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Archive-name: Dreams/mylove.txt

Archive-author: Peeper Pete 

Archive-title: My Love

Hello, my love.  I've been waiting so long for you, dreaming of you, imagining 

what you'd be like.  It's not good for the two of us not to introduced, you 

know.  So much left unsaid.  So much left unanswered.

At any rate, I thought I'd take this opportunity to maybe fill in some of the 

blanks.  I truly enjoy extended foreplay and long bouts of oral sex.  In fact, 

the fantasies I've been having of you the past two days have centered on a 

full-body tongue bath, lots of kissing and sucking of your breasts, and hours 

of cunnilingus.  Since I'm very oral, I love all activities that allow me to be 

so.  I'm also quite visual, so seeing you in sexy attire would REALLY turn me 

on.  In fact, if you did a strip performance for me, I'd probably be unable to 

keep my hands off myself.  

I believe that sex, like food, can be partaken on a subsistence level to a 

gourmet level, and the over-all quality of one's sex life is determined by a 

mixture of romance, drama, sensuality and the extraordinary.  I've been told I 

have an exceptional ability to please, but what does that mean?  I'm sure there 

are also those who didn't think I was so hot.  I do know my greatest pleasure 

comes from pleasing, however, and I work diligently at it.  And I've been told 

often enough that I have Magic Fingers that I now believe it.

I'm a romantic at heart, revel in sensuality and love eroticism.  My mind is 

far and away my most erogenous zone, but that shouldn't be news to you.  The 

only kinky fantasies that have ever turned me off involved pain.  All the rest 

interested or excited me, and many I've helped enact.  I'd love to hear all of 

your secret desires.  For me, the journey and suspense toward orgasm is the 

best part of sex - far more important than orgasm itself, although that's 

pretty good, too!

What would I do with you?  A book would be required to say it all - or a couple 

of nights of communication.  But let me pass on some ideas to wet your appetite 

- and the furry little nest of passion between your thighs.  How about a 

bubblebath for two with vanilla scented candles, soft music, fruit, cheese and 

champaigne to sip from the glass and lick from your breasts?  How about 

cheesecake in a Hollywood-sized bed in a hotel suite?  You're naked under the 

sheets when the cute, young bellhop delivers.  We could play two, insecure 

teenagers at the drive-in, sitting in the backseat of Dad's limo, sharing a 

bottle of "smuggled" wine and furtive caresses.  Sex outdoors heightens the 

senses and provides the thrill of possible detection.  (You know, all of what 

I've mentioned could be done with 2 or 3 people.)  Slow dancing in the dark.  

Naked.  Sultry saxaphone.  Your scent.  My breath.  Your soft sighs.  Your 

breasts caressing my hairy chest, our nipples touching.  My cock wedged between 

your thighs.  Maybe you'd like to have Matt or a girlfriend come up behind you 

to wrap you in a blanket of warm nakedness.

How about the classic Zipless Fuck?  We meet on the top floor of a parking 

ramp.  We embrace, make love quickly and passionately, then go our separate 

ways.  No words spoken other than our cries of passion.  Or we meet for the 

first time at the door of a motel room.  I answer your knock naked, or dressed 

only in my shorts.  Or we could switch the roles.  How would I find you dressed 

- or undressed?  

Would you like to go to an X-rated movie theater dressed only in garter belt, 

nylons, heels and a long coat?  We could play with each other throughout the

movie.  Maybe you'd like to have another man  along.  A man on each arm as we 

do the town.  Or maybe you'd like to rent an X-rated video that contains your 

special interests.  I could bring my VCR to the room and eat you throughout the 

movie.  Would you like to lay on a bed, reading an erotic book while I'm 

between your legs gobbling you up?  We would both be detached and doing our own 

thing, yet still really pursuing pleasure together.

Maybe you'd like to be tied down and teased for hours.  Or would you prefer to 

tie me up and do the same thing to me?  Maybe you'd like to be a Queen, with me 

as your pleasure slave devoted to your entertainment.  Your private sex toy to 

be used for your pleasure alone.  Speaking of toys, I have several we could 

play with together.

Would you like to have someone secretly watch us from outside the room?  

Through a window?  Hiding in a closet?  Neither of us know he is there?  You 

know, but I don't?  Or maybe you'd prefer to have me secretly watch instead.  

I'd love to watch you in the throes of passion.  Would you like for me to join 

you later?  I'm an accomplished amateur photographer.  Would you like me to 

photograph your lovemaking for your album?  

My one regret is we'll only have one first time together.  The anticipation and 

the uncertainty always adds so much to the scenario.  I remember so many first 

times when the excitement came from the fact it was a first time.  Should it be 

slow and romantic?  Dinner and drinks in a quiet restaurant.  Our hands 

tentatively caressing under the table, then exploring, holding us both on the 

verge of orgasm.  I remove my hand and lick your juices from my fingers while 

our eyes talk of their desire.  We go to a room and embrace.  Your breasts 

pressed to my chest.  My hardness pressed to your tummy.  Kisses on your lips, 

your cheeks, your neck, your ears while I slowly remove your clothes.  Your 

blouse is off.  Your skirt.  Kisses on your shoulders.  Your bra is gone.  I 

stand back to admire your beauty.  You cup your breasts and offer them to me.  

I bury my face in their fullness while I caress your back and pantied bottom.  

I lay you on the bed and stop to remove your shoes.  Ah, your feet.  Let me 

kiss them for awhile, my love.  I promise to hold then firmly so as not to 

tickle, but let me lick and suck your toes.  I want the electricity shooting up 

your legs to your pussy until your fingers slowly snake beneath your panties to 

caress yourself to orgasm while I excite your feet and watch.  Then I bury my 

face between your thighs, your musky aroma making me heady with passion.  

Licking and sucking you through your panties until we both yank them off in our 

impatience.  Then to taste your sweet womanhood at last.  To run my tongue 

through the folds of your sex.  To take you once again to the cliffs and drop 

you. But of course, by this time, I'll be beyond control with my own 

excitement.  So we both strip my clothes off so I can penetrate you and drive 

us both to delirium.

Or should we add a touch of eroticism to it instead?  A get acquainted drink in 

the lounge before I draw a hot, sudsy bath for you.  Alone, you disrobe and 

hide amidst the suds.  I return, fully clothed, to talk or read erotic poetry 

by candlelight.  Ah yes, the romance; but here you are, naked in the tub, while 

a virtual stranger sits, fully dressed in the same room.  As the suds recede, 

your breasts come slowly into view.  Tantalizing.  I lead you from the tub, dry 

you off, then lay you on your tummy on the bed.  Stripped to my shorts, I begin 

to massage your naked body.  It's my special massage that first relaxes and 

soothes you, then heightens your skin sensations, then stimulates your 

erogenous zones, then spreads your sexual energy throughout your body, growing

heavier and heavier with desire.  Finally, after an hour, I French you to an 

orgasm that is as intense at your fingertips as it is in your pussy.

What would I do with you?  Give me 1000 nights, and I'll show you 1000 ways.  I 

don't think I could ever tire of thinking up new ways to turn the both of us 


And you, my love.  What are your interests?  Did I give you an image you 

particularly enjoyed?  Would you like more?  Drop old Peeper a line and tell me 


I'm waiting,


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