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Archive-name: Slaves/allysyn1.txt

Archive-author: Allysyn Wade

Archive-title: Allysyn One - Your introduction

          "Allysyn! Get in here this instant!!"

          My  Mistress  calls!  She sounds  angry  thought.  "What

     transgression could I have possibly committed?",  I  thought,

     quickly  quashing the question in my mind.  A slave's lot  is

     not to question,  merely to serve and obey.  I quickly turned

     and went to Mistress,  eagerly in fact,  even though I knew I

     She was angry. Passing by a hall mirror, I checked my uniform

     briefly so as to avoid angering Mistress further.  The  tight

     French Maids outfit was all in place: the short,  black satin

     skirt,  the black satin chemise with ruffled white lace  trim

     (low  cut,  to show my lack of cleavage),  white lace  apron,

     maids  cap perched on top of mu carefully coiffured  chestnut

     brown wig, petticoats to fluff out the skirt,  black,  seamed

     fishnet stockings,  black patent leather four and a half inch

     heels, elbow length black satin gloves, and to top everything

     off,  a two inch wide black leather collar  fastened  tightly

     around  my neck.  "I hope Mistress would be pleased  with  my

     outfit  and  my carefully applied makeup",  I  thought  as  I

     hurried to the Sanctum, Mistess' bedroom.

          I entered with my hands heldbehind my back and my  head

     down  as I had been taught, looking at my shoes  as  Mistress

     spoke.  "Allysyn, what is this spot on my bedspread? Have you

     been playing with yourself in here,  you nasty little  thing?

     You  know  that you are not allowed to touch yourself  or  to

     enter this room without my express permission.  And just look

     at  you!"  Mistress  walked around me,  looking  at  me  with

     disdain  as  she  spoke.  "Stocking  seams  crooked,  cap  on

     improperly,  clumsy makeup. Are you trying to embarrass me in

     front of my guests this evening? Goddess only knows what else

     is wrong with you today. Bend over and hold your ankles.  Let

     me see if you are in uniform correctly."

          As I bent over, wondering how the spot had gotten there,

     I realized that I was in fact out of uniform.

          "You  bad,  bad girl!  Did I say that you could  put  on

     panties this morning?  No, I did not. And where is yesterdays

     punishment?  Did I say that you could remove your  butt-plug?

     No,  I did not!  You seem to be disobeying orders  much  more

     frequently  lately.  I  may have to send you  away  for  more

     training  if  this keeps up.  For now,  you will  go  to  the

     Punishment Room and assume the Position.  You may walk  there

     bent over like that for a start. I will be there later, after

     you have had time to consider your behaviour.  Now get  going

     you little slut!"

          Bent over double is not the most efficient way to  walk.

     I  was very slow and bumped into several of Mistress'  guests

     as I made my way to the Punishment Room.  This did nothing to

     improve Mistress'  mood. "You stupid wench, you're so clumsy!

     Hurry  up and get to the Room.  You'll be getting double  the

     punishment for all this trouble you've caused!"

          I entered the Punishment Room and assumed the  position.

     This  involved taking off my outer garment,  leaving me in  a

     very tight red leather corset with garters,  and the  fishnet

     stockings.  Placing the panties in my mouth, I knelt opposite

     the doorway with my knees spread as wide as possible.  I  was

     in  plain site of Mistress'  guests as they walked  past  the

     door and made crude comments about my position,  to my  utter

     humiliation.  You see,  in that position it was plain to  see

     that,  though my garment,  hair and makeup  were  wonderfully

     feminine, my erect penis was undeniably male.

          As Mistress was quite popular,  several guests had  been

     invited over that evening.  Over the course of the next hour,

     almost all of them had seen me, as had their servants. I felt

     truly miserable.  Finally Mistress entered,  followed by  her

     guests and their slaves. "Now Allysyn, a lesson to remind you

     what you are. What are you, Allysyn?"

          "I am a clumsy whore, Mistress."

          "And  whose  clumsy  whore are whore  are  you,  slut?",

     Mistress said,  slapping me across the cheek with her leather


          "I am a clumsy whore, and I belong body and soul to you,

     Mistress Barbara."

          "Good.  Now you will be treated like the whore you  are.

     Get on  "The Table"."

          I got up and moved over to "the tale".  I bent over  it

     and  Mistress  locked my wrists into the manacles  that  were

     attached there.  My feet were then locked to the legs of  it.

     Mistress then instructed my me to put my "disgusting  member"

     in "the Hole".  This was not easy to do as my hands were  not

     free,   but  I  finally  managed  it.   The  Table  Had  been

     constructed  so that there was a box in it at  crotch  level.

     This  box  was  lined with the softest velvet  and  was  just

     barely  big enough for my penis.  Any motion within it  would

     overwhelm  me  with  feeling and give  Mistress  yet  another

     reason to punish me when I came without her permission.  This

     had happened every time that I was forced onto the Table.

          I  was then blindfolded so that I would not be  able  to

     see  what was happening around me.  I heard  Mistress'  voice

     say,"Allysyn open your mouth." Doing so,  I soon found myself

     with  nine  inches of hard cock down my throat.  The  unknown

     Master started to mercilessly fuck my face,  his heavy  balls

     banging against my chin. After about five minutes of this,  I

     felt  his cock start to swell in my throat,  followed by  the

     pulsations of his member as he spilled his hot,  creamy  load

     down  my  throat.  Trying desperately to  swallow  it  all  I

     accidentally grazed his cock with my teeth,  making him  pull

     out of my mouth in sudden pain. The cum was still flowing out

     of  his cock as he stepped back and jets of it hit  my  face,

     bathing it in his seed.

         "You  stupid  bitch!  How  dare you  injure  one  of  my

     guests!?  Have you no manners? We must teach you some then!!"

     At that point,  I felt a cold, hard rubber dildo being forced

     up my unsuspecting asshole. I naturally tensed up.  Mistress'

     voice  whispered in my ear,  "You know that it will  only  be

     worse  for you if you tense up Allysyn.  Be a good  girl  and

     relax."  This helped remind me that,  no matter how naughty I

     ad  been,   Mistress  still  loved  me.  I  relaxed  to  the

     inevitable as Mistress's voice suddenly became louder and she

     said, " Say' Thank you Mistress' each time I thrust into you,

     slut!" All seven inches of the dildo were suddenly slammed up

     into  my  asshole.  The burning sensation as it  entered  was

     fierce  and a whimper of pain escaped from my clenched  teeth

     as I said, "Thank you Mistress!"

          "Allysyn,  you know that this is for your own  good,  so

     let's have no more of that grunting. Be a good girl and I may

     let you pleasure me further later in the evening.  Would  you

     like that?"

          "Oh yes, Mistress. Please let me pleasure you!"

          "Then  be quiet and take your punishment like  a  lady."

     The rubber phallus began moving in and out as Mistress rocked

     her hips back and forth.  I repeated my phrase like a  mantra

     and  consoled myself to the pain by considering the  pleasure

     Mistress must be receiving as the harness of the dildo rubbed

     against  her sensitive clit.  Over the course of the next  30

     minutes,  many cocks,  vibrators and dildoes entered my  hole

     and my mouth and also several pussies were placed against  my

     lips for me to tongue.  The feelings were starting to be  too

     much  for  me.  Besides the  obvious  pleasure  of  providing

     pleasure  and  amusement  for  the  gathered  Mistresses  and

     Masters,  the feelings in my full ass turned  to  pleasurable

     ones  for  me.  Also,  the thrusting of objects into  my  ass

     frequently  caused me to drive my cock into the  velvet-lined

     box in the table, stimulating my penis almost to the bursting


          Another  Master  stepped  up behind me  and  entered  me

     quickly,  driving his eight inches in in one swift  movement.

     All  of the oil and cum left in my ass facilitated  him  with

     this.  He  pulled  his cock almost all  the  way  out  before

     slamming  it back in,  pushing my hips forward and  my  penis

     deep into the velvet.  The feeling was incredible and I  knew

     that I could not last long. But it felt so good, being forced

     to fuck the hole while being fucked from behind. As I open my

     mouth  to gasp,  a warm,  wet pussy was placed upon my  lips.

     Tonguing frantically, I brought the Mistress off quickly, all

     the while thinking,  "It feels so good! Oh, I must not make a

     mess  in  the velvet,  but Blessed Goddess,  the  sensations!

     Please,  stop!  Oh please,  PLEASE STOP!  DON'T FORCE  ME  TO


          As if in answer to my silent plea,  my body was suddenly

     left  alone.  The feeling of the Master pulling out caused  a

     moan  of  pleasure  to  leave  my  lips,  which  I  instantly

     regretted.  "So , our punishment brought you pleasure did it?

     I can see we will have to try something else!"

          Removing  my  blindfold,  I was presented with  a  white

     leather riding crop .  I kissed the crop as Mistress had shown

     me on the other occasions that I had needed whipping and said

     "Thank  you for whipping me Mistress.".  Mistress  then  went

     around behind me,  out of my sight.  Without warning,  I felt

     the  sting  of the crop as it impacted against  my  buttocks,

     barely missing my exposed balls.  I knew that I must be brave

     in  order to please Her,  but even so,  each  painful  stroke

     caused  me  to  involuntarily shove my cock  deep  into  that

     hellish tunnel of velvet. Each time Mistress applied the crop pushed  inevitably  to the moment when the  friction  of  the

     velvet would overwhelm me and cause my cock to ventits load,

     causing  Goddess  only  knows what  further  punishment  from

     Mistress.  "I  must  control myself,  I  must!",  I  thought,

     holding  back most of the tears and trying to move as  little

     as  possible.  Fortunately,  Mistress stopped after  only  40

     lashes  and  I  was able to maintain  my  composure  (and  my

     semen).  Mistress  then presented the riding crop  for  me  to

     kiss once more, and as I did, She spoke.

          "You have done me proud in front of my guests,  Allysyn.

     I may have made you into a proper little slave girl at last."

     With this all of the other people in the room started to file

     out.  "You have pleased me so much in fact, that I will allow

     you to please me further, in my bed. You may put those lovely

     painted lips and that little tongue to good use tonight." She

     then proceeded to slip a finger up my sore anus as she spoke,

     massaging  my  prostate  and causing me to  thrust  into  the

     tunnel again, this time uncontrollably.

         No, I must stop this! But I cannot, it feels so good,  I

     must have release!  Mistress will punish me if I come, but I

     must, I must! Her fingers thrusting in and out, squeezing and

     twisting my nipples with her free hand, biting on my earlobe,

     whispering what she would like to do to my helpless body. She

     knows exactly what she is doing why is she doing this I don't

     care  oh  oh oh I'm going to explode the velvet my  cock  her

     hands her words I'M COMING...

          Mistress  unlocked  the manacles and I got to  my  feet.

     Clipping  a leash to my collar, she lead me into her  sanctum

     and laid me down on the white silk sheet,  handcuffing me  to

     the  four-poster  bed.  "You  badly  needed  that  punishment

     Allysyn,  but you took it like a lady.  Now I will  give  you

     another reward. Prove to me that you are worth it."

          She bent over and placed one of her breasts in my mouth,

     her  long black hair raining down over my face and  chest.  I

     ran my tongue over the hot,  delicate skin,  breathing warmly

     against her taut cleavage.  A shiver ran through her body and

     I  continued this until her motions finally brought a  nipple

     within  reach  of my straining lips.  Sucking like  a  little

     child,  I flicked my tongue back and forth over the hard tip,

     gaining a passionate moan from Mistress for my efforts. After

     scant seconds of this, Mistress started speaking again.

          "You are such a hot little thing, aren't you , you slut?

     I bet all the girls just love you to suck their titties,  eh?

     I'll bet you're so good at it because you wish you had a nice

     set for yourself,  hmm?  Maybe if you are a good little girl,

     for Christmas you'll get a set of nice titties to put in  all

     of your pretty bras and corset,  instead of wasting all  that

     Kleenix.  Would you like that Allysyn,  would you like a  big

     pair of tits to go with that cock of yours?  Mmm,  tits and a

     cock, what a nice combination. You're slowing down Allysyn. I

     better  put you back in your place just so that you  remember

     what you are."

          Mistress  stood  up  and  climbed  onto  the  bed  then.

     Straddling my face, her juices were already flowing dripping

     down  onto  my  eager  lips.  I  strained  to  collect  every

     wonderful  drop until she finally sighed and lowered  herself

     onto my face, covering my ruby tinged lips with Her butterfly

     soft  pussy  lips,  my nose buried in Her  puckered  asshole.

     Riding  my face like a pony in heat,  her tirade  against  me

     continued  as  I tongued her to the best of  my  transvestite


          "Oh yes,  Eat my pussy you slut, lick out all my juices!

     Run your tongue right up inside bitch,  that's right,  get it

     all.  Oh Allysyn, you are such a cunt, yes you are a hot cunt

     who loves to suck pussy and cock and to get fucked and to  be

     told  what a little whore she really is.  Look how hard  your

     cock is Allysyn.  I'll bet it wishes it were in my cunt,  but

    slaves don't get to fuck their Mistresses do they. Allysyn. I

     may just have to have it cut off,  and really make you into a

     cunt.  You bitch OH YES lick my asshole you stupid wench  you

     slut  you  cunty bitch OH GODDESS YES stick  your  tongue  in

     there you ass eating whore.  You like it when I grind my  ass

     and my pussy into your face don't you Allysyn?  Oh,  my pussy

     needs  more  licking ,  my clit feels like it's  on  fire  Oh

     Allysyn suck on my clit OH GODDESS FLICK IT WITH YOUR  TONGUE



          The   sudden flow of juices, combined with the sound  of

     mistress coming and the feeling of her nails as they raked my

     thighs was too much for me.  I came for the second time,  the

     semen  erupting  from my cock like lava from a  long  dormant

     volcano. The thought ran through my mind that Mistress hadn't

     given me permission to come though.  I hope she remembers  it

     when it comes time to punish me again.

          Maybe I'll let her breakfast burn.


I hope you liked this. I have other Allysyn stories, already penned

and in mind.

Allysyn Wade


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