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Archive-name: Slaves/advsprit.txt


Archive-title: Adventures of Sprite, The

        Part the first...

In retrospect, I should have known that his plans for the evening 

were more elaborate than he'd told me.  They always are.  But I 

went into it thinking that we were simply having dinner with a 

friend of his, a man he referred to as an excellent conversation-

alist and a 'fun' person.

I wore almost-normal clothes -- a long skirt with high-heeled 

boots, scoop necked silk shirt with a pendant in the shape of his 

mark.  My buttocks still tingled from the spanking he'd given me 

earlier, and I could feel a bruise swelling gently on my thigh 

where he'd bitten me.  There was a certain extra thrill in feel-

ing the aches and throbs in my body after he had done with me.  I 

relished them as a secret thrill when people saw us together, for 

we were close friends and no one knew of the deeper relationship 

we shared.

The man he introduced to me as Orion was already seated in a 

booth at the restaurant when we arrived.  He was tall and slim, 

with a stern countenance and icy grey eyes that thawed a little 

when he smiled.  My master ordered for me, and this was my first 

clue that something was up.  He ordered a light, easily digesti-

ble meal which alerted me to the fact that I would possibly need 

to be ready for action before long.  Or he could simply be teas-

ing me...

But no.

He and Orion chatted easily over their wine.  I sat back and 

enjoyed the witty conversation, relishing the feel of my master's 

leg against mine.  He was not paying much attention to me, other 

than to smile at me occasionally or feed me a morsel of food from 

his plate.  I began to relax, the wine making me feel mellow and 

a little sleepy.

Suddenly his head snapped around and when I looked into his eyes 

I knew the game was about to begin.  Still, I was stunned when he 

slapped my face lightly and ordered me to go to the restroom and 

remove my underwear.

My face must have showed my amazement.  How could he talk to me 

like this in front of Orion?  No one knew of our relationship 

save my master and me, his slave.  And now he was ordering me 

around in front of a man I had just met!

My hesitation seemed to anger Orion, because he leaned over the 

table and grabbed my face in his hands, squeezing my cheeks 

painfully.  His eyes were frosty.

"Do you hesitate, little one?  Most unwise."

My head immobile, I looked pleadingly, shocked, at my master, but 

he met my frightened eyes with a glare.  He wanted it this way!

As I left the table, I felt a tear slide down my cheek.  It was a 

salt sister to the moisture between my legs.

I removed my bra and panties hastily, wadding them up in my 

purse, and returned to the table, wondering what would happen 


My master was gone.  Orion smiled and handed me a note written on 

the napkin.  I was to do exactly as Orion told me, and we would 

meet my master in half an hour at Orion's office, which was a 

couple of blocks away.  I expected Orion to touch me, to use his 

fingers on me beneath my skirt.  It seemed to me that he enjoyed 

causing pain, and I looked at the sharp knives on the table with 


I knew that by leaving me alone with Orion, my master was testing 

my obedience.  Obviously, he trusted Orion completely or this 

would not be happening, but I was afraid and wished for my lover, 

my safe, dangerous master, who terrified and aroused me with no 

rhyme or reason.

"We'll finish our meal," Orion said, smiling, "Then leave."

He took from his pocket a square of soft, grey leather, which he 

instructed me to sit on.  I bunched my long skirt above my hips 

and tried to sit in a dignified, unobtrusive manner.  I could 

feel the wetness seeping from between my legs onto the soft 

leather, and I longed to rub myself against it.

Orion reached beneath the table and parted my knees with his; his 

legs so long that by stretching them apart comfortably he had me 

sprawled wide-thighed on the leather.  I felt sure that everyone 

could smell my fear and arousal.  He tied my wrists with a leath-

er thong and instructed me to finish my meal.  It was a little 

uncomfortable and cumbersome holding a fork, but I managed, 

although my appetite had gone, and my inhibitions were on the 

verge of following suit.

Limitations, I mused, trembling.  My master had hinted of this in 

the past, saying that he would soon test me and allow me to 

explore my fears and limits.  True, there were things that terri-

fied me and some of them aroused me at the same time.  But sure-

ly, I thought, in a crowded restaurant Orion can hardly command 

me to do much.  Once again, foolishly, I began to relax.

"So, little one, tell me your opinion of the Middle East peace 


Goddess!  So he really meant to teach me tonight.  Only my master 

knew that I would choose being splayed naked and wet before the 

world before talking about my political opinions.  Typhon told 

this to Orion, who slapped my face to get me to talk.

Haltingly, I began mumbling softly, keeping my eyes on the table-

cloth.  Orion grabbed my hair and lifted my head.

"You will look at me when you speak to me.  You will speak clear-

ly, politely, concisely, and you will not repeat yourself.  You 

will not stop speaking until I tell you to.  Is that understood?"

I nodded, gulping back tears.

Orion's hand moved so quickly I did not see it, until I felt the 

stinging in my nipple where he had pinched it viciously.

"You address me as Orion, woman."

"Yes Orion," I whispered, raising my eyes to meet his.

"Good.  Begin with the Palestinian question."

It seemed as though I talked for hours, although it could have 

been no longer than fifteen minutes.  Orion made no response, he 

looked into my eyes and listened.  Once, he nodded, but that was 

all.  For the first few minutes I felt mortified, certain that I 

was embarrassing myself by showing my naivete.  But after a 

while, I found myself warming to the subject.  Why, Orion was a 

captive audience just as I was a captive!  I felt the need to win 

from him a nod, a smile, a faint thawing in those icy grey eyes, 

and right then I could use only my intellect to accomplish this.

But Orion stopped me by gently raising his index finger to my 

lips.  He thrust it into my mouth and instinctively I sucked it, 

running my tongue around the ridge of his fingernail.  I wriggled 

on the seat, feeling that the leather had stuck to my thighs.  

But he said nothing about my words, had no comment on my grasp of 

the Middle East, and I began to feel afraid again.  I had disap-

pointed him!

When Orion had finished his meal, he took from beneath me the 

saturated square of grey leather and delicately wiped his lips 

with it.

We walked to the building which held Orion's office.  Orion did 

not touch me, and when I stumbled he let me fall.  I cursed him 

silently and felt a lump forming in my throat.  In the elevator, 

he blindfolded me and my fear grew.

Orion opened a door, and I suddenly smelled my master's scent.  

Unable to control myself, I started sobbing and turned this way 

and that, unable to see, searching for the touch I knew and 


He came up behind me and took me in his arms.  Bound, I could not 

hold him.  Blind, I could not see him.  He held me close and 

whispered sweetly in my ear, kissing my tearstained face and 

calling me his sweet girl.  I felt his erection pressing against 

my belly and thought, somewhat incoherently and with great re-

lief, that we could go home and love each other, and I would be 

good, oh, so very subservient and please him, for that was what I 

wanted more than anything in the world.  I had forgotten com-

pletely about Orion, felt only my arousal and love and need, and 

I burrowed into my master's shoulder, still crying a little, and 

whispered that I loved him, and he turned me around and in a 

cutting, sharp voice that I recognized, said, "Kneel, bitch."


Part the second...

I gasped at the tone of his voice, so fierce and unrelenting 

after his tender kisses of a moment ago, but I bent my legs to 

kneel as my master had commanded.  The heel of my boot caught in 

the hem of my skirt and I fell in an undignified sprawl on the 

carpet.  Immediately I felt my master's fingers in my hair, wind-

ing in the thick tresses at the back of my head in the way that 

drove me crazy.

"Up, pretty," he growled, sounding a little amused.  "You're not 

usually this clumsy.  Are you nervous?"

I nodded.  "Yes, sir."


I knelt on the floor, still blindfolded and bound, trying to get 

a sense of where the two men stood.  I felt my master behind me, 

but I could not sense Orion.

My master lifted my chin and ripped open my shirt, sending but-

tons flying.  I felt the heavy chain with his pendant bounce 

against my ribcage and come to rest between my breasts.  Then, a 

sharp, stinging pain as my master slapped my breasts, back and 


The pain was not intense.  He concentrated on the curved parts 

and my nipples, staying way from the extremely tender area where 

my breast met my armpit.  But he hit hard, and with my hands 

bound I had to struggle to keep my balance.

My nipples hardened and became hot.  I felt them as little 

lances, seeming to bore into my chest and run a lightening flash 

of heat into my groin.  I moaned, throwing my head back so that 

my breasts pressed further forward.

I was beginning to feel the stirrings of the particular mindset I 

call the Magic.  This happens when I lose control, when I care 

for nothing but the present.  The world shrinks down into a 

luminous pinpoint, and I am impaled on the pin, wanting nothing 

but to please, to serve.  I heard Orion gasp, and, although my 

mind was blurred, fixed his position to my right.  My master had 

ceased slapping my breasts and was now kneading and kissing them, 

biting at the nipples.

At times like these I love to hold his head in my hands and run 

my fingers through his hair, and so I raised my bound wrists to 

him, moaning in a pleading tone of voice.

"So you want your hands free, slave?  But tonight we do not care 

what you want.  Tonight you will learn what it is to truly serve.  

You will serve me, and, should I command it, you will serve 

Orion.  Your only desire will be to please me.  Do you under-


"Yes, my lord," I whispered, lowering my hands.  I felt ashamed 

that I had had such a selfish desire.

I felt my master smile as he lifted my face.

"No need to be downcast, my sweet little bitch," he said, "we 

forgive you.  Don't we, Orion?"

The voice came this time from my left.

"Most assuredly, Typhon.  Just as soon as..."

I felt my skirt being lifted from behind, then, Swat! A hard 

smack on my already tender buttocks.

I let out a scream and my master immediately grasped my face in 

his hands and pressed it against his crotch.  Swat! The bare hand 

smack came again, and my eyes watered behind the blindfold.  But 

this time, I did not scream.

With my face pressed against the rough fabric of my master's 

pants, I could feel the solid outline of his cock against my 

cheek and lips.  I traced it with my tongue, feeling him grinding 

against me, the dry fabric forcing my lips apart, the cold metal 

of the zipper clicking against my teeth.

Typhon, my lover, my master, let out a groan and ground harder 

against my face.  His voice was changing, the way it does when 

he's aroused, from a gentle, somewhat sardonic drawl to a terri-

fying, primal growl that sends shivers down my spine.

Orion, meanwhile, had ceased spanking me and was gently stroking 

and kissing my hot and tender ass.  He played one finger around 

the opening to my wet pussy, and although a tiny part of me 

tensed and wanted to shy away, I had to restrain myself from 

lunging backwards and impaling myself on him.

He ran his finger around my lips, spreading the copious liquid I 

was releasing, and stroked my clit while rubbing my lubricant.  I 

began to gasp and twitch, and Typhon growled again and pulled 

down his zipper.

His cock sprang free and I eagerly took him in my mouth, relish-

ing the salty taste at the tip, running my tongue over the bumps, 

veins and crevices I had come to know so well.  He fucked my 

mouth steadily, hands in my hair, while Orion rubbed and teased 

me from behind.

Occasionally, Orion would use his spare hand to slap me sharply 

and that would cause me to twitch.  That twitch would be felt in 

my mouth, as Typhon groaned and tightened his grip on my hair and 

thrust deeper, deeper into my mouth.

I sucked him instinctively, feeling as though I was born to do 

this, only this.  The distinction between his cock and Orion's 

fingers, between my mouth and my pussy, began to blur.  It became 

difficult to breathe.  Orion thrust three fingers knuckle deep 

into me and this time I could not control myself, I did lunge 

backwards onto his hands and he slapped me, hard, while Typhon's 

delicious cock almost slipped from my mouth, and Typhon slapped 

my face and grabbed my breasts, pulling and pinching my nipples.

It was black behind the blindfold, but my inner eye saw clearly 

that luminous pinpoint, spiraling, spiraling.  We were one organ-

ism, and my duty, my life, my reason for existing, was this 

pleasure, this pain.  I could no longer feel the carpet beneath 

my knees.  Three streams of breath becoming one, a wind of lust, 

passion, power, trust.  Such power in nature!

Then Typhon said, "Enough," and pulled from my mouth, leaving me 

bereft, hungry.  My mouth gaped hopefully, baby bird style, all 

thoughts of grace and dignity gone.  I was nothing but a core of 


They lifted me between them and carried me, it seemed, across the 

room.  I felt coolness in front of me, and something steely and 

hard as my master lifted my arms and tied my wrists to arms stretched up and a little to the side, I was 

forced to stand on the tips of my toes.  As I did this, shifting 

slightly to get as comfortable as I could, my breasts brushed 

against something cold.  Glass!

I felt hands unbuttoning my skirt and removing the remains of my 

shirt.  Then I was naked, save for my boots and necklace, and the 

cloth covering my eyes.  A hand pressed into the small of my 

back, leading me into a curve.

The blindfold was removed.  At first I could not focus, then I 

slowly realized what they had done to me.

Hundreds of feet below, the street.  Cars moving slowly, people 

like ants, lights like votive candles.  Across from me, a tall 

building, dark save for one floor which was illuminated and 

showed a busy gymnasium.  I was tied to the window bars, pressed 

against the glass, and if anyone working out in the building 

opposite should look out of the window, they would see me.

Typhon laughed.


Part the third...

I was overwhelmed.  His laugh rang throughout the room,echoing so 

that I thought the office must be huge and empty.  I burst into 

tears.  Emotionally drained, aroused almost to the point of 

discomfort, the remaining bricks of my barriers crumbled and I 

leaned my forehead against the cool glass and cried.  I closed my 

eyes, not wanting to see the blurred figures working out across 

the street.

Eyes streaming, nose running, shoulders shaking as I sobbed, I 

could not have been a very pretty sight.  Yet Orion signed and 

murmured, "God, she's beautiful."

And my master said, "Yes."

They proceeded to discuss my attributes in glowing terms, and I 

felt myself blush as I cried.  Somehow, I felt betrayed.  Before, 

in the soft dark, I had clung to my master and tentatively an-

swered his clever questions about my fantasies and fears.  Lying 

there in his arms, warm and secure and loved, I felt safe, and I 

had spilled my deepest, darkest desires.  He had listened and led 

me on, patiently extracting from me information I had not even 

allowed myself to process.

Now he was turning my fantasy into reality, and I was not ready.  

I felt angry.  How could he take our moonlight secrets and trans-

form them into this sweaty, shuddering reality?

Yet had I not given myself over to him?  Had I not sworn to obey, 

and had I not felt a warm belonging as he swore to care for me?  

My choice had been made long before.

Twisting in the whirlwind of my emotions, I tried to concentrate.  

Typhon and Orion spoke on, murmuring to each other and time 

seemed to slow down, thankfully, and I could grasp some of the 

thoughts flashing through my mind.

All I had to do was to use my safeword, and I would be taken 

down, bathed and put to bed like a baby who has stayed up too 

late.  One word was all it would take.  But I found myself reluc-

tant to say it, and as my master came around me, bent and took my 

nipple between his lips, the thought fled from my mind and I was 

his completely.

He sucked and nibbled on my breast, and rubbed my clit in the 

manner he uses to tease me.  From behind, I heard the distinct 

crinkle of plastic, and then I felt Orion's hands on my ass, 

spreading my legs and squeezing my cheeks.

"Open your eyes," my master commanded, and I obeyed.  I had been 

seen, and across the street three men and a woman stood at the 

window of the gymnasium, watching me.  I could not see the ex-

pression on their faces, but they did not turn away.  I moaned.  

I felt Orion's hands on my pussy, spreading my lips while my 

master worked unhurriedly on my throbbing clit.  I was wet and 

hungry, and felt only a slight pang of fear as I felt Orion's 

cock slide easily into me.

Aah, the sensation of being filled!  I sighed gustily, the breath 

forced out of me as he slowly slid in deeper, grasping my hips.  

Reflected in the glass, I could see the apparition shape of the 

three of us, unreal and shimmering.

Orion pumped steadily, filling me wonderfully.  His breath on my 

neck made me shiver, and I arched my back further, wanting to 

lean back against his sweet prick, wanting to lean forward onto 

my master's knowing fingers.  The magic began to take me again, 

and I began to pant and moan.

"Yes, you like it from behind, don't you?" Murmured Typhon.  I 

groaned in response.

He slapped my breasts lightly, causing me to yelp.

"Answer me, slut!  Don't make me repeat my question."

"Yes, yes!" I gasped, as Orion increased his thrusts, harder and 


Typhon addressed Orion.

"She likes to be taken like a bitch in heat.  Fuck her hard, as 

hard as you want to.  She'll take it, and love it."

Orion was inspired, and his cock twitched inside me as he slammed 

into me, harder and faster, his grip on my hips painful.  I 

thought I could feel his cock head in the back of my throat, I 

was so impaled and filled.  The liquid between my legs ran free-

ly, in spite of him filling me like a cork, and the delicious 

friction burned like heaven.

My clit began to throb in earnest, and my master, always knowing, 

knelt and licked at it with a sharp tongue.

The incongruity of having my master on his knees before me seemed 

suddenly hysterical, and I laughed loudly, causing Orion to growl 

and press harder into me.  Typhon's magic tongue lashed me and 

oh, the magic, the magic.  Had I not been bound, I would have 

fallen over.  As it was, my body became limp, Orion holding me by 

the hips and my wrists cutting painfully against the restraints.

My master grasped my nipples and pinched, and I screamed, feeling 

the heat building, boiling in my thighs and groin, flowing up and 

out into my limbs, and my clit was a tiny white hot coal and as 

Orion gasped and thrust deep, deep and hit against that elusive 

secret place in my core, I screamed and came and came and came...

Shuddering, twitching, feeling the muscles of my pussy pulsating 

around Orion, I bucked and wriggled, saturated with sensation.  

My master would not release me from his mouth, and the intensity 

grew again, going beyond anything I thought was possible, and I 

felt an urge to urinate.

I screamed again, wanting release, wanting this to go on forever, 

wanting oblivion.

It seemed like a violation as Orion suddenly pulled himself from 

my pussy.  This time it was I who growled, vaguely hearing the 

snap of the condom as he removed it, then he had one hand in my 

hair and one hand on himself as he stood behind me and masturbat-

ed.  As I felt the first drops of his cum splashing against my 

hot, tender cheeks; as I felt his groan as an earthquake, the 

sound reverberating and penetrating my skin; as my master bit 

down on my clit and thrust his thumb to press against my anus, I 

came again.  This time, taken by the waves, I floated, pulsing, 

dripping, and rode the dragon, hearing my heartbeat like a drum, 

and the spiral returned and I plummeted, gloriously, into the 


All went black.


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