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Archive-name: Dreams/thelloui.txt

Archive-author: The Hitchhiker

Archive-title: Letters from two women on the road

    The following letter is the first of two letters written by two of

my female friends, during a long trip into Georgia.  It was addressed

to a co-worker, originally from Georgia, unfortunately wasn't for me. 

I have the opportunity to read it, and I though it was very good,

pretty arousing without becoming too vulgar, so I decided to posted to

the list, with permission of the authors.  Even so the recipient of the

message know the authors, they decided to use the alias of Thelma

and Louise, since they were two women on the road.  I post this for

you enjoyment and I wish you could give me your opinion, so I can

transmit it to the authors and encourage them in their little literary

experiments.  Please send your comments to

The hitchhiker


Dearest Ron:

    In the mist of our grand adventure, the vibration of the road

began to affect us.  Our minds began to wonder and before long, our

thoughts became naughty.

    As we were listening to *Bolero*, for the third time, our

thoughts began to involve you.  We let our minds go as our bodies

dictate.  Before long, we were *hot*, Bothered and Bewildered.

    We began to get hungry.  We thought of banana split sundaes. 

What better way to satisfy our hunger, than to build one on you. 

Imagine us dripping warm fudge on your "banana", crowning it with

whipped cream, topped by a red cherry.  Slowly, gently, we will lick

our dessert with our velvety, moist, hot tongues until all traces of

our feast have been swallowed.

    If the legend is true about small stature men, we will be in for a

big treat.  As we are writing this letter, our bodies are beginning to

ache with desire, a dewy perspiration is forming on our perky, gently

sculptured breasts.  Our nipples hardening as we fantasize.

    What better way to enjoy our friendship than to share a

"Georgia Peach" between our creamy white thighs.  We are becoming

wet with anticipation.

    A man of your energy has the stamina to please us all night,

again and again and again.

    It is difficult to work with you on a professional level, when our

thoughts are anything but professional.  The sexual tension in the air,

in the lab, is so thick that you can cut it with a knife.

    You make us wish to be virgins again, about the be deflowered

for the first time.  Your gentle hands exploring our trembling,

inexperienced bodies, teaching us all about womanhood, taking us to

unimaginable ecstacy.

    We secretly watch you running at noon, enjoying your powerful

strides and rippling muscles glistening in the sun.  We fantasize about

giving you a special "shower", with our soothing, succulent,

quivering tongues, covering every square inch of your athletic body.

    As we are driving down the road in Georgia, we see a beautiful

meadow of wild flowers.  We imagine the three of us cavorting,

chasing, teasing each other, sans clothing in this field.

    We have a yearn to be totally dominated by you, taken almost

savagely but lovingly in the pre-autumnal air.  Our senses so

heightened, we experience multiple orgasms.  After our foray, we

collapse in total exhaustion.

    You just don't know how hard it is to work, on the days you

come into the lab with those tight jeans.  We enjoy watching your

cute, tight butt.  So little is left to the imagination.  We wonder if

that's a big carrot in your pocket or if you are just glad to see us.

    The way you fondle the test tubes at work leads us to believe

that you have the same desires.  We wonder how rich your fantasies

are, but yet we are afraid to ask.

    The reason why we are writing you this letter is, because our

thoughts about you are becoming almost obsessive. It's frustrating not

knowing if you feel the same; But what to do?

                 Hoping our fantasies cum true.


                                       Thelma + Louise


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