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Archive-name: Dreams/thinkyou.txt


Archive-title: Thoughts of You

                                    Part 1

	I finally have you where I want you:  alone.  My place, your place,

it doesn't matter, as long as I have you to myself.  I take you in my arms,

feeling your weight against my body, and press my hardness against you.

You feel so good there against me, so soft, warm and squeezable.  I take your

head in my hands and kiss your lips, ever so softly.  Your lips are moist

and delicious, and I savor every moment.  My mouth parts slightly, allowing

my tongue to creep out and tentatively press between your lips.  Ever so

slowly, your lips part, and my tongue sinks down into your mouth, where your

eager tongue awaits...

	My hands creep down your luscious body, passion bursting in me with

each inch they cover.  My hands brush against your breasts, so firm and full.

I long to stop there, long to take one in each hand.  I know it would please

you as much as I know it would please me.  But I control myself, and make my

hands drift further down, down, down to your waist, so soft and smooth.  I

let my left hand drift around behind you, and allow myself the pleasure of

grasping your fine ass.  Oh, the indescribable pleasure of it!  My right

hand has other intentions, though.  I let it go where it wants, and it

wiggles its way inbetween our bodies, and down to your delicious wetness.

So soft, so wet, so....  Your wet playground is quite a delight...

       I sense your passion building, and with a few deft flicks of my fingers

I send you close to the edge, but not quite over.  The mounting tension makes 

you grind your hips into mine, and you moan with pleasure....

				Part 2

	Your moaning is loud and deep, and in your passion you begin kissing 

my ear.  This stifles your moaning, but the pleasure you're feeling forces

you to switch to an arousing whimper, in the depths of your throat.  You

tongue my ear, sending ripples of desire through me.  It turns me on as much

as your whimpering does, and I squeeze your ass harder, pressing your crotch

against mine.

	The sexual joy I'm feeling builds, builds, builds until I can stand it

no longer.  In one quick motion I break our embrace and pick you up in my

arms.  Our lips meet and our tongues intwine, increasing our mutual feeling

of intimacy. 

	I step forward, where I guess the bed should be.  I can't open my 

eyes to look, because your passion has captured me.  I am yours, mind, soul,

and *body*.  

	My knees encounter soft resistance; I have found the bed, the place

where we shall consumate our devotion.  I climb onto the bed, kneeling, and

gently place you upon it.  Our kiss never breaks.  I lower myself onto you,

taking your head tenderly into my hands.

	My passion increases.  I break our kiss, but quickly continue it 

elsewhere.  I drench your face in kisses, licks and nips.  Your cheeks, so

soft and creamy, feel so good under my lips.  I move down to your neck.

Kissing the curve of your throat makes me shudder in ecstacy.  Your skin

here is so soft, so smooth.  Feeling the underside of your chin against

my cheek, the lovely firmness of your shoulder against my ear, all this

contact drives me wild.  In my desire I accidentally leave small red

marks on your neck, signs of our love.  Caught up in the moment, you 

won't notice them until tomorrow, when they will remind you of the bond

we shared.

	My lips travel downward, toward your breasts.  My fingers feel for

the buttons on your blouse, and by chance they brush against your hard

nipples.  Your back stiffens in arousal, but I refuse to linger there, I

have more intimate things on my mind.  

	My left hand finds the top-most buttons, but I have trouble with

them.  My pleasure is so intense, your body is so captivating, I can't 

concentrate on the buttons.  

	Frustrated, I bring my other hand down to your blouse, gripping

its other side.  A muffled THHP can be heard as I pull your blouse open,

ripping off its buttons.  A wave of relief courses through me as I feel

your top give, and my greedy hands snake inside.  Your breasts, so full  

and enticing, seem to thrust themselves into my palms.  One look at them,

one touch of them against my skin, is all I need to remind me how much

they excite me, how much they satisfy me.  

	After an inital, mind-blowing squeeze, I pull my hands away slightly,

until only your nipples are touching my hands.  Slowly I move them in a

circular direction, your nipples in the center of my palms.  

	Again you moan, and your back arches high, trying to push your

breasts into my hands once again.  Your hands rake my back, trying in

vain to pull me to you.  Your pelvis presses upward, grinding into my

crotch, into my stiff member.  

	Your moans deepen as our hips grind together, and you entwine 

my legs in yours.  Your lips find their way to my ear, and your tongue

sinks deep into it.  You want me, you need me inside you, you need me

to take you to heaven.

	I'm there for you, all yours, at your beck...

				Part 3

	Your passion is intense and overwhelming.  You feel it raging 

within you, shutting out all other feelings, anything that might

distract you.  Your passion has turned you into a wild, insatiable

animal, mad with desire.  You've lost all sense of time or place.

All you know is the man in your arms is the sexist thing you've held

in a long time, and you simply *have* to have your way with him...

	With both hands you grip the back of my head and pull it downward, 

until your eager nipples contact my mouth.  A moan escapes your lips

at the first touch.

	I begin to circle your nipple with my tongue.  You taste so good

to me.  My own passion is strong, and I give in and take your breast into

my mouth, sucking hard on the nipple.

	Your grip on my head tightens, and your moan becomes louder.  Our

legs entwine, and you pull yours back, pulling my legs closer to you.

	I love your breasts so much.  They've always turned my on, and 

now that I've finally got them, I have no intention of ignoring them.

I raise my head a bit, drawing your breast up, off your chest.  I grip

it with both hands, squeezing and massaging it.  I'm in ecstacy.  You're

so beautiful, your body satisfies me so completely, I think I want to stay

in bed with you forever.  I want to worship your body, want to do everything

I can to please you.

	Your moaning stops suddenly, then starts again.  Again it stops, 

then continues.  I realize you're beginning to come, and my heart gladdens.

I love it when I make you come.  Seeing you come, feeling you in the throes

of orgasm, is so enjoyable.  Your moan gets lower, becomes more drawn out.

Your orgasm has peaked, now you're coasting down the other side.  Your whole

body feels warm and tingly, but way down, deep inside your loins, you feel

a stirring, a longing.  You've felt it before, but then you've never had me

available.  You know what you want, and you know what to do.

	Your hands press my head, gently but firmly, down away from you.

I know what you want.  I know what you need.  At your urging I move my head

downward, kissing the supple skin of your belly as I go.  I tongue your

sexy little belly button, and another moan escapes, unintended.

	I drift downward, downward, until I come to the first folds of your

special area.  My tongue snakes out and caresses you, and I feel a shiver of

delight rush through you.  You taste very sweet to me, and I savor it.  I love

everything about you, especially your special area.  I lower my head and suck

on your clitoris, your special special spot.  

	You let out a loud gasp, but you don't push me away.  You run your

hands through my hair, playing with it almost absent mindedly.  Your eyes

are closed tight, and your tongue runs across the lips of your open mouth.

You want me so bad...

	I run my tongue over your clit and your back arches, pressing your

beautiful ass harder into the mattress below us, as if you could escape my

eager tongue.  There is no escape for you, my pretty.  You are mine...

	I lick and lick, and your frenzy builds.  My occasional nibbles 

bring you back from the edge, they add an edge to your sensations.  Your

moaning is loud and deep now, there is no stopping it.  Our neighbors would

be able to hear you easily, if I hadn't arranged for them to be elsewhere.

I've taken care of every little detail tonite, my darling.  This night is


	I decide to see how far I can push you.  Slowly, I snake my fore-

finger into your throbbing wetness.  For a moment your moaning turns

into a wimper of desire, but your burning passion quickly returns.

I insert my finger into you further.  You draw a deep breath and hold it,

as my finger slides in all the way.  You are *extremely* wet tonight,

darling, and I love it.  

	I insert another finger, then another.  You quiver with the 

sensation.  As my fingers begin to churn deep in you, your breathing

returns, in deep, heavy breaths.

	My fingers press upward, towards your clitoris, where I know

your G-Spot should be.  I find it easily, a hard swelling on the top

of your vagina.  I rub it in small circles as I lick and suck on your

clitoris even harder.  

	Your deep, heavy breaths come in cycles now, and I begin to hear

small little 'oh's in each one.  Soon your tiny groans become louder,

impossible to ignore, but not that I would want to.  I love making you

feel this way!

	Suddenly your groans reach incredible intensity, on the verge of

screams.  Your orgasm is unmistakable, and, gripping my head even tighter,

you press my lips and tongue harder onto your clitoris. 

	Minutes pass, but this orgasm continues, unlike your earlier one.

You're having multiple climaxes, you just can't stop, not for a second.

Your skin has become sweaty, and your hair has become matted onto your

neck.  God you look sexy!

	Slowly your groans lessen, until your breath becomes deep and 

even.  Your groans of ecstacy have subsided, but your moans remain.  

They're low and steady, and I know you've enjoyed yourself like never


	I tenderly withdraw my hand from you, and, eyes closed, you 

wimper in disappointment.  But I have no intention of ruining our

evening, no way. 

	I have more, many more, ideas and fantasies that we can fulful.

For the moment you are exhausted, but I know your strength will come back

with a few minutes of rest.

	I begin to move up, and I kiss my way to your neck, where I lie

on my back and cuddle, with your head on my chest.  I place my arms about

your body and kiss your head.  My darling is satisfied, if only for the


                                    Part 4

	As we relax and bask in the moment, you begin to softly kiss my

neck.  Your lips feel so nice, so soft and wet against my skin.  Your

hand runs over my chest, caressing it, playing with my hair there.

	I feel the smoothness of your back, the suppleness of your

skin just above your rear.  Feeling your touches and your beautiful skin

is very erotic, and I begin to become aroused again.  My cock begins to

stir, hardening slightly.

	You notice this, and your hand drifts down to caress me.  My

maleness has always turned you on.  My hardness, so different from

everything you've experienced, is always new to you.  How can it be so

hard, you wonder, and yet be so soft to the touch?  

	The stimulation you're giving me arouses me further, and soon I'm

completely hard.  You squeeze me slightly, but my cock doesn't yield. It's

rock hard, and so long even both your hands together can't reach the tip.

Well, not completely.

	Your caresses are very pleasing, and they give me an idea.  I 

whisper it into your ear, and you smile naughtily at me.  You give me a

long kiss on my lips, run your tongue quickly over them, then you move

down to my neck again.  You begin kissing me again, but this time your

kisses are deeper, more intense.  You suck on my neck for a bit, then you

move downward, to the top of my chest.  Your tongue snakes out and licks

my chest, as your lips suck hard, come together, then suck hard on my

chest again.  Your lips move to my nipple, and your tongue starts to play

with it, circling it again and again.  You move back and forth, from nipple

to nipple, kissing, sucking and nibbling.  

	I moan slightly, your lips turn me on so.  My cock is straining

with anticipation, begging for attention and release.  It would get harder

if if could, but alas, it cannot.

	Your lips move downward again, planting kisses as they go.  The

muscles of my abdomen twitch as you kiss them, partly from ticklishness

and partly from your stimulation.

	Something brushes my cock, then presses hard upon it.  I look and

see you have moved my cock into your ample cleavage.  I smile in ecstacy.

I've always *loved* your breasts, and stimulating my cock with them is

extremely erotic, and it turns me on incredibly.  My lust for you increases

with the press of each breast against my member.

	You sway back and forth, moving my cock from nipple to nipple.

Now and then my hardness pressing into a breast, into your fullness.

Their squeezability, their softness is so stimulating that I'd come

quickly if they had been oiled.  But your chest is dry, so my orgasm

delays, prolonging the ecstacy I'm feeling.

	A moan escapes your lips as my cock presses deeply against one

of your nipples, and you suck hard on my belly, leaving a deep red mark.

You move downward again, downward until your mouth is just above my cock.

You brush you lips against the tip, teasingly.

	I close my eyes and moan at the touch, my feelings raging back and

forth.  Part of me wants to come quickly, to escape this sexual tension.

But another part enjoys it immensely, and holds back.  I begin to run my

fingers through your hair, caressing your head as you play with my hardness.

	You blow on my shaft, and it quivers slightly.  Your hand grips my

balls and the base of my cock, propping it straight up.  Your tongue darts

out and licks the the base, wetting it with your saliva.  Then it travels

upward, and your lips join in and press against each side of my member.

	Your tongue is in full contact with my shaft now, and it feels 

incredible.  You reach the bottom of my glans, and your tongue circles it,

licking the rim.  I moan uncontrollably when you reach the underside of

the head of my cock, where I'm most sensitive.  This makes you smile, and

you continue licking that spot.  You suck at it, your lips moving up and down

on it. 

	My moans grow louder, and my hands move through your hair frantically.

	Realizing I'm close to coming, you back off, and let your lips fall

down to the base of my cock.  You move your hand slightly, leaving my balls

open to your kiss.  And you do, you kiss and lick my balls hungrily. 

	I love it so.  The feelings are different than before, but they're

still wonderful.  My eyes are closed, and a smile has locked itself onto

my face.  I long to feel my cock in your mouth, long to feel its soft wetness

surrounding my maleness.  I gently pull on your head, urging you  upward.

	You know what I want, what I need.  Placing your hand around the

base again, your mouth wanders upward, up my shaft, again up the the head

of my cock.  But this time you don't stop there.  You continue upward, until

the tip of my cock lies just below your lips, the gateway to heaven.  Your

tongue circles my cock once, then twice, lubricating it well.  

	I moan again, and feel a swelling deep inside my loins.

	Suddenly, without warning, you plunge my member deep into your mouth.

Your head begins to bob up and down, your tongue stimulating the underside

of my cock.  You know I like it best that way.  

	Your stimulation has been so intense, so prolonged, that it doesn't

take you many bobs to make me climax.  My orgasm rushes upon me, as my come

leaps out of my cock, filling your mouth.  You swallow it all, as fast as 

you can.  You know that means so much to me.  

       The sensation bursts into my head like a wave, overwhelming my thoughts

and emotions.  My mind is in ecstacy, and I am in ecstacy.  I'm not in a bed,

I'm not anywhere.  I'm not person, I'm not anything at all, except for one

thing.  I am ecstacy.  That is where I am, that is who I am, that is all I am.

Your beloved mouth has sent me there, merged me with Nirvana.

	Then my climax begins to fade, and sensitivity takes over.  All this

time you've kept sucking greedily, maintaining the intense stimulation.  It

makes me jerk slightly, and its all I can do to keep from crying out.  I place

my hands on the shaft of my cock and move them upward, forcing your mouth off

my cock.  I'm pleading with you to stop, laughing as I do.  The stimulation

is pleasurable, but the intensity is too much for me.  I need you to stop,

at least for the moment. 

	You giggle a bit, a broad smile on your face.  You know I'm totally

pleased, thoroughly satisfied.  I don't have a care in the world, and I'm

completely content, because you're here, with me, like this.

	I reach down and pull you up to me, and kiss you passionately.  You

are my woman.  You will do anything for me, and I love you for it.  You are

mine, I am yours, body and soul.  I am your man.  You need only mention your 

wishes, and I will do them, gladly.  Our love, our lust, is unmatched, and 



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