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Archive-name: Slaves/alicewlk.txt

Archive-author: Vermillion 

Archive-title: Alice takes a Walk

This story is part 2, immediately following "Absolutely Yours",

and is Alice's further adventures.  They are part of the ongoing

series of Alice stories I have been reposting here over the 

last 3 -4 weeks.  

As for offensive, yes, it probably is.  But to outline all the 

offensive bits would be to give away part of the plot.  



Alice Goes For A Walk

"Now, Jon," you said, "she's ready to go out.  Where shall we

take her?" 

I was on my hands and knees in the middle of Jon's living room. 

I still had my short skirt on, and underpants, but sandals, shirt

and bra had been discarded a while ago.  It was the addition of a

bright pink collar and leash that had given my lover the sense

that I was now ready to go out.  It was a hot summer night, and I

wasn't shivering from the cold, but from feeling exposed, and

from  being stirred up inside.  This was only the second time Jon

had been included, and it was apparent that he was enjoying

himself.  I hadn't asked or even implied, that I wanted to play

with him.  Clearly my lover had made a decision to let another

man use me.  Part of me thought that I ought to be upset by this,

but mostly it turned me on.  Once I would have been, but things

had changed. 

Over the last few months, I had reached a new place in my head

while playing these games.  I was finding that I could just let

go of something dwelling inside of me.  I no longer worried about

what this meant to me, or why I wanted to do this.  I gave up on

big questions, on trying to figure out what I needed or what I

wanted.  I let my gut reactions of embarrassment and humiliation

wash over me, leaving arousal in their wake.  Those feelings only

made me want more of my lover, and to let him take as much of me

as he wanted.  A thought that had gone through my head several

times was along the lines: "he's gently, each time, pushing at my

limits", but there wasn't much gentle about how we were playing. 

So I stayed on hands and knees, and I tried not think about going

out.  Still, it was hard to avoid those big glass doors in front

of me. 

     Jon had sat down on the couch, next to me and was fondling

my breasts.  More gently now than earlier, but it wasn't the

intensity of the touch that pulling hard on me.  I stood very

still and thought about the fact that it was another man's hands

touching me.  It wasn't that it was just another man, I had had

many lovers, male and female over the years.  It was the scene. 

I hadn't played with anyone for a many years, until my lover and

I had carefully begun this part of our relationship a year ago. 

For me, no really, for us, the domination and submission was part

of the trust that underlay our love.  While Jon and I were

friends we had not had anything approaching a sexual relationship

before this.  He was married, happily and quite monogamous.  I

wasn't sure what he wanted out of these games with me.  I knew

that he was no stranger to bondage or discipline, but I had no

idea of what he would do to me, with me.  My lover had, in

essence, said to me "do this, do it for me, I don't ask, I tell

you". And I so knelt while another man caressed my naked breasts

and talked about me as if I was there only for his pleasure.

"Out?" Jon asked, rolling my nipple between his fingers. "Out on

the porch?"  I was still sufficiently anxious that the porch

actually sounded pretty tame to me.  

"Oh, no, I mean Out, out.  Down the street.  Walking the dog. 

Displaying the body".  I stood very still.  "Actually, she's not

quite ready.  Lets get her into pants, to save her knees".  How

thoughtful, he's worried about my knees.  He grabbed my gym bag

and pulled out a pair of old grey sweats.  "These will be easy to

put on" and tossed them to Jon.  Standing behind me, and leaning

over, he reached his arms around me and unbuttoned and unzipped

my skirt.  This was not a development I had thought of.  I am

always worried about looking heavy, and I knew that on hands and

knees, with my ass up in the air, was not a flattering.  He

lifted on leg at a time, as he pulled my skirt off, leaving me

there in lace underpants.  I didn't know which was worse for me,

feeling my ass exposed, or the visible wet spot.

Jon had not taken his eyes off of me, and now rested a hand on my

shoulder.  He slowly ran it down my back, as if stroking his dog. 

My eyes were firmly fixed on the floor.  "Hand me those sweats",

my lover said, as he worked each foot into them.  He drew them up

slowly over my legs, touching me softly on the back of my thighs. 

He tightened the drawstring and stood up.  "Let's go".  I closed

my eyes and took a deep breath.  

There are two ways that dogs walk with their masters.  There are

eager dogs that bound ahead, pulling their owners after them.  On

the other hand there are hesitant dogs who follow behind.  That

was me.  We walked out of Jon's house, and down the steps, which

are long, and therefore difficult on hands and knees.  I don't

think I have been so acutely aware of my breasts since I was a

teenager.  I could feel them bouncing underneath of me with each

step down.  I didn't move very fast, and once or twice felt a

strong tug on the leash.  Neither man said very much, and I had

no idea of how much they were watching.

Jon lives on a long street that gets used as a cut through in his

neighborhood.  Its not a main street, but it can get busy.  There

are houses only on one side, and woods on the other.  When we got

to the sidewalk, Jon said "Well, which way?", and got the reply

"oh, lets just walk a bit".  The two men turned towards the

business area, walking side by side, with me behind.  I felt

ignored.  There wasn't a lot of foot traffic but several cars

sped by.  There lights flashed on me, quickly, but I couldn't

tell if anyone could see me.  I was putting most of my energy

into walking on all fours.  It was easier, of course, not to

think about it at all.  

My lover stopped, and turned around towards me.  "Alice, are you

doing OK?" he asked.  I nodded, as he reached around to stroke my

breasts.  I didn't think they could get harder, but my nipples

responded immediately to his touch.  I heard a car slow and pull

over to the curb behind us.  I tried to hold my arms in front of

my chest, as I sat back on my heels.  I couldn't exactly squat

like a dog, but this seemed good enough.  I hunched over to

protect and hide my chest.    

"Alice, if you sit like that, I will tie your arms behind your

back".  I let my arms drop to my sides.  

My lover looked up expectantly as a door opened and voices

reached us.  I couldn't look, and kept my head down, but all of

the sounds seemed to reach me in great clarity.  I heard feet hit

the ground and indistinct words in male and female timbers.  

"Hi", a female voice, young, as steps came closer, "We, uh, just

noticed, uh.."  

"Oh, please do come and see my pet", as a hand stroked the back

of my head, gently at first, then grabbing my hair, hard, and

dragged my head up.  The steps came closer, and I could see out

of the corner of my eye a figure bending down.  

"Wow, she doesn't have a shirt on, that must be against the law". 

It was the voice of a teenaged boy.   The girl just giggled.  

"Would you like to touch her?" my lover asked.  The boy was

rocking back and forth on his feet, not sure at all about this


"Can I touch her, uh, her, tits?"  I tried to remember how I felt

about sex at that age, and couldn't.  

"Sure" my lover said to him, and to me "Alice, sit up straight,

hands behind your neck, again".  I did, and got a glimpse of the

other two.  Very young.  Teenagers.  I hoped they weren't the

children of anyone we knew, I hoped that this wasn't going to be

a lot of trouble later.  And then I stopped thinking about things

like that, as the guy reached an awkward hand and squeezed my

right breast.  People touching, people watching.  My nipples were

painfully erect.  

"Uh, wha, look at that" the girl said, barely able to get to

words out between gasps and giggles, "look at that, there's a,

uh, a ring on her boob, uh, through, uh, in her boob".   The boy

stopped touching long enough to look at my other breast. "Oh,

that must have hurt to get that done" said the girl, saying what

was probably the first thing that came to her mind.  It was a

toss-up as to which of them was more surprised.  The boy reached

out to touch the ring, totally entranced.

"Go ahead", urged my lover, "she likes to have the ring played

with".  I thought that I was inured to being spoken of in the

third person, since he had been talking about me to Jon all

evening.  But I found that talking about me like that to these

two young people was reopening feelings of being used.    

The boy reached out and twisted the ring a little.  "Harder" said

my lover.  "Hurt her".  The girl stared at him in amazement and

started to say something, but never got beyond gasping and

stuttering.  The boy pulled harder, and pulled my nipple out as

far as it would go.  Tears squeezed out of my eyes and I moaned. 

My eyes slitted open to see my tormentor. The first layer was

confusion, but something like pleasure sat behind his eyes.


"You people are very very weird" said the girl.  "Come on, Mike,

lets get out of here".  But Mike was clearly too fascinated to

leave immediately.  He pulled on my ring again, and the girl

started tugging on his arm.  He pinched at my nipple and grabbed

at my other breast.  "I want to go", she said "I don't think this

is fun".  Reluctantly he let go, and turned.  

"Well, Mike" my lover started "I'm going to have to finish your

job" and he slapped my right breast, hard enough to make me lose

my balance.  As I fell I noticed the boy turning around to watch. 

I was pushed, face down, over a low railing in someone's yard. 

"Jon, hold her arms down".  Jon stepped over the railing, into

the yard and grabbed my arms, and smiled into my eyes while he

supported me.  

My lover yanked the sweats down, and then the underpants. There

was certainly enough light to see what was going on.  Bent over,

all I could see was Jon, and I couldn't hear the couple.  I

didn't really care, I knew what was coming.  I received only a 

dozen open-handed blows, enough to warm and redden my ass but not

much more.  My pain was being nearly naked, outside, with an

eager unknown audience watching my punishment.  

I heard the girl gasp, again, and say "Mike, really, I WANT to go

now".  "No, let me watch this, its wild".  But the car door

slammed a few feet away, and a minute later the engine revved.  I

wondered what would happen to the young couple's relationship.

When Jon pulled me up, it was just the three of us standing

there.  I tried looked around, quickly, for other people.  "On

your hands and knees, Alice, I didn't give you permission for

anything else".  I pulled up my clothes and scrambled down onto

the ground.  Jon bent over to retrieve the leash and gave a tug

on it.  

"Ready?  Where shall we go?"  he asked, grinning.  "Not so fast"

said my lover, "Alice, did I give you permission to put on any


"No, Sir" I replied.  

"Then take them off", and I pulled down the sweats and pants to

my knees again.  "No, Alice, off, all the way off".  Jon, still

in front of me, saw my face.  This was hard, this was going to be

embarrassing.  I pulled them off and handed the clothes to Jon.  

I was totally naked in a part of town where I might run into

people who knew me.  

"Bend over" said my lover's hard voice, "bend over the rail and

spread your legs apart".  I did as I was told, aware of how much

utterly ludicrous I must look.  I felt some relief in having my

head hidden.  "Jon, come here, around the back, I want you to

watch".  Watch what?  Jon moved to where he could get a good


"Look at her cunt, she likes this".  My blushing was pointless,

no one was looking at my face.  My lover stroked my labia with a

warm, dry finger.  "Head down more, Alice, its hard to see".  I

obliged, hoping for more.  Moving my head forced my hips up

higher.  I balanced myself with my hands on the ground.  His

finger traced a circle around my clit, and I tried hard not to

move my hips, but I wanted that finger on my clit.  "Ah, watch

the slut move".  

I couldn't help but groan, as he smeared my juices over my entire

cunt.  His finger moved on, past my vagina and probed into my now

slick anus.  Here I was, outside, naked, bent over someone's

railing, and all I wanted was to be stroked, caressed, touched,

somehow, until I could come.  The frustration I felt was getting

be incredible.  

"Please, Sir", I tried to ask.  Two fingers were shoved into my

ass, hard.  "She talks out of turn, Jon, amazing".   The fingers

twisted inside of me, and spread apart like scissor blades.  "She

needs a lesson".  The fingers inside of me savagely held me open. 

I heard a rustle of zipper and clothing and then felt his cock

forcing its way into me.  It seemed larger than usual, but my

whimpers of pain were ignored.  My lover grabbed my breasts

brutally and pulled upwards, forcing me to arch my back and half

stand up.  The rough material of his pants abraded my warmed ass. 

Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jon watching us.  I

didn't care if he saw me being fucked, all I wanted was to be

permitted to come.  The power of my lover's strokes increased,

slamming my thighs against the railing.  Fingers from one hand

pinched my labia, and pulled my cunt open.  "Nothing, nothing" he

grunted at me,  "nothing is going to rub on your clit.  This is.

not. for. your. pleasure. Mine, all mine".  And with the last

word he pulled me close in a spasm, bending me to fit his body

contours.  For a moment, being pulled close to him was the only

thing I wanted in the universe.  But the agonzing throb in my

clit returned.  

I was nearly in tears.  The fucking had been powerful and pulled

deep inside, but I wanted, needed more.  Then more softly, I

heard him say with pleasure,  "Ah, Alice, Alice".  He bent me

forward at the waist, but did not withdraw.  "You are most

wonderful".  I did not feel wonderful, I felt frustrated and

horny and exposed.  He was clothed, I was naked.  His still hard

cock was in my ass, but my cunt felt tremendously empty.  He

leaned down on my back and reached around to tweak my nipples. 

They throbbed, my clit throbbed.  "And you, right now you would

do anything I asked.  Wouldn't you?"  I nodded, although I wanted

to plead with him.  "Anything" I said softly, moving my hips very

slightly.  His hands moved lower across my belly and pulled on my

pubic hair from above and behind.  "Oh, Alice, I know you, I know

what you need right now.  And it makes me smile to think that I

won't give it to you".  With a small pop that I felt more than

heard, he pulled out of me.  

"Now, sit on the rail.  Spread your legs and show Jon your cunt". 

I kept my back to the sidewalk, but tried to turn my head

sideways to look at him.  "Open yourself up, I know you like it,

my little bitch of a dog". He jerked on the leash around my neck

to emphasize his point.  "But don't come".  I reached down and

pulled open my labia on either side of my drenched vagina.  Jon

walked around to the front of me and leaned forward to see in the

dim light.  I wanted him to look, even more I wanted him to touch

me.  My lover was right, I would have done anything to be touched

right now. 

"More" Jon said.  I felt full of shame, not in showing myself,

but that that I wanted so much to show myself.  So with my middle

finger I pulled my clit hood back, while the two fingers on

either side pulled my inner labia wide.  I stuck two fingers into

my cunt and felt my thighs get wetter and sticker.  I wanted to

fuck myself, to touch my clit, but I didn't dare.  I was an

animal in heat, totally in their control.  I would come when they


"Ah, Alice" my lover said "in the face of terrible desire, you

begin to lose your inhibitions".  And with that, he jerked on the

leash, hard and pulled me back.  "Get up, its time to go home."

He grinned at me, and reached a finger into my cunt.  He threw

only the sweat pants at me.  "You can wear these going home, but

don't hide your breasts.  I know you will do anything for me, but

its not quite time for what I want".  I only hoped that Jon was

as frustrated and disappointed as I was.  Before tonight, I

hadn't though I could fuck another person besides my lover, but I

would have fucked Jon or even the teenaged boy, at that moment,

if it meant coming.   

My lover and Jon started off ahead of me, going towards home at a

good pace.  I stayed a few steps behind, and to the left, and

tried to keep my chest up.  Occasional tugs at the leash were

more for my discomfort than anything else.  My frustration

subsided to a dull roar, but I didn't have much trouble keeping

up, now that I could walk.  I could hear low talk between them,

but not make out the words.  Finally a few words pitched for my

ears floated back to me.  "Oh, don't worry, I'll give you a

chance with her," I heard my lover say.  "But not when she wants

it so much.  It will be much more fun to force her."


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