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Archive-name: Dreams/michelle.txt

Archive-author: Knockers Software Inc - (c) 1989

Archive-title: My Encounter With Michelle

   As I walked over to her house on that cold winter day, all I could

Think of was my dream of getting laid by the best looking girl at our

school. Too bad all she wants from me is my knowledge of History, She

is failing American History...As I rang the doorbell, she opened the

door, and to my surprise she was wearing a full length robe. My mind

immediately began to undress her, and my dick almost popped out of my

pants. She said "Hello Dan", and i said "Oh..Hi Michelle".."Lets go

up to my room and study, oh..nobodys home, so we have ALL the time we

need to study". I thought 'HOT DAMN' this could be my chance...We went

up to her room and studied for about an hour before she started 

looking at me with a big smile. I leaned over and kissed her, and her

tongue slipped down my throat. She backed off, and removed her robe..

She was wearing a bathing suit, which showed off her enormous tits.

As i approached her, she said that we should go in the bathroom, and

take a shower because she wanted to be clean before being eaten by me.

As we went into the bathroom, she slipped my pants off, and petted my

dick. She climbed into the shower with me behind her. She soaped her

self up, and without talking, she sucked my dick. OH WHAT A FEELING!

She bent over to rinse off her toes, and that's when I went to work. I

slipped her skimpy pants down, and licked her tight asshole. Finally,

i slipped in the HOT-BEEF injection, and she moaned with great pleasure

As i pulled out, she turned around, and i sucked her tits "OOHHH"...

"GOD,SUCK HARDER"..She loved it! I lifted her leg and slipped my dick

in her hot zone, and she screamed with pleasure.."UH..UHHH.UHHH...

OH MY GAWD..OHHH" she climaxed! She then began to french kiss me, and

when she stopped...she said to follow her into the bedroom, and romp

her brains out on her new waterbed..Well I followed!

  She laid herself down on the bed, and spread her legs wide, waiting

for me..I placed myself on top of her, and began to push my dick in-

side of her tight cunt. I got her to climax three times before she got

bored, and wanted to do something else..She said that she wanted me to

lie on the bed and do nothing, while she did everything. WHAT A DEAL!

I spread my legs wide, and she sat on my dick..I screamed in pleasure

and pain. She let me suckle her big tits for awhile, and then began a

motion that made her climax twice. She then went to her drawer and got

a bottle of vaseline, and asked me to gel up her asshole. I did what

she said, and began pushing my dick in her ass. She said it was so

pleasureful, so I did this for about five minutes. Finally, she turned

around, and looked me deep in the eyes, kissed me, and then began to

suck on my dick. I screamed with pleasure, as I filled her mouth with

my love potion #9...

  RING! RING! RING! -- Shit- that was the school

bell??? As I looked up, I realized I was in ENGLISH 302 class! But,

it felt soooo real..I looked across the room and saw michelle, she was

smiling at me. I looked down at my pants, and a huge bulge showed thru!


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