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Archive-name: Slaves/absyours.txt

Archive-author: Vermillion

Archive-title: Absolutely Yours  


     We've gone over to Jon's one evening.  Susan is out of  town, and we

decided to keep Jon company.  He made dinner for us, and we brought some

good German beer.  I've had a few glasses of wine with dinner.  After

dinner, we're sitting in the living room, just talking, some about art,

some about people you & Jon know.  It was a long week for all of us and

its nice to chat with friends and relax.   Everyone feels very calm,

although you suspect there is some undercurrent of sexual tension.  You

had teased me before we left home, and now, after dinner, you notice my

nipples through my shirt.  I'm a little flushed, but it could be from the


     I'm sitting at your feet and your hand is on the back of my neck,

sometimes stroking my head, almost petting me.  I am drifting off a

little as you and Jon start to talk about some esoteric part of history

that doesn't interest me too much.  I am content to let my mind meander

and not worry.  I lean back, now, between your legs, and put my head on

your thigh.  As you lean forward, you reach down and stroke one of my

breasts very gently.  

     At first it is very natural and not conspicuous.  Jon may not even

notice because he is very intent on the discussion at hand.  But as time

goes on, you become more and more purposeful, obvious about what you are

doing.  Your fingers occasionally stray over my nipples, even pinching

the right nipple, once.  I close my eyes to concentrate on the feelings,

so I am pretty unaware of how much Jon is noticing.  You start fiddling

with the buttons on my shirt, and almost casually undo the first three or

four.  Reaching into the opened shirt, through my bra, you take hold of

my ring firmly and suddenly.  

      "Jon, Alice's breasts are really very beautiful" you say, almost


     Jon looks confused for a moment about Alice, but then realizes.  You

or I must have told him that Alice is my bottom name, and your signal

that we are playing.  It clicks in his head with what you have been doing

for the last ten minutes.  

     The scene does make me a little nervous.  I remember talking about

fantasies with you and have an idea of what you might be up to.  In

nervousness, I bend my head over.  You don't like that one bit, but it is

early, and important to be gentle at the start of this game.  You have

plans and know it will get rougher with time.  You take a hold of my head

at the top and pull my head back slowly and strongly, so Jon can see my


     "Right, Alice?"  you say.  

     I nod and whisper "Yes, Sir".  

     Jon is waiting to see how things develop, and only nods and watches

what is happening with curiosity.  I cannot meet his eyes at all.  

     You continue to unbutton my shirt all the way and pull it off,

throwing it to the side somewhere.  I am wearing my magenta lace bra, and

my nipples are very hard and dark underneath.  I am still sitting between

your legs, and from behind me you lean forward to cup both breasts,

running your thumbs over my nipples. I try not to tense under your touch. 

 My feelings are ambivalent, I cannot decide if I like this or not.    

     You grin, big and say "yes, very beautiful, my Alice".   And then,

looking at Jon,  "Mine, absolutely mine".  Jon smiles back,


     A sense of possession surges inside of you, making you feel very

strong as you continue to touch me.  Your hands travel down my sides,

around to the back and unhook my bra, and lower the straps down off of my

shoulders, so the bra slips forward off of my breasts.  This is not a coy

striptease.  You pull the bra off, toss it aside.  You want me to exhibit

me, show me to Jon.   

     "She's a very beautiful woman", Jon tells you.  He has wanted to see

my breasts since the afternoon I showed him my ring.  He knows very  well

what is going on, now, and will play as much as you let him.  And that

embarrasses me even more.


     "Alice get up on your knees", you order.


     I have been sitting knees bent under me.  I get up, with the

realization that you and Jon are watching everything I do: you from the

back, Jon from the front.  The carpet would be comfortable on my knees,

if I was aware of anything but you and Jon scrutinizing my body.  Every

touch from you is electric now and I jump as you reach down behind me to

take off my sandals.   

     "Spread your knees apart, and put your hands behind your neck", you


     You are still behind me, but you can tell that the effect of my new

posture is a little unstable.  My knees are spread and my skirt is hiked

half way up my thighs.  My back is arched, and my breasts stand out, my

chest muscles pulling them upwards and outwards.  I feel as if I am on

display, something you not only want me to feel, something you intend to

do to me.   

     As I get my balance and settle into position, you run a sharp

fingernail down my spine.  I arch my back further, breasts jutting out

even more.  I get goosebumps, too, and my nipples crinkle hard.  I blush

and lower my head.

     "Nice effect".  Jon is appreciating the show, enjoying both my body

and my reactions.  

     You are still on the couch behind me and can easily reach down under

my raised arms.  You cup one breast again, and pinch the nipple, as you

take a drink of beer.  With your left hand, you play with the ring,

moving it up and down, and rotating it a little as you start talking

about me to Jon, as if I wasn't there.  

     "Her breasts are much more sensitive now," you say, "then they where

when we first began.  I work on trying to make them more so.  I have

several strategies - a combination of sensations I try on her.  I think

tonight will make a difference, too."   

     "Her skin looks very soft", Jon says, "and the aureoles are rather

large for that size breast, although the color contrast is nice.  As the

nipples get more erect, the color changes.  That's a nice effect, too."

     "Go ahead and touch" you say to Jon, "it'll probably help with the

sensitivity training, and it couldn't hurt."  

     Jon smiles and moves a chair closer to me.  He stays sitting,

consciously higher than me.  I still can't meet his eyes as he reaches

for my breasts.  As Jon strokes first the full undersides of my breasts,

and then the nipples, I feel like my chest is on fire.  I close my eyes,

mostly from embarrassment.  

     "Does she always close her eyes when ..." Jon asks. 

     From the back you slap my ass and pull my hair.   

     "Alice, open your eyes.  In fact, Alice, You MUST watch everything

until I tell you otherwise."  

     I nod and look at Jon, who reaches out again to my right breast, and

stares into my eyes.  I must lower my gaze, but can't avoid Jon's smile

as he fingers the ring.  I think he is imagining what it would feel to

own me, the way you do.  He knows he can't, but will enjoy helping to

humiliate me.  Almost as good, for him. 

     "Very soft, very nice".  Jon runs his hands over my breasts while

you watch.  He twists the nipples back forth, looking intently at my


     "She is very responsive to all sorts of stimuli", you tell Jon. 

"Wet, cold are particularly impressive.  I love the way her tits just

change shape.  But best of all you can read her reactions so easily". 

You laugh a little.  

     Jon leans close and starts to suck on me, gently at first, running

his tongue over the nipple.  Then he sucks harder and harder, till he has

extended my nipple centimeters.  It hurts, and I let out a small moan.  

     "Jon, hang on just a minute, I'll let you finish, don't worry".  You

smile at him.  

      "Alice," a much more severe tone of voice, "you do not have

permission to come.  This isn't even a matter of punishment.  You MAY NOT

COME until I tell you to.  Do you understand?".  You reach down and

squeeze my breast, very hard, in a way that you know will hurt me.  

     I wince and gasp.  "yes sir".  

     "Go on, Jon, play with the left one, its much more

sensitive.", you say, pinching my right breast, as you lean back on the

couch and drink your beer. 

     Jon continues to fondle my left breast, sometimes caressing and

sometimes pulling the ring very hard, till tears come to my eyes.  He is

watching me very carefully and has learned exactly where that line is. 

He has stopped being shy about hurting me.

     You initially talk about breasts and then move on to talk about

other things, knowing that it will be a little bit boring to me.  But you

both keep touching me, now rather gently.  At one point I lose interest a

little, and slump down onto my heels.  Jon slaps one of my breasts and

pulls me up by the nipple.  I cry a little with pain, but you both ignore


     "Pay attention" he says, as the sting is followed by four red marks

of his fingers.  

     "Ah, she's wandering, is she, Jon?  Usually she is pretty good,

obedient and willing to please, but she seems a bit bored.  Maybe we

should change that."  You grin.  Jon smiles.  You are both enjoying this

control over me. 

     "There is one thing I find very compelling about her", Jon tells you

"she is a little plump.  I like heavy breasts, like these, and clearly,

there is a lot to her."  I am back up on my knees, hands behind my neck. 

He runs his hand down my side and slips his fingers just under the waist

band of my skirt.  Though he touches only my belly I shiver, and

goosebumps break out again all over my breasts.  

     "Yes", you say, seeing what Jon is doing.  "Alice, stand up, hands

behind your neck." 

     I stand, slowly, a little awkwardly after kneeling for so long.  My

breasts jiggle a little as I get up and Jon doesn't take his eyes off of

me.  Neither do you.  I try not to see you, but I can't help but notice

how much you are both watching.  I instinctively stand with my legs


     "That won't do, Alice".  You push your hand under my skirt, between

my thighs, and lever my legs apart.  You reach into my cunt, pressing two

fingers into me.  You pull them out, and lick them.  "She is very hot,

and, as usual, tastes wonderful".  I really don't want to hear you talk

about me that way.  

   "Alice, get down on your hands and knees".  I do, immediately.  You

pull something out of your pocket, its bright strip of fluorescent pink. 

A color that is very noticeable.  You show me what is obviously a dog

collar.  "Alice, this is for you" and you reach around my neck and snap

it on me.  You pull out a matching leash and attach it to the collar. 

Jon is watching the whole interaction with an amused look on his face.

"Now, Jon," you say, "she's ready to go out.  Where shall we take her?" 


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