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Archive-name: Slaves/allbegan.txt

Archive-author: Heidi

Archive-title: How it All Began

     "My whole infatuation for bondage and discipline started

about a year and a half ago.  How it started is about as strange

as b&d itself.  It actually started between my best friend and


     "A new girl moved into our neighborhood,  and my best

friend,  Laurie became good friends with her immediately.  It

came to the point that she was actually spending more time with

her than with me.  Whenever I called her she was with "her new

friend, Michelle".  So finally I got a hold of her and she asked

me to sleep over,  and that Michelle was going to be sleeping

over too.  She said this would be a good chance for me to meet

her,  and get to know her better.  Of course I said yes.  So came

friday night.  I went to laurie's house,  and michelle was

already there.  She was a really nice  looking girl.  So,  we

listened to some good old music;  Bob Dylan,  and  some Traffic,

and talked,  and did our nails at the same time.  Soon,  we  were

talking about sex,  and our different sexual experiences.  She

had a  boyfriend,  but had to break up with him when she moved.

We all had a lot to talk about,  and the conversation was very

interesting.  Then Michelle asked me if I had ever tried bondage.

I said no,  but I had heard of it.  Then Laurie said something

like "well,  we're gonna...."  And then she quickly shut her

mouth.  I asked what she was going to say,  and instead of her

answering,  Michelle did.  She said "well we're going to change

all of that,  I've taught Laurie and now it's your turn!!".  They

were both grinning now.  I was so shocked that I got up and

started to pack my stuff to leave.  That's when Michelle grabbed

my arms,  she seemed to be so strong,  and  forced them behind my

back.  Then Laurie tied them together with a long strip of

leather.  Then they forced me onto my knees.  Then Michelle said

"By the end of tonight you'll be begging to be my little slave


     Then she said something like "watch how much Laurie loves

it!".  Then they  left the room for a minute.  I started trying

to loosen my bonds,  but  Laurie had tied them together so well.

After a few minutes,  they came back in.  Michelle was all in

black;  a black half-bra,  a black garter belt holding up satiny

black hose,  and silky black panties.  She also had  high-heeled

pumps.  What really shook my up was what Laurie was wearing...

     Her hands were tied behind her back with leather cuffs,  and

she had on a half shirt,  no bra,  and these real stringy bikini

panties.  She also had a thick leather collar on,  and connected

to that was a thin chain,  that Michelle was tightly holding on


	What really got to me though was that Laurie was apparently

turned on;  her nipples were jutting out,  and I could see that

her panties were already getting wet.

     Michelle then said "I have been training Laurie for the past

couple of weeks,  we are going to show you tonight what she has

learned so far.  Then we both will train you." I was so shocked

that I just sat there not saying a word. Then she ordered Laurie

onto her knees.  Laurie responded immediately,  without

hesitation. 	Then michelle said something like "beg for

it....".  Then Laurie started pleading asking her to do it

already.  Michelle had Laurie bend over the bed opposite the one

I was sitting on.  So there was Laurie,  bent over her bed,

hands bound,  and her ass high in the air.  Michelle then went to

her bag and pulled out a vibrator!  The second Laurie saw it,

she  started pleading louder.  Then Michelle came over and pulled

own Laurie's panties down around her thighs,  and turned on the

vibrator.  She then started moving it slowly around laurie's

pussy and asshole.  Laurie was now moaning in ecstasy.  Then

michelle shoved the vibrator deep into the inner depths of

Laurie's asshole.  After only a few seconds of this Laurie had a

powerful orgasm.  Then Michelle came over to me and forced me

over to Laurie,  then she ordered me to lick Laurie's juices.  I

said no way, but Michelle said I would be punished for

disobeying.  She then forced me in between Laurie's thighs  and

made me lick the juices from her pussy the weird things was that

I was no longer trying to pull back,  I liked begin treated this

way.  And I felt that familiar feeling in my pussy.

     All this time Michelle was saying "see she's starting to

like it already!"

     And I was.  Next she ordered us to start kissing and licking

each other.  It was heaven.  Being commanded by her to make out

with my best friend.

     In the end,  we had all off our clothes of and no one was in

command anymore,  we all just were kissing and licking each

other.  By the end of the night I had been entered in the pussy

and asshole by both Laurie and Michelle.  We agreed to switch off

roles, so that sometimes I would be the slave and sometimes the

master.  And they would also do he same."

     "Michelle taught me a lot,  along with Laurie that night.

In my  next story,  I will be continuing my other adventures with

Michelle and Laurie,  into the wonderful world of bondage and



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