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Archive-name: Dreams/sheryl.txt

Archive-author: Standby

Archive-title: Sheryl , Part 1 thru 7

        By way of work, I program for  a  guy  who  runs  a  side

business  out  of  his house.  The pay's not great, but the hours

are flexed to my schedule (meaning I can hit  the  beach  in  the

summer),  and the environment's cool.  I can wear shorts and a t-

shirt if I want to, and play Mettalica at high volume.  This  guy

has daughter who's about 3 years younger than me.  Since she just

graduated from college, and the job market basically  sucks,  she

lived  at  home,  and  since I'm there most days I see her fairly


        Sheryl is about 22, or maybe 23.  She's a good  6  inches

shorter  than  my  own 5'10", and you could call her plump if you

were being charitable.   She's more than a few pounds overweight.

Much  of  that  is, I'll grant you, in the right places...she has

rather  nicely  sized   tits   (although   not   excessively   or

unrealistically  so...they  just  look alot bigger on her because

she's so short), but then again, the  rest  of  her  is  just  as

large.   Her  ass  is  oversized, her legs are heavy, her stomach

kind of sticks out...even her face  and  hands  are  well-padded.

Mind  you,  she's  not grotesquely fat...just about 20 -30 pounds

over where she should be, and she makes up for it by being really

cute, with kind of dark auburn hair and very dark green eyes, and

an infectious smile that you'd want to grab and kiss..

        Now, naturally, I (being the terminally horny soul that I

am)  fantasized  about Sheryl whenever I had a free moment or was

waiting for a compile.  Sheryl  would  be  dressed  in  something

loose, like a robe, which I would pull open.  My mouth would work

its way down to her tits.  My tongue would roam over her  nipples

as  I pulled on the little stiff buds with my lips.  Sheryl would

moan softly as my hand ran up the inside of her thighs,  stopping

to  rest lightly on the patch of fur covering her pussy.  I would

suck gently on her boobs as my fingers traced a  path  along  the

edge  of  her  slit,  finally slipping between them and gathering

some of her juices to ease my way up to her clit.  My hand  would

rub  her cunt and clit insistently as I slowly licked my way down

her body, going from tits to belly  ever-so-slowly  until  Sheryl

would push my head down to her snatch.  She would spread her legs

wider  as  I  my  tongue  joined  my  hand  in  stimulating  her.

Finally,  she  would  hold  my head firmly and start grinding her

cunt into my face.  I would read around and grab  the  cheeks  of

her ass and start fucking her with my tongue.  Eventually, Sheryl

would have a massive orgasm and collapse  into a chair,  smiling,

with her eyes half-closed.

        She would reach up and undo my  jeans  and  pull  out  my

cock.   Her  hand would wrap around the shaft and she would start

to rub up and down.  Her mouth would move forward, tongue out, as

she  jerked  my prick.  After teasingly pretending for what would

feel like forever, Sheryl's tongue would  make  glorious  contact

with  my dick.  It would be warm and wet as the tip slowly worked

its way up from my balls to the  head.   Her  lips  would  gently

circle the tip, letting just a tiny fraction of my cock enter her

mouth.  Her tongue would swirl around the head as she brought  up

her  tits  to   rub along the shaft.  Her nipples would be erect,

and the floppy breast tissue would give just the right amount  of

friction  as  she  wrapped  them  around my cock.   My cock would

slide back and forth  between those pale orbs as Sheryl kept them

pressed  tightly  around  my pole.   Sheryl would work her tongue

around the tip of my cock as  she  fucked  me  oh-so-slowly  with

those big tits.  Her  nipples would tickle the shaft as her mouth

tickled the head.  More and more of my cock would be entering her

mouth,  until she was only able to rub her nipples along my balls

as she sucked me.   Sheryl's tongue would  be  hot  and  wet  and

rough  as  it worked around my cock.  I would reach down and grab

her head for support as I started thrusting my stiff  prick  into

her  face.   Sheryl  would  open her mouth wide for my cock as it

drove forward into her face.  Her hands would be reaching  around

and  playing  with my ass, with her fingernails just tickling the

hole.  Finally, it would be too much for me  to  take.   I  would

drive  my  cock deeply into her mouth and hold her there as thick

streams of cum would spurt down her waiting throat, and then  she

would smile at me and lick her lips with a sperm coated tongue

        Now, things went along like this for a few weeks.    When

things were slow, or I felt like goofing off, I would use Windoze

to create fairly graphic BMPs of my fantasies with  Sheryl.   I'm

OK  with  a  mouse,  and  with  practice,  I  could  put together

something that was recognizably her  (especially  when  the  file

names  where  things like "SHRTITFK," "SHRDLDO" or "SHRANAL").  I

didn't worry too much about using the computer this  because  her

father  hated  Windoze with a passion and would never use it, and

Sheryl was, so far as I could tell, computer-  illiterate  beyond

Word(Im)Perfect  and  Windoze  Solitaire.   Besides, I would back

them up to floppy and delete the originals on  a  regular  basis.

Often  enough  (like  when she was parading around the house in a

short bathrobe and nothing else that I could see), it got me  hot

enough  to play with myself as I worked on the PC. Since I was in

a big chair in a closed room, and was almost always alone in  the

house, it was no big deal, I thought, and I was too fucking horny

to let it wait.

        Anyway, one day when I was alone and super horny,  I  was

working  on my master BMP...latest in my series of Sheryl sucking

a cock which I always meant to be mine.  This particular one  had

her mouth open and her tongue out to catch whatever spurts of cum

had missed her face.  So I was sitting  there,  looking  at  this

picture of Sheryl, and just _had_ to have some release.  What the

fuck, I was alone, so I pulled out my cock and started to rub it.

I imagined that Sheryl was kneeling on the floor  in front of me,

with her shirt open.  Her tits were large  and  full  and  coated

with  oil, and she had them wrapped around my stiff rod.  Oh yes,

I could almost see them  as my cock  slid  in  between  the  pale

globes  .   I  could  just about feel them as Sheryl pressed them

tightly around my rod.  My stiff prick  slid  forward  as  Sheryl

came  downward.   "God,  Sheryl,  your  tits  feel so good!  God,

Sheryl, your tits feel so good, God, Sheryl..."  I just  couldn't

stop repeating it as she moved her tits over my cock.

        Her nipples stiffened under the caresses of her  fingers.

I  felt  Sheryl's  tits  press harder as I fucked them faster and

faster.   Sheryl looked at me, her eyes half closed  in  ecstasy.

"Go  on...cum  on my tits, " she moaned.  And then the sperm shot

out, catching her in the face and running down over her  nipples,

in a warm stream that ran down my cock onto my hand.   The warmth

and stickiness brought me back to the reality of the  office.  It

was  a  huge  cum,  and  I needed to run to the kitchen to grab a

paper towel to clean up.

        So I'm standing  in the kitchen, with my pants  open  and

an  enormous  amount  of  cum  all over my cock and my hands.  It

dripped off my hands onto the counter as I reached up for a paper

towel,  and  all of a sudden, I hear the door to Sheryl's bedroom

open.  Sheeyit!  She was home the entire time!  I had just  about

got  my  cock stuffed in my pants and closed them when she walked

into the kitchen.

        "Hi!"  She was wearing a pair of shorts and a white  tee-

shirt.   It was fairly obvious from the way that her tits bounced

around that she wasn't wearing a bra and her  nipples  were  just

about showing through.  This was enough to have my cock instantly

swelling up again, which was, given how quickly  I'd  stuffed  it

into  my  pants  and  how  much  cum  was  all  over it, a fairly

uncomfortable feeling.

        "Howdy," I replied, blushing furiously.   "Just  came  in

for a paper towel to dust off the screen."

        She nodded.  "Yeah, it did look dirty."  I smiled, agreed

and  left  as  fast as I could.  I went as fast as I could to the

office.   Motherfucking hell!  I'd left the door open, and Sheryl

had  to walk past the office to get to the kitchen from her room,

and there was her  face  sucking  a  spurting  cock  in  glorious

seventeen  inch  SVGA.   She  _had_  to  have seen it, if only in

passing.  As I reached up to the keyboard to erase it, I was  hit

with  a  double hand was still dripping with my cum.

This really fucking sucked.  But in some  way  it  was  exciting,

knowing  that  she had to have seen it, and had probably heard me

as well.   Sheryl didn't say a word about it, though,  but  later

in  the afternoon when I dared emerge and go back to the kitchen,

I noticed that my cum had been cleaned off the counter.

        Needless to say, I was a whole shitload more careful from

then on when I fantasized about Sheryl.  When Sheryl's car wasn't

there, I physically checked to  make  sure  she  wasn't  home  by

knocking on her door if it was closed.  If she wasn't, then I was

alone and almost anything could go.  I could grab her panties out

of  the  hamper,  sniffing  deeply for traces of her pussy, and I

could jerk off into them.  I would wrap them around my  cock  and

stroke,  imagining  that  it  was  Sheryl's  cunt tightly wrapped

around my cock.  With each thrust, I felt my  prick  sliding  not

into  the  thin  cotton,  but  the  silky smoothness of her tight

pussy.  I was always careful  not  to  actually  shoot  into  her

panties,  though.  I didn't need to try and explain that one, for


        I also continued to make my BMPs.  I had accquired enough

skill  with  the mouse to make them semi-realistic by this point,

and was getting more ambitious.  My latest effort was a series of

Sheryl  and  myself sixty-nining.  She was on top of me, with her

enormous tits pressed up against me.   My hands were grasping her

ass, pulling the cheeks apart to expose her moist crack and tight

asshole.  My tongue was deeply pushed into  her  pussy,  and  her

juices  were  liberally  coating  my  face.   Sheryl had one hand

cupping my balls, and the other wrapped around the  shaft  of  my

rod,  jerking  me  off.   Her tongue was busy licking the swollen

head of my cock.

        I just had to pull out my cock and start jerking off.   I

closed  my  eyes  and  my  own  stroking  fingers became Sheryl's

tongue.   It ran up and down the length of my prick.   It  ticked

my  balls,  and traced a moist line up the underside to the head.

It flicked around the hole, and then she engulfed my cock in  her

hot,   wet  mouth.   Sheryl  bobbed  her head up and down over my

cock.  I could feel her mouth wrapped around my pole, and  I  was

saying  to  her  "Come  on Sheryl...suck it...suck it."   And she

did, until orgasm overcame me and I poured out my balls. As usual

when  I  fantasized  about  Sheryl, large amounts of cum shot all

over my hand.  This time, however, I cleaned up quickly, just  in

case she came home unexpectedly.

Part II: Cumming in Fits and Spurts

        A few weeks later, I was doing my work as usual.   Sheryl

was  home, just hanging out, coming in every now and again to ask

questions about something-or-other, and I thought  she  was  even

deliberately  brushing  up  against  me.   I  put that down as an

oversexed imagination talking, because Sheryl was wearing a short

bathrobe,  tied  very  loosly.   It  was  obvious that she wasn't

wearing a bra under it, because  her  hefty  tits  were  bouncing

around  like  crazy,  her nipples showed very clearly through the

thin material, and every now and again the  robe  would  open  up

enough for me to see in.  I couldn't tell for sure, but it looked

like Sheryl wasn't wearing any panties, either, because  I  could

see  an awful lot of her ass (of which, we must remember, there's

an awful lot).

        So, I was working  away,  distracted  as  all  shit,  and

Sheryl  called  me  in  to  the  living  room  because  there was

something she wanted me to see on the TV.   I saved my file,  and

popped in to a wet dream come true.

        Sheryl was lying o nthe sofa with  her  robe  open.   Her

tits were a little bigger than I had imagined (as was most of her

body), and they were flopped to the sides, glistening  with  some

kind  of  wetness.   She for sure had no panties on, either.  She

had less cunt hair than I  had  thought,  and  it  was  a  little

lighter  than  her  hair,  so I had a nice view of her twat.  Her

pussy lips were not at all prominent and one finger was tracing a

line  up  and  down her slit.  She was looking me straight in the

eye with a look that could best be described as "come fuck me."

        I had absolutely no idea how to react.  I  mean,  half-a-

hundred fantasies were one thing, but actualization was something

else entirely.  My dick, on the other hand knew exactly  what  to

do,  and  instantly  started  swelling  up  inside  my  jeans.  I

instinctively walked up to her.

        Sheryl reached up and lazily massaged  the  bulge  in  my

pants.   "I saw all the stuff you did on the computer," she said.

"I bugged me when I first looked at them, but then I  started  to

like  it."   All  the  while,  her  fingers  were  keeping  up an

insistent up-and-down pressure on my cock.   She was  driving  me

crazy,  and  she  knew  it.   Her hands drifted up to the button.

"Now," she said, "I want it for real."  She undid  my  jeans  and

pulled  them down.  Her hot little hand wrapped tightly around my

prick and stroked it, and the other traced a lazy line  from  her

cunt  to  her  nipples.   That was what was wet!  Sheryl had been

rubbing her pussy cream into her tits!  That  thought  alone  was

too  much  of a turn on and I started to  thrust my cock into her

fist.  Sheryl kept her hand moving on my cock and moved her other

hand back down to her snatch.  Her finger strokedup and down over

her clit.  Then she said, "I watched you jerk off...I want to see

you do it again."

        "Huh?"  I was lost, both in confusion and  in  a  sea  of

sensation  from  watching  her play with her pussy and having her

hand rubbing my cock.  I could feel her rubbing  her  fingers  in

the pre-cum oozing from my excited prick, sliding her palm up and

down the shaft.

        "Look..on the TV."  I looked around.  There I was,  large

as  life and sitting in the chair with my hand moving up and down

over my cock.  Well, partially...only about half of my  dick  was

on  the  screen.   My  other  self  was  stroking pretty fast and

whispering, "Come on Sheryl...suck it...suck it."   My   stroking

hand  moved faster, my body stiffened, and a thick spurt of cream

shot out of my cock.  I wavered between embarrasment that she had

managed  somehow  to  tape  me  jerking off, and arousal that she

wanted to watch me.

        Sheryl let go of my cock, grabbed the remote and  started

playing  with  herself  more  vigorously.    She  had two fingers

playing with the folds of her cunt as she rewound the  tape  back

to where I first pulled my cock out of my pants.  Then she let it

play and started to play with her tits as well as her cunt.   Her

hand  moved  faster over her snatch and clit.  "I want to see you

do it," she breathed raggedly.  "Jerk it for me."

        Watching Sheryl masturbate was an  incredible  rush,  and

didn't  do  anything to hurt my raging hardon.  I grabbed my cock

and started to rub it, just as she had been doing moments before.

As  my  fist  rubbed up and down over the shaft, Sheryl fixed her

eyes on my dick.  She wanted a show, so I had to give it to  her.

I  squeezed  my  cock, letting the drops of pre-cum gather on the

tip.  Then I started to rub furiously, letting it drop  onto  her

legs.   I grabbed my balls with my other hand and started to play

with them as well.  Sheryl was starting to looked very sweaty and

very  dazed.  The fingers on her cunt were moving faster, and she

started being rougher with her nipples.

        Watching Sheryl fuck herself with her fingers  like  that

was a guaranteed way to really get me going.  Sheryl had her legs

spread out wide, and she was really going at her snatch  in  full

force.  She was doing her best to make herself cum, I could tell,

and it was just too much for me to  watch.   I  stroked  my  cock

faster  and  faster.  I could feel the sperm  boiling up,ready to

shoot out.  I moved closer to Sheryl and rubbed my cock with both

hands.   I wanted to say to her, "Sheryl, look, here's what   you

wanted!" but all that came out was "Sheryl..."  That  gave  me  a

sudden  thought  of Sheryl secretly taping me, and that pushed me

the final inch to orgasm.  A thick load of cum spurted out of  my

cock  and  landed  on  Sheryl's  belly.  Another pull of my hands

brought another spurt, this one making it  to  the  base  of  her

tits.   My  final squirt didn't go nearly as far, instead landing

on her stroking hands and her bush.

        Sheryl had watched this display, and started  moving  her

hands  upward  to  mix  my  cum with her pussy juice, rubbing the

slick mess over her quivering tits.  I dropped to  my  knees  and

immediately  moved  in  to  lick  and  kiss  her dripping snatch.

Sheryl's cunt had a tangy, salty flavor.  I moved  my  tongue  up

and down rapidly over her clit and brought my hands into play.  I

started stroking the folds of her snatch with my fingers, letting

them slowly slip inside of that tight tunnel.

        I fucked her slowly with my hands while my tongue  rubbed

up and down her slit.  Sheryl started rocking her ample hips back

and forth, getting close to cumming.  I slowed down, not  wanting

her  to  cum too soon, but she grabbed my head and held it to her

snatch.  Her hands were slick and sticky with her pussy juice and

my cum, but she still managed to hold me mouth right at her cunt.

Sheryl rammed her pussy into my face and started grinding against

me.  I slipped my index finger out of her twat and stroked around

her puckered ass.  She was too busy fucking my face to object, so

I  began  to  work it up inside her, slowly backing it in and out

until it was jammed deeply into her.

        Sheryl let out a slight cry, almost  a  cross  between  a

moan  and  a  scream, and held my head in place over her clit.  I

licked furiously, ready to  make  her  cum.   And  cum  she  did,

massively.   Her  entire  body shook around me, and I was lost in

the taste and smell of her cunt as waves of  orgasm  rolled  over

her.   When  the  shaking  subsided,  she let go enough for me to

start licking my way up her body.  It was a mess, coated with  my

cum  and  her  pussy  juice  and  sweat.   Yet I lapped it all up

eagerly as I worked my way to her tits, sucking  lightly  on  the

firm  nipples, and finally ending up kissing her full on the lips

with a mouthful our mingled juices.  Sheryl's  tongue  worked  on

mine, tasting herself and me as we relaxed.

Part III: A Hard Act to Swallow

        Sheryl and I lay there for a moment, just kissing.   When

we broke, I rolled off her and stroked her face.  Shery smiled at

me.  "Thanks."

        "No problem," I grinned.  "If I knew weeks ago,  I  would

have been just as happy to do it for you then."

        Sheryl gave me a sexy sort of look.  "You should've.  But

I  didn't  know then, and when I found out what you were doing, I

wanted to see it and it took me a long time to get the tape."

        "How did you get it, anyway?"  I  was  curious,  since  I

didn't recall jerking off while Sheryl stood there with a camera.

        "I hid my dad's camcorder in  the  boxes  in  the  corner

before you got in and waited.  That was the only good tape I got,


        "From now on, Sheryl, you can watch me jerk off  whenever

you want.  You can even help."

        "I want more than that.  I want good tapes,  and  I  want

you  to  tape me too.  I got so fucking horny watching that tape.

I mean, I thought it was sort of a turn on when I caught you with

cum  all  over  your  hand,  but  I knew you were jerking off and

thinking of me and that got me really hot.  What I want is to  be

able to watch you and watch myself whenever I want."

        The idea was exciting.  Sheryl wanted  to  make  her  own

porn,  and  she  wanted me involved.  This gave me a cock-raising




        "If you want some good tapes, how about if  we  tape  the

files I made?"

        "You mean hook the VCR to the computer?  That's no fun."

        "No, no, no.  I mean, we can act  out  the  pictures,  as

long  as  it doesn't bother you to much."  I was beginning to get

hard again -- this could REALLY be my fantasies cum to  life,  IF

she would go for it.

        "Well.."  Sheryl seemed hesitant, not sure if this was  a

good idea.

        "Think about it for a second," I said, bringing up a hand

to  her  pussy,   "Remember  how  much was all over my hands?"  I

began stroking her clit very lightly and she  nodded.   "Remember

how  horny  you  got?"   She nodded again, slower this time as my

probing fingers began to invade her cunt.  "Well, it  was  you  I

was  thinking about when I did it, and it did this..."  I used my

free hand to guide her to my re-stiffened cock.

        Sheryl grasped my prick in her hand and  started  kissing

me  again.   Her fist rubbed up and down my hardon, lubricated by

the cum that was still oozing from the tip.  She rubber her thumb

in  it  and  ran  it  over the head of my cock, teasing that most

sensitive part of my body with the edge of her nail.

        I rubbed her pussy a little harder.  Sheryl was still wet

from  the  tongue lashing I'd just given her, so I had no trouble

slipping a pair of fingers up inside her.  Sheryl just rubbed  my

cock  harder  and  lifted  her  leg up in the air, rolling on her

side.  She pulled my prick towards her snatch.  I moved  my  hand

out of the way, and Sheryl started running the head of my dick up

and down the folds of her twat.

        I pushed forward and  my  cock  slipped  into  her  cunt.

Sheryl  broke  our kiss just long enough to say, "Just don't  cum

in me.  I haven't been on the Pill since I graduated."  and  then

moved forward to meet my thrusting.

        Sheryl's pussy  was  marvelous.   She  clearly  wasn't  a

virgin,  and she clearly had done this often enough in college to

know what got a guy going.  Her twat  slid  over  my  cock,  with

Sheryl  pumping  her  hips in opposition to my motion.  We fucked

slowly, almost casually, with my cock moving in and out of her in

smooth, deep strokes.

        Sheryl began kissing me deeper, and I responded in  kind.

God,  her  body  was  large,  but this was great.  I sank my cock

deeper into her pussy, and we sort of rolled.  Finally, we  ended

up  in  a stable position, where I was on the sofa and Sheryl was

on top of my, rocking back and forth and sliding her cunt over my

dick.   This left her ample tits swinging close enough to my face

that I could get my mouth wrapped around one of her  nipples.   I

tongued  it  gently,  feeling  the little button between my lips.

The taste of our mingled sex was still  evident,  and  I  started

thrusting even harder into her.

        I felt myself getting too  close.   "Sheryl,"  I  gasped,

"I'm  gonna  cum."    I  pulled my cock out of her pussy.  Sheryl

slid down, rubbing my cock between her body and mine.   Then  she

was on her knees in front of me, grabbing my cock in her hand and

rubbing up and down, until my cock started to spurt cum.

        I'd used up a hell of a lot of cum just before, so  there

wasn't  a  huge amount of cream shooting from my cock.  But there

was enough to coat her hand  as  she  stroked  me.    She  gently

licked  my dick, cleaning me with her tongue. Finally, she rubbed

my depleted prick over her tits, rubbing whatever  cum  was  left

over her nipples.

        She looked up at me and smiled.  "If this is going to  be

regular, we'd better buy a lot of tapes."

Part IV: All Dressed Up and No Place to Blow

        Over the next week, Sheryl and I really didn't  get  much

chance  to  do anything in a sexual way.  At least, not with each

other.  Her dad was home working with me whenever I was there, so

we  really  weren't  alone,  nor  did  I  think  he'd  really  be

interested in  giving  me  my  paycheck  just  for  screwing  his

daughter.   I did videotape myself jacking off for her, including

several nice spurts of cum.  The best tape that I did involved me

sitting on the chair in my apartment.  You couldn't actually tell

it was me, of course, because I had the camcorder in  a  close-up

on  my  crotch,  and I was limited to not moving either myself or

the camera.  However, after much trial and error, I got some nice

jerkoff  footage  for Sheryl too look at. , Sheryl also made me a

tape of herself, so I had something  to  watch.    Her  tape  was

about the same as mine, and involed her moaning and fingering her

cunt until she came.   We were both getting very turned on by the

thought  of  taping  together,  so  both  of us wanted a taste of

things to cum.

        The best part of the week was,  as  usual,  the  weekend.

Sheryl  and  I  made  a date to hit the beach, which is one of my

all-time favorite places for just about everything, and which was

sure  to  include  some  sort of sex, because the both of us were

incredibly horny from a week of watching each other's  tapes.   I

had  my  car  packed  and ready the night before, with everything

from my guitar and my towels to a box of  condoms  and  sunscreen

(I've had sunburn in some uncomfortable places before, and I will

NEVER get it there again, thank you very  much.)   Now,  the  car

isn't's  a  big  ass  old  73  Chevy, and it gets shit

mileage, it has no AC, and the radio has been fucked for about  a

year.   One thing it IS good for is sex...there's tons of room in

the front seat, and more in the back, which is one of the reasons

I keep it lying around instead of replacing it.

        We got caught in traffic on the way to  the  beach...this

happens  all the time, because a lot of people go on the weekends

(I put up with the traffic because I love the place  and  I  know

I'll be there all day).  As we're sitting there, listening to the

one station I get anymore, Sheryl is horny as all shit,  and  not

bothering  to  hide it from me.  We tried to discuss how we could

tape each other.  The way I figured it,  the simplest ones to  do

would  be the ones that involved as little motion as possible, or

one of us taping the other.  I also liked the idea of taping  her

as she sucked me off, and mentioned it to her.

        Naturally, the two of us are getting hornier and hornier.

I  had this raging hardon, and I could  I could see Sheryl out of

the corner of my eye, just sliding a finger over  the  crotch  of

her  bathing  suit.   Her  legs  shifted wider as she slipped the

finger inside and pulled the suit out of the way.   I  turned  to

see her stroking her twat and my shorts got painfilly tight.

        "Jeez, Sheryl, it's not fair  to do that while I have  to


        "Oh?"  Sheryl began stroking her  cunt  more  vigorously.

The sweet smell of her pussy juice began to waft through the car.

"Is it ok if I do it this way?"  She lay down  on  the  seat  and

started to stroke my hardon through my shorts.  "Is this better?"

She pulled my shorts to one side and grabbed my rod.

        Sheryl's plump little hand stroked my cock  slowly.   Her

tongue  stuck  out  and  made  contact  with the head of my dick.

Shit, but her tongue felt wonderful as it slowly  ran  down  from

the  head  to my balls.  Sheryl gently kissed the tip and started

to take my cock into her mouth.

        Sheryl's mouth fit tightly around my dick as  we  crawled

down  the  road.   I had one eye on the car in front of me (which

wasn't really) moving, but I mostly watched Shery's head  bobbing

up  and  down  over my stiff cock.  Her cheeks were pressed tight

against the shaft as she slowly ran her entire mouth up and down.

As  she  was sucking me, she was still playing with her own twat.

Her fingers were sliding over her clit,  and  she  was  breathing

harder around my cock.

        I started to pump my hips up and down,  driving  my  cock

deeply  into  her  mouth.   Sheryl choked a little at first.  Not

that it bother her, just that she  wasn't  ready  for  it.    She

really started jamming her cunt, and I gripped the steering wheel

a little tighter.  Getting a blow job while  driving  has  always

been  one of my all-time favorite activities, and having Sheryl's

tongue working on my my prick certainly fit the bill nicely.

        I was brought back to reality by a  honk  and  a  scream.

There  was  a  van driving next to us, with some guy and his girl

enjoying the show.  They were clapping and cheering  and  waving.

The  girl  was  reasonably  attractive, albeit not too much.  She

grinned and pulled her  bathing suit away, flashing her  tits  at

me  and  licking her lips in an obviously sexual way.  Sheryl was

too busy caught up in my cock and her cunt to really notice,  but

I  was  going  between  wanting  to die and getting more and more

turned on.  Turning on won by a landslide, and I grabbed Sheryl's

head  and  held  it in place over my cock.  I thrust my pole into

her face and started to cum heavily.  Sheryl  glubbed  a  little,

but  swallowed my cum just the same.  The girl and guy in the van

started cheering and whistling and giving a blast on an air horn,

which  DID get Sheryl's attention .  She pulled off with a start,

leaving a line of cum and saliva between my dick and  her  mouth.

She turned beet red and said, "Oh my god I can't believe this..."

She went to wipe the cum from her mouth, but of course  her  hand

had  just  been  stroking her pussy, so that just was more sex on

her face.  She curled up into a little ball, embarrassed as hell,

with  my  cum and her pussy cream all over her face and hand, and

her cunt exposed.

SHERYL, Part 5

It's Not the Size of the Waves...It's the Motion of the Ocean

        Sheryl's total  embarrassment  at  having  been  observed

sucking  my  cock put a minor damper on things for the moment, so

we didn't really do anything else for the rest of the trip.   But

by  the  time  we  got  to  the  lot  and parked (near a familiar

-looking van...I was pretty sure it was  our  audience's,  but  I

couldn't  tell  for  sure), Sheryl had got over her embarrassment

enough be getting into the beach scene.  It was crowded,  with  a

fair  number  of  hot  babes  in  tiny  suits (and, to be fair to

Sheryl, a fair number of good-looking, at  least,  to  my  almost

exclusively  heterosexual eye, guys).  We parked ourselves a good

walk down the beach, far far  away  from  the  inevitable  stereo

wars, just about at the old closed area that's been taken over by

the nudists.  This also put us a goodly distance from most of the

crowds,  so there were just a few people around us.  Sheryl and I

spread out, and  spend  the  day  partying,  singing  (killed  my

fingers  on those strings...I hadn't played my guitar for 3 hours

straight since college), and generally having a good time.

        So, after a long while, it  started  getting  on  towards

dusk,  and  the  beach  around us had emptied out long hours ago.

Sheryl and I were just kind of sitting there on the sand.  I  had

my  arm  around her, and we were just watching the waves.   I was

the first to bring up the subject of being seen. "Did  it  really

bug you out that much that they saw you?"


        "You the van next to us."  I  leaned  over  and

started  to kiss her neck.  "I watch you all the time," I went on

between kisses.

        "  stop  that!   I   was   just   so

embarrassing...but it was a little exciting."  Sheryl snuggled up

next to me, and my hand naturally fell onto her  breast.   I  was

idly  caressing  it  through her bathing suit, feeling her nipple

stiffen up in response to my ministrations.

        "You know something, " I said, "This  would  be  a  great

place  to tape.  Just imagine lying on the sand and having me rub

you all over with my tongue, letting it flick gently  over   your

entire  body..."   Sheryl was getting hornier by the second, so I

ran my tongue gently up her neck and paid more attention  to  her

breast.    "...and I would work slowly down your chest, over your

belly, down to..."

        I was interrupted by Sheryl leaning over and  kissing  me

full  on  the  mouth.  She moved a little closer to me, and I was

able to bring my other hand over to her  cunt.   I  massaged  her

through her bathing suit, and she shifted her ample thighs to let

me get at her sex.

        I slipped a hand inside her   bathing  suit,  letting  my

finger  tickle  her  fur for a moment before I slipped it down to

her pussy.  It was nicely moist, and she was sliding it  over  my

finger  at  the  same  time her tongue was wresting with mine.  I

stroked Sheryl's cunt  gently.   My  finger  twirled  around  her

little  stiff  bud, and Sheryl started sighing.  I started to rub

her snatch more rapidly.  Sheryl's legs spread wide on the  sand,

and she was breathing very heavily.

        I shifted around, laying her on her back.  I bent to  her

cunt, pulling the crotch of her bathing suit as far away from her

sweet snatch as I could  get,  and  stuck  my  tongue  into  her.

Sheryl  grabbed  my head and held it in place.  I started to fuck

her with my fingers, while moving my tongue directly on her clit.

Sheryl's pussy was sweet and salty, with the taste of the sea and

sun mingled with her tart juices.

        I began a steady rhythmic licking of Sheryl's cunt.   She

started  rocking  as  my  fingers drove into her slit.  I rotated

them inside her and flattened my tongue directly over her  little

clit.   Sheryl  drew  in  her  breath  as  her orgasm hit her.  I

refused to stop eating her, however.  I began sticking my  tongue

into  snatch  directly, pulling my fingers out of her and letting

them tickle the rim of her asshole.  I slowly began inserting  my

index  finger into her.  Sheryl gasped a little when I penetrated

her anus, but I could tell from the way she moved her  hips  that

she was enjoying my finger up her butt.

        While fingering her ass, I kept my tongue  moving  busily

over  her  snatch.   I  looked  up  at her; Sheryl had pulled her

bathing suit out of the way and was busy playing with  her  tits.

My  cock,  already stiff against the sand, was really starting to

get to the point of needing  release.   I  had  no  intention  of

blowing  my load just yet, so I concentrated on Sheryl's cunt and

asshole.  I brought my other  hand  into  play,  so  that  I  was

fingerfucking her ass and twat at the same time I was licking her


        With the juice  dripping  from  her  pussy  down  to  her

asshole,  I  was  able  to  get enough lubrication going to start

moving my finger faster.  I began to alternate my hand motion, so

that the fingers in her snatch were being pulled out as I plugged

up her ass, then  reversing  the  process,  pulling  out  of  her

asshole  while  plunging  deep  into her pussy, and all the while

licking furiously on her clit.

        Sheryl was breathing sharply, and  finally  she  couldn't

take  any more of my two-hole action.  Her legs straightened out,

and  her  entire  body  stiffened  up.   Her  pussy  and  asshole

tightened  around  my probing fingers, so much so that I couldn't

move them in or out.  She let out a small  scream,  and  kind  of

collapsed.  I gently kissed her cunt and withdrew my fingers from


        My cock was straining for some kind of release, and I was

in  the mood for something a little out of the ordinary, at least

for me.  Okay, I admit that  it's  normally  done  only  in  porn

films, but I wanted to squirt my cum onto her tits and face.  And

since Sheryl was in no condition to argue (and probably  wouldn't

have,  even if she was!), I went with my inspiration.  I  grabbed

some of the sunscreen as the only available lubricant and  poured

globs of it between her tits.  Then I knelt on top of her, pulled

my cock out of my bathing suit and stuck it between her  breasts.

Sheryl  held  her tits together for me, albeit weakly, so I could

slide my prick between them.

        Sheryl's  tits  were  large  and  floppy,  so  they  mold

beautifully  around  my  thrusting  cock.   As she recovered more

energy, she began pressing the together more firmly  and  started

to  play  with her nipple.  She tried licking the head of my dick

when it came into reach of her mouth, but the taste  of  the  sun

block  stopped  her  from that.  Sheryl looked me directly in the

eye and said, in her sexiest voice, "Come on, do  it.   Shoot  it

for me!  Cum on my tits!"  Now, Sheryl doesn't normally talk that

way, and with being out in the open  (albeit  at  night)  and  my

arousal at having made her cum, and having her actually ask me to

cum on her, well, that was too much for my cock to take.

        I pulled on my prick, jerking it from  between  her  tits

and stroking violently.  A thick stream of cum squirted out.  The

first one caught her on the chin, and the second  shot  deposited

more  onto  her  tits  and face.  It was a marvelous release, and

Sheryl seemed to enjoy my hot cream on her body.

        We were both sexed out, and it was  definitely  night  by

this  point.  If we hung out much longer the Beach Nazis would be

coming around in their 4-by-4's to make  sure  there  was  nobody

left  on  the beach.  So we gathered ourselves and headed back to

the car.

        "You know," I said as we got there, "It would  have  been

great to have the camcorder for that."

        "Oh, come on," she giggled, "We were  too  busy  to  hold


        "We'd a figured out something.  If not, we'll  just  have

to try it again."

        So as we're loading the car, I noticed a card stuck under

the windshield.  I pulled it out and looked at it.  It read "Deus

Ex Machina Video Club," with a phone number and PO Box.   On  the

back was written, "Jeff and Heidi, your friends in the van."

SHERYL, Part 6

The Camera Eye

        Sheryl and I discussed the card  on  the  way  home,  and

again  over the next couple of weeks.  She was more than a little

nervous about having somebody else there while we were doing much

of  anything,  and I was more than a little turned on by the same

thought.  It surprised me, in fact, how much so,   to  the  point

that I would try and get her to be a little more "public" than we

normally were.  While I couldn't get her to repeat the  blow  job

in  heavy  traffic,  I did get her to do it in sparser areas.  At

one concert, I even talked her into a little hand action (I  made

my  point  by  pulling  up  her skirt and fingering her until she

came...nobody really noticed,  and  few  people  cared  when  she

jerked  me  off.  Of course, we were under a blanket at the time,

so I'm not sure they could have seen anything anyway).

        We tried a few mutual taping sessions, but  the  dynamics

just  weren't  there.   When  the  camera was on a tripod, we had

really static action...we couldn't roll  around  much,  which  we

both  liked to do.   We could tape each other masturbating, which

we did frequently, and I could tape her sucking me off, but  that

was  about it.  And we were both really hot to tape ourselves, so

we could watch what was going on afterwards.

        Finally, we were both convinced that we should  at  least

call up and talk to these folks.  Both of us were nervous, but we

were definitely ready to see what they  had  to  offer.   So  one

evening,  while  we were over at my place, we picked up the phone

and dialed.  A woman answered the phone.   "Hello?"   She  had  a

low, whiskey-and-cigarette voice.

        "Hi.  May I speak to either Jeff or Heidi please?"  I was

sweating like crazy.  I've always hated blind calls, which is why

I never made it in sales.

        "This is Heidi."

        "My name's...ummm...Standby."  No use giving them my real

name,  at  least  not  right  now.   Besides,  it  was  my common

nickname.  "I got one of your cards left under my  windshield  at

the  beach  a  few  weeks  back  after  we gave you a show..."  I

stopped short as Sheryl elbowed me in the ribs.

        The voice on the other end brightened audibly.  "Oh cool,

we  DID  get the right car then.  I was pretty sure it was yours,

but Jeff didn't know."

        "It was mine, alright.  Listen, I was wondering if  maybe

we  could  get together over coffee someplace and see if we could

kind of talk face to face about this."

        "Sure...let me see when's a good time."   She  must  have

yelled out at the other end, "Jeff!  Pick up the phone!"  Muffled

shouts at the other end in reply,  then  "It's  the  guy  we  saw

getting  the  blow job on the way to the beach!  He wants to meet

us over coffee."  More muffled  shouts.    "I  don't  know...I'll

check."    Her  voice  came  back  to me.  "Jeff wants to know if

you'd want to meet us Friday night at  Sea  Dog's  Dock  down  in


        Sea Dog's Dock was a club I'd been at a  few  times  over

the  years.  I don't normally go to clubs because the crowds bore

me, and the music generally sucks cow piss,  and  they  primarily

beer  that  TASTES like cow piss, but it was okay with Sheryl, so

we agreed to meet by the door at 9:30.  That would be before  the

crowds really started to show up, so we couldn't miss each other.

        Friday night came, and we pulled into the parking lot  at

Sea  Dog's  Dock at around quarter past nine.  I parked in a back

corner, where we could check out the entrance.  "Are you sure you

want to go through with this?"

        Sheryl nodded, hesitantly.  Both of us were dressed  down

for  the  occasion.   I  was  wearing standard jeans and a cotton

shirt, and Sheryl had on a skirt and blouse, both in basic black.

"It's scary.  But it's exciting, too."

        And it surely was.  My cock was already straining  in  my

pants, and Sheryl was lightly rubbing it as she spoke.  I kind of

closed my eyes and leaned back as she  continued  to  massage  my

bulging crotch.  I was almost ready to cream in my jeans when she

stopped.  "They're here."

        I opened my eyes.  There they were, our audience from the

van.   They  were clearly dressed more for clubbing than we were.

He was in truly hideous pants and some sort  of  shirt,  very  au

courant.  She was cock-raisingly hot, however.  She had on a very

short skirt and a top which  was  practically  nonexistent.   Her

hair was tossed casually around her shoulders.

        "Last chance to back out." I said, opening the car door.

        "Nah...let's get it over with."  Her voice  was  ok,  but

she  was  definitely  stressed.  She was silent across the lot to

the door, where we met them.  We made our greetings and went in.

        Sea Dog's was just about a scummy as I remembered it, but

the  drinks  were  cheap  because  it was early in the night.  We

scoped out a secluded booth in a back corner  and  sat  down.   I

decided  to cut through most of the bullshit right away and asked

them about their card.

        "It's pretty simple," explained Heidi, "A bunch of people

make  tapes  of  themselves  fucking and sucking, and we exchange

tapes on a regular basis in the circle."  Jeff smiled and  nodded

at her words.

        "What circle?"

        "Oh, that's what the club's about.   There  are  about  a

dozen  couples  in  the club, and each week you mail the tape you

have onto the next person, and the person before you mails  their

tape  to  you."   Jeff  smiled again, a little blanker this time.

"'Course, it helps if you like to fuck for  the  camera  and  the

camera  operator.   But  the  way you two were going at it on the

road, that won't be too much of a problem."

        Sheryl cringed a little, so  I  spoke  up  quickly,  "You

don't mind having people in the room then?"

        For the first time, Jeff spoke.  "We like it  that  way."

He sounded strained, and suddenly he stiffened up, then relaxed.

        "It's hotter when people can see us, "  Heidi  continued.

To  underscore  the  point,  she  lifted  up her hand to show cum

dripping from it.  Goddamn, but she  had  been  jerking  him  off

under  the table!  She lifted the hand to her mouth and licked it

clean.  Sheryl watched intently, and  I  could  see  the  warning

signs  of  horniness  in her face.  Naturally, I started stroking

her knee and moving my hand up her  inner  thigh.   "Haven't  you

ever  really  wanted  to  just fuck whenever you wanted and screw

what everyone else thinks," Heidi continued  as  she  licked  the

sperm  from  her fingers, "and just go for it?"  My hand was just

about up to Sheryl's crotch by this point.  She shifted a little,

and  I could feel a familiar wetness in her underwear.  I slipped

a hand in and started massaging her cunt directly.

        Heidi clearly knew what I was doing to Sheryl,  and  kept

up  with  her  pep talk.  "Fact is, there's nothing much better'n

having someone play with your cunt when  you  might  get  caught.

It's  that  extra  edge  of  excitement,  you know?  Just to feel

things moving along?"  Sheryl's horniness was definitely  getting

the  better  of her...she was starting to respond to the talk and

my fingering, and her hand was drifting towards my crotch.

        Heidi went on, in an rhythmic,  almost  hypnotic,  voice,

"You  like  having  him  play  with  your  pussy?  I can tell you

do...his fingers are rubbing your cunt  lips,  aren't  they?   Go

ahead,  Sheryl,  spread  your  legs wider.  Let him get into you.

Let him at your little hot cunt."  And I started obeying  Heidi's

suggestions, doing to Sheryl whatever she suggested.

        Sheryl's eyes were closed, so she couldn't see Jeff  pull

out an 8mm palmcorder and stand over us.  I don't think she would

have cared.  She was too much into the sex by this point.   Heidi

pulled  the  table  over  towards  her  for  a little more camera

space...nobody else could have really seen much unless they  came

by  directly  to  look.   Sheryl's  skirt was hiked up around her

waist, and her panties were thoroughly soaked.   Heidi   went  on

directing  me,  and  I  was happy to follow along.  "Ooohh...your

pussy is all wet, isn't it?  I  bet  it's  all  uncomfortable  in

those  wet  things.  I bet if you ask nicely, he'll take them off

and lick your pussy for you?  You want that?  You want him to  go

down  and  eat your pussy?"  Sheryl nodded.  "You have to say so.

You have to ask him, or all he'll do is  play  with  your  little


        "Please..."  she cut off and  gasped  as  I  stroked  her

clit.  "Please, eat me.  Lick me."  She bit her lower lip.

        "There, that's all better now, wasn't it?  Sheryl's being

very  good  and polite, so she's going to get her cunt eaten."  I

slid to the floor in front of Sheryl and pulled her panties down.

She  spread  her legs fairly wide and grabbed my head, forcing it

into her snatch.

        I still can't recall a better pussy-eating  session  than

that one.   Heidi was talking the two of us through fairly public

sex, and Jeff was following it all with the camera.   Sheryl  had

just  about  hit  her  "shameless slut" mode, which she only hits

when she's extremely hot.  Heidi  was  really  getting  into  the

director's  role, as well, and it was obvious she'd talked people

through sex before.

        "That's right...let him into your twat.  You  like  that?

You  like  having  his  mouth  on  your clit?  I bet you want his

fingers in your cunt.  I  bet  you'd  like  him  to  finger  your

asshole, too.  Would you like that, Sheryl?"

        Sheryl reacted with a positive sort of  "Mmmm..."   so  I

slid  one  finger  up into her snatch.  Another slowly penetrated

her ass.  The tiny, puckered hole pulsed around my finger.

        "Do you want his fingers up your cunt and  asshole?   Can

you feel that?  Does that feel good?   Ask him to make it better.

Ask him to make you cum."

        "Please..."  Sheryl could barely speak.

        "Please what?"

        "Please, eat me.  I want to cum."

        "He's not going to eat your pretty little  cunt  anymore,

Sheryl.   He's going to fuck you, right here and now.  But he has

to get ready, so I want you to play with your pussy."

        Sheryl's hands drifted down to  her  snatch.   She  began

stroking  her  clit  directly with one, and slid 2 fingers on the

other inside herself.  She began fingerfucking  herself  rapidly,

close  to  cumming.  Her mouth was half- open, and she was making

little gasping sounds as her finger roamed over her  little  love

bud.     A  faint  sheen  of  sweat covered her face.  She looked

incredibly sexy, as well as sexed.  At that point, the camera was

forgotten,  Heidi  was forgotten, the fact that we were in a very

public area was forgotten.  I was too turned on  to  worry  about

anything but sinking my cock deep into Sheryl's snatch.

        Somehow, Sheryl slid to the floor and turned  around.   I

managed to kneel behind her and replace her pounding fingers were

replaced with my cock, and there we were, fucking like  crazy  on

the floor.  Her fingers were working double-time on her clit, and

my rod slid in and out of her snatch like  nothing  ever  before.

The folds of her cunt pulled and tugged on my cock as I pushed it

into her.  Her nails scratch along the shaft each time  I  thrust

forward.   Neither of us cared.  I was lost in her pussy, and she

was lost in her clit.

        Sheryl's  clit-rubbing  became  more  intense,  and   her

breathing  stopped.   I  pushed  my  cock  into her cunt, and her

orgasm hit her.  The walls of her pussy  gripped  my  dick  in  a

pulsating warmth as her vaginal muscles convulsed.

        When the shaking had subsided, I started pushing into her

again.  No longer intent only on her own orgasm, Sheryl fucked me

back, rocking much as possible in the narrow space.  Her fat  ass

wobbled  with  each  thrust.   I kneaded her cheeks, pulling them

apart, rubbing my thumb over her tiny, puckered asshole.

        I was getting pretty close to cumming myself.  I  started

fucking her faster., ramming my cock as far into Sheryl's cunt as

I could.  I could feel the sperm boiling up in  the  base  of  my


        "Cum ON her, not IN her"  The voice was Heidi's,  cutting

partially through my impending orgasm.  I couldn't focus on it. I

was getting ready to shoot, and I didn't  care  where.   Roughly,

she  pulled  me  out  of Sheryl's tight twat and aimed my cock at

that orifice it had been so recently fucking.  A  hand,  Heidi's,

stroked my dick lightly but insistently.

        The pressure of those talented fingers was too  much  for

my  severely  horny  dick to take.  A thick spurt of cum shot out

and landed on Sheryl's asshole.  Another pull of the hand brought

another  shot,  this  time  landing  more or less directly on her

glistening pussy lips.  My cum  dripped  down  Sheryl's  legs  as

Heidi finished pulling the sperm from my depleted dick.  Finally,

she rested my softening tool in Sheryl's cum-coated ass crack and

I collapsed onto Sheryl's back.

        The rest of the night was mellow.  Nobody  at  Sea  Dog's

had  noticed  us (or, if they did, they didn't care enough to say

anything), so we danced, drank and learned a  little  more  about

each other.  As we were heading out after last call, Jeff flipped

me a VHS tape with a post-it attached.  "Mail this to the address

on the tape next week," he said.  "Welcome to the club!"

SHERYL, Part 7 -- Voyeur to the Bottom of the Sea

        We could hardly wait to see what  was  on  the  videotape

that  Jeff  had handed us as we left the club that night.  But we

were both dog-tired from hours of partying  (to  say  nothing  of

fucking),  and it was late.  So we put it off for a week.  Sheryl

popped by, ready for a nice spell of watching  some  hot  fucking

and sucking.

        We each grabbed a drink  and  popped  in  the  tape.   It

opened  with a shot of the beach, looking out over the ocean, and

the words

                            ANNE AND CARL


                         THE GROWN-UP MERMAID

floating in space, obviously put there by the camcorder's mechan-

ism.   Some  Disney  song from "The Little Mermaid" played in the

background.  The camera panned over to one side, where a guy  was

lying  at the water's edge, half in and half out.  He was wearing

some bogus pseudo-medieval costume, some kind of tunic.  The cam-

era  angle made it quite clear that there was no codpiece or hose

as part of the outfit, although there was a sword in  a  scabbard

and  a pair of boots. The outfit was made even more bogus consid-

ering the crew cut he was sporting, and the tattoo  on  one  arm.

The guy, on the whole, looked like he'd just washed up on shore.

        Out of the waves swam a woman.    She was set up like the

Little  Mermaid,  Disney-style,  complete  with  red hair, shell-

shaped bikini top , and a fish tale covering her from  the  waist

down.  As she flopped up onto the shore, dragging her tail behind

her, the camera went in for a close-up of  her  body.    She  was

slim, with smallish tits, and a fairly pretty face.  Her heir was

long and straight, and a little redder than  Sheryl's.   Freckles

were scattered along her face, chest and arms.

        "Oh!  A human, drowned and washed upon the shore!  What a

shame!"  Her  voice was high, almost childlike.  "What was it Se-

bastian used to say?  That humans needed air in them!  Yes, so if

I  can blow air into him, he'll live!"  She dragged herself up to

him, in the process dislodging her bikini top a  little  so  that

one nipple stuck out.

        "Now, where does the air go in?  The human divers  always

have  a  hose  to  breathe  through,  but  he has none!  Oh wait,

there's a hose.  Perhaps I can blow on that to make him alive!"

        She moved his tunic out of the way and looked down at his

cock,  lying  there  flaccidly.   She  reached out and touched it

gingerly with her hand and stroked it lightly.   Her  mouth  des-

cended  towards  it.   Her tongue stuck out from between her lips

and made contact with the head.  His dick  jerked  and  began  to

stiffen  rapidly.   She licked a little harder, and inch by inch,

his cock rose up, until her hands were holding  a  rigid,  fairly

large  dick  in her hands.  Her mouth opened up, and she took the

tip of it inside.  She sucked on it lightly, the  faint  slurping

sound  of  her tongue periodically drowned out by the roar of the


        She let the head of his cock fall out of  her  mouth  and

licked from the tip down to his balls.  Her tongue ran down right

around his anus, flicking around  the  edge.   Her  hand  stroked

slowly  up  and  down  his  stiff prick while her tongue was busy

working on his balls and asshole.  She  stroked  gently,  letting

the thin fluid leaking from his cock get all over her hands.  She

nibbled lightly on his balls, and then ran her tongue back up the

base of his cock to the head.

        She cirled her tongue around the tip of his cock,  in  an

ever-widening  pattern  that  eventually  left her with her mouth

wide open above it.  With a hand caressing his  balls,  she  took

his cock into her mouth.  Sheryl and I watched as inch after inch

dissappeared inside her, until she had swallowed his entire rigid

pole.  Just as slowly, she lifted her head up, until just the tip

of his dick was in her mouth.  Then down, again going all the way

until she had his whole shaft deep in her throat.

        Working her jaws, she pulled off of his cock,  leaving  a

thick  strand of saliva between her mouth and his cock.  She went

back to licking his dick rapidly, right around the  base  of  the

head and running up and down the shaft to the balls.

        I don't know what kind of control the guy in the sand had

to  not have moved a muscle during the performance so far.  I was

practically cumming just watching the  blowjob  he  was  getting.

Sheryl  was already rubbing her cunt through her shorts.  But the

guy in the medieval outfit just lay there, motionless. Had it not

been for the rising of his cock and breathing, you'd have thought

that he was dead.

        On screen, the mermaid had released her  hands  and  just

held the cock in her mouth.  The camera pulled back a little from

its close-up, showing her removing her bikini top.  Her tits were

as small as they'd seemed, giving her an almost little-girl qual-

ity.  Her nipples were also small,  but  well  formed,  and  were

sticking  out  nicely.  She  letting her mouth pull away from his

rod and moved upwards.  Her tits were nowhere near big enough  to

fuck, but she ran her nipples alternately up and down his pole.

        Finally, she grasped his balls and rod and  really  began

to  go  at  his  cock with her mouth.  She bobbed her head up and

down over him, getting just about half his length into her  face,

while one hand fondled his balls and asshole.

        His wall of self control was broken.  His hand lifted  to

caress  her  hair  as she sucked on his prick.   He began pumping

his hips up and down in opposition to her mouth, driving his  rod

into  her face.  She worked her jaws over his cock, and suddenly,

he grunted loudly and held her head in place over his rod. Clear-

ly, he was cumming in her mouth and  I could see her mouth moving

as she used her tongue and palate on him.  She slowly pulled  her

mouth  off of his cock, now shiny with cum.  She pursed her lips,

and his sperm oozed from her lips down  her  chin.   Lifting  her

fingers  to  her  mouth, she stuck her tongue between two fingers

and ran her hand down her chin to her tits, smearing his  cum  on

her body.  The camera followed as her sperm-soaked hand roamed on

her nipple.

        The camera cut to his face.  "You haved saved the life of

the  Crown  Prince! For this, you shall henceforth never leave my


        Back to her.  "Alas, I must.  For you  see..."   She  cut

off  and  started.  "It's true!  The legend is true!"  The camera

panned back.  Sometime in the past few moments, the fish tail had

been   removed,   leaving  her  totally  nude.   And  I  do  mean

totally...there wasn't a hair to be found on her body other  than

her  head. Her cunt was very cleanly shaved and very visibly wet.

Her legs were slim, and there was only the  slightest  amount  of

padding on her ass.  "The Book of Atlantis says that if a mermaid

should taste the ocean of Man, she would become one of them ."

        "Then you can stay with me!"

        She shook her head.  "No, for the legend  says  that  the

Man must taste the ocean of the Mermaid, and that the oceans must

mix for the charm to stay.  And I do not know what that means."

        He smiled.  "There is no problem with that.  I can  help,

here and now, and you will stay with me forever!"  He leaned for-

ward and kissed her gently, dropping his hand to her  twat.   Her

eyes  widened  as  his fingers made contact with her sex, and she

smiled and spread her legs.  Two fingers penetrated her  hairless

cunt  effortlessly.   She  leaned back on the sand as he fingered

her snatch and bent down to suck and lick her  small  tits.   The

camera  pulled in for a close shot of his tongue working over one

erect nipple.  His tongue moved around the little bud,  and  then

began  a slow trip down the underside of her tit.  He licked down

her torso, over her  naval, and down to her waist.  Even  slower,

he  licked down until her was just where her bush had been shaven


        And then there was just his tongue and his fingers  work-

ing  at  her  bare pussy.J  She had a very pretty cunt.  The lips

were not at all prominent, and were nicely shaped, even with  the

probing  fingers forcing them apart.  She moaned loudly (and very

fakely, I thought).   I looked over at Sheryl.  She had her  hand

inside  her  shorts  and  was  enthusiastically fingering her own

snatch as she watched the on-screen tongue lashing.

        I pulled Sheryl closer to  me  and  started  kissing  her

neck.   Watching  sex  on  the screen was great, but it's nothing

like the real thing.  Sheryl obviously agreed, because the two of

use  were  naked and playing with each other in no time flat. Her

hand stroked up and down my rod, squeezing and pulling and stimu-

lating every nerve ending.  I was rubbing her clit between my in-

dex and middle fingers and bending down to suck and lick Sheryl's

magnificent mammaries.

        Sheryl's nipples and breasts were warm under  my  tongue.

I  worked on them gently, letting my mouth caress the stiff buds,

nursing off them.  One hand snuck  down  to  her  snatch.   While

sucking  and  licking  her nipples, I slid a finger over her clit

and pushed it into her cunt.  Sheryl began breathing deeper,  and

I started working on her twat faster and faster.  Both of us were

really close to the edge from  watching  the  video,  and  I  was

determined to make her cum first.  I paid closer attention to her

clit and she splayed her  legs  and  started  pumping  her  hips.

"Shit,  right,  faster...mmm....yesssss..."  and  her

voice trailed off. She stiffened up as her orgasm hit  her.   Her

snatch pulsed around my finger.

        I kept my hands working at her quivering twat as I licked

my  way  down  her  stomach to her crotch.  I heard moaning as my

tongue  touched  Sheryl's  snatch,  whether   Sheryl's   or   the

mermaid's,  I  couldn't  tell.  I didn't care...Sheryl's cunt was

too tasty for me to worry about the mermaid  anymore.   I  kissed

her  lclit  gently  and  ran my tongue slowly down her slit.  The

sweet smell of Sheryl's sex wafted around me.   Her  tangy  juice

gather  on  my  tongue  and  face  and hands.  I used one hand to

finger her cunt.  I took a  cunt-juice-coated  index  finger  and

pushed it slowly up into her asshole.

        "Fuck!   Fuck!   Fuck!"   Definitely  Sheryl  this  time,

reacting  to  my  fingers  up her ass and cunt.  I obliged her by

fingering her holes more vigorously.  I stopped licking  and  sat

back  a  little, just so I could watch as my fingers moved in and

out of her.  I'd never really just looked at Sheryl's  pussy  be-

fore, not like this, not when it was in use.  Her lips were shiny

with her juice, and as my fingers slid in and out  of  her,  they

almost  quivered.   Her  asshole  was  brown  and puckered, tight

around my probing finger.  A few sparse pubic hairs made it  from

her bush down the sides of her cunt.

        I looked up at Sheryl.  She was staring at the TV with  a

glazed  look in her eye as my hands plugged into her, just chant-

ing "Oh fuck!  Oh fuck it!" over and over again.  I glanced  back

over  my shoulder to see what was going on.  On screen, his enor-

mous rod slid in and out of her naked cunt.  Her pussy was  split

wide by his thrusting tool driving into her.  He sped up, finally

pulling his cock out and jerking it furiously,  holding  the  tip

right  up  against  her pussy.  His cum pulsed out onto her cunt.

He squeezed it out, until his cock was drained.   He  fell  back,

and  the  camera  went  for  a close-up of her snatch, slick with

their comingled juices.  Her hand entered the picture and  rubbed

the  cum over her pussy lips and into her cunt as the image faded

to the words "...and they fucked happily ever after."

        Sheryl pushed my head back down and mumbled "Eat."

        I knew exactly what she wanted, but some little devil  in

me asked, "What?" without thinking.

        "Eat me..."

        "What do you want?  Come on, tell me."

        This brought forth another suprise.  She grabbed my  hair

and  held  my  face  into her pussy and shouted at the top of her

lungs, "EAT MY FUCKING CUNT, YOU SON OF A BITCH!"  I  was  rather

taken aback...this was the first time Sheryl, or any other woman,

for that matter, had ever given me such a command.   But  despite

my innate despisal of orders, I happily obeyed.  I was having too

much fun to care about the neighbors hearing, and Sheryl was deep

in  Shameless  Slut  mode.  I licked her clit and concentrated on

the finger sliding in and out of her ass.  The hole was tight and

warm.   Sheryl  started  breathing deeper, and moaning softly.  I

pursed my lips directly on her clit and sped up the fingers  that

were  in  her  asshole  and  cunt.   Sheryl went wild and started

screaming.   "Oh shit yes yes yes lick it oh god oh fuck lick  it

lick  it  lick  it  fuck oh shit my ass my asshole deeper oh FUCK

FUCK FUCK!"   I slid my tongue down to her asshole  and  ran  the

tip  around the rim, jamming it in where her puckered anus met my

finger.  Sheryl gasped a little...I don't think anyone  had  ever

licked  her  asshole before.  Wriggling the finger in her butt, I

continued to lick all around the tight brown hole, lapping up the

pussy  juice  that had dripped down from her twat, and began did-

dling her clit with my other hand.

        That was the final straw.  I don't think either of us ex-

pected  her  orgasm to be as intense as it was.  This was perhaps

the stuff of legends.  With a loud "OH SHIT!"   she  clamped  her

asshole  around  my  finger and jammed her entire crotch forward.

Her legs stiffened up next to me.  Her entire  body  shook,  jig-

gling her plump stomach.

        And when it was over, and she had relaxed, sweaty and ex-

hausted  onto  the sofa, I pulled my finger out of her and kissed

her asshole gently.  Sheryl relaxed her grip on my head and I sat

up and looked at her.  "More?"

        "Don't even think it,"  she  whispered.   "That  was  too


        I sat down next to her and guided her hand  to  my  cock.

"You  don't  get a break yet," I said, putting my arms around her

and kissing her.  She kissed me back, weakly, and gently  stroked

my rigid pole.  The bare minimum of friction kept me from cumming

right then and there, but was enough to feel sensational.

        Sheryl got down on her knees in front of me  and  grabbed

my cock.  She started rubbing it up and down roughly.  She looked

up at me and licked her lips.  "I want to see you cum.  You  have

to tell me so I can watch."

        I nodded silently.

        Sheryl pouted and stopped moving her  hand.   "You  don't

sound too excited.  Maybe I won't do it after all."

        "God damn it, YES!  I'll tell you when I'm going to  cum.

Just don't stop!"

        "Ask me nicely."

        I whimpered.  "Please.  Pretty please, with whipped cream

and  chocolate  sauce,  please play with my cock..."  I closed my

eyes and sighed in relief as Sheryl's tongue made contact with my

dick.   She just the tip down from the hole to my balls, flicking

gently along the ridges, driving me crazy.  She kissed  my  balls

and  started  licking  the  undersides, all the time stroking the

shaft and head with her hand.

        I felt the tip of her tongue circling around my  asshole,

and then a sharp, unfamiliar sensation as Sheryl began to force a

finger into me.  It  wasn't  an  unpleasant  sensation,  although

whatever she was using to lubricate (probably saliva and/or pussy

juice) wasn't quite good enough.  Still, she  got  most,  if  not

all,  of  her  finger up, and after wiggling and moving for a few

minutes, she was able to finger my asshole easily.

        The whole thing was a massive turn-on,  and  when  Sheryl

licked her way back up and took the head of my cock into her hot,

wet mouth, I was going crazy. I tried to thrust my cock into  her

face, but her finger up my ass was restricting my movement.  So I

could only sit in growing ecstasy while Sheryl sucked me off  and

fingered my asshole.

        I ran my fingers through her hair and moaned her name.  I

looked down at her, seeing her eyes closed as my cock slid in and

out of her mouth.  Her tongue worked around the head of my prick.

She  sucked  gently  on the tip of my rod and ran her tongue in a

spiral out from the hole to the base of the head.   She  released

my  cock  and  licked  her  way  slowly down the shaft.  Her moth

trailed over my balls, and then down to my ass.  As  I  had  done

for her, she licked my anus right around her finger.  The feeling

was incredible, and I could see why she had cum so much.  I  felt

a  familiar  and pleasant tension beginning to work its way up in

my balls.

        Shery lreturned to my cock, this time stroking  my  balls

and  licking  directly on the head.  In between licks. she looked

up at me.  "So , are you  gonna cum  on  me?

  Give it  to me!"

        "Oh, fuck, Sheryl, I..."  and I couldn't speak any more.

        Sheryl pulled her mouth off of my  cock  and  grabbed  it

with  one chubby hand.  She wrapped her fingers tighly around the

shaft and stroked up and down.  She looked up at  me  and  licked

her lips and said, "Come on, cum for me." She stroked my rod fas-

ter, every so often bending down to lick the very tip.   Her  en-

tire  body,  and  especially her tits, were jiggling from her arm

and wrist action. Persperation beaded on her forehead  and  chest

as  Sheryl  jerked  me off.   The finger in my asshole plugged in

and out of me.

        I finally lost it.  "Sheeerylll..."  My voice  trail  off

as  the  two  focii of pleasure became one giant knot of ecstasy,

which started in the small of my back and worked  forward  to  my

cock.   Every  muscle in my body tensed in orgasm.  A thick spurt

of cum shot out of my cock, hitting me in the belly.  Sheryl con-

tinued to rub, and  another gob oozed out of my dick, coating her

hands.  She pulled gently on my cock, drawing forth all the sperm

she  could.   Finally,  she  leaned  gently forward and kissed my

semen-coated cock.  She moved up to the  couch  next  to  me  and

kissed me, snuggling into my arms.  We fell asleep that way, with

her hand still wrapped around my rod.

CUMMING SOON:  Sheryl 8:  Two's Company, Three's A Crowd, But Four

                          Is Perfect.


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