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Archive-name: Dreams/massage.txt

Archive-author: Don'T [Stella] Ross 

Archive-title: For Amythest

   sadly, this story is not true.  it is also not copyrighted.  anyone

may take this story and perform it in public or in private for profit

or for charity, and all i ask is that you let me know how it worked

out.  i would kind of rather you didn't publish it though.  i don't

think it really qualifies as publishing quality. 

   for amythest.

   remember last night, after we came home from dinner and finally

managed to leave the movie?  i asked you to let me undress you; not

because i wanted to make love, but because i wanted to baby you.  you

agreed, but you didn't actually let me.  you never let me baby you; i

suppose it is good that you are so independent, but sometimes i just

want to hold you in my arms and make you feel like you are everything

to me; i want to do everything for you, so that you don't have to lift

a finger for anything.  i wanted to leave you happy and comforted, and

i wanted to do it my way.  let me tell you what i wanted to do to you

last night.

   i wanted to hold you; to pick you up in my arms and carry you to a

chair.  setting you down in that chair with a kiss on the forehead to

say, i love you, darling, let me help you.  first, i would start at

your feet, deliberately pulling off your shoes and stroking your feet

through the stockings.  such lovely, heeled shoes, though i can see by

the sigh of relief you utter that they were not as comfortable as you

claimed when you put them on.  then, i run my hands softly up your

body and move around behind you.  i unbutton your blouse, just the one

button, and lift your hair off of your shoulders, tucking it in

beneath the blouse so that i can pull it off without destroying the

beautiful arrangement that still hadn't been lost at the end of the

evening.  the blouse is that velvet green thing that is so soft and

elegant; the buttons are gold-coloured with some funny stone in the

middle of each one.  beautiful, particularly on you.  i wanted to lift

first one arm, and then the other, pushing your arms through the

sleeves as if you were a doll, letting your head loll back on the

chair and completely relax as my hands caress you and move you where

they want you to go.  with your hands now inside your blouse, i can

turn it around carefully, so that the wide part of the neck is in

front of your face.  gently i pull it up over your head, making sure

not to disturb your ears or your nose and letting your hair reassemble

itself as it passes through the neck.  your hands fall to your lap

and... oh, god, i forgot you weren't wearing a bra.

   i wait for my pulse to relax, gazing at you, your beautiful face

looking up to me, your hands clasped in your lap, and your bare breast

grinning at me as if to say, are you sure you don't have an ulterior

motive?  no, i do not, and i carefully plunge on, though not without

first regretfully caressing the cleft between your breasts as i gather

you into my arms and stand you up.

   your eyes close as you stand with your hands by your sides, and i

pull your skirt, that gauzy skirt through which you can easily see

your stocking-covered legs and the black slip that protects the less

public areas of your body; pulling it down around your ankles easily,

i lift first your left foot and make you step out of the skirt, and

then the other foot as you grasp hold of my head to steady yourself,

pulling me frighteningly close to you as i kneel at your feet.  i can

smell your musky odor coming through your stockings, and if i don't do

something quick i am going to forget my intentions.

   i hold you until you recover your balance, and then return to your

waste, pulling your nylons and your panties down around your knees in

one motion.  nearly nude, your body calls out to me, and i feel mine

answering as i stand behind you and guide you to a sitting position on

the bed.  than, i return to your feet, carefully ignoring the ignoble

callings i am feeling at the sight of your nakedness again.  it is so

hard to love so intensely and still keep that love in perspective.

tonight we are not to make love.  tonight we are to simply love.

   pulling your stockings down around your ankles, i let my hands

wander across your thighs and knees, gently caressing them and

exciting soft moans from you as you sit above me, eyes closed.  then,

picking up first your left foot and then the right, i slip the

stockings over them and cast them aside.  your panties follow, pulling

them down your knees to your feet, then placing your feet in my lap as

i pull the lacy things off of you and drop them next to me.  overcome,

i kiss your feet warmly, running my hands up the back of your legs,

and then stand, reaching for the nightshirt you left hung over the

chair when we rose this morning.

   your eyes open and you smile as i approach you with the shirt,

rolling it up around the neck and holding it out for you.  you reach

up with your arms, but i push them away, reminding you that this is my

job, and yours is to sit and enjoy my attentions.  i quickly pop the

rolled-up shirt over your head and carefully pull your hair through

the neck-hole, trying not to disturb it an more than necessary.

billows out around you, and i feel compelled to stop a moment and kiss

you, my hand straying into your lap for just a moment.

   then, i pull the shirt down around your body, regretfully covering

up your perfect breasts and concealing the soft mound of your pubic

hair so that it cannot tempt me longer.  reaching through the arms of

the nightshirt, i find first one arm and then the other, pulling them

through the holes and setting them back in your lap.  as i do this, my

hands accidentally brush your bare breasts and you gasp from the

contact in spite of yourself.  i smile weakly and promise...

   finally, i pull back the covers on your bed; the soft, downy quilt,

and then the silky sheet, to reveal the soft mattress which will keep

you safe, comfy, and warm until morning.  then, i softly gather you

into my arms and lay you down in the center of the bed, pulling the

sheet and quilt over your body, and kissing you, sadly, good night.

you smile up at me, sad and happy at the same time, and i blow one

final kiss before i leave, softly, to let you sleep.


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