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Archive-name: Dreams/tomsfant.txt


Archive-title: Tom's Fantasy of Guienivere

This is the fantasy of Guienivere, the hot blooded vixen of

legend. I shall continue to search for her, for I know my

"Guienivere" is out there somewhere. Perhaps she is reading this

now. I hope all enjoy this - it is my first (virganal?) written

fantasy. Any critique would be appreciated. 

After a delicious candle lit dinner, we were relaxing on the

sofa. After spending the last few hours gazing into her soulfull

eyes, I was feeling kind of romantic and played some love songs for

Guienivere on my guitar. I try to keep my concentration as I watch

her lick her full sensuous lips. My resolve wanes and I finish my


I fumble around while I put some music on the sterio. I can

hardly keep my eyes off the sight of her plunging cleavage, her

luscious legs generiously displayed at the end of her leather

miniskirt. At last, the music taken care of, I take Guienivere into

my arms and she responds with such passion that my heart begins to

race wildly. I can feel her firm breasts rubbing over my chest as

my toungue probes her mouth. My nipples crinkle and poke up as the

small mountains of her nipples strain against her satin top.

Guenivere unbuttons my shirt my shirt as I gently chew and suck her

earlobe. I slowly bring my hands over her flat stomach and cup her

ample breasts as she feverishly strokes my hairy chest.

"Why don't we take a dip in the hot tub?", I suggest. Gueniveres'

only reply is to stand and slowly peel out of her clothes. My eyes

jelously devour every inch of her body as it is exposed. Soon we

are both naked and I encircle Guienivere in my arms. I trace down

the curve of her back and begin to kneed the sweet curves of her

ass. The feeling of our sweat slick bodies rubbing against each

other makes me shiver in anticipation.

In the hot tub, Guienivere sits with her back to me as I nibble

her neck and fondle her breasts. My hard shaft slides between the

swollen lips of her pussy and we begin a slow sensuous rythm. I

reach around and stroke the sides of her clitoris and Guenivere

moans in ecstasy as the first pulsating waves of pleasure sweep

through her body. She stands and pulls me to her lips and begins to

stroke my stiff rod. We towel each other off and retire to the


The candle flames seem to dance to their own love song  as  we

lay on the bed. Gueniveres' warm hands explore my body  as  we

share a long deep kiss. As I stroke her body, her lips trail down

my chest and stomach.  She lingers a moment and nibbles my nipples

playfully.  Soon her tongue is darting over the swollen head of

my rod as she tickles my balls.  I moan with pleasure as she licks

my cock like a lollypop.  The sight of those ruby lips gliding

over my purple love muscle and her wicked red fingernails stroking

my legs and balls was a dream come true.

I pulled her hot legs around until each one rests on my shoulder

and I can see her wet pussy lips calling to me.  I answer the call

by flicking my tounge over her clit.  Her responding moan sends

shivers up my spine and I feel the tip of her teeth scrape over

my shaft.  As I sucked her clit and pussy lips, I slide a finger

into her tight love box.

Our rythm becomes faster and more frantic as each of us begins

to slip over the edge.  I can feel her muscles contract on my finger

as she nears orgasm.  I moan as I suddenly come in a rush of creamy

jism.  Guenivere gasps as she laps up the hot juices like a starving

kitten.  Her sweet juices flow over my chin as she comes.  I can

feel her clit throb slightly between my lips as she comes in rapid


I get on my knees and Guienivere rolls onto her stomach.  I rub

some warm baby oil over her back and ass.  My shaft slickly slides

up and down the crack of her ass and her pussy lips as I spread

and squeeze her ass cheeks.  I am soon hard again from the sensations

of my slippery cock sliding over her pussy lips.         

I place my hands on her shoulders and pull her against me as my

hard dick penitrates her buttery pussy.  She moans and contracts

on my shaft like a velvet glove.  My tight balls slap in harmony

with our undulations as the pace of our love making increases to

a frenzy.  As I thrust harder and deeper her ass meetsd my meat

stroke for stroke.  Her pussy strains and we both scream as we

come.  Any one got a cigarette?



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