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Archive-name: Slaves/ann.txt


Archive-title: Ann

I would like to relate an experience that I had with my secretary

approximately eighteen months ago and that is still going on. I

am the executive vice president of a small manufacturing company.

Prior to my promotion, I had respected Ann as a good employee and

frequently wondered how good she was sexually.

Ann is in her early forties, approximately five feet five inches

tall and very well proportioned for her size (34C-23-35), with

beautiful legs, which she takes every opportunity to show off.

After my promotion, Ann became my secretary. Almost immediately

her work habits became sloppy. She was habitually tardy; sick at

least one day per week, etc. After some time had gone by, I

reprimanded her and she promised to do better. After a few months

of excellent work, she slowly slid back to her previous ways,

which were totally out of character, based on my previous

dealings with her.

One afternoon Ann asked to go home early because she had a

migraine headache. I let her go and decided that I would again

have to talk to her about her work habits. However, that

afternoon something happened that made me even angrier at her.

She had misplaced the file of our largest account. A problem had

developed after she left for the day, and when I looked for the

file, it was missing.

I called Ann at home and told her to report to me at the office

the next morning, a Saturday. After she'd voiced several

complaints and excuses as to why she could not make it, I told

her to be there if she valued her job. She agreed to meet me.

When she arrived, she was wearing skin-tight jeans and a silk

blouse, her blond hair was piled on top of her head and her face

was expertly made up, as always. During our conversation I became

very stern with her and she became increasingly bitchy. Finally,

I said that she deserved to be punished not only for her poor

work, but because of the way she was acting. While she was

saying, "No, you wouldn't do that," and "No, you can't," her eyes

were saying, "Yes, yes, yes!" Suddenly, I realized that what she

really wanted was to be dominated and humiliated.

I ordered her to stand up and walk over to my desk. She refused

to do so, saying she would not allow this to happen to her. Her

nipples, however, had become erect and were poking against the

sheer material of her bra and of her thin silk blouse. I told her

that her punishment was going to be harder because of her refusal

and that if I had to go over to her, she would regret it very


Slowly she rose from the chair and walked over to my desk. I

ordered her to remove her jeans and blouse, which she did very

slowly. I chided her for her reluctance, telling her that her

punishment was going to be more severe.

After she removed her outer garments, I made her turn around so I

could gaze upon her. Her breasts were beautifully shaped, with

long, hard nipples; her stomach was flat and looked strong; her

legs were beautiful and her ass was ample.

After my visual examination, I reached up and, through her bra,

pinched one of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, and

pushed her so that she fell into a bent-over position across my

desk. I commanded her to pull her panties down to her knees,

which she did without hesitation. I could see drops of pussy

juice on her pussy lips, and I asked her if she had ever tasted

her own pussy juice. She said no. I accused her of lying and

swatted her ass with my hand, leaving my handprint on the cheek

of her ass. She then admitted that she had tasted her own juice

while she masturbated. I instructed her to masturbate for me. As

she slowly ran her fingers over and around her clit, I became

more and more aroused and started spanking her.

I started with small swats on each ass cheek, grabbing a handful

of her ass with each swat. Gradually, I increased the tempo of my

spanking, and she increased the tempo of her masturbation to

coincide with it. Suddenly, I stopped spanking her and she turned

her face toward me and said, "Please don't stop." She confessed

to her desire to be punished, which explained her poor

performance at work recently. She implored me to spank her

harder, saying, "Hit me harder, please, I want you to spank me.

I've been very bad." With that, I ripped off her bra and placed a

file clamp on each nipple. She screamed and moaned from the

pressure on her nipples as I jiggled her tits from side to side.

I made Ann bend over my desk again and removed my clothes. I took

my belt and fashioned a dog collar around her neck. The leftover

end of her "collar" reached her ass and could be used to continue

her spanking. I instructed Ann to suck my cock, which she did

without complaint. As she eagerly took my cock into her mouth, I

resumed spanking her, this time with her collar.

Her ass was raw and bright red, and her nipples were turning blue

from lack of blood. I ordered her to remove her nipple clamps by

pulling them off. While she deep-throated me, she slowly pulled

the clamps off her nipples.

I stopped spanking her, spread her ass cheeks and sank my cock

into her cunt. She moaned and asked me to fuck her hard. I turned

her over onto her back so that her ass rested on the edge of my

desk. She wrapped her beautiful legs around me and returned each

thrust of my cock. I took one nipple in my mouth and gently

sucked and bit it as we continued our thrusting. As I continued

fucking her, I grabbed her tits, pushed them together and up

toward her mouth. She knew I wanted her to lick her own nipples,

which she did without hesitation.

I removed my cock from Ann's warm pussy and crawled on top of

her, sliding my cock between her tits. I resumed my fucking

motion as she started licking the head of my cock as it poked

between her tits. Suddenly, I could control my orgasm no longer

and plunged my cock into her mouth. She swallowed my cock as my

come finally shot out. She tried to swallow all of it, but some

ran out of the corner of her mouth.

Ann wiped the excess come off her mouth and neck with my cock and

then licked the come off my cock.

I got off her and turned my attention to her cunt. Her ass was

still resting on the edge of my desk, so I hooked her legs over

my shoulders and buried my face in her beautiful pussy. I sucked

her clit and flicked my tongue over it. After several minutes of

my clit sucking combined with my two fingers sliding in and out

of her cunt, Ann screamed with a mind-blowing orgasm.

From that incredible Saturday on, we have continued our

relationship. Ann agreed to be my submissive, masochistic

mistress. She is punished regularly with either a belt, whip or

rod. She has had her nipples pierced and wears small gold hoops

in each. She is not allowed to wear any undergarments while

working; however, she may wear selected pieces of lingerie when

we are away from the office. Ann and I have grown very close over

the last eighteen months, and she will do anything I order her

to do.


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