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Archive-name: Dreams/teddy.txt


Archive-title: Teddy

You've got me thinking about you liking to shop for lingerie. I also

have done some shopping for lingerie. Sometimes I get confused at

what might be the best thing to buy, and size and such. I've always

had a fantasy about a girl like you helping out a guy like me in the

lingerie department. It goes something like this. I'm browsing though

the skimpy underwear and teddies trying to find that something

special. You notice my hesitation and bewilderment about all the

different sizes, styles and types. You come over to me and offer any

assistance you can. I am most appreciative. You ask about sizes.

Since I'm not real sure, all I can do is offer comparisons to you.

About your size, a little larger here, a little smaller here, and the same

size here. From there you pick out a few selections that seems to you

would fit the occasion. I can't decide between two different styles so

you offer to try on the two and model them for me. You disappear to

the back changing area and soon reappear with a very provocative

teddy on. The outline of your breasts are visible through the thin

material and your nipples are hard and erect as they push at the

material. The material between your legs barely covers your lovely

pussy. My heart is pounding like a hammer by this time and my dick

as hard as a rock. You see my discomfort as I try to conceal my

growing dick. The hips are cut very high and the slight sign of your

pussy hair peaks out on the sides. The outline of your pussy is also

visible. Since the store is near empty and the other dressing rooms

deserted you offer for me to come and take a closer look. You turn

around and show me the nicest, tightest ass that I've seen in a long

time. The material stretched tight across it. I take you up on your offer

to get a better view and therefore a better opinion of what to buy. As

I approach you step backwards to the booth. You ask how I like the

outfit? I say that it looks terrific. I can see very clearly your breasts

now, your nipples are hard and erect. The crotch of the teddy has

disappeared between the lips of your pussy. You are driving me crazy

as you run your hands up and down your stomach from your pussy

to your breasts. Stopping momentarily to touch your clit through the

teddy and circling your nipples with your fingers. You suggest that

you try on the other outfit before I make my final decision. You

immediately remove the straps from your shoulders and lower the top

of the teddy so that both breasts are now exposed. Your each and

grab a nipple in each of hand and slowly twist the nipples as you lift

your breasts outward. You then slid the teddy to the floor and sit

down on the chair. Your pussy on the edge of the chair, your back

against the wall and your knees separated and in the air. You say .

. . . . (to be continued) 


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