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Archive-name: Slaves/about-me.txt

Archive-author: Sluppy

Archive-title: A story about me

[This is 'based on a true story'.  Almost everything I have written here

is true EXCEPT that I only met Mistress R. once for about two hours.  We

met at the Denny's, then she stopped by my apartment for 30 minutes.  Aside

from getting caught staring at her feet and just generally feeling

submissive around her, nothing else happened.  Soon after that, she said

that her husband was getting too jealous of her online fun, so she said

goodnye.  As I wrote this down, I just felt like embellishing it a bit, so

I did. --- sluppy]

     I had never been an actual slave in "real life", although I had had

strong fantasies about being a slave for just about as long as I could

remember.  I have a very submissive nature, especially around someone who

is able to bring out that side of me.  This story is about a Mistress I


     Mistress R. was my online Mistress.  We had never actually met; we

only corresponded through the email on a local BBS.  All I knew about her

was what I could read in her "bio".  She was 33 years old, 5'9" tall and

weighed 140 pounds.  She was married and had red hair.  Most of the other

answers in her bio were normal enough, but under a question about

personality types, she had selected "dominant".  Of course, with my

submissive side, I had to write to her and explore just what she meant by

that answer, and I was happy to learn that she liked to fantasize about

being a Mistress.  Based on this, we soon formed an online relationship

with her as the Mistress and me as the slave.  She made it very clear that

since she was happily married this could never be anything more than

"electronic play", and I readily agreed.  Right from the beginning she was

very demanding.  She remained totally in control and things seldom went the

way I wished, but as I followed her orders (by myself, in front of the

computer), I began to feel myself mentally coming under her control.  

     She began my training by telling me that as her slave, my body become

her property.  Just like I wouldn't think of touching a Mistress without

permission, she required me to ask for her permission and to follow

certain rules she set forth before I was allowed to touch "her penis". 

She ordered me to relieve her penis three times a day, but I was never

allowed to even touch it if I was on any kind of furniture; I had to be

kneeling or laying on the floor.  This was very hard for me, since reading

her letters or chatting with her or thinking about her made me very horny;

it was hard to keep my hands off of her penis.  I was required to send her

a daily report once a day about how I had relieved her penis, how I had

carried out any of her other orders, and describing my feelings to her.

     Let me explain that although we never played in person, I tried to the

best of my ability to obey her every command exactly as she wished, without

complaint.  I was not entirely successful, I think in part due to the fact

that I probably needed her watching over me to insure total obedience.  It

was enough, though, to make me feel totally like her property.  I was

honest with her, so whenever I disobeyed or did not follow her orders, I

told her so.  Being an online computer relationship, I could have lied and

she would never have known, but I think then I would have missed out on

many of the feelings that came along with it.  I really began to think and

feel as if I were under her control.

     Right away, she ordered me to buy a pair of panties and then to wear

them for 24 hours, including to work.  It was punishment for something I

had done that had displeased her, although I can't remember anymore what it

was.  I'll never forget how embarrassing it was going into Mervyn's to buy

the panties.  It felt to me like everyone in the store knew why I was

there!  As I strolled through the panty section of the store, trying to

look as uninterested as possible, I was completely humiliated!  I did

notice a couple of people glancing at me, and one woman almost seemed like

she was following me around!  I kept bumping into her as I turned a

corner, etc.  Anyway, I eventually found the courage to check out some

panties that were there, and discovered I didn't know the first thing about

the sizes that they came in.  I finally decided on a pair of sheer blue

panties that said "one size fits all" and were priced about $7.  I then

became more embarrassed as I had to walk through the store to the check out

counter, carrying nothing but the panties.  All together, it was a totally

frightening experience and very humiliating.  But when it was over, though,

and I finally made it home, I was very pleased that I had obeyed my

Mistress.  Of course, the next day, I wore the panties to work, but that

was very easy compared to buying them.

     She required me to buy many things while I was her slave.  I had to go

to adult book stores and buy a small butt plug, a large butt plug,

lubricant, a penis-shaped vibrator, and nipple clamps.  I was also ordered

to buy other things, like an anklet and a 1 inch lock, a slave collar, and

peppermint oil.  She told me that she had a friend making the collar for

me, and was going to require me to wear the anklet with the key to the

lock on it 24 hours a day as a sign of my submission to her.  She required

me to insert the small butt plug the moment I got home from work, and to

leave it in until I had written her daily report.  I never was able to get

the bigger butt plug in "her" ass because it was too big.  For awhile, she

ordered me to try once a day to place it in her ass, but then ordered me to

stop, saying that when we first met in person, she would insert it herself. 

She also had me take the penis dildo up her ass every day.  

     One day when I displeased her, she made me wear the nipple clamps for

ten solid minutes, and that was the only time I've ever worn them.  They

hurt like hell, but again, I was very pleased that I was able to obey her,

and I think it pleased her, too!  As I laid there on the floor, the nipple clamps almost unbearable, I relieved her penis and felt totally like a


     I had many enjoyable chat sessions with her.  She would often make me

kneel on the floor before the computer and do things.  On one occasion, she

had me kneeling before the computer, completely naked except for the blue

panties, fucking myself with the penis-shaped vibrator.  She ordered me to

cum in the panties, and as I did so, I was almost overwhelmed by the

totality of my submission to her at that moment.  I was hers.

     We continued playing this way for a few months, during which time the

"slave drawer" where I kept all of the items I was ordered to buy was

growing in size considerably.  In addition to everything I had already

purchased, it now also contained a dog dish, a bag of plastic clothespins,

a pair of red panties, some peppermint oil, a metal dog choker collar and a

leash.  I had new daily orders by that time, too.  Every night when I went

to bed I had to wear the collar and use the leash to chain myself to the

bed.  It was a weird feeling, but one I quickly got used to.

     Her next instructions really tested the level of my obedience.  I was

naked, kneeling on the floor in front of the computer in "chat mode" with

her when she told me that I was to shave her cock and balls, and that I was

to keep them shaved permanently.  "I hate hair around a penis", she said. 

Furthermore, I was not to get a haircut again until she told me to and I

was to let my fingernails grow out.  I could see what she had in mind with

these orders, and I made the mistake of asking her to please reconsider. 

This earned me 20 minutes with the nipple clamps.  When I told Mistress R.

that being shaved would be very awkward to explain to any lover I might be

with, she told me that I could not see anyone else while I was her slave. 

She made me agree to this before ordering me to go follow her orders, and

told me that in addition to the nipple clamps, I would not be allowed to

relieve her penis again until she specifically allowed me to do so.

     She hung up and I went directly to the bathroom to carry out her last

instructions to me.  I was already naked, as she always required me to be

whenever chatting with her, so I took the small butt plug and put it in her

ass, as she had told me to do.  I then put on the nipple clamps and left

them on for an interminable 20 minutes of torture.  Even worse, she had

forbidden me from handling her penis to take my mind off of the pain. 

Finally, it was time to take the clamps off, which I did as gently as

possible.  The rush of blood back into my tender nipples was even worse

than clamps, and as I was moaning in pain, I promised myself that I would

not question my Mistress again.

     I immediately took a pair of scissors and began clipping away my pubic

hair.  I cut away as much as I could, then lathered up.  Taking a fresh

razor, I began shaving very carefully around her cock and balls.  Finally,

the area around the penis was shaved completely smooth, and I tried to get

used to the unusual feeling.  It was not something that I particularly


     I did not hear from my Mistress for another two weeks.  During that

time, I shaved every morning as she had told me to do, my skill and speed

growing with each passing day.  The strange feeling of being shaved there

heightened my awareness of myself, and I found that the new sensations

caused by this kept her penis hard most of the day, often at inconvenient

times.  I wanted desperately to play with myself, but she had forbidden it. 

     Finally, I was online when she happened to call and she put me into

chat mode.  As soon as I saw who it was, I got naked and knelt on the floor

in front of the computer.  "Slave," she typed immediately, "give me your

phone number."  This was something new, but I dutifully gave it to her. 

Instantly my phone rang.

     "Hello", I answered.

     "Hello, slave," she said.  "Have you followed my orders?"  Her voice

was wonderful.

     "Yes, Mistress."  Saying 'yes, Mistress' was somehow different than

just typing it, and I know I must have sounded very meek as I replied to

her, but at the same time, it seemed quite natural to be speaking with her

this way.

     "How long has it been since you relieved my penis?" she asked.

     "Over two weeks, Mistress."

     "Go get your drawer of toys, slut."

     "Yes, Mistress."  I retrieved it and resumed my kneeling position on

the floor.  All at once, she had transformed our electronic relationship to

a more personal one, and I was helpless to resist her as I did exactly what

she told me to do.

     "Have you been shaving every day?," I heard her ask as I picked up the


     "Yes, Mistress."

     "Good," she said.  "Take the penis dildo and suck on it."  Her strange

order took me by surprise, so sudden was the way she said it, but I hurried

to comply.  "Put it all the way in your mouth as far as it will go.  Let me

hear you work on it," she ordered.  I took the dildo and slid it into my

mouth.  I felt like such a slut, kneeling on the floor, completely naked,

on the phone with a woman I had never met, and being ordered to suck on a

plastic penis.  I made slurping noises as I sucked on it and moved it back

and forth for about 30 seconds before she ordered me to stop.  "I hope you

got it nice and wet.  Put it in my ass... NOW, slut."

    I took the dildo and placed the head against her ass.  After only a

second or two, she demanded to know, "Is it in yet?"

    "Not yet, Mistress," I answered.  I had not even gotten the head in.

    "I said NOW, you cunt!"

    Without any further delay, I pressed down hard on the dildo, and it

slid painfully inside of me, and I actually yelped in pain.  After being

her slave for awhile, I had become very used to being "fucked" by my

Mistress this way, but this was different.  When I was alone, I could lube

it up and take as much time as I wanted to get it in.  Now, my Mistress was

forcing me to take it with almost no lubrication and having me insert it

quicker than I ever had before.  I was even a little bit scared at the tone

of her voice and I began trembling as I knelt there on the floor.  "Tell me

when it is in ALL the way," she said.

    Working as quickly as I could, I worked the dildo in and out until,

finally, the entire length was pressing painfully deep inside of me, and

the base was nestled between my quivering white cheeks.  At last I told

her, "It is in, Mistress."  I allowed just a little bit of pride into my

voice, pleased that I had obeyed her so well.

    "Completely unacceptable, slut," she said, snapping me back to reality. 

"That took you entirely too long and now you will have to be punished.  Put

on the nipple clamps..."

    I took my left nipple between my thumb and forefinger and pulled it

out then placed the clamp on it.  As the full force of the clamp bit down

on my sensitive nipple, I moaned involuntarily in pain.  "Ooh, pet!  It

sounds like you enjoy having your nipples hurt," I heard my Mistress say

over the telephone.  Clenching my teeth in anticipation, I repeated the

process on my right nipple and soon had a clamp on it as well.  "Just

pretend that those are my fingernails pinching you, pet," Mistress R.


    "Yes, Mistress," I managed to grunt in reply.  In truth, the clamps

were almost unbearable on my tender nipples.  These clamps were not

adjustable.  Instead, they had springs in them so that whenever they were

attached, they were always pressing with full force.

    "You do like it when I pinch your nipples like that, don't you?" she

asked.  "Tell me how much you like it, my pet, and beg me to hurt you some


    "Oh Mistress," I moaned.  "Thank you so much for pleasing my nipples. 

It feels so good.  I wish it really was you.  Please Mistress, would you

please hurt me some more?  I've been bad and I need to be punished."

    "Yes you have, pet.  You're still on the floor, aren't you?"

    "Yes, Mistress."  I was currently kneeling on the floor, completely

naked, with a pair of nipple clamps tightly clinging to my chest, and a 7"

penis shaped dildo shoved all the way inside me.  I held the telephone with

one hand while the other held the dildo in place.

    "Very good, pet.  Take some clothespins and put them on my balls."  She

paused briefly while I did as she said.  "Now, take the peppermint oil I

told you to buy, put some on the tip of your finger and rub it all over the

head of my penis."  I did this, too.  "Oh, don't forget to dab a little on

my nipples, too.  We wouldn't want to neglect them, would we?"

    "No, Mistress."  The oil felt cold as I put it on, and for about half a

minute or so, not much happened.  Then, almost imperceptibly, I began to

feel a growing warmth building.  I felt it first on her penis, and after

that on her already abused nipples, which were really beginning to hurt


    "Well, slut?" she asked.  "How do you like that?"

    "It feels good, Mistress," I lied.  "Thank you for being so good to


    "You are welcome, pet."  Tears were starting to stream down my face as

the oil kept getting hotter and hotter on me.  The clamps felt like they

were about to pinch me to death and combined with the oil, I was soon

panting and moaning in pain.

    "Oooh yes," my Mistress moaned.  "Let me hear you enjoy yourself,

slave.  God, you are turning me on."  Over the phone, her voice was

starting to sound a little strained, as well, and I could hear her

breathing heavily.

    "Oh, Mistress.  It hurts so good, but I don't know how much more I can

take it."

    "As long as I say!  Or did you forget who is in charge here?"

    "No, Mistress.  I didn't forget."

    "Good, my little slut.  Now, let's see.  What do you want to do next to

please me?  I know!  Lay on your back and pull your legs up over your head

so that my lovely little penis is hanging over your face.  Keep the phone

where you can hear me.  Don't let the dildo come out or your clamps or

clothespins come off.  NOW, SLAVE!"

    She could really make me move.  Before I knew it, I was just as she

wanted me.  "And be very careful not to touch my penis at all," she added. 

"Are you ready now?"  I replied that I was.  "Good.  If you keep pleasing

me, I may decide to keep using you for my amusement once in awhile.  You

may begin fucking my ass now.  I want it hard and deep and fast.  You got

that, slave?"

    "Yes, Mistress."  I immediately reached up between my legs and started

pulling the dildo out.  It was really hard to keep my balance.  I couldn't

believe what was happening to me and how willingly I submitted to her every

whim.  In the last hour, she had totally controlled me in every way, until

I know found myself in this bizarre position.  I slid the dildo almost all

the way out and then began putting it back in.  As ordered, I began

thrusting it in and out.  Over the phone, I could hear my Mistress moaning

and grunting.

    "Start talking, pet.  Tell me what you are doing.  Tell me how you feel

and how much you enjoy it.  Use your mouth right now to make me cum."  I

began to talk to her.  I don't remember what I said, but as she fucked me

and I listened to her getting off on the other end, all of the pain and

discomfort I was feeling went away.  It was replaced with an almost animal

lust that was turning me into the slut she wanted.  She sounded so

incredibly sexy.  It seemed like the faster my hand worked the dildo, the

louder she got on the phone, and soon she lost all control.

    "Oh god," she screamed.  "I'm cumming!  Oooooh yesss ... yesss ... oh

god it feels so good ... open your mouth ... I'm gonna give you my cum ...

oh ... goddammit ... I'm gonna cum in your mouth ... oh shit ... don't

spill any ... dammit ... cum RIGHT NOW!"  I couldn't believe it.  Without

ever being touched at all, her cock, only inches about my face, began to

shoot right into my open mouth.  My Mistress was able to make me cum on

command, just by ordering it.  I could feel it splashing against my tongue. 

"Eat my cum, bitch," she moaned as stream after stream of the hot sticky

fluid filled my mouth.  Some missed and landed on my face.

    Finally, one last glob squirted out, landing in my eye.  "Swallow all

of my cum, slut," she said.  On her orders, I used my fingers to scoop up

every drop of the sticky cum and then licked it off of my fingers.  "How do

you like my cum, pet?"

    "To be honest," I replied, "not very much, Mistress."  

    "Too bad, slut.  You'll learn to appreciate it as much as the rest of

me.  From now on, you'll eat every single drop of delicious cum that comes

out of my penis.  Understand?"  There was a definite hint of malice in her

voice, challenging me to disobey.  Of course, I didn't.

    "I understand, Mistress," I answered resignedly.

    "Good!," she laughed.  "You are such a sweet slut.  I might even call

you again, IF you are lucky!  Now go write my daily report!"

    The phone went dead in my ear...

    Things continued pretty much the same way for the next few months,

although Mistress never left me alone for long.  She always seemed to have

some new instructions to test my obedience or to humiliate me in public

some manner.  She seemed to delight in calling me at any hour of the day or

night and putting me through my paces at a moments notice.  More often than

not, she would be bring me to the edge of an incredible climax, only to

order me not to cum at the last minute, or, when she did allow me to cum, I

was forced to lick up every drop, something I was quickly becoming

accustomed to.

    I should point out that although I always ended up doing everything she

told me to do, they were often things that I did not enjoyed and I

definitely would never have done them on my own.  I seemed to have some

powerful need to be forced to do things I found unpleasant.  I was also

aware of my very submissive nature which made me want to please and serve

my Mistress in any way that I was able to.  Of course, I still had desires

and fantasies of my own involving her, but they were gradually becoming of

secondary importance to me.

    At any rate, I was awakened one morning by my Mistress on the

telephone.  It was 4:00 am.  "Yes, Mistress," I said as soon as I knew it

was her, assuming a kneeling position on the floor.

    "Call in sick to work," was all she said before she hung up.  I didn't

even remotely have a clue as to what she had in mind, but I did as I was

told.  There was some difficulty dealing with the manager on duty, who was

unwilling to take responsibility for my call since that would mean creating

a shortage on another manager's shift, but finally, I was able to get the

day off.

    As expected, the phone rang a few minutes later.  "I'm going to let you

meet me today," she announced.  "But before that happens, you will have to

keep a couple of appointments I have made for you.  Write this down, slut." 

She gave me the address of a beauty parlor.  "You will show up at 8:00 am

and keep the appointment as Roberta.  They will know what to do with you,"

she chuckled.  She then gave me the address of a manicurist.  "Your

appointment there is at 9:30 am.  Check in as Roberta there, too."  I took

notes as she spoke.  "Make sure you bring plenty of money to pay for all of

this.  If you want to meet me today, you had better keep both of these

appointments, slut.  Before you go out, insert the small butt plug in my

ass.  You will wear it the entire time you are out.  Wear the red panties,

too.  Of course, the anklet and key will be around your ankle, like always. 

Bring the lock with you."  She then told me where to meet her.  "If you

can't do everything I've just said, don't bother showing up.  If you don't

show up, you'll never hear from me again.  I'll see you then, slut."  She

hung up.

    As I hung up the phone, my heart was pounding in my chest.  Would I be

able to go through with all of that, I asked myself.  I couldn't imagine

not having my Mistress to talk to after the last six months, and I decided

to keep the first appointment and see what happened.  I couldn't sleep the

rest of the morning, and soon it was time to get ready to leave.  I

inserted the butt plug, slipped on the red panties, and got dressed.  Since

she hadn't told me what to wear, I picked out some clothes myself; a pair

of slacks and a casual shirt.  The anklet and key were already around my

ankle, and I grabbed the lock to give to Mistress.

    It had been almost six months since Mistress had ordered me to stop

getting haircuts, and my hair by now was almost touching my shoulders.  As

I drove to the beauty salon, I was literally shaking in fear.  At the same

time, though, her penis was hard as a rock.  The address turned out to be a

house in a residential area.  My stomach was in knots and I was torn up

with all kinds of conflicting emotions and feelings.  Even as I parked the

car, I didn't know if I would be able to go through with it, but somehow, I

forced myself out of the car.  A sign in the front yard indicated that the

beauty salon was in the back.

    I found the salon in what appeared to be an annex of the main house.  I

tried the door and it opened.  Steeling myself one last time, I entered. 

Inside, I found two women, busy cleaning and setting things up.  I was

relieved to see that I appeared to be the only customer, since it was

apparently earlier than their normal business hours.  One of them turned to

greet me.  "Good morning.  How can I help you?"

    "I am here for an 8:00 appointment for Roberta," I stuttered

    "Oh yes," she said.  "Please sit here and I'll be right with you." 

Time seemed to crawl by as I sat there waiting, and I felt as if I would

die any moment from embarrassment.  Finally, the woman returned.  As she

led me to a sink and washed my hair, she explained that she had already

been told how I wanted my hair.  "You'll be out of here in no time."  She

quickly went to work, and I was happy to find out that I was only given a

style cut, which was a relief.  It was a distinctly feminine cut, but I

knew that I could deal with it at work with my trusty baseball cap.  When

she was done, I paid her $45 and left.  As I got in the car, I decided to

continue on to the next appointment, since the first had gone by so well. 

I guess I had been expecting to be humiliated or worse, but the women there

had been completely professional at all times.  Aside from simply being

there, it hadn't been that bad.

    Things were about the same at the manicurist, although I was not the

only customer there, which was slightly embarrassing when I identified

myself as "Roberta".  However, this appointment went almost as well as the

first.  Just the fact that it was a manicure was somewhat more embarrassing

to me than a hair cut, but I did manage to almost enjoy the first manicure

of my life.  I liked the touch of the woman's hands on mine as she expertly

worked on my longer than normal nails.  (My Mistress had ordered me to let

them grow as well.)  Near the end of the manicure, the girl stopped and

asked me, "Roberta, you did say you wanted the red polish, didn't you?"

    I almost died on the spot, but I managed to nod my head.  I watched in

horror as she skillfully painted each and every one of my newly shaped

nails a terribly bright shiny red.  "Be careful until those dry," she

admonished as I rushed to pay the bill and get out of there.

    Back in my car, I took a few moments to try and regain my composure. 

After all, it was over now and it hadn't really been that bad.  I checked

out the nails, making sure that they were ok.  I sure didn't want them

messed up now.  Involuntarily, my ass wiggled in the seat, and I felt the

panties against my skin and the plug filling Mistress's ass.  All in all, I

was pleased once again that I was able to obey.

    I started the car and headed towards my final appointment, my meeting

with Mistress R...

    Mistress had selected a Denny's restaurant for our meeting.  She had

told me to meet her there at noon, but I showed up at 11:45 am.  I did not

want to take any chance of being late and displeasing her, or worse.  Time

seemed to slow to a crawl as I sat there in the waiting area near the front

counter, keeping my hands buried in my lap to hide my newly painted red


    More than once, a waitress stopped by and asked me if I needed

anything.  I told them no, I was waiting for a friend.  I'm sure I must

have looked awfully nervous, scared even, and the workers seemed to keep

glancing at me.  It was almost as if the knew.

    Patiently, I sat there, waiting for my Mistress to show up.  I kept a

close eye on the walkway outside leading up to the restaurant.  I had a

very good description of her, and I knew what she would be wearing, so I

knew I would have no problem spotting her.

    At around 12:15 pm, I began to wonder if perhaps I was at the wrong

Denny's.  I tried to think back to when she told me to meet her, and now, I

wasn't so sure that this was the one she met.  Finally, around 12:30 pm, I

got up and asked the man at the counter if there were any other Denny's

nearby.  He said that there was.

    Now I was almost paralyzed with fear.  If I showed up at the wrong

Denny's, I would almost certainly never be allowed to hear from my Mistress

again, and that really scared me.  To say I was a little indecisive at that

moment would definitely be an understatement.  I decided to wait a little

while longer before admitting that I made a mistake.

    At 12:55 pm, after I had been fidgeting there for 1 hour and 10 minutes

already, I saw her.  She was walking up the walkway towards me, and I

instantly knew it was her.  I got up and held the door open for her.  She

strolled past me and went directly to the counter, and I followed her

inside.  Soon, we were seated at table, facing each other.

    "You waited for me", she said.  "Good.  You passed your first test." 

Although she was not beautiful, she had a lovely smile, and the power and

confidence that she radiated strongly attracted me to her.  I felt myself

becoming even more submissive just by being near her.  "Of course, I kept

you waiting on purpose."

    We were seated at a table in the corner, and at the table next to us, a

couple sat about five feet away.  I squirmed as my Mistress talked, hoping

our neighbors couldn't hear what she was saying.  Although I desperately

wanted to take in every detail of Mistress R., my eyes just naturally

seemed to focus on the table between us.  I couldn't bring myself to look

up into her eyes.  I kept my hands under the table, where I played with

them nervously.

    A waitress appeared and interrupted us, and without asking me what I

wanted, Mistress ordered for both of us.  She ordered an iced tea for

herself and a piece of pie for me.  While she was doing this, I took the

chance to glance under the table to admire her feet, ankles, and legs.  She

was wearing a pair of low heeled shoes that showed up almost all of her

feet.  The waitress left and she caught me looking at her feet.

    "Look at me," she said.  I jumped, then slowly brought my gaze up until

I was looking directly looking at her.  I couldn't make eye contact with

her for more than a few seconds, and my eyes kept looking elsewhere.  "Why

don't you put your hands on the table?", she said softly.

    I did as she said, my hands now resting out in the open.  I thought I

caught one of our neighbors glancing at my nails.  I was so embarrassed,

and I desperately wanted to yank my hands back down into my lap, but I

couldn't.  I glanced up at Mistress, and she was smiling.  She seemed


    "So," she continued, "you like Star Trek, do you?"

    "Yes."  I couldn't believe how small my voice sounded.  How did she

make me sound like that?  I realized that it was the very first time I had

spoken since I had met her.

    "Do you remember that episode of the Next Generation", she asked.  "The

one on the planet that was ruled by women?"

    "Yes," I replied.  Why did her voice sound so loud?  I glanced over at

the other couple, and I could almost swear that they were listening.

    At that moment, we were interrupted by the return of our waitress with

our order.  She set our food down, and I saw her do a double-take at my

hands, which were still out on display.  If I didn't happen to be so

embarrassed at the moment, it would almost have been funny.

    I looked down, staring at the pie Mistress had ordered me.  Suddenly, I

was so humiliated, I just wanted get out of there.  Even as that thought

occurred to me, I knew that I would never leave.  I was hooked.  All of

this, including the humiliation, I realized, was something that I needed. 

Even more than that, I needed the chance to serve and please a woman like

Mistress R., who easily took control of me the way I seemed to need.

    I thought about eating my pie, but almost instinctively, I knew that I

should wait.  Mistress R.'s voice brought me back to the topic at hand. 

"Did you like that episode?"


    "I thought it was very good, too.  I liked the thought of a planet

where the women are stronger than the men."  Now, there was no denying it. 

The couple next door WAS glancing over at us, and I just knew that they

were hearing everything.  "Of course, that is exactly the way it should be. 

Don't you agree?"


    She smiled again, then an uncomfortable silence fell between us.  I

couldn't bring myself to look at her, but I could feel her eyes on me,

almost as if she was appraising me.  I tried my best to hold still and to

not look to nervous, but I realized that I was shaking all over.

    "You may have a bite now."

    With a quivering hand, I picked up my fork, my red nails clearly

visible now, and ate a small bite.  It occurred to me that I wasn't the

least bit hungry.  Sitting across from me, Mistress watched me closely.  I

finished the bite and set the fork back down.

    Suddenly, she stood up.  "We are going now," she said.  "Leave a tip."

    With that, she walked out of the restaurant.  I had to run and find our

waitress, get the check from her, then pay it at the counter.  I got

outside and ran to catch up, reaching her just as she got to her car.  She

got out her keys and gave them to me.  "You will drive".  I opened the

passenger door for her and she got in.  Soon, I was sitting in the driver's


    "Take me to your apartment", she ordered...

[That is all I have written so far.  I hope someone enjoyed it --- sluppy]


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