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Archive-name: Dreams/succubus.txt

Archive-author: Ariel Witch

Archive-title: Succubus


  He lay sleeping deeply, on his back, one hand across his eyes, the

other flung across the bed, oblivious to the silent swirl of multi-

colored mists in a dark corner of the bedroom, unaware that a female

form was taking shape.

  Ariel quietly approached the bed, her eyes dark with desire as she

watched him sleep. His cock was hard, and it twitched and quivered.

She smiled, knowing what was in his dreams.

  Silently, she slid onto the bed and began tracing low, slow kisses

across his stomach, feeling the muscles tense beneath her lips.

Slowly she sucked the head of his pulsing cock into her mouth,

swirling her tongue around it. He moaned softly. Inch by inch, she

slowly took him into her hot, wet mouth until her lips were wrapped

around the root, and then began feasting, long, slow, deep sucks, her

tongue lavishing his hot hard meat. She could feel his cock swell to

completely fill her mouth an d she quickly moved away. Stripping off

her robes, she straddled him and slowly eased herself onto him, until

he was buried deep inside her.

  Her inner muscles began to milk him, and she began to ride his cock,

her own desires now fully ignited.

  Faster she moved, as his hips began to match her movements in the

ancient rhythms.

  Suddenly, she threw her head back and moaned quietly, her cunt

convulsing around him, triggering his own orgasm, and he filled her

with spurt after spurt.

  Slowly she released him and sucked his cock clean of their combined

juices. Slowly she dressed, a warm smile on her lips as again she

watched him sleep. A gentle kiss on his brow....

  Once again, his room was empty, his sleep now filled with




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