

served she was instructed to clean the floor with a small broom

and told to put the things in the dustpan in the trash.  I was

seated at the table and Shannon was on the floor beside me.  She

was not allowed to eat with her fingers, instead she ate from a

regular doggy dish that was bought for her.  We were having bacon

tomato sandwiches.  she on the other hand was having the same

thing but hers had been cut up into little pieces just the size

she would require for her mouth to be able to pick up and chew.

Beside her food bowl was a clean bowl of water with a few ice

cubes in it.  The sight of a beautiful female eating this way

totally naked, well I must say is exciting.  I had finished my

sandwiches and the person who had cooked the meal had gone into

another room.  I was watching Shannon struggle with her food.

The sight of her trying to drink, well it was easy when the bowl

was somewhat full she could simply purse her lips and suck in the

water, but after a few drinks this was not possible, instead she

had to lap at the water like a cat or a dog.  I loved the sound

of her small little tongue lapping, lapping, lapping.  She had

finished her food and I felt this was a good time for some new

training.  I said "Shannon get under the table"  I reached under

and unzipped my pants and withdrew my penis.  Quickly she had the

idea and took it deep into her mouth, being limp at the time it

was easy to do.  It wasn't long before most of it was sticking

out of her mouth.  Sweet slave this is your desert.  She never

missed a stroke as I practiced trying not to show any emotion.  I

figured at some future party to have her under the table for the

entire meal and watch the expressions on the other guests faces

as she traveled around the table.  As she finished me off I felt

like I was going to never repeat this satisfaction, Having but a

simple piece of property in my total control, one who was revel-

ing in my total happiness.  She was indeed a slave a slave of her

own desire one who would go to any length to please a man  and

yet she was to be there for another eight days.  I couldn't be-

lieve the way she had come around to the slave mind set.  I know

she had wanted it but this was so soon that even I was sure it

would have taken longer.  After lunch I told her I wanted to

inspect her now ventilated nipples, she stuck out her chest to

show them off to me.  She touched one and I saw her wince.  I

took hold of both the nylon filaments and placed them both in the

grasp of one hand trying not to cause her any discomfort.  Then

gentle I drew her lips to mine and kissed her deeply, as I was

kissing her I brought a slight amount of pressure to the lines

that connected the nipples and I could feel her body shiver but

she just pressed her lips harder to mine and they even hurt well

after the kiss was over but she had not stopped me nor had she

said anything that would lead me to think that I had done any-

thing out of the order.  I took her and chained her by the neck

to a ring set in the corned of the room.  This was one of those

new style hitching post rings about three inches in diameter with

a big screw on it.  To this was a piece of chain about one inch

wide.  The chain was looped around her neck once and a padlock

was put on to keep it there.  She was chained in such a fashion

that she had to stay on her knees.  I left her there with out

permission to speak until I saw she was very restless.  I gave

her permission to speak and ask her if she needed to use the

bathroom.  She gave me a soft "yes Master"  I allowed her to use

it but I stood there and watched all of the time.  Her modesty

was dwindling and I wanted her to have none.  After finishing I

took her onto the back porch which is a deck and has sides so no

one can see and chained her to a ring set in the side of it.  The

reason for this was for her to get some sun.  She was out side

for about an hour and I decided to bring her in the weather was

getting cold and I didn't want a sick slave.  She was sent to her

kennel to watch some lesbian movies I had put there for her to

watch, ( I knew she would watch them because it was better than

watching the walls grow)




***                                                     ***

***                                                     ***

***                                                     ***

*******************  DAY SEVEN SHANNON   ******************



+++   When the other girl entered the room Shannon raised her

head to take note of the sounds coming from me and the slave I

had with me.  She then sat up and watched as I placed the other

slave in four corned restraint, (Arms tied above head out to the

sides, legs spread tied to rings set into floor) She seemed

intent in the manner that I treated this female.  This other

female had long dark hair almost to her waist, her name was Dina.

Once well secured I went to Shannon's cage and let her out.  She

knelt in front of me and placed her head to the floor.  I told

her to look at the girl tied so sweetly, I ask her what it was

she thought I would want to do to this "Dina."  She said if I

know my master he would want to whip her and then make her do all

kinds of things she would not normally do.  I said "That is

correct"  But I said I want you to do these things to her as I

watch.  Shannon looked to me and said "I could never do that to

another slave.  I told Shannon "the reason this slave is here is

the fact that she has lost some of her training, and her master

being a new master has ask me to do some retraining on her.  I

tell you Shannon I want you to whip her and I want you whip her

good." I then took a seat in the corner of the room to watch what

was about to happen.  Shannon walked over to a rack four feet

long and mounted to the wall.  On this rack was about  twenty

assorted whips, crops and paddles.  Shannon selected a rather

thin supple leather strip.  I pointed to a much heavier wooden

rod.  Shannon looked at me with disbelief I said "yes that one."

(Shannon had never felt one such as this because it was never

required for her)  Shannon took the rod it was about three eights

of an inch thick and two and a half feet long,  and she swung it

through the air it made a low whooshing sound.  I said "Shannon."

She looked at me.  "I want not an inch between her backs of her

knees and the top of her buttocks to be spared, And I don't care

if it takes all night." I saw Shannon measure the distance to the

girls rear and tap it a few times to see how a swing would go and

then she brought the rod back and swung WOOSH-THUD  the sound of

way to light a stroke.  "SHANNON"  I said, "POSITION", Shannon

went to the floor with her head down.  I had position of the rod

and I showed Shannon how it should sound going through the air

with her rear as the landing point.  I did this a few quick

times, then ask "have you got the idea?" Shannon with tear filled

eyes said "yes Master."  I again took my seat.  This time the rod

made an exquisite sound as it sailed and landed the girl jerked

forward in her bonds and let out a sharp "aaaac" sound.  "Shannon

that is how I want all of them to be," I said, she looked at me

and uttered a low "yes master."  By the twentieth stroke the now

growing red slave was begging for her to stop but Shannon follow-

ing my instruction continued thinking of her own bottom not

wanting to feel this tool of the master ever again.  Shannon had

worked up a sweat of her own, she had switched arms two times and

had a design of crisscrossed welts covering the area I had re-

quired her to fill.  The slave who's bottom of which we speak was

beyond crying and was hanging there.  Toward the end each stroke

of Shannon's was deliberate and was with all her strength.  I

took the rod from Shannon and ask her what it was like to beat

this girl who she had no ill feeling for Shannon said "I want to

turn the rest of her red" I ask her why.  She said this:  "This

girl came here knowing this was going to be done to her, she held

her wrists up for you to tie them and put her ankles out to have

them secured.  I know what the feeling is to be beaten when I am

excited but she didn't have a vibrator tied to her to mix the

feelings.  So I could only assume that she enjoys being beaten."

"Yes," I said "that is it exactly.  Ask her what the feeling is

like once you are past the first twenty strokes.  Shannon asked

her and the girl replied:  "I hate the first twenty or so but

then the fire starts and it slowly travels through my body and

heats up my clit until each stroke brings a greater sensation

from my clit.  I don't get off this way but it is a deep need I

have now for this and my master isn't up to this type of train-


"Shannon, would you like to trade places with her and let her

have a go at it?  Shannon just thought for a minute and then she

said "Can I stop if I want?"  I said "only after the twenty fifth

stroke, if by then you are not past the discomfort and into the

pleasure then yes."

Shannon said "ok I'll try."  And that is what will follow in the

next story.






///////////////////       //////////\/\/\/\//\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

//////////////                \\////\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

////////                         \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

/////                                //////////////////////////

///                                  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

///        "SHANNON GETS HER -       //////////////////////////

///            JUST DESERTS"                  \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

///                                           \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\

///                                           //////////////////


The other girl had secured Shannon well, she hung there with her

toes just touching the floor.  Her wrists were tied tight enough

so that you could see a redness in her hands.  (Normally I don't

tie this tight but for the length of time she would be there it

would be alright.)  I just watch as the girl put a hood on Shan-

non.  Shannon and the other girl had agreed not to stop until at

least thirty strokes had landed and Shannon wanting to try this

had told her not to stop under any circumstances until this

number had been reached, this is why the hood with the gag in it

was used.  No matter how much Shannon screamed she was going to

get thirty.  The girl selected a wide but thin paddle to work

with.  As far as I could tell she started with light strokes and

then went quickly into heavy deliberate ones.  The first two or

three Shannon didn't even flinch for but the next ten she jumped

forward as far as her toes would allow.  The last fifteen found

Shannon pushing her rear farther backward to receive the full

measure of the swing.  By the time thirty had been reached

Shannon's rear was very red, but she was pressing it back and

moving it sideways to hurry the next blow.  I didn't count all of

them but I am sure she had to have received seventy five or so

before she fell slack in the bonds having orgasmed.  The hood was

removed and she just hung there panting and shaking.  I ask her

"Are you alright?"


She replied "OOOHHH YEAAA."  I said "You ought to see your bot-

tom."  After we had untied her she walked over to a full length

mirror and looked at the now blood red patches that covered her

cheeks.  She rubbed them and remarked " Boy they are sure hot."


I said "And so were you."


  The other girl came over to Shannon and wrapped her arms around

her and then kissed her lightly on the shoulder.  Shannon turned

and kissed her full on the lips.  I said that they could relax

after their ordeal and they did so for a few hours (in each

others arms for the rest of the night.)  I felt this was a good

awakening for Shannon who was a little short on this type of

experience.  The following morning I had Shannon bath and dress

the other girl in a training harness.  The reason for the harness

was to teach the girl how to step and keep her back straight when

she was kneeling.  Later Shannon helped me put the girl in a hair



(I will explain hair balance):  The girl was told to kneel, her

long hair was braided into a long pony tail with rope interwoven.

Then the rope being seven feet long was tied up above her head to

a beam, this was not tight but just snug.  The way the hair grows

this forces the face down and the crown of the head up.  the

girls hands were locked behind her back in medical cuffs, her

ankles we also likewise secured, a strap of about an inch wide

was attached to the ankle cuffs and drawn up and laced through

the wrist restraint, then the strap was brought over the shoulder

and down the front of the body and back under to where the ankles

were now forced to stay and secured.  This brings the slave up on

her knees and the only thing balancing her is her hair.  She must

hold still or she will not be able to balance and pull her hair

excessively to get back into balance.  (some masters depending on

the slave take this a step further and hang the slave from her

hair but I feel this is a far step and should be done only at the

slaves request.)  The girl was left in this fashion for one hour.

( The hair balance)  I asked Shannon how she would like control

of this girl for the day.  Shannon said "Do you mean I can do

what I wish with her? " I said within reason Yes.  She untied her

and put a collar on her and took her to the mat and the first

thing I heard her say was "Bathe me"  (There was no water around

this part of the house and everyone involved knew she expected

the girl to use her tongue.  The afternoon went quickly for these

two but it went as I had figured it would she had this girl do

all kinds of body service for her, but never did I see Shannon do

anything to make this girl feel loved or pleasure.  I was sad to

see this missing in Shannon.  But all of us are not given to

understanding that a true master or mistress is one who is there

mostly for the pleasure and service of the slave.  (This sounds

ironic but this is a lovers game is it not ?


*********   ***   ***   *******  **  ** **  ** ****** ** **

*********   ***   ***   *******  *** ** *** ** **  ** **\**

***         ***   ***   **   **  *** ** ** *** **  ** ** **

*********   *********   *******  ** *** ** *** ******

*********   *********   *******  **  ** **  **

      ***   ***   ***   **   **  **  **

      ***   ***   ***   **   **

*********   ***   ***

*********                  DAY TEN


It seems that Shannon has made a high level of progress in her

attempt to be a total slave.



Is it as it seems?



Lets look a little deeper............



Shannon was showing little or no resistance to any suggestion.

From either my self or anyone else.  I had decided to test her




I wanted to first ask her some in depth questions, ones that will

show her true "colors."



Q...Shannon, What is it that excites you about all of this?

A...I am not really sure it is just a feeling that overcomes me.

I need this type of control in my life, but not because I can't

control my own life but because it makes me feel so feminine.  I

like not having to think about sex, but rather just doing what I

am told to do.  I have found that I get much pleasure from things

I would have never considered even doing before under any circum-

stances.  It is strange but when I am ask to do something that is

different I don't even stop to think about if I will enjoy it or

not I just go with it I guess.  The feeling comes from deep

within me.



Q...Shannon, What was going through your head when you were being

whipped ?

A...The first ten minutes I was screaming, and all I wanted to do

was get away from that whip and hide.  But then the feeling

changed.  It started in my rear as a hot feeling that spread

through my entire lower section and warm waves started flooding

from my clit.  I am not sure but that is what it seemed like.  I

know I didn't feel the individual hits but a building of heat.  I

wanted that girl to hit much harder but wasn't able to communi-

cate it to her.  I was surprised today to see that there are few

marks.  I think after a while I will try it again.  I would like

to try my hand again with her, that is her receiving?



Q...Shannon,  I want you to do something for me,something very

demanding and something that you will remember for years.  Will

you do what ever I ask of you ?

A...I guess, I will do anything within reason.

Q...I want a yes or no answer from you.

A...Well, Ok, Yes I will do anything you ask.  What is this thing

you are going to ask of me ?

Q...Did you read the story of "O" ?


Q...Do you remember what Sir Stephen ask of "O" ?

A...Yes that she Obey Completely ?

Q...True, But he wanted her to wear something....

A...Oh, The Brand and rings......Is that it ?

Q...What do you think ?

A...If you ask it, I will Obey.



Shannon : "What do you want to mark on me ?"

DRESDIN : "The Cursive Kef of Gor"

Shannon : "Where?"

DRESDIN : "You have read the series, Left thigh"

Shannon : "When?"

DRESDIN : "Tomorrow"

Shannon : "Will it Hurt?"

DRESDIN : "Not as much as you think"

Shannon : "And the rings"

DRESDIN : "The following day"

Shannon : "And then I will be leaving ?"

DRESDIN : "That is up to you"

Shannon : "Do it now, I don't want to worry all night"

DRESDIN : "No tomorrow, I want you to think about it"

Shannon : "why?"

DRESDIN : "You can always say NO, and may want to in the morning"

Shannon : "I said I will obey"




**********************> Tomorrow, Could be interesting !



***********************                ************************

******************                          *******************

************                                     **************

*********                                            **********

*******             Shannon :  The Mark                 *******

*********                                             *********

************                                     **************

******************                          *******************

************************               ************************


    I awoke early that day, the house was quiet and birds were

singing  outside as the sun crept over the hilltops.  I was

wondering if she would want to go through with it or not.  I knew

that being the type of person that she was anything that would be

of an unusual nature would appeal to her.  I sat and drank some

strong coffee and smoked a few cigarettes.  After taking a shower

I proceeded to the lower levels of the house to see if she was


    She was lying there in her cage, eyes just a slit as they

peered back at me.  A slight smile crossed her face as I ad-

dressed her.  She sat up and I removed the lock so she could get

out.  Crawling out she went from all fours to being on her knees.


"Good morning Master," she said.  I  asked how she was feeling?

She replied well but that she hadn't had much sleep.  Her mind

had been working all night, I ask her what she had been thinking

about she replied:  she was sure that she wanted to be a slave

all of her life but wasn't sure she wanted the whole world to

know of it.  And a large brand on her thigh would be something of

interest to anyone who saw it.  She was afraid that it  would

make her a freak.  I said to her that it would be unusual and

that it was ok if she didn't want it done.  (What she says here

is  interesting )  She said:  "I do want it done to remind myself

that I am but a slave and that what I want is not the most impor-

tant thing, also I want people to ask so I will have to explain

why I have it.  I replied:  "But didn't you just say you were

unsure?   She said:  "Yes I am in a rational sense, but this

whole lifestyle in based on sensuality, and possession not ra-

tionality.  So I do want it done as soon as possible.

     I said "OK.  In that case I don't want you eating anything

this morning, just have some juice and we will do it before

lunch."  She agreed.

     The rest of the morning was uneventful, she showered and

read a book (The story of "O" ).  I was making preparations for

her branding.  At about 10:30 I ask her to come to the chair.

The chair was laid out flat and I had her lay face down on it.  I

ran one of the wide straps across her back and tightened it very

much, then I secured each of her arms and then her hands.  This

left her with her feet on the floor her knees somewhat bent.  I

raised the chair so that her legs were out straight to the floor

and then I secured her ankles at the base of the  chair.  Her

knees were tied together, and just behind the knees a strap was

run behind them to the face of the chair to keep them from mov-

ing.  Her head was fastened to the head rest so it could not

move.  (The reason for this was to keep her from  watching).  I

ran a second strap across her back this time lower near her

buttocks also very tight.  She was immobile, I didn't want her to

move and cause a distorted brand.

        I switched my attentions to a gas brazier (In the old

days they used charcoal)  I lit it and placed the iron in to be

heated.  ( The iron was hand made by myself out of 1/4 inch wide

by 1/8 inch thick strap steel.  I bent it and had a handle welded

to it.)  While the iron was heating there were a few things to

do.  First I had to lower the temperature of her skin where the

brand  was to be.  By placing a "instant cold pack" on  the  spot

prior to branding fifteen to twenty minutes ahead this will do.

(Cooling  the skin keeps the brand from getting distorted)  I

noticed that in this position when looked at from the rear one

could see the delicate peddles of her rose,  I quickly grabbed a

sterile needle and filament, some disinfectant and put on some

surgeons gloves.  I then took hold of both lips at one  time and

passed the needle through very quickly, she never even flinched.

I then removed the needle and tied the filament together.  Then I

thought about the had heated the iron red hot.  I

walked over to her and placed a gag in her mouth.  (I hate  to

hear females scream)  I removed the cold pack and dried the area,

(you want to dry the area because water causes steam that can

burn areas not intended to be marked.)  I grabbed the Iron now, a

bright orange, positioned it and quickly brought it to her thigh.

I watched as the iron sank into her about three seconds and then

I removed it.  I immediately placed the cold pack on the spot.  I

need not say this but she was screaming her head  off...through

the gag.  As soon as she stopped screaming I removed the gag and

let her have some fresh air.  I ask her if it was hurting at all

and she said " not really."  I left the ice pack on for another

twenty minutes or so until the skin had cooled down to stop any

blistering of the surrounding area.  Upon removing the cold pack

I examined the mark a deep well placed mark that would be with

her the rest of her life.  It was 1/4 inch deep 2-1/2 inch tall a

nice cursive "K." The mark was now a bright pink "seared" and not

bleeding.  The air in the room was filled with the smell of

burning  hair (a sweet sickening smell.) The window was opened to

clear the room as I removed her bindings.  The  mark  was dressed

before she saw it, I used Follies ointment to lightly cover it

and protect from infection.  The biggest battle for the next week

would be letting the wound heal naturally the first time so not

to be distorted.  (When this healed it could be felt with the

hand, traced with the finger while making love and always there

for her to look at and to feel)

      She did ask me why I had punched a hole in her lips, I

responded by saying I was inevitable so I had the time and the

place  "Why Not."  She said "Oh I see MASTER."  You will have me

completely won't you?


I replied "  All you will give and just a bit MORE  "



                      **          **

                    *** *         ***

                   **  **       ****

                  *    ***    ***

                       ***   ***

                        *** ***


                        ** ***

                        **   ***

                       ***     ***

                     *****      *****

                    ******      *******


                   SHANNON THE NEXT DAY


By the next morning the wound had healed somewhat, it had covered

itself with a thick dark layer.  I noticed this while I was

dressing the mark left the prior day.  The area around the mark

was red and tender but not effected.  I was pleased to see this.

She just stared at it, her eyes were looking at it with disbe-

lief.  This was a large mark in a place where if she ever wore a

swim suit of any kind it would show for all to see.  She was

indeed marked for life.  My heart was filled with a deep rever-

ence for this girl, she was very much committed to this new life

of her choosing.  I was not sure if in five years she would feel

the same way and regret what had been done to her.  But I knew

that like a tattoo it was a thing of the moment and often

tattoo's are regretted also.  Well for now she was pleased with

what she saw and that was all that mattered.  I removed the

filament that I had ran through her lower lips and replaced it

with a fine gold ring of about an inch in diameter.  This she

felt some discomfort from since the place of the piercing was a

little swollen.  I cleaned it and dressed it with some more

Follies ointment and she smiled.


This female had more body changes than any other female I had

ever dealt with before.  I had pierced her nipples, branded her,

and pierced her lower lips during her stay with me.  I knew she

would want more done in the future.  I let her rest the whole

day, but that evening I had her serve me in ways only a master

can enjoy.  I know some of you are thinking how could I be so

cruel, so cold?  Well I did all these things for her and not to

her.  She was a natural slave.  Slaves are slaves if they find

their true calling.  Most never figure out what it is in their

life they do want.  Most marry dominating or truly cruel men who

haven't the least understand of how wonderful and valuable a true

submissive is.  Shannon was a very wonderful female with the most

female traits I have ever seen.


The Shannon story must come to an end here.  Since she boarded a

plane the next day back to her home.  I have seen her over the

last few years and have received many letters from her and will

say that she has always been a happy female.  She is now married

to one of the most dominant males I have ever met and is like a

little kid around him.  I am indeed happy for her.  Where do we

go from here, I have many other stories like the Shannon one but

I would like to pursue some other thoughts.  I know that there

are many people out there who do not get into the scene as heavy

as the Shannon story but I wanted to bring it to the fore to show

all that there are those who do get into the subject and deeply.

I want all to know that there are many levels of the game and we

will explore one of these next.  Please add your comments and

suggestion of topics and subjects you might want to see here in

the near future.  Thank you for the many fine notes and comments

I have received over the last few months.  Stay tuned!



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