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Archive-name: Dreams/tomyslut.txt


Archive-title: To my Slut...

       To my slut,

       Since I've been obsessed with images of you, my little tramp, I

       thought I'd put words to paper to vent myself of all these erotic

       dreams - all at the risk of filling your mind with the same ideas.

       But would that be so bad?  I doubt it, since the worst that could

       happen would be that your cunt would begin tingling with the heat of

       your passions.  So bad?  No, because we both know how much the slut in

       you loves the headiness of lust.  Am I wrong?  Of course not, and I

       offer as proof how your body feels at this very moment.  Ha.  You

       can't deny it to me or to you - a slut is a slut is a slut.

       And you know what's to follow, don't you, my dear?   The warmth in

       your body centers between your thighs; the puffiness of tender pussy

       lips; and the tangy dew that seeps from your cunt to oil your

       passions.  So smooth to the fingers.  So tempting to the tongue.

       Bathe your nipples with your honey?  Of course.  Coat your lips with

       your juices?  Ah, such a whore you are, my hot little wench.  Such a

       hot little hot whore.  But be careful, my dear.  I may be spying upon

       you through the window, desparately clutching myself as you drive us

       both into a passionate frenzy.

       Images.  So many images.  I want to rush in the door, take you in my

       arms and devour you with kisses.  My tongue down your throat.  My

       hands sliding under your dress to squeeze your pantied bottom.  Your

       pants of desire.  Ravishing your neck with my lips.  Your pussy pulled

       to my crotch to feel the hardness of my manhood.  Your gasps for air.

       Your words that inflame my passion.  "I'm so hot.  "I'm so hot."  God,

       I want you.  I want to force you to your knees so I can hold your head

       and thrust my hardness into your mouth.  Has there ever been another

       woman who enjoyed sucking cock more than you, my little cocksucker?

       Is there anything to compare with the excitement you generate in me

       when you give yourself over to the heat and hardness of a thick shaft

       between your lips?  The sighs and moans.  The grinding of your ass as

       you attempt to quell the heat between your thighs.  The wet softness

       of your lips and tongue around my prick.  Lick my balls, bitch, and

       suck my nut.  Smell my male scent.  You know you love it, you hungry

       slut.  That's it.  Now nibble my spongy head with your lips.  Ah yes -

       now take it in your mouth - all of it.  I want to feel you all around

       me.  I want to feel my head in your throat.  Now swallow so your

       muscles milk my cock.  That's it, cunt.  Drive me wild with your

       mouth.  Bring it up.  Take me to the point of no return.  Yes.  Now.

       NOW!  Take it out!  Let me shoot my hot cream all over your face.  I

       want you to look like the hungry slut you really are with my passion

       smeared all over your face.  Kiss me, baby.  Let me feel your heat.

       Now, go back down and suck me back to hardness, because now it's time

       to fuck you to death.

       Images.  I want you in my office.  Embraced.  I'm naked.  You're

       clothed.  I can feel the fabric of your clothes on my skin.  You feel

       my nakedness with your hands.  I'm sitting beneath my desk between

       your legs as you sit in my chair, hoping no one else is in the

       building.  I want to gaze up your skirt at the hidden charms between

       your thighs.  The silk of your stockings on my nakedness.  My hands

       lightly caressing your gams, teasing the wetness from your cunt until

       the musky scent of your excitement fills my nostrils.  Soft kisses on

       your calves, your knees, your thighs.  A long time.  Much too long

       before my lips reach the tops of your stockings.  Soft lips on soft

       thighs.  Wet tongue on quivering flesh.  Is your hand in your bra, or

       are you afraid someone might be there to see you?  I can feel the heat

       emanating from your cunt.  Mmmmmm. Enticing aroma.  Can you feel my

       breath?  Light kisses on your panties.  A little tongue.  A bit of

       tease.  Oh, how I love to watch you squirm.  Back to your thighs.

       That's right, baby, I've abandoned your pussy.  You can't wait, can

       you, you little slut?  Your fingers sliding into your panties to

       caress your wet pussy.  I love to watch my bitch in heat.  Do you like

       my lips on your thighs when you finger your clit?  My hands under the

       leg openings of your panties to squeeze your ass.  You pull your

       panties to the side with one hand and pull me by the hair to your

       crotch with the other.  Your hunger for my mouth on your honeypot.  My

       hunger for your passion.  Sliding your panties off your hips.  My

       face, lost in the soft folds of your pussy.  My tongue in your hole.

       My nose on your clit.  My hands on your ass.  Your's on my head,

       pulling me closer.  Your stockinged legs wrapped around my head. Cum,

       baby.  Grind your hot cunt on my face.  Let it go.  Cum all over me.

       My face.  Drenched.  Laying you across the hardness of my desk.

       Gasping for breath.  Raising your skirt to your waist, exposing your

       glistening bare pussy to my gaze.  Your tongue licking your juices

       from my face.  The hardness of my shaft as I fill your empty cavern.

       Riding you fast and hard while my mouth and hands ravish your tits.

       The silk of your stockings.  Your legs wrapped around my waist.

       Rockets.  Stars.  Hot cream.  Spent, mellow and nuzzling.

       So many images.  Hands cuffed behind your back.  You're naked.  I'm

       clothed and about to have my way with you.  Staring at your hot

       beauty.  Round, proud tits.  Big, swollen nipples.  Long, tapered legs

       that end at that gorgeous ass of your's.  The rise of your mons.  The

       puffiness of your pussy.  Big, round eyes, hungry to please.  I want

       to ravish your luscious tits by hand, by mouth.  Ah, to tease you; to

       toy with you.  Cuffed to the rafters.  Caresses.  Soft.  Rough.

       Kisses.  Soft.  Hard.  Your lips.  Your neck.  Your full tits.

       Squeezing your ass while I lick your navel.  My tongue flicking

       lightly over your mound.  Raking your thighs with my fingers.  Your

       pussy?  No.  Let it throb on it's own.  You're powerless and you'll

       get no help from me, bitch.  I love to watch my hot slut writhe in

       sexual agony.  The paddle .  Light taps onyour ass to build the heat in

       your loins.  You love it, don't you, cunt?  You're such a hot little

       tramp, my love.

       So you want cock, eh?  Beg for it, bitch.  Plead for it.  And if I

       don't hear your need loud and clear, I'll waste the hardness.  I'll

       jerk off in front of you until I shoot my cum all over your thighs

       before I put you to bed on your own.  And if I hear your need?  Yes,

       you can have my cock.  On your knees.  In front of me.  Your hands

       behind your back.  My hands in your hair.  My cock? In your mouth, of

       course.  Ha.  Fucking your mouth at my will, not your's.  Not enough?

       I agree.  I want you, too.  Badly.  Upstairs.  On the bed.  On your

       hands and knees.  Hands still cuffed.  I want your ass tonight. Do you

       still want cock?  It's in your ass, or none at all. Make up your mind,

       slut.  If you want cock at all, you have to beg for it in your ass.

       How animal can you get? Tell me, bitch?  Let me hear it.

       Desensitizing cream.  Lubrication.  Slowly I feel your tightness.

       Little by little I take all of you.  Totally filled like never before.

       The strange, erotic sensations washing over your body.  The hunger in

       your voice.  Give it over, slut.  Give it all to me until you feel the

       hot force of my release when I cum back there.

       Too many images of you and I and you.  I'm going crazy.


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