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Archive-name: Dreams/shiang.txt

Archive-author: The Prince Of Desire

Archive-title: Shiang


The following story is true. So I have changed the names,

not to protect the inocent,...

but to protect me.


I first saw Shiang from across the very crowded manufacturing facility

where we work. She was wearing a short, but modest, and very classy

bluedress. I immediantly noticed the grace with which she carried her

self, it was the soft sleak movement of a siamese cat.   It was this

that first drew me to her.

I'd been working there for just over eight years, and knew, or had seen

everyone at least once before, so I knew that she had either just been

hired, or transferred in from one of our other facilities. I couldn't

find out more about her for some time without drawing undesirable

attention, so I bided my time content to watch her beauty from afar.

Several weeks later a friend of mine told me he'd been assigned to work

in our product developement department, and that Shiang was the engineer

in charge of the project he was goint to be working on. So, as he is one

of the few people I trust implicitly, I told him I wanted to know as

much as I could about this beautiful creature. My friend agreed to tell

me everything he found out.

Months passed, and I had only learned that she was divorced, and about

seven years older than I. No one that I talked to knew if she was

remarried ornot, or what her outside interests were.

My options were limited. Everyone in the plant knew who I was, and,

quite frankly, I didn't have the best rep in the plant. I'm also not

what most would call handsome. Although most of the women I'd dated in

my single days, I am married, would have been rated 7.5 or higher, I'm

sure they had reasons other than my looks. There's a line to a song that

went "Pretty women out walking with gorillias down my street", that fits

me fairly well. I'm also not "successful", or well educated in the

classic sense, never having finished college. My chances of getting her

into my life in any capacity seemed grim.

Fortune smiled on me though. The project my friend was working on came

to an end, and a new team was being formed for the next one. Shiang was

asked to interview those of us interested in working on it, but I didn't

even apply.  The day for the interviews came, and, to my surprize, Shiang

herself came to me and asked if I wanted one of the positions! I looked

into her eyes, dark jade green with gold hilights, and lost my self.

I accepted the position.

Over the next few months of working together and chatting amicably, I

found out we have a great deal in common. She enjoyes reading,

historically based novels like "Shogun", oriental art, and "erotic"

romance movies like "Bull Durham", and "9 1/2 We eks". She has a quick

wit and LOVES to use double entendre in everyday conversation. She also

likes New Age music.

She likes hot moist evenings, sitting in her yard in a simple

cottonjumper feeling the grass between her toes, fanning herself gently

with a hand-made Japanese fan. It was her birthday the other day. I gave

her a pair of origami lilies which I'd made. One was green, to match the

eyes I shall never forget. The other, the same blue as the dress she was

wearing the first time I saw her. I didn't tell her the significance of

either. I did get enough courage to let her know that my feelings for

her are not quite what you'd call simple co-worker friendship.

These days its easy to scare women. There are a lot of crazy people out

there. Men that get so obssesed that they'd kill rather than see the

object of their desires with another. So I'm going to have to be extra

careful for a while. I don't want to scare her off. I'd rather spend a

few minutes a day with her by my side than risk losing even that.

I dream of snuggling up together in front of a fire on a cold January

day, her in a thick warm robe, I in a hand made silk smoking jacket,

being warmed merely by her presence. We'd lie curled up together on the

sofa, she reading the tale of a young peasent boy in love with the

shogun's daughter, I some great philosophy.

She'd turn to me and ask If I'd start a bath for her.

I'd rise and bowing low, ask laughing "Is there any particular scent

M'lady would prefer on this f ine day?"

Turning her head up to kiss me she'd reply smiling, "Lilac would be


I'd draw the bath making sure I used some Lilac scented bath oil and

return to her to announce "Your bath is ready M'lady... Is there

anything else M'lady requires? "

She'd rise and answer, with a slight gleam in her golden green eyes, "A

massage would be nice afterward, and later if you're not too tired..."

I'd put clean satin sheets on the bed, and lay out some oils for the

requested massage. Then I'd go to the kitchen and open a bottle of

auslese wine and cut some cheese and perhaps a bit of sausage. I'd carry

the tray of snacks and wine along with two glasses to the bathroom where

Shiang is drawing lazy circles on the surface of the water. Marvelling

stil l at her beauty I'd pour her a glass of wine and feed her a tidbit

of cheese. We'd sit sipping the wine and talking about what we were each

reading until the water in the tub began to cool. I'd help her stand up

kissing her first on the hand, then gently on the mouth.

While I carry the wine and cheese into the bedroom she'd towel herself

off. A moment later she'd appear in the doorway smiling and, walking to

the bed allow the towel to slip sensuously to the floor. Lying slowly on

the bed she'd tak e my hand and hold it to her breast.I feel the beat of

her heart, and see the look of slight anticipation in her eyes. The

scent of lilacs fill the air as I gently kiss her navel and slowly nibble

and kiss my way up to her throat. Slowly, but firmly he r arms encircle

me and she holds me as if the world was ending.

After an eternal moment, I slowly press her down to the sheet and turn

her on to her stomach. I put a few drops of scented oil in my hands

allowing it to warm. Starting with her feet I slowly, tenderly work the

oil into her skin. Very slowly loving each moment I work my way up.

Feet, calves, thighs. Her thighs slowly relax as my warm strong touch

releases the tention in her. With a firm knowlegeable touch, I work her

muscles and she moans a soft contented moan. Each inch brings more

relaxation, and anticipation until the mixture of the two seems almost

unbearable. Yet I continue slowly up her back gently kissing every inch

as I proceed. There is no need for haste, we have eternity.

I turn her onto her back, and kiss her once before again returning to

work again. Starting with her feet again moving ever so slowly I massage

each toe. Her breathing slows and deepens. She is on the edge of falling

asleep, but I know she will not. Still using the same snails pace, I

work my way up each thigh, carefully brushing each erogenous zone ever

so slightly to tease her. I am extra careful not to tickle her, that

would break the spell I amweaving with my hands on her flesh. I gently

caress her abdomen still kissing every inch as I proceed. I give each

nipple a small flick with my tongue as I reach her small firm breasts,

but I continue on working on every part of her as if it were my whole


I allow her a few moments of luxuriating in the other worldly

sensation that she has now.

Slowly, so I don't disturb her revellry I lie next to her. Leaning over

her I kiss her soft full lips. Still moving slowly I kiss each cheek,

each eyelid. I nib ble gently on her neck and earlobes, slowly running

my tongue down to the spot half way between her breasts. Softly I kiss

back and forth in an ever increasing line until I reach her nipples. I

wrap my tongue around them as they spring to life, nibbling, sucking,

biting. Suddenly she comes to life, wraping her arms around my head,

holding me to her. She kisses my forehead and then lifts my face to hers

and gives me a long, slow, deep, wet kiss.

My cock starts to grow as she takes control of the situation. She rolls

me down onto my back and kisses me on my throat. Using the same slow

deliberate pace, she kisses her way down to my chest, stoping only once

to look longingly into my eyes. She nibbles on my nipples knowing how

anxious she is making me.

She slowly returns to my neck, while one hand moves towards my crotch.

As her hand reaches my cock, she again starts the slow kissing down my

neck and chest.

She continues down, until I feel her breath on my thighs. She pauses,

breathing on my cock to heighten my anticipation. As her mouth closes on

my head, I grab her hips and pull her full on top of me. I smell the

sweet fragrance of ther pussy, and delight in the sight. We still move

slowly so as to lengthen the love making. She slowly caresses the under

side of my penis with her lips as I enscribe a small oval around her

lips with my tongue, just missing her clit. The ecxtasy is almost

unbearable. I quicken the pace just a bit as I slide the tip of my

tongue in a line from her anus to her exposed love button. She responds

by pushing herself against my face while just bearly scraping my cock

with her teeth. I continue by gently parting her pussy lips with the tip

of my tongue and slowly flattening it out to cover her completely. We

abandon ourselves to full animal passion, each grinding the others face

with our genitals.

After what seemed to be hours, she pulls her head from my crotch,

bucking and moaning, pushing herself harder onto my face. I probe my

tongue deeper into her love tunnel. Just as she shudders, she quickly

pulls away from me and turns around. She impales her pussy on my cock

riding me as if I werea horse and she wanted to win the Derby. I lift us

up from the bed with my pecker still inside her and roll over to the

superior position. Thrusting now as if my whole body is on fire I ram my

cock into her. We are both ready to climax. I feel her muscles start to

contract around my penis squeezing as if to milk every drop of cum from

my body. My mind explodes into a miriad of stars as she wraps her legs

around mine determined to hold on, her nails biting deeply into the

flesh of my back. We cum together with rockets exploding in our heads,

and fall asleep still entwined completely in each other.

... I stil feel sorrow, for this will not be. At least not in this

incarnation. Perhaps in my next life, I will know her and love her fully

as I want to now. For now I must be content to allow my eyes to be

caressed by her beauty, my ears by the sibillant sound of her voice, and

my nose by the scent of her perfume.


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