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Archive-name: Slaves/admision.txt


Archive-title: Admission, The

 As she awoke she marveled at the softness and coolness of the sheets

enveloping her.  The warm soft sun shown through the sheer curtains,

and as she rubbed her eyes, it dawned on her that she wasn't quite

sure where she was....

As she looked around the room and her eyes fell on him, it all

came back to her.  Dennis sat in the budoir chair watching her with 

firey eyes of interest.  They had been casual friends for a while, and

her drunken admission to him in conversation at a party the last night

that she was into submission had gotten her an offer to spend 

Saturday with him.  She new him well enough to not refuse.

As she stretched he moved from the chair and silently moved towards her,

taking something from behind his back as he neared her.  Winding the

piece of black cloth in his hands, he surprised her into stillness by

placing it across her face and into her mouth, gently tying it in back,

tight enough so that it dug in between her jaws a bit.  Stretching 

out his hand in an offer of support he raised her to her feet, taking a 

moment to look at her in the wonderfully soft and silky teddy she had

worn to bed.  With a flicker of his eye and a quick wave of his hand he

had grasped the plunging neckline and ripped the silk right down the middle,

allowing her breasts to bulge out and showing at the bottom of the rip

her dark mound of pubic hair.  He chuckled at the surprise in her

eyes, and saw fit to speak to her.

"I know what you like, I can read it in your eyes, they are a very clear

window to your soul.  I can tell what you want, what you need.  I happen

to have complimenting needs, desires, and wants, and as so will do my

best to fulfill yours while fulfilling mine.  You will have little say in

what goes on  here, although if you feel that you cannot and will not take

any more of a specific situation, then make it clear to me.  Do not falsify

the end of your wits or you will be punished for it."

"Shall we begin?"

She nodded a silent yes to his awaiting gaze.

As he walked around her, he grabbed the low cut back of her teddy and 

ripped it down the back, and with a swift pull broke the snaps at the crotch

and let the shredded garment fall to the floor.  He paused to look at her

shape, very soft and lovely, her milky skin, and warm brown hair.  "Follow me"

he said as he placed a hand on her shoulder and walked out of the room.  She

wasn't sure where they were going, or if anyone else was in the large house...

Going down stairs he knocked on a door at the end of the hall.  Her heart

almost stopped at the thought of another person seeing her nakedness, 

she had never thought of any contact with anyone other than him.  As he

turned to look at her and read her reaction, he saw the fear in her eyes

and gently stroked her chin to calm her.  The door opened and a man was walking

away from the door as he entered and she followed.  The man walked to a table,

returning with a pair of leather wrists cuffs with a strap between them and

also a lead coming off of their junction.  He walked to her, smiled, and

gently placed them on her wrists.  She was so stunned with the situation 

that she didn't have the brain power to think of refusing.  As he tightened

them, he then grabbed the lead and led her over to a table.  Without a 

word he pushed her to stand right against it, and as Dennis watched, he

bent her over the table, securing the lead onto a ring on the floor

directly below the other side of the table.  The table was just

the right highth to lay her stomach on, and she realized quickly that

unless her thighs were pressed tight together, she was totally exposed. 

Standing with her ankles together she silently wondered and worried.  

The man then walked out of her sight and returned to her back side and 

spread her ankles enough to place ankle cuffs on them.  As she had

feared, he then pulled on a lead attatched to each of them, in an attemp

to spread her legs.  When she resisted, he gave a sharp tug, and when she

resisted again, he let go, and walked away again.  Suddenly, a sharp

smack of a small strip of leather stung her ass, just enough to make

her realize that this was serious.  As the man spread her legs and 

tied her ankles far apart she could feel the air caress her explosed

ass and pussy, the air gently teasing her hair.  

As if reading her mind, Dennis walked around in front of her as

she wondered what he was doing.  He was now wearing a simple black 

robe, belted at the waist, and nothing else.  She was being tied up

to be fucked, she thought.  The thought of it made her tingle and begin

to moisten.  

"Now," said Dennis as if to address her wonders, "we are going to take

sort of an inventory.  My friend here will examine every part of your

body and comment on it.  He has my permission to touch you in any 

way he sees fit, to do with you as he wishes.  She felt hands run up and

down her sides, starting from her underarms and going to her hips.  "Wonderful

skin, soft and smooth."  Hands traveled down her legs, covering every inch of

their surface, up and down, up and down, as he felt every cell.  "Legs

are firm, very smooth, taken care of.  Moist skin, nicely shaped."  In turn

he felt her feet, her ankles, up to her back, commenting on shape and feel

at every turn.  Down her arms, to her hands, then back up her arms, 

over shoulders, into her hair, grabbing handfulls of it and gently pulling.

He traveled then down to her lower back, and gently passed his palms over 

the cheeks of her ass.  Her legs were spread so that even the lips of

her cunt were spread, the air hitting the hood of her clit.  All he 

said was, "Nice, very nice," as he seemed to view her exposed sex.  

Rather strongly, he placed his palms on her ass cheecks and pulled them apart, 

gently blowing on her tight tiny hole and watching as she flinched in 

response.  She felt her face glow read with the embarrassing inspection, 

she hadn't felt so exposed in all her life.  He placed his thumbs on her vulva

and spread her lips, looking into the tight unfilled area of her vagina, 

a dark pink and already glistening slightly.  He gently drew a finger up 

between her inner lips and stopped to rest his finger on her already straining

clit.  She moaned as the pressure shot warmth through her body, her whole 

crotch ached from the increasing blood pressure in the region caused by 

the fact that she was tied up and being poked and prodded by a man and watched

through it all by another.  

"Do I need to tie you down for this," Dennis enquired with a raise of his

eyebrow.  She slightly paused and then when he looked solemn she vigorously

shook her head no.

"Good, then as we turn you over we won't have to do that."

He unfastened the lead to her hands, and the other man let her ankles free 

totally from the cuffs.  Gently Dennis rolled her over, and held her hands

above her head by the lead.  He helped her scoot up onto the table so that only

her calves dangled off, and pulled slightly on her wrists to raise her arms

higher, causing her back to arch slightly and push her breasts out.  The man

returned and continued his caressing and commentary, noting her ticklish

jump when he came upon her sides, and how her nipples were hard as rocks

although she her breasts hadn't been so much as touched.  

Then he cupped a hand over each breast, gently feeling their firmness 

under his palms, the hard nipples pushing into his hand.  His hands

were warm, so in contrast with the rest of the room.  

Continueing down her body, she resisted slightly as he tried to spread

her legs, and he looked to Dennis.  "Perhaps for this next part we need

to tie her down as before."  Her heart jumped, she wondered what they had in

mind to do to her that would make her resist...  

Gently she was rolled over and pulled down the table again so she was

bent over it, and then her ankles were tied apart, yet Dennis still held

the lead to her hands.  He placed a hand on her head and soothingly

stroked her hair, and it calmed her but at the same time made her wonder why he

felt she needed to be calmed... what did he know that she didn't? 

She heard the other man bring over a bad and drop it on the floor and then

open it up.  Looking at Dennis with pleading eyes he gently said, "Don't

worry, we're just going to sort of see what you can take.  Just relax."

Her eyes widened as she wondered what in the world that could mean...

And remembered the sizes of objects she'd had the chance to see at other

times in her life.

She felt the man gently begin to rub her ass, and then he gently slipped

his hand between her legs, resting his palm against her clit, and 

just gently rubbing and pushing.  She dropped her head onto the table and

moaned, and he increased the pressure as she tried to push back on him.

She felt him with the other hand pull at one side of her lips, and felt the

tip of something press against the opening to her vagina.  She jumped a bit,

and as he gently began to work something into her, she welped as she could

as the rather large head of the object pushed past her tight outer muscles.   

She moaned and began to struggle as the object seemed to begin to increase

in size as it was pushed farther into her.  She felt her lips and muscles

being stretched farther than she'd ever experienced.  Not an unpleasant 

feeling, although as he stopped she relaxed and things felt much better.  

He gently began to push in and slightly pull out, giving her just a bit more

every time.  She thought for sure he couldn't get any deeper inside of her.

As she relaxed and lubricated she also began to climb toward orgasm.  As

she began to rock back and forth the little that she could, he gently

withdrew the object from her, and Dennis said, "Perhaps something a little

larger?"  She looked at him thinking surely he had to be kidding.  Obviously

not since she felt the man place another object her lips, and Dennis stroked

her hair as she began to fidget from the anticipation.  As the man slowly

pushed, her muscles began to fight the intrision, because she could tell

that it was markedly larger than anything that had been inside of her before.

It was obviously made for such use, though, for she could tell it

was made in the phallic form, with a ridged head.  She let out a deep moan

that turned more into a screech as he steadily pushed it into her.  She began

to lightly try and move around, but stopped when she realized that this

made her only feel it all the more.  She was gasping with each breath as he

finally stopped pushing it into her, and her lips almost hurt with the

distance they were stretched.  "That will be fine," Dennis said.

Gently this was removed and she relaxed.  She felt his warm hands on 

her again, spreading her lubrication around her crotch with his palm and 

urging her into deeper relaxation as the warm feelings darted from her clit

all over her body.  His hands left her and one returned, gently massaging 

her cheek.  Suddenly her body went taunt as she felt his finger, wet with 

something slippery, gently dance around the ring of her anus.  She lost 

her breath at the surprise, and tried to push herself away as he gently applied

pressure.  She screached in protest as his finger gently dialated her tight

hole, just slighty reaching into her.  Since no one was paying heed, she

continued screaching and began to thrash back and forth in her bonds, 

making it as obvious as possible that she wasn't comfortable with this.

"I thought her ass was virgin," said the man, as Dennis sternly eyed her.

He answered with a simple "Continue" and then pulled the wrist lead tighter

giving her less room to move.  

The man went back to gently massaging his finger around her ass, and then 

gently slipped it inside.  He added plenty of lubricant, applying both to

his hand and her ass each time.  She loosened up and it began to feel good,

although strange, but her fear of what he was going to do next kept her

from relaxing and enjoying it.  She screached again as he gently pressed

two fingers into her, not from pain but from surprise, and as he sunk them

as far into has he could, from slight discomfort.  Again she began to thrash

around, in hopes of ending this horribly embarrassing scene.  She heard

Dennis snap his fingers and the man removed his fingers, causing her to calm 

down and return to stillness, breathing hard from her restrained efforts.

She looked forward to Dennis, with a look of relieved thanks on her face,

and looked stunned as he began to take off his robe.  "I see I'm going to

have to do this myself," he said, and she tried to deny what he meant

as he dropped the robe totally to reveal the parts of him she'd never seen.

He was a lovely man, with a dark, sculpted body, that while well defined 

and covered in places with dark hair looked soft and warm, not severe and cold.

Her gaze fell onto his cock and she prayed that he didn't intend to 

continue where the other man had left off.  His manhood was beautiful, but

he was large.  Larger than any lover she had had.  And most certainly larger

than she wanted to attemp anal sex with.  She looked at him with pleading eyes

once more, and a tear actually escaped her eye, not purposely.  He bent

down to kiss her, lightly caressing her face with light brushes of his

lips.  "Relax, don't worry.  With patience it's possible, and it's something

you  must do.  I know you don't want it this way.  If you promise to at least

try, I'll undo all this and we'll go into my bedroom.  I won't hurt you, 

please trust me.  Will you go?"  She looked at him for a second, and although

surprised at her desire to do this, she didnt' deny it and shook her head.

His first movement was to take off the piece of cloth that was her gag.  

Then the other man released her from the ankle cuffs, and Dennis

walked behind her to help her up from her bending position she'd kept for

quite a while.   He helped her stretch, and massaged her back as she

did.  He then gently took her hand and led her out of the room and down the

hall farther.  As they turned into a doorway they entered his bedroom, 

gorgeously done in dark wood, a deep green and cream colorscheme.  The huge

waterbed was covered with a dark green comforter, and on the opposite

side of the room was a large cabinet with tv, stereo, the works on it.  A 

desk with two chairs was positioned in the end of the room that was an angled

window, with curtains of deep green and cream threads running through them

pulled slightly back from the windows, letting the sunshine in.  The room

was large and airy, and to the left of the window was a door that

she assumed led to a bathroom.  He didn't turn to close the door, but 

enveloped her in a large warm hug, gently stroking her back as she relaxed

and settled the contours of her body into his, enjoying his warm masculine 

smell and feel of his skin.

Releasing he walked over and closed the heavy curtains, greatly cutting

down the light in the room.  Over to the stereo he turned on a cd playing 

low, and then motioned for her to lie on the bed.  She slid onto the soft

cover and sunk into the warm waterbed, stretching and relaxing in it's 

comfort.  Rolling around in it, she smelled the smell that was charactaristic

of him, and inhaled it deep.  He returned from the door that was the

bathroom with a small bottle, and laid it beside the bed as he crawled

in with her, snuggling up behind her, wrapping his warm arms around her

body and pulling her near.  The contrast to the cold and impersonal 

scene she'd just been in was incredible, and she liked this much better,

but appreciated the intenseness that the prior had been able to make.  

He lowered his head to her neck and sweeping away her hair gently nipped

at her neck.  She shivered and squirmed as a moan escaped her lips and she

pushed back into him.  She felt his cock in the small of her back, he

hadn't lost a touch of his erection, and she felt his hand leave her side

and move his cock lower, so that the head was pressing between the cleft

of her ass.  She gasped, and her heart raced, and taking a deep breath she

tried to relax as he gently whispered in her ear for her to relax.  

He rolled over and reached onto the floor, taking the bottle.  He laid

it between them, to warm it, and she jumped as the cold touched her back.

He gently slipped his hand between her thighs, feeling the wet river that

was coming from between her legs.  She was excited and scared at the same

time, understandable, and he intended for the experience to be likewise


Gently trying to spread some of her lubricant back around to her ass, he

opened the bottle and applied some to her backside.  She was laying

on her side, and he made no motion for her to move so she did her best

to simply concentrate on relaxing.  He slid a finger into her rather easily,

and she fought the urge to tense up, and before long he had two fingers

gently rotating around inside of her.  Her ass was tight around just his

two fingers, but he knew that with patience she would relax more.  Gently

removing his fingers he applied some lube to his cock, and gently began to 

rub it around her asshole, not pressing into her, just massaging the

already slightly sore area.  She fought to relax, and he went back

to kissing and stroking her, reaching around and taking a breast into his

hand, feeling the warm weight of it, pinching her painfully hard nipples

between his thumb and finger.  He reached one hand down in front, and cupping

his palm around her mound sunk two fingers into her dripping cunt, making

her moan and press down onto his hand, and she began to move her hips around

so that his palm would massage her clit, which was swollen enough that he

could actually feel it pressing against his hand.  

As she busied herself with these feelings, he used his hips to 

manuever his cock directly over her anus, and gently began to push.  At

first she only moaned, the stimulation only adding to her pleasure.  As he 

realized this wasn't enough, he began to push harder, listening to every 

sound and looking at every move she made, not wanting to hurt her if 

at all possible.  Slowly, almost unnoticeably, her hole began to dialate

and he felt himself slipping into her cell by cell, that slowly.  He 

held the pressure steady, and she gasped as she realized what was happening,

and after taking a few deep breaths and steadying herself, she actually

pushed back!  He was amazed that she had suddenly changed from being scared

to eager, but realized by her breathing that she must be close to orgasm.

He felt her ring of muscles tight around the head of his cock, and knew

that sooner or later it would hurt her before she'd take it all.  He stopped

the pressure and applied a bit more lube around his cock as it barely stuck

into her, and around her hole, and then wiping his hand clean he went back 

to her wet pussy and targeted her clit directly with his finger.  She 

gasped and moaned as he gently started to trace circles around her clit, 

and as she began to swivel her hips around with him he pushed into again,

so slowly, it was almost impossible to tell if he was going inside of her.

She gently pushed back, not allowing her pelvis to move away from 

him, and her breathing increased as his circles increased in speed and 

came closer and closer to going directly over her clit.  He felt every 

muscle in her lower body start slight tremblings, and tensing, and he 

increased the pressure and she gasped as his head slipped past her, her

breath caught in her throat because it had hurt a bit.  He eased, and 

increased his work on her clit, mentally pleading and begging her to come,

and as he slipped a finger into her he felt her begin to tighten.

As she began moaning her orgasm, he thrust hard into her ass, making her

scream as he buried himself up to the hilt in her warm soft ass.  Her sounds

were too much for him, it was all he could do to stop himself from exploding,

he had felt her orgasm so powerfully in every cell of his body, his cock, 

his brain, everywhere.  

His excitement cooled a bit as he heard her sniff, and he held her close,

asking her what was wrong.  "I'm sorry, I had to, it was the only way..." he

pleaded with her, he hadn't wanted to hurt her, but she had to simply 

get used to the idea that yes, it was possible and could be done.  She shook

her head, and as she whispered, "No,' she made it clear that she wasn't

hurt badly or upset by tensing her ass, almost ripping his penis off 

inside of her.  The intensity of her orgasm, only intensified by the huge

explosion of warm pain she had felt as he thrust into her, had been almost

enough to make her cry, just out of sheer powerfulness.  He had done

all he could, the pain itself would have been horrible, but the pleasure of

her orgasm overwhelmed it a thousand times and made it but a small speck

in the universe.

As her breathing slowed he gently began to withdraw from her, intending

to let her rest, and he was surprised when her hand flew behind her and grasped

his hip, not letting him move back farther.  She pushed back into him,

impaling herself again on his cock.  He snuggled up to her back,

and reaching around to grab the other breast he slowly began to move in 

and out of her, removing and entering farther each time.  

She began to rock with him, in a slightly faster pace, and he matched hers,

and couldn't help but groan as she tightened up.  His hand moved to her

crotch again, and he buried three fingers in her this time, using his 

palm again to grind her clit back and forth, around and around.  

He began to groan with every thrust he made, and she felt him start to

build toward orgasm.  She could simply feel it in the intensity of his being.

Some how he began to move his fingers around as he rubbed her clit, and the

feeling of her vagina and ass being filled was too much, she began to tremble

and let out a screech as she orgasmed, and when she did, she tightened, 

the pressure on his cock inbearable, and he exploded, biting down on 

her neck as he pouring hot white liquid, which she gasped as she felt, 

into her deep.  She felt the pulsing of his cock inside of her, and he 

felt the loving pulses of her satisfied vagina around his fingers.  

As they returned to lower heart rates and slower breathing, he pulled his

hand from her crotch, her moaning to see him to, and gently rocked

back to pull himself from her.  He rolled over onto his back, and, suddenly

tired, relaxed.  She turned over, and rolled into his awaiting arms.  

He wrapped his arm around her shoulder as she nestled her head on his

chest, and curled up beside him, still feeling all that had just happened.

It wasn't but a few minutes before they were both asleep.




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