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Archive-name: Dreams/succubs2.txt

Archive-author: Rebecca

Archive-title: Succubus Part II

          The Elevator had shuddered to a stop.  I turned and looked at

the control panel -- elevators don't just stop working.  But all the

lights were dark.  I went to open the compartment that held the

emergency phone, trying hard to ignore the effect Rebecca was

having on me.

          "I'm sure it's nothing," she said.  She was a contralto, with a

voice best suited for smoky jazz and whispers in your ear.

          "Uh, yeah..."  I picked the molded plastic phone up -- it was

cold, or I was warm.  No noise came from the receiver.  "Guess it

doesn't work."

          "Mmmm."  She leaned up against the wall of the elevator,

crossing her grey stockinged legs.  Her eyebrow was arched, and she

set her mouth into a pout.  "Well," she purred, "I guess we'll have to


          I could swear she was coming onto me -- but I knew the

combination of my dreams about the girl back in the Trifoil cafe and

her own sensual presence were probably clouding my reactions.  I

turned, somewhat hesitantly, to the front of the elevator and pushed

the Alarm button.

          Again, nothing happened.  Fear began to tighten around my

heart.  I know, you'd probably rejoice at the thought of being in a

stopped elevator with a beautiful, sexy woman.  Me, I was worried

about being caught between floors with no way to tell anyone.  I

never claimed to be bright, or brave.

          I felt her, then.  Not physically -- she didn't touch me -- but

her warmth was near my back.  I felt her hands touch the back of

my shirt.  They were running up and down it, tracing her nails in the

small of my back -- just hard enough to be felt through the cotton


          I'd love to say I immediately responded.  Sorry -- I think I

made a gurgling noise.  I certainly didn't turn around.

          Her hands, firmer now, ran up my back and over my

shoulders.  They curved over my back and pressed into the muscles

between the top of my chest and the bones of my shoulders.  They

massaged, and pulled.  I took an unbalanced step back.

          She was there, molding the fluid curves of her body to me and

pressing her knees into the backs of mine.  My legs bucked, and she

was supporting me with her body.  It was strong and muscular -- I

had no doubt she was stronger than I was.  Her nails ran deliciously

up and down my chest, sending tingling sensations down my spine,

and an almost painful rush through my body.  I could feel myself

growing weak.

          I didn't -- I *couldn't* say anything.  My tongue seemed to

swell, almost blocking my breath.  Noise certainly didn't come out.  I

went beyond simple arousal, and straight into lust.  She kissed the

back of my head, and kissed her way down to the nape of my neck,

where she alternated tiny kisses and quick nibbles, sending charges

through my nervous system.

	Her left hand slid down, and gently covered my crotch.  She

gently applied pressure, adding to the general discomfort I was

feeling down there, even as it firmed my member more.  I'm not

sure I had ever been that hard.

          I heard that devastating voice in my ear, now.  "You

seem...uncomfortable.  Is there any way I can...release--" snap went

my jeans "--the pressure?"  My fly was being slowly unzipped, one

link at a time, with each tiny -tic- reverberating through me.

          "I...I don't know...who are...."

          "Shh."  Her hand seemed to flow into the opening she had

made, covering and quickly invading my briefs.  She released my

hard shaft from its confines and ran her fingers over it.  She gripped

the loose skin of my penis and ran it up and down the member,

slowly, and drawn out, but with a regular rhythm.  My breathing got

progressively harder and she inflamed me, running her hand hard

and harder until I felt I was ready to explode or fall down and die--

          She gripped my member, hard.  It was a sudden shock that

left me reeling.  I felt my orgasm ebb back, even as she started a

slow, gentle massage and worked it.  She traced a finger along the

root and traced up, cradling the sensitive head.

          Her right hand rubbed and massaged my chest as she looped

her fingers into a ring, just beneath the swollen head.  She pressed

up, then down, barely moving.  She did this again, and again, and I

felt myself spinning, like I was falling, I could barely stay conscious.

The she was moving again, up and down the shaft.  This time, she

wasn't holding anything back.  She held me in place firmly with her

strong right arm, preventing me from lurching forward, or my knees

from buckling.  I felt my ears ringing, and I knew that this was it....

          The door to the elevator opened, on the seventh floor.  I

jumped, only to be held by my beautiful stranger, firmly.  With a

fluidity that seemed expert, she slipped my underwear back in place

and snapped my jeans -- a feat for one hand.  Just as suddenly, she

spun me and caught me in a kiss.

          Her lips were hot, almost burning, and her tongue slipped into

my mouth -- the entry erotic and strong.  She licked at the roof of

my mouth and behind my teeth, and I could feel the world spinning

-- the touch...*her* touch was electric.

          She spun off, and smoothly exited the elevator.  There was no

one in the hall.  I watched her beautiful posterior swivel.

          The doors shut before I could speak a word.  The elevator rose

the last remaining floor, and opened again.  I stood in shock, and

burned with need.

          I'm getting poetic, again.  But I don't have the words for it.  I

almost felt used -- violated.  This woman took me without my

permission -- without even my name.

          And you loved it, Bill, it hurt when she left.  Her damn

perfume was still driving you crazy.

          The doors began to slide shut.  I slipped out and half-ran down

the hall, to my room.  I fumbled with the key and got inside.  I half

ripped my clothes off and threw myself on the bed, grasping myself

and rubbing.  The need for relief was almost painful, now.

          I looked into my mind's eye, seeing Rebecca, imagining her

without the executive suit, but naked.  Her skin had seemed tanned -

- see that clear, smooth skin...feel it beneath you....

          The girl from the cafe snuck into my fantasies, somehow, it all

didn't matter -- I could barely even focus on my fantasies.  I


          I snapped up, almost falling off the bed.  Halfway through the

second ring, I grabbed the receiver.

          "Hello?"  I rasped.  If anything, I was worse off then before.

          "Jim?"  It was a female voice -- young, but maybe sixteen.

          "No!  You have the wrong number!"

          "Are you sure?"


          "Okay, sorry.  Geez...."

          I slammed the phone down, and tryed to get back to the

business at hand.

          I barely got started when there was a knock at the door.

          "Bloody--HANG ON!"  I shouted, and grabbed a robe.  I was still

tying it as I opened the door.

          A redhead -- beautiful, with full breasts and a warm smile

was pushing a cart with wine and two glasses in a bucket.  "Hello,"

she said, "Compliments of a Secret Admirer."

	"What?"  I was half ready to rip the girl's clothes off, and she

was talking secret admirers?  I felt almost out of control, and ready

to do anything for relief.

          "Mm-hm...though I think wine isn't what you need," she

rubbed her hand along my chest and sauntered out.

          Understand, I wasn't used to this.  I'm not really good looking.

In fact, I'm thin to the point of being bony.  Women have *never*

been ready to throw themselves at me.  I marched after the girl --

ready to call her bluff.

	A women, and the most delicious perfume I have ever smelled,

moved from the side to block my path out.  Blue eyes with arched

eyebrows seemed to smile at me.

          "Going somewhere?" the contralto voice purred, sending

shivers down my spine.

[To be continued]


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