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Archive-name: Dreams/mistdom.txt

Archive-author: Jerry Travis

Archive-title: Mistress Dominique

I am interested in correspondence with ladies who like to bring the

ultimate pleasure to a man and to themselves by securely tying him up

and teasing him to the point where he can provide ultimate pleasure

to her for a long, long time.


My idea of a perfect encounter would be a quiet dinner punctuated

with teasing and gentle caressing followed by a visit back to the

house where we would drink wine and kiss and suck for a long time.

After the point at which we were both very hot she would take off

whatever clothes remained on me and position herself over my waiting

tongue and let me eat her through her panties and stockings while she

secured a leather collar around me neck with a ring on the back. She

would take a set of handcuffs from her purse and cuff my hands behind

my neck and secure them to the ring on the collar with a double clip.


She would then ankle chain both of my feet to the bedposts securely.

At that point I would be entirely at her mercy, to pleasure her as

she would like. For hours she would caress my neck and shoulders

while I continued to bring her to cliamx after explosive climax with

my hot tongue. When my tongue needed a break she would slide down me

leaving a trail of her juices on my chest and nibble my neck and ears

while inserting just the head of my penis into her hot slit.


She would then release my left hand and allow me to masturbate. She

would tell me that if I came she would do something to me that she

knows I would not like.  I beg her to tell me what it is and she tells

me that all I have to do to find out is to come.  Sounds simple enough

but even in my current state of arousal I cannot come with my left

hand.  She then recuffs my left hand.  She tells me that I have been a

good boy and that she will reward me for my performance.


She slides down me again and begins to suck my penis, gently and

excrutiatingly but not allowing me to come.  She rubs the small drops

of semen on my nipples and sucks them off with little bites.  The

little bites are not painful, really, but they do create a certain

sensation when she does it.  My nipples become even harder and my

penis is ready to burst from the pressure.


She says that it is time for a little change to the routine.  She

get's a can of shaving cream, baby oil and a fresh razor.  She sets

them next to me on the bed and lets me suck her breasts while she

describes how she is going to shave her pubic hairs.  She leaves for a

moment to run a hot shower.  I see steam coming from the bathroom as

she returns with an anal vibrator and some sort of cock harness.  She

inserts the anal vibrator slowly and carefully into my butt which has

been lubricated with vaseline.  The puts my throbbing cock into the

harness which totally encases it.  She locks it with a samll padlock

and puts the key around her neck.  She releases my hands, gives me the

button for the anal vibrator and tells me to "be a good boy" until

she returns.


There I am, totally helpless.  On my back on a kingsize bed with both

ankles chained to the bedposts and locked.  I have a leather collar

around me neck and my cock is padlocked so that I could not even

acheive sexual nirvana if I so desired.  What could I do?  I could

turn on the vibrator, so I did.  I enjoyed the feeling of the vibrator

in my anus; it made my erection larger and harder and made me forget

about everything around me.


Soon this wonderful woman returned.  She resecured my hands and showed

me her glistening, smooth, hairless pussy.  It was beautiful.  She

said that it was time for the piece-de-"resistance".  She removed my

penis from it's hell.  While sucking and tonguing my ear she lowered

herself slowly onto my waiting penis. She moved gently up and down for

20-25 minutes and then finally increased the tempo until I came like I

had never come before !!!!!


She pumped and pumped until she had gotten every drop of hot semen.

She came several times in the process, too.  When I thought that there

could be no more she reached down and pinched her labial lips closed

so that "she wouldn't loose any".  She moved slowly and deliberately

up to my face.  When she was perched over my face she let go and

bathed my face in her juices.  She lowered herself slowly and I ate

her like I had never eaten anyone else before!


Incredible.  We showered and she said, "Until we meat again ..."

This situation had never occurred, but I would like it to.  Are there

any ladies out there who would like to corresponde on this topic?

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this and would like to see some

relpies please.  Make some variations on this theme, be creative and

bring some massive pleasure to both of us by sharing your desires of

what you would like to do to/with me.  I enjoy teasing you ladies as

well as you doing me.


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