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Archive-name: Dreams/teach.txt


Archive-title: Teach

     This is like a companion piece to the one with the tall

woman, although the characters may be different, I don't know.

I guess they're different in some ways and the same in other



     she is training his cock to be not so sensitive.  in the

evening, they will be cuddling on the couch, and she will pull

back and look at him and say in her sweet serious voice:  "are

you ready for your lesson?"  his heart will skip a beat, he will

forget about everything else, they will turn off everything and

go into the bedroom.


     they lie naked on the big bed with the covers pushed down,

he on his back, she on her side, her cheek resting on his

stomach, sucking his cock.  she does it roughly, using her teeth

and lashing out hard with her tongue under his foreskin,

stroking and pulling at his balls with her free hand.  he feels

intense pleasure mixed with the intense discomfort of having his

cock so cruelly used -- his cock that before he met her had

known only the gentle touch of his hand.

     when he had first been sleeping with her he couldn't last

more than a few seconds inside her.  her body, her face, her

manner all excited him so much that even letting his cock touch

her skin almost made him come.  he was ashamed, but she only

smiled and said she'd help him grow out of it.  since the

training began he had lasted longer and longer.

     as she is sucking him he only strokes the skin of her back,

sometimes reaching out to rub the fur of her pussy.  he knows he

cannot tell her what to do, that she knows best, even if the

torture goes on for half an hour.  sometimes she switches to the

other side to rest her neck, with only a kiss on his navel.  if

he is close to coming she pulls back and squeezes his cock in a

hard pinch and a groan dies in his throat.

     but she knows what to do to make him come.  when she thinks

he's had enough, she cuddles his balls in one hand and makes her

mouth soft and loving, sucking gently at the tip, flicking her

tongue over the part just beneath the end...  he comes, helpless

with pleasure, she sucks the sperm out of his cock when it stops

pumping itself.  if her throat is resting against his skin, he

can feel her swallow it in slow draughts.

     she kneels up, licking her lips, and straddles him smiling.

with her teacher's gaze and her teacher's voice, she tells him

to slide down.  he does and she walks up on her knees until her

pussy is over his face, then settles down, her ankles under his

shoulders, her pussy on his mouth.

     when he smells the scent of her sex, feels it lowering onto

him, he is in bliss, worshipping.  he knows he is giving her all

the pleasure she wants, he can feel and stroke all over her body

with his hands, he is sucking and pleasuring the deepest object

of his desire.  he feels her feet and legs, her belly and her

back.  he winds his arms around her to rub her breasts, her hard

nipples.  sometimes he tickles her feet or her sides and she

squirms and giggles until she shouts "stop! stop!" and grabs his

wrists, gazing down at him giggling.  his cock, stranded, is

already hard again.

     she's never known a man so docile, so obedient to her.  at

first between them it was "please"'s and "could you"'s, but then

she found he responded more when she just gave orders.  so now

when she sits on his face it is just "harder", "slower", "go up

and down", "around in circles", "the other way", "go inside" --

his tongue sliding into her vagina and thrusting there -- "back

again" -- his tongue returning to her clitoris.  "push my tits

together".  "rub my nipples, squeeze them, pull on them".  it is

as if he were an extension of her body and her mind, an erotic

toy that left her free to run her hands through his wavy blond

hair, loving him for it.

     and "do it now"... that is a special command that makes him

flutter his tongue like a butterfly's wing on her clitoris, that

makes her come with blinding intensity.  she always has to hold

onto something when she comes, sometimes his wrists, sometimes

the headboard.  she anchors herself and just gives in to the

control of the orgasm, letting her body strain and moan.

beneath her, every time -- and sometimes it is three or four

times -- he feels a rush of pride and an aching desire.

     she pulls back finally, laughingly stroking his wet face,

drying it off with a corner of the sheets.  she crawls down and

stretches out on top of him, he feels her damp fur on his cock,

he puts his arms around her and in a magic moment feels her

nipples touch his burning chest, her breasts press against him,

her mouth sealing on his for a kiss, two kisses, ten kisses.

he holds her bottom and directs it, moving under her until his

cock slides into her sheath, divinely slippery and snug.  he

begins to thrust.  the walls of her pussy push his foreskin up

and down over the head of his cock and bathe it in delicious


     she lets him move her body and her sex back and forth on

top of him.  but sometimes she still wants another, this time

with his innocent cock inside her, and she moves toward her

orgasm herself, wondering if she should take control of even

this away from him.  but he loves this most of all, and when he

feels her body tense and trembling pressed against him, hears

her gasp into his ear, it's often this that sends him over the

edge.  he comes in a wrenching climax that makes him double up

against her, pumping semen that feels like hot lava.


     after, even in the winter, it's too hot for sheets.  they

fall asleep entangled, with the covers pushed down to the foot

of the bed.  sometime in the night she wakes from the cold.  she

gazes at his sleeping body, curled up beside her.  she gathers

up the blankets and covers them both up warm, and then she

settles into a curve of his body and falls asleep again.



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