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Archive-name: Dreams/sweetdrm.txt


Archive-title: Sweet Dreams

      It's been another long day.  Nothing unusual, just the same ol' same ol'.

Late night TV is the worst, an hour or two of that and I'm a zombie.  I might   

as well just go on to bed and try again tommorrow.  Back to the bedroom-- just

what I need - more of the ol' routine.  Get undressed, read a little bit, blah

blah blah   blah blah. But wait, what was that?

     Out of the corner of my eye I catch a glimpse of light.  There is a space 

between my window blind and the window. Through this I can see that the bedroom

window of the apartment across from mine has just lit up.  It's a warm summer

night and I see that the window is open and the blind is up.  Two girls share

the apartment, both go to college.  I see them leaving for class every now and

then.  Curious, I turn off my light and stand by the window so as not to be

noticed.  For a moment nothing happens, I just see the edge of a bed and a

vanity beside the window.  But then, a figure enters the room.  It's one of the

girls , the dark haired one (wish I knew her name).  She walks over to the

vanity and takes off her earrings.  Jesus, she is standing right in front of

the window. She turns on a lamp sitting on the vanity, now her whole figure is

lit up for me to see. She's wearing a tight black tanktop and ragged blue jean

shorts.  She takes off her watch and puts it down, then she moves away. 

Shortly she returns, my heart is pounding as I continue to watch.  She takes a

step back and starts to unbutton her blue jean shorts .  Those ragged jeans are

a nice disguise for her smooth white ass.  The curve of her buttocks is

perfect.  I imagine gently sliding my hand first over one cheek and then the

other as I kiss her luscious red lips.  

           She turns away again, but then comes back.  She takes off her

tanktop, her back is to me.  It has a deep dark golden tan.  I want to start on

the back of her neck just where those short soft black hairs come to a point in

the nape.  I kiss her there hard and deep .  Then begin to work my way down her

spine, each kiss a little softer than the one before.  

          She turns around now I see her beautiful breasts.  I can't imagine

a bra that could contain them.  They seem to defy gravity.  They have a slight

bulge from their size but are so firm that the nipples just seem to float in

mid air  asking to be suckled.  She bends over to take off her black lace

panties and it seems that her breasts just doubled in size.


      She raises back up again and now her sweet little pussy is there for the

whole world to see.  Her bush is very trim and well kept.  She stretches a

little bit and then I see one hand come down and gentle stroke her pussy.  I

can almost hear it purr from here.  Still standing, she continues to stroke

herself, very gently , back and forth .  I sit back on the bed still keeping

her in sight and begin to enjoy myself.  I feel like I could explode at any

second.   She continues to play with herself, her slim hips start a slow

gyration that is hypnotizing.  Her free hand moves up to her neck and gently

masssages it., Slowly, it moves across her cheek and a finger glides into her

mouth.  Her other hand continues to stroke her other lips then two fingers

disappear into her moist little pussy.  Her hips start to gyrate even faster as

she moves her hand back and forth inside herself.  She runs her free hand

through her long dark hair as her had tilts back.  Her breasts rise in the air

as the takes a long deep breath and then holds it.  Her hips begin to quiver

as she leans against the vanity.  I cant hold it any longer.  Warm wet cum

starts to glide down my hand as it milks my erection.  

    She has disappeared now .  

    The light in her bathroom comes on and she reappears.  She steps into the

shower and draws the curtain.  I can see her shadow in the shower.  She sways

back and forth gently washing herself off.  The sway of her body begins to

hypnotize me again.  Slowly, I i lay do,wwatching her , and then I drift off

into sleep...........................  

                                    Sweet Dreams


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