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Archive-name: Dreams/

Archive-author: Wet Ink

Archive-title: Mental Mists

     From the mists of your mind, I silently find you, alone again.  I 

steal from nowhere to touch your shoulder from behind.  You whirl around 

to see me, knowing who I am, and where I came from.  What wonders will 

your imagination bring you this time?  Allow me to show you...

     I am, as you made me, tall, powerful, and staring at my shadowed 

face, you feel a chill run down your spine, settling between your legs 

as a distracting tingle of excitement.

     With a careless jerk of my head, you are made naked before me.  My 

nudity also is revealed, and I see you drinking in the sight of me like 

a sweet liqueur.  My eyes smolder as they meet yours, and I smile 

slightly, knowing all too well just what you want.

     I step toward you, but I do not touch you, yet.  I examine the 

smooth skin of your forehead, the wisps of hair at your temples, the 

soft flesh behind your ears.  You feel my breath tickle your skin, and I 

hear your sharp intake of breath as my lips brush your neck.

     Now I hold you, lightly, and you clutch at me desperately, assuring 

yourself of my reality.  I feast on the skin on the nape of your neck, 

tasting the delicate hairs there, smelling the subtle perfume of your 


     The heat that rises from you is palpable, and I absorb it, adding 

to my own essense by it.  I stroke the side of your face and your 

shoulder, feeling the muscles go limp beneath my fingers as I move.  

Your breathing becomes ragged, and I pull you close to me.  Your breasts 

press firmly against my chest, and I stroke your back firmly.

     My lips finally seek out yours, and our tonuges war fiercely.  It 

is a battle that we both will win, though, and as I look deeply into 

your eyes, we share a knowing smile.

     We relax, supine, and our passion mounts as we explore each others' 

bodies with our eyes, our hands, and our mouths.  The skin on your legs 

springs up with goosebumps as my fingers trail lightly up your thighs.

     I feel, rather than hear, your gasp as I touch your essense with my 

mouth, tasting you, rolling your sweet flower across my toungue.  You 

move in slow, flowing rhythms, as my exploration continues.  My hands 

open you to me, and I penetrate your center with a movement of my mouth.

     I feel your response against my lips, taste the fluids of your 

pleasure trickling down my throat like a rare, sweet wine.  The sounds 

of your passion have aroused my own response, and I release you for a 


     My kisses move up your body, stopping here and again to force your 

body to writhe in pleasure.  Finally, I am kissing the hollow of your 

collarbone, and you feel me probing gently at your entrance.  

     By this time, your body is shaking under mine, and I claim you with 

an excruciatingly slow stroke, savouring the sweet look on your face.  

My hands seek out yours, and I hold you gently as my mouth finds your 

lips, and we share a slow, lingering kiss.

     I move in you, slowly at first, and then with increasing urgency, 

matching the bucking of your hips.  I can feel the tightening in your 

belly, and my own zenith approaches also.

     Like a wave breaking on a storm-swept seashore, we reach the 

pinnacle of our adventure together.  Holding hands, we survey the 

landscape of the imagination together, merged as one, as we fill each 

other's souls, meshed with our own.

     We drift into a dreamless sleep together in an intimate tangle.  As 

you slip into unconsiousness, you feel me squeeze your hand lightly, and 

you squeeze mine in return, smiling.

     You wake, as you slept, alone in the darkness of your bedroom.  

Your body is covered in a fine sheen of perspiration, and you can smell 

the musky scent of sex heavy in the air.   Your sheets are tangled at 

the bottom of the bed.  

     As you lie there, recalling the passion you felt, a breeze whispers 

past your ear, "Another time, perhaps..."  


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