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Archive-name: Slaves/atlanta.txt

Archive-author: Vermillion

Archive-title: In Atlanta

We've gone to Atlanta, you and I, for a business meeting.  The meeting is

over, and we have stayed to have a quiet weekend together.  You're still

living so far away, and the time we can spend together and put work away is

wonderful for us.  We're staying in the big Hyatt downtown, the one with the

big central atrium.  All the rooms open onto the atrium, there are the

requisite glass elevators, and plants hanging everywhere, and a bar with a

wooden lattice roof.  We have an enormous suite, with a huge bath.  The room

and setting seem to have promise. I grin inside, big, anticipating the games

I can set up.  

We spend the day going to the science museum, and the dinosaur show, and

walking around holding hands and mostly feeling good to be together.  It 

starts to rain and we get cold, and a little tired.  So we decide to go back

up to our room.  I light all the candles I've put around the room, and turn

off the lights.  It gets dark early, now, and the city is a glittering

backdrop for us.  

Let's take a shower, I suggest.  You've flopped down on the bed.  No, you

say, I don't feel much like it.  That gets my attention, you so seldom

decline that offer. I walk over to you, and slap your ass, and demand

"what?".  You don't even bother to roll over or answer, just grunt or

something.  Time for a lesson, I think.  I usually don't top you, but the

hotel has given me some ideas.  "That's just not an acceptable answer, pet". 

It takes a moment for the tone, the words and calling you pet to sink in. 

You sit bolt upright but bow your head and say "Ma'am?"  

"Better, pet, better".  I grab a tie of yours and reach around you and tie

your hands behind your back.  "Undress me, now".  "With my teeth?"  You have

never done anything like that before, and have lots of trouble with the

buttons and my bra.  I leave my stockings and garter on and push you back


"Now what should I do with a bad pet, any suggestions?"  I glare at you.  You

lift your head, smiling at me, wanting to play.  Thwack, the smile earns you

a slap across your face, so hard you can see white finger imprints on your

cheek.  I am deadly serious.  "Bad attitude, pet, bad attitude".   I rip open

your shirt and pop off a button or two.  You wince, and I rake my fingernails

down your chest, hard.  I take your pants, shoes and socks off.  "It's cold

in here, pet"  and I get a robe for me, but leave you to shiver for a bit. 

"Yes, ma'am".  

"Kneel" I tell you, and you get down as best you can, shirt flapping, hands

still tied.  I grab your chin and hold your face up to me.  "Mine" and I

stare hard into your eyes.  Vastly uncomfortable in your position, you can

only nod at me.  I grab your balls, and squeeze.  "Mine, too".  You nod

again, eyes down.  I know that I have you and you will do what I say.  "NOW,

we will go shower".  I take off my stockings and robe, snapping my fingers

for you to follow as I go into the shower.  You inch forward on your knees

and stop in the very large shower-tub.  You do not ask what to do, and I am

pleased.  "Climb in, pet, I'll help if you need it".  You awkwardly roll

yourself into the shower, as I turn on the water, drenching you and your

shirt and the tie. 

The bath/shower here is wonderful.  It is almost an entire room, space enough

for two people to lie or kneel or whatever.  There are towel racks on two

sides, and lots of nice no-skid things on the bottom.   I untie your hands,

just dropping the wet shirt.  "You'll need to clean that up later, pet, stay

on your knees, for now".  I retie your hands to the two racks so that you are

facing the back of the shower.  They are just far enough apart that you can

grip onto both of them, but it makes you stretch.  The muscles on your back

stand out wonderfully.  "Spread your knees, wide apart" and you do.  The

water is falling full on your back, and the whole place is getting quite

steamy.  I turn the water off, and stand behind you, running my hands over

your back and around the sides to the front.  They are light feathery

touches, enough to tickle.  You rock on your hips, wanting more, trying to

make me touch higher, your nipples, or lower.  But I just keep teasing as

your cck bobs up and down.   

"Stand up" I say in a low, hard voice.  You don't like that voice, you've

told me many times.  Its wonderful to know that and use it.  You don't have

much luck at standing up either.  You can get your legs under you, but given

how tightly and far apart your arms are tethered, you are forced to bend

over.  The shower is on one of those movable snakes.  I turn it on warm, but

the needle spray, and start with your neck, and work it slowly over your

shoulders down your back.  It stings and leaves red marks all over your back

as I move lower and lower.  Finally, I reach your ass, with one hand I open

your cheeks, and with the other I keep the sharp spray going up your ass.  

All of a sudden the water is entirely cold.  "Yipes" you yell and jump.  It

hurts.  I move around to the side of you, and hook the shower head up on its

holder.  With one hand spreading open your ass, I slip two soapy fingers deep

into you, and massage your prostate.  "Just what *did* you think you said

there, little pet", my voice harsh.  "Uh, sorry Ma'am, I'm very very sorry". 

"Pet, that's not what you said, I think you said something in a very

demanding tone of voice, one that doesn't suit a well behaved pet at all". 

"Oh, Ma'am I *am* sorry, really, really, really".  I shake my head, and push

a third and fourth finger into your ass.  This is really your limit, and I

know its uncomfortable for you.  I'm getting cold, so I reach over and turn

up the hot water.  That's much better.  I slip my fingers out of you, and

slip the butt plug in.  Its a little smaller, and you sigh a bit.  I slap

your ass, noticing how hard and purple your cock is.  "You may not come, yet,

pet, don't forget you must have my permission".  You whimper, and I stroke

your balls, and then squeeze them.  "Yes, Ma'am" you gasp.

I soap your body a bit, and then wash myself.  I rinse both of us off, and

then turning off the water step out.  I leave you tied, for a bit, while I

dry myself off, and go get dressed.  You stand in the shower shivering. 

With a short black dress and high heels on, I come back in to the bathroom,

ignoring you to put on my makeup.  You know better than to talk.  I watch you

in the mirror, looking over my shoulder at you, still tied, head down,

dripping and goosefleshed.  I'm done, and finally come and untie you.  I have

brought the little cockring strap we have and velcro it tightly on.  I stroke

your cock and shivers from pleasure replace shivers from cold.  But its not

enough to let you come and you grind your frustration into your hips.  I

check and make sure the butt plug is in place and then help you out of the

shower.  "Stay on your hands and knees, pet", as if I had to remind you.  

What to let you wear?  First, a tshirt with the sleeves torn off.  I love

your shoulders.  Ah, yes, your bathing suit - its tight when your cock is so

erect.  They're both dark color and it looks good against your freckled skin

and light brown hair.  Now, your collar and leash.  You look up at me with

big eyes, happy and safe in my love for you.  Yes, your cock is tightly

constrained and your balls are aching, but your look is one of total

adoration for your mistress.  You try to climb up on me.  "Down, pet.  We're

going for a walk".  I've often made you follow me around that way, training

you to obey my commands.  You look happy at first, but blanche when I go to

the door and open it.  You shake your head.  You tremble, and nearly call the

safeword.  I look at you for a quick moment and when you say nothing else, I

on jerk the leash.  "Pet, don't be difficult", and I make the collar one

notch tighter around your neck.   With a deep clearing sigh you follow me

into the hall.  The door swings shut behind us.  "Just a quick walk around

the edge of the atrium, pet" and we move off, my heels tapping the thick

carpet, you shaking a bit.  

You find yourself a bit, having given up control to me.  It is easier to

follow, emptying your head of anything but the desire to please me from your

love.  We walk a third of the way around and you suddenly stop and the leash

tugs between us.  There is a large potted plant outside the elevator.  You

lift a leg and try to pee on the plant.  I am surprised that you could even

consider this, given your hard cock and the cock ring, but evidently you are

capable of all sorts of bad behaviors.  I jerk hard on the leash, hard enough

that you feel it. "Pet, this is absolutely unconscionable" and at that moment

a bellhop comes round the corner.  He takes one look at you, he first notices

the collar and leash on a kneeling man.  Then his eyes travel downwards to

see your cock out of your tight and brief suit.  Far too much for him, he

just turns and walks away.  "Bad, bad Pet".  You grin at me, but I slap your

cock back and forth, till the grin disappears, and tears fill your eyes.  "We

are going back, RIGHT NOW".  I start off at a good clip, dragging you behind


"Oh, no, Pet".  At the door, I realize that I have forgotten the key to the

room.  "Well, pet, your punishment is taking a new form".  I stop and stroke

your cock till it is hard, and the material of your shorts is painfully

tight.  "Maintain that erection" is the only order I give you.  You are going

to be embarrassed, now, but I see no point in giving you the details.  I

reach down the back and twist the butt plug around once or twice and then

start off towards the elevator.  You look confused, and then realize what has

happened and that we are going downstairs.  

The elevator takes a while to get to the 26th floor, and while no one is

waiting with us, there is another couple when we get on.  They are dressed to

the hilt, going out somewhere and look strangely at us.  In my high heels I

am nearly as tall as the man and stare at him levelly.  The woman mutters

something under her breath about weirdos.  I turn to her, and letting a

condescending smile curl at my lip, say "This is my pet, he is well trained

and far better looking then yours".  She turns red and tries to look away.  I

smirk and stroke your back.  You seem to be surviving this well, sitting at

my feet.  Having discomforted them, you lean against my legs and your head on

my ankles.  "Good pet".  We reach the first mezzanine level and they punch

the button to get off in a hurry.  "Bye now" I call and wave after them,

"hurry back y'all" and laugh as the door closes.   

I stop and stroke you again, noticing the wetness collecting at the tip of

your cock.  You rock back and forth, clearly wanting more.  I caress your

earlobes, the back of your neck and watch the goosebumps chase each other

down your back.  We get off the elevator and thread our way through other

people to the desk.  I ignore the stares and whispers, but you are having a

hard time with it.  You manage to keep going, following behind me. 

The front desk is another matter, you start to balk, not wanting to go

further.  People in the lobby are gawking at you, and one man is openly

examining you and the bulge in your shorts.  I lean over and whisper "you are

mine, don't forget it, not a minute, not one second" and jerk on your leash. 

We go over to the desk.  "Sit, pet" I say in a loud voice, designed to carry

to our audience.  The people behind the desk watch silently as you go down on

your haunches, and a flush travels over your face.  

"I have locked myself out of my room" I say, "Could someone let me in?"  I

smile at the woman behind the desk.  "Do you have any ID ma'am?".   I pull

myself up, "no, of course not, I'm locked out, its all in my purse".  I

frown, "But, I can show it to you, its in room 2624".  I give my name, 

verify other information about us while idly running my hand along your head. 

Finally, she says "an assistant manager will come up with you."  I keep

touching you, running my nails down your sides, giving you shivers.  I note

that your cock is still very hard.  I lean further down and stroke your cock. 

You close your eyes and sigh.  I push my hand into the front of your suit and

circle your cock with my hand.  The frustration you feel is acute.  You know

that you can't reach an orgasm with the cock ring on, but you still push your

hips forward hoping.  You seem to have forgotten the crowd trying so hard not

to watch our scene.  

A young, well built man in a business suit detaches himself from a terminal

and approaches us.  "Please come with me".  I take my hand out of your

briefs, "Yes, pet, lets go" and tug on your leash.  You come back to earth,

get up and we go to the elevator, hearing whispers behind us.  The manager is

holding the elevator open for us.  But I turn and look over my shoulder and

say with a small smile "My pet is very good, you just have NO idea" and swish

into the elevator.  

You squat down again in the elevator, trying to rub yourself against me.  The

feeling in your balls is approaching agony, now.  Too many stops and starts

for you.  I turn to the young manager and say "this is my pet, normally he's

quite good, but this trip has got him rather excited".  You try to sink down

lower.  You can't believe that I am actually talking about you like this.  

It's hard to be so turned on, and still on display.  The manager leans over,

and runs and hand down your back, resting it on your ass.  He says "its quite

a pretty pet, would you lend it out?"  I quickly answer, that no, I don't

lend out my pet, he is too important to me.  I don't think either of us is

ready for that, but the idea intrigues me.  I look down at you and see a

combination of fear and excitement in your eyes.  I run my fingers through

your hair "no, pet, I won't leave you, don't worry".  But its a long way up

in the elevator.


I smile "But, he has been a bad pet, and has a least one spanking coming to

him.  Since one is for trying to pee in one of your potted plants, I think it

would be appropriate for you, as manager, to give it to him.  Three or four

strokes with your hand would be appropriate".  You jump at these words. 

Someone else punishing you?  Am I serious?.  Evidently I am.  The manager

hits the stop button as I take your face between my hands. "Turn around, pet"

I say, looking into your very wide eyes.  You are now facing out of the glass

sided elevator.  I pull your shorts down, touching your ass and thighs as I

do.  I take them off and stick them in my pocket.  Your cock stands at

attention.  "Steady, little pet".  The manager caresses your ass once, and

you close your eyes.  "Open them, I want you to know if anyone watches you",

a reminder you don't like at all.  The manager then swats your ass, hard. 

You jerk instinctively with the blow, but I hold your shoulders.  Another

quick blow and you cry out.  You bite your lip as he hits you a third time. 

The manager then slips his hands down your ass, and discovers the butt plug. 

He rubs your ass a little, as I pull the elevator button and we shoot up the

last ten floors.  

"Say thank you, pet, to the nice man". The manager grins at me, "Anytime..."

he says, pulling out the master key to our suite.  "Let me get my purse, and

show you some ID and my key".  I go leaving you at the door with manager who

keeps a hand on your ass.  I come back, see the manager slipping his hand out

from between your ass cheeks.  Your eyes are glued to the ground.  I prompt

you again "Pet, what do you say?"  And you reply in a whisper "Thank you,

sir".  "Louder, pet, I don't know if he heard you".  "Thank you, sir, very

much".  And I add "thank you for all your help", as we close the door.  

"Oh pet, what an adventure!"  You kneel, kissing my feet.  "Please,

mistress.." I look at you indulgently, and say "yes, pet, what do you want?" 

You look down at your throbbing cock.  "Please mistress...".  "Oh, pet you

have pleased me so very much, come here".  I lead you over to a coffee table

in the sitting room.  I indicate for you to get up on it.  "On your back,

pet, legs in the air", and you roll over.  "Hold your knees apart for me". 

You wrap your arms around your spread legs, very exposed to me.  You are

vulnerable, open from your anus to cock.  I pull off the cock ring and your

cock bobs up and down as you begin to rock back and forth.  I rotate the butt plug a few times and you moan.  "Please, please, mistress".  Standing above

you, my legs wide apart, I run my hand up and down your cock.  You look up at

me.  "Do you know where all your pleasure comes from, pet?"  "Yes, oh, yes,

ma'am. you. no one else. ever."  You are breathing in jagged breaths now, 

"you, ma'am, you".  I lower myself slowly on top of you, watching every

moment.  "You may not come until after I have, pet".  I think about reminding

you of punishments, but too quickly I am swept away by the feeling of your

large cock inside of me.  You take a dare, and tentatively reach one hand to

my clit, and gently stroke me.  "Harder, pet" and with a deep groan, I feel

pleasure exploding within me.  You can't last one second longer, and spurt

into me, calling my name and reaching to clutch me tight.  


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