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Archive-name: Slaves/angelvis.txt

Archive-author: Wyvern

Archive-title: Angel Gets A Visit

You've been waiting for your MASTER for some time.  You were brought to his 

chambers by several servants more than an hour ago.

Naked, you are secured to the posts of his large bed, and left with little 

to do but stare at the image of your bound, spread, body in the mirrors 

which form the canopy of that resting place which you have so long desired 

to visit.

Your MASTER has "taken" you in other places before, but never in this very 

special place.

Your mirror image looks back at you.  You can see your own excitement 

created by your fear and anticipation of what awaits when the MASTER 

arrives.  You have been thoroughly prepared by his servants.  Every inch 

of your body scrubbed, trimmed, shaved -- whatever was called for by your 

MASTER.  Clean inside and out, you are prepared for his whims.  You are 

his and his alone.  You have given him your will.  But, now, he has kept 

you waiting.  Frustration builds along with excitement.  Your body betrays 

this -- nipples hard and straining upward toward the mirrors; the flower 

of your sex opening, revealing the dew covered inner petals.  Your MASTER

knows that by making you wait, by teasing you in this way, he is amplifying your

eventual pleasure.

You hear the door open, but cannot move your head, for it has been rendered 

immovable by the thin chains which bind your collar to the headboard.  

Footsteps approach.  Is it HIM?  What will HE do?

Suddenly, a blindfold appears before your eyes.  Your sight is taken away.  

Who is in the room?  You hope it is your MASTER, but cannot be sure.

Your body begins to tremble.  Then, you jerk with surprise as you feel a 

pair of hands begin to gently caress you, carefully avoiding your most 

erogenous zones.  The hands, gentle yet firm of touch, stroke your arms, 

legs, torso, even your hands and feet.  You strain at the bonds, attempting 

to gain more contact with your invisible lover.  You hear a low chuckle 

near your head.

IT'S HIM!  You recognize that sound immediately.  Your entire body reacts just

to the sound of his voice.  The thought that he has had you brought to his room

for his pleasure nearly causes you to climax.  And the touches continue, moving

closer and closer to sexual touches.  HE begins to slowly and softly stroke the

sides of your beautiful breasts, careful to not make contact with the swollen

centers, he works his loving fingers around and around the mounds perched atop

your now heaving chest.  Then, the contact is withdrawn.  You groan in 

frustration and need, and again HE surprises you.

His mouth suddenly captures one of your nipples, causing you to gasp with 

pleasure.  Switching from one to the other, the MASTER applies his tongue 

and lips to the swollen buds nearly driving you crazy with lust.  The 

feeling is incredible, yet you know that it will not suffice to bring you 

to your peak.  You long for him to take you, yet you know better than to speak 

without permission.

His mouth moves away and you groan again in your loss.  You hear the sound 

of clothing rustling.  The bed moves as your MASTER moves upon it.  You 

feel his powerful legs straddle your chest and open your mouth in 

anticipation for what will certainly happen next.  HE does not disappoint 

you, nor you him, as he guides his large, hard cock between your longing 

lips, urging you to please him with your mouth -- never saying a word.

Jumping at the chance to please HIM, you work hard with your tongue and 

lips wetting and carressing the soft, spongy glans which forms the head of 

your MASTER's hardened spear.  But he wants more, and he presses forward 

between lips, spread wide by his girth, until you feel the familiar 

sensation of his cockhead pushing beyond the back of your mouth.  Well 

trained, you do not gag, but work the muscles of your throat in a way which 

you know brings the MASTER pleasure.  The angle is not right for him to get 

all the way into your throat, but he thrusts in and out several times 

anyway -- his shaft becoming coated with a thick layer of your saliva.

You wallow in the helpless desire which consumes you.  You cannot move or 

do anything except continue to work on that which your MASTER has presented 


Then, his member is removed from your mouth and you feel him leave the 

bed.  He moves to the foot of the bed and releases your feet from their 

bondage.  This is but a momentary release, however, as he pushes your legs 

up and back, re-attaching your ankle restraints to the posts at the 

headboard.  Your body is now nearly bent double, your legs wide spread, 

your most secret places wide open for HIS inspection -- or whatever else he 

may have in mind for you this night.

His hands return to carress your legs, your thighs, your ass.  His thumbs 

take hold of the outer petals of your sex and spread them -- revealing the 

inner pulsing pinkness of your desire.  Your sap is running freely, 

creating a shining trail of wetness downward over your brown, crinkled anus 

and slowly dripping onto the bed.  You hear the low pitched laughter once 

again.  HE is pleased that you desire HIM.  You have learned your lessons 

well.  No punishments this night he has told you.

You nearly scream as you feel his mouth make contact with your spread sex, 

his lips and tongue devouring your copious flow.  He sucks the outer lips 

into his mouth one at a time, massaging them in a way which makes you 

shudder with delight.  His tongue traces the mouth of your sex lightly, 

finally coming to rest at the top of your sex, on the flesh which covers 

the shaft of your now fully aroused clitoris.  He is teasing you, not 

letting you reach your orgasm this way.  You are nearly crying in 

frustration as he licks and licks, yet never brings you over.  You know he 

must be smiling as he works your cunt like a maestro on a vintage musical 


You feel his enourmous cock again, this time pushing at the entrance to 

your needy cunt.  He feeds it slowly, inch by inch, until you feel his 

swollen testicles brush against your ass, his pubic bone pressing into your 

clit.  He holds there, grinding in little circles which causes a gasp of 

pleasure to escape your throat.  No one has penetrated you so deeply before.

Now, HE begins to fuck you.  Slowly withdrawing until only the tip is still 

inside, then just as slowly pushing all the way back in.  Your inner 

muscles grip and squeeze, both from the pleasre of the act and because you 

want to bring HIM the most pleasure you can.  Your body is trembling with 

sexual excitement.  It seems warm in the room and a thin patina of sweat 

begins to form across your skin.

The pace increases, as well as the force, causing you to grunt at the end 

of each hard stroke.  You hear your MASTER's breathing increase, and his 

hands grasp your hips as he pulls you to him on each down stroke.  He is 

slamming into you now and your orgasm has begun.  Fireworks explode in your 

brain.  The removal of your sense of sight has made the rest of your 

nervous system that much more sensitive.  You feel each portion of your 

MASTER's hard cock as it drives into the depths of your body.  You are 

climaxing continuously as his assault becomes more furious.  Neither of you 

has spoken since this began, the only sounds coming from the act itself -- 

harsh breathing gasps, moans, and groans.  Still slamming his entire length 

in and out of your grasping, clasping sheath, your MASTER adds one more 

layer of excitement to your already overloaded brain.  He begins to strum 

your clit with his fingers -- very lightly, but still enough to take you to 

another, higher plane. His other hand busies itself with your breasts, 

stroking, kneeding the flesh, pinching your nipples lightly, adding to your 

pleasure.  Spiralling higher and higher, you eventually reach a place where 

you can stand no more (you think) and your consciousness winks out.

When you re-emerge back into the world, you discover that your MASTER has 

withdrawn from you, but has left you in the same, folded, position, still 

blindfolded, still feeling aftershocks of many minutes of continuous 

orgasms.  Your crotch is a swamp -- thoroughly coated with your copious 

expulsions which you are sure will make a huge wet spot on the MASTER's bed.

HE is back, and you feel his fingers working at your anus.  HE is 

lubricating it, preparing this passage to receive himself in the same way 

that your pussy received him moments ago.  You dimly recall that HE has not 

achieved his release yet.  HE has not taken you this way previously, though 

he has commanded you to prepare yourself there, using the "toys" he has 

provided for this purpose.  And you have been faithful, though a bit 

apprehensive, and have played with yourself anally on many occasions.  But, 

none of the toys which you have used approaches the length and thickness of 

the MASTER's weapon.

His fingers stroke, probe, lubricate your sensitive sphincter, spreading 

warmth and pleasure over your body once again.  One finger, then two, and 

finally three of the MASTER's digits explore the musky depths of this most 

secret passage, and are withdrawn.

Again, you feel HIS weight press upon the bed as he maneuvers himself 

between the spread cheeks of your ass.  You fight the urge to tense 

yourself as you feel the thick head press against the outer ring of muscle 

which forms the anal opening.  The preparation has been thorough, however, 

and he does not force the issue either, chosing instead to apply continous 

yet gentle pressure.  Suddenly, your outer defences give way and the head 

of his massive monster slides past. You feel a moment of pain, but no 

more.  He stops, the head just inside, and gives you a moment to adjust 

before he begins to slide his entire length into the very heart of your 

body.  Again, you feel his crinkly pubic hair press into you as he slides 

all the way home.  Again, he begins the slow pattern of thrust and 

withdrawl.  His hands caress your body, lingering at your breasts, one of 

his thumbs strokes your clit in time to the stroking of his cock in your 


He reaches up and removes your blindfold at last and leans over to cover 

your mouth with his.  You long to have your arms free so that you can hold 

him to you, but this is not HIS will.  The kiss ends and the real fucking 

now begins.  You see his look of concentration now as he picks up the 

pace.  You look up and are incredibly aroused by the vision reflected in 

the mirrored covering of the bed.  His long, hard, cock shining with a 

thick coating of lubricant moving back and forth through the portal of your 

ass is clearly reflected.  Your heaving, shuddering body is receiving 

maximum stimulation from his cock, hands, and mouth as his movements become 

almost frenzied in his search for release.  You see your wide spread sex, red as

raw beef winking open and closed with the rythmn of your orgasmic spasms, a

steady drool of your sweet sap adding to the slippery lube which makes this

assfuck possible.

He is pounding the entire length of his member on each stroke and you have 

lost count of the number of times you have achieved your peak since he 

began stroking your ass.  At last, a mighty thrust, and he holds his cock 

deep inside you.  You feel it throb, then begin to jerk as his thick, 

salty, cum boils up from his balls and begins to spray your bowels.  You 

feel its heat and force -- his power pulsing into you and you climax one 

more time.

Finally, he withdraws.  You see in the mirror that your rear opening does 

not close right away, and a white stream of his produce begins to flow out 

and down, a small pool forming on the bed beneath your ass.  

You are released from your bonds.  Servants appear from nowhere and sponge 

you clean of sweat and cum.  Then, the MASTER returns and takes you into 

his arms.  You are both asleep almost immediately.  You dream contented 

dreams as you are completely satisfied to be HIS SLAVE.



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