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Archive-name: Dreams/

Archive-author: Pipedream and Red Rose

Archive-title: Masked Man, The

(Contents - consentual sex between a woman and man, written in the

"romantic style", time being 1700's, maybe in France...Written about a

man both of us knew, and lusted after. Unfortunately, neither one of

us got him, but we did throughly enjoy his company and dancing at a

masquerade party we attended... ;)          )

The masquerade was wonderful.  I had been invited because I knew the daughter

of the lord hosting the party, so I didn't know many people there.  The castle

was decorated grandly, and people were dancing in their beauitful and elaborate

costumes.  From my vantage point at the top of the curving staircase, I could 

see the throngs of dancers, moving faster and faster as the music was reaching

its crescendo, the people having a little trouble keeping to the beat because

of the champagne they had drank as soon as they arrived. The lord served the

most excellant champagne... It was a rare party in which none overimbibed to

the embarassment of their friends. The heavy skirts of the women swirled

up as they were turned quicker and quicker by their partners, and their

meticulously finished hair that their attendants had spent hours on was slowly

coming down in wisps, sticking slightly to their moist foreheads. The music was

ending, the dancers were parting, adjusting their costumes, the women fanning

themselves with their silk fans, the men going towards the tables to get more 



I started to descend the staircase, careful to not trip over the long skirt

of my dress. I had spent a great deal of time deciding on what style would suit

me best. I had finally decided on having a lace front bodice, tied tightly

around the bust for emphasis, a long flowing skirt, made of heavy satin, 

with long sleeves. The color was a deep green, to match my eyes, and I

wore a white, feather owl's mask to hide my face.


As I reached the bottom of the stairs, the trumpets sounded to announce the

arrival of another guest.  I looked toward the main doors, in curiosity, and

there stood a finely dressed man, with a black, cloth face mask.  I was



He circulated through the crowd, simply nodding to the men and bowing to

the ladies; never saying a word. People were begining to whisper to one another

as he passed, wondering at his identity.  I stared straight at him, trying to

get a hint of who he was.  He had a great body, all wrapped up in a sexy

tuxedo, with a gorgeous vest that flattered his broad chest.  He looked my

way, and must have seen the lustful look in my eyes, because his eyes lit up

with enjoyment, I couldn't see the rest of his face but I'm sure he had a

fantastic smile.


I turned away, embarassed, and walked to the buffet table to get my

first glass of champagne of the evening.  I sipped lightly at the delicious

elixir, and relaxed, allowing the flush to leave my face.


I had finally gotten my composure back again when I felt warm breath on the

back of my neck. I gasped and felt the little hairs rise as I whipped around 

in surprise. I smiled, feeling my face flush again, as I looked at the man in 

the black mask. 

"Care to dance, madam?" he asked huskily, as he took my hand lightly, and

brushed his soft lips across it. 

I tried to answer, but I had lost my voice. I cleared my throat, fanning my

hot face with the fan, and replied "I would love to". Then I curtsied low,

raising my skirts slightly with my hands, making sure he got a glimpse of my

legs. He led me forward, and together we twirled out onto the dance floor. 

The music had started and we easily blended in with the rest of the dancers.

I put my hand on his shoulder, and he took my other in his. The skin pressed

against mine was very warm. As I looked into his eyes, the only part of

his face visible behind the black cloth mask, I felt myself getting warmer and

warmer beneath my tightly laced dress. 


Now that I was this close to him, I could see the rough hairs of a beard that

before had been concealed under his mask. The steps of the dance came easily to

me, as I pretended I was disinterested in the mysterious guest before me. I

could see looks of jealousy on the faces of other women, because of how

wonderfully he danced and how perfectly he led me around the floor. His hand on

my waist moved tighter as we moved quickly into a turn, pulling me closer. From

the exertion of the dance, I was breathing heavier than usual, and as I was

pulled nearer, I smelled his pleasantly musky scent. For a second, I faltered,

letting my mind wander, but he controlled my movements easily, and we


Finally the music stopped, but I barely noticed, until he began leading us

off the dance floor.  

"You look warm, would you like to take a walk outside with me?"  he asked.

I nodded my consent. We walked towards the french glass doors leading outside

to the balcony and steps below that went to the garden. He pushed open the

door, and we stepped out onto the balcony. The air was much cooler, and I

instantly felt refreshed. I smiled, turning to him. 


"Ah, its always wonderful to be outside, especially after that stuffy party,

isnt it?" I asked. My secret thoughts ran more towards how wonderful it was to

be all alone with him, away from the prying stares of the other guests. I

reached to behind my head, and untied the mask's ribbons. As he watched, I 

slowly revealed myself, enjoying the breeze on my moist face. 


"Indeed. I always loved the lord's garden, especially at night. Have you ever

seen his moon flowers? They will be quite a sight with the full moon. Shall we

go look at them?" he inquired, putting his hand again around my waist. 

"Moon flowers? Sounds very curious...." I said softly, as we went down the

steps, going towards the fountain below. 

The babbling of water coming from the fountian, mixed well with his softly

spoken words, as we walked around the grounds.  But when we saw the portion of

the garden with the flowers he had spoken of, both of us were speechless.  It

was like a sea of living silver colored pettles, streching beneath a beautiful


He reached down and plucked one of the flowers, and gingerly put it into my


"Your beauty is incomparable," he said softly.  I nearly melted, I dropped 

my mask, and all of a sudden was caught up in his arms, and we were kissing 

as though nothing else mattered.

"Let me take you from here and be alone with you, I don't want to share your

company with anyone this night."

"Yes," I almost sighed at him.


"My carriage is just over here..."  And still with our arms around one

another, he led me to his horse drawn carriage.

It was a splendid carriage, with six black stallions leading it.  The coachman

put down the step and opened the door for us.  As the carriage jerked forward

with the startled movement of the horses, I was tumbled into his arms again. 

The strength and security I felt there was so comforting, that I decided to

give myself totally to him.  He nuzzled his head into my hair, and breathed in

the scent, making a pleasing sound deep in his throat.  He sighed and drew me

closer to him.

I turned to face him, and brushed my lips lightly against his, moving the

fringes of the mask aside.  His lips were so soft and warm, and we kissed, the

kind of mouth-watering kiss that turns life into a dream.  His full-grown

facial hair tickled and prickled my face, intensifying my passion.

His hands slid over the tight curves of the satin dress, and the skin beneath

was on fire every place he touched.  I slipped my hands beneath his outer coat,

and unbuttoned the vest.  A flashing thought went through my head:  I didn't

know who this man was...  I didn't know his name...  I didn't know if he was

married...  I didn't know where he was taking me...  I was dying to take off

the mask throughly, and see his true identity.  But at the same time the

mystery of the mask and all the elements behind it excited me.  The unknown,

the forbidden, even the mask itself all drove me crazy with desire.

I slipped my arms around his waist, and pressed my breasts close to his

chest.  His stroking hands moved to the buttons on the back of my gown, and

toyed with them. Almost contemplating whether or not to undo them, and teasing 

me with the idea.  


The carriage stopped moving, and we parted reluctantly.  He led me out of the

carriage and I beheld his home.  It was a lovely manor house, with a well

landscaped property surrounding it.  I smiled, because I also knew that this

was the home of my friend's music instructor, Kristian.  But I couldn't be sure

this man was he.  I had a fairly good idea though, since I had caught him

staring at me during the music sessions I sat in on.  The feelings expressed in

those looks were mutual, but I never expected either of us to act on them.


We entered the main entry way, and I stopped.  Grabbing the back of his mask,

I pulled it over his head.  He turned quickly, and I finally stared completely

at Kristian's face.  His deep, beautiful eyes reflected back surpise mixed with

confusion.  Before he could revert into the instructor again, I threw my arms

around him and kissed him.  Caught up in the passion once again, he picked me

up in his arms and proceeded up the main staircase.

With each step, my eagerness grew. Even without his mask, Kristian was

mesmerisizing. At the top of the staircase, he lifted me closer and kissed me

again, taking away my breath. A few more steps and we were at the doorway to

his bedroom. He carried me over the doorstep like a bridegroom. I couldn't

think of anything less likely than that, and giggled softly. At his quizzical

look, I just grinned. Still looking at me, he absentmindedly leaned backwards

and kicked the door shut. 

The room was lavishly decorated, with a canopy bed and deep wine-colored

covers, a fireplace, and best of all, thick rugs .... that I noticed as

Kristian lay me down on the floor. 


"But... the bed..." I protested laughingly. 

"No need for that..." he replied, pouncing on me like a starving animal. I

could tell from the glint in his eyes that he was as amused, and as aroused as

I was. 

He buried his face in my neck, and growled, to my further amusement. Feeling

his lips then on my neck, I groaned. Suddenly the situation no longer seemed

funny, but seriously purposeful. 

I raised my legs in the cumbersome skirts and pressed them around his hips,

and pulled him closer as he moved further down my neck, trailing his tongue

into the bodice of my dress. I arched my back as I felt his hands trailing

over the buttons as he deftly started to undo them, very slowly, knowing that 

I was dying to be free of all my clothes and imprisoned in him... As he undid 

the last one, he spread the back of the dress open and I felt the coolness of 

the room for the first time. Goosebumps rose over my back, driving me further 

to distraction as he caressed the soft skin there, above the corset. 

He became bolder, raising my skirt with the other hand, and unsnapping the

garters at the tops of my stockings. He did it so well for a mere second I

found myself wondering disconcertingly how often he had the opportunity to

practice but this thought was pushed from my mind as I felt the garter belt

clasp removed and its four suspenders trail down my thighs as he drew it off.

At a touch to my burning sex, I gasped, pushing my hips down further to meet

his hand. He wasn't going to sastify me that quickly I saw as he moved on to

roll each stocking down my smooth legs, and pull it off to drape them onto the

brocaded chair above us. 

Much as I was enjoying this, I felt a little too passive, so I lifted myself

up to push his tuxedo jacket from his broad shoulders. I felt the muscles under

his jacket move smoothly underneath my hands as I slipped it off, along with

his vest, and went on to unbuttoning his shirt. As I undid each, I placed a 

kiss on the warm hard chest beneath it, feeling myself getting wetter as I 

moved further down. At his waist, I paused, and looked up at him. He was 

smiling slightly, and I couldn't wait to make those lips utter my name, in a 

passionate whisper or an anguished groan.    

I added his shirt to the growing pile of clothes on the chair, and turned

back as he quickly pulled the dress sleeves off down my arms, and eased the

dress off my hips, leaving it in a crumbled heap on the floor as I stepped out

of it, and my slip, and finally my corset was removed also. I had to admit I

was thrilled to get out of that confinement, despite the effect it had on my

waist. Fully naked, I knelt before him to undo his pants, which having much

fewer buttons than my dress, were undone in a flash, thank god!

Watching myself pull the legs of the pants down over his thighs, I got lost

in picturing what I was about to do. At the sight of that well-muscled stomach,

so nice and flat, and that decidedly un-flat bulge in his shorts, it was 

remarkably easy to get caught up in fantasizing. But why waste this man on 

dreams when he was here in the flesh? I asked myself as I allowed myself to 

luxuriously stroke his legs, then reach up and pull those damnable shorts off. 

As I was bending over, I slid the head of his sex into my mouth.  He gasped and

dug his fingers into the rug.  I slowly moved my tounge back and forth, 

feeling the organ throbbing and hot in my desirous mouth.

Kristian lightly pushed me onto my back. He was getting too excited and

we wanted it to last.  He reached out and caressed the naked skin of my neck,

shoulders, arms, stomach, and legs.  He seemed to be delighted to finally touch

me like that, a smile was ever present on his face.  He leaned over me and

delicately kissed my erect nipple, and then teased me by covering my breasts

with feverent kisses.  He took one of my nipples into his mouth, the feeling

was exquisite.  At the same time his hand ventured between my legs and one of

his fingers rubbed my clitoris.


I reached around and stroked his sex with my hand.  His movements were driving

me crazy, and I wanted to have him deep inside me when I came, so I gently

tugged at him and pulled him down on me.


Before entering me, he rubbed his sex against my clit, spreading my wetness

over my sex and giving me such pleasure.  All of a sudden he slid into me, I

arched my back and gasped.  There was a moment of slight pain, but it quickly

subsided as he moved slowly back and forth. With each movement, he thrust

deeper and deeper in until he was completely inside me. At this, we both let

out a grateful sigh and I clasped him to me.

In the ensuing pause, I could hear him breathing softly, and far off, the cry

of a wolf howling in the woods. As the beast's cry faded away, he moved forward

into me with a new urgency. I felt it too, the incredible desire for a rending 

of myself at climax, though I didn't want to have that feeling disappear... 


But there was no way to prevent that from happening, so I gave myself over to

the pleasure of feeling him inside me, the head sliding back and forth, his 

pelvis pressing against mine. As his pubic bone pressed against my clitoris 

again and again, I closed my eyes, seeing the climax in my mind as something 

wonderful looming on a horizon, like a white hot burning sun hidden just beyond

my sight. 

I pressed harder to him, feeling the warmth of the orgasm beginning to

spread through me. In my deluded state, I thought it was the rays of that ball

of fire. I lost all sense of my surroundings, except to hear him breath my name

as he arched over me in that final fleeting moment...


The End


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